Sweet memories

                                      Sweet memories
                                      by Abdur Raziq

Though I took birth here in Kohat district of Pakistan which is also part of mysterious region known as subcontinent but my primary education was from Kohat Convent school run by mostly European female Nuns. I was trained to be honest, straight forward, loving, caring, protecting and respectful to the opposite sex. My Mom always was a true and fair judge and had taught me to confess my mistakes before her honestly so she can correct me and guide me further, same was the attitude of my teachers as well.

Our most pretty Pakistani teacher now she is in Canada along with her husband and children had taught us to keep our voices low and shall be polite, so we used to get near to her to whisper in her ears while seeking permissions to drink water during her teaching session, once my Mom came to see me, she was there in class room door my class fellows had informed me while I was reciting poem as student of grade two, I went straight to my madam and whispered in her ear. May I meet my Mom? She was burst into laughter, in fact my madam‘s father Major Niamat Ali Shah, and my maternal grand father Malik Ghulam Hassan Khan both were friends and were having residences in the same locality, obviously both ladies were also fast friends too, laughingly my madam had said you should have gone straight to her, you don’t need any permission from any one to meet your Mom.

The moment I reached near my Mom she had asked what were you whispering in ears of your madam and I told her that I was seeking her permission regarding meeting with your kind self and than it was Mom’s turn to burst into laughter, both ladies had exchanged few words and I was sent back towards my seat again.

In brief my academic life from Kohat Convent till Quaid I Azam university was devoid of any sort of mysteries, now mysteries of practical life outside my home sometimes become so complex that many times I feel like quitting my quests during university days my international group fellow Madhu had noticed my quitting attitude so she used to bring lot of puzzles copied from news papers and in our free time she used to make me sit and resolve those puzzles on a plea that it helps in brain growth.

Few years ago while sitting with our incharge of correspondents in head office of Associated Press of Pakistan Sir Chaudhary he was expressing his views regarding news reports and articles written by me and than he laughed and said now you shall also consider investigative journalism as well our society is full of mysteries and you might find it interesting as well, and after that day I never had to quit any quest mostly am facilitated and financed as well to complete my investigative ventures and am also not dependent on permissions as well do enjoy great deal of freedom in my investigative pursuits as journalist.

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