Sad demise of Father of the Nation
                                            Father of the Nation
                                              by Abdur Raziq

On this day in year 1948 Father of the nation Quaid I Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had left us to face the world without his leadership but had left his legacy of high moral values, tolerant attitude for all the religions, sects and races, and of great generosity.

Being a top lawyer of united India he had earned enormous wealth and property which he had donated to newly born state of Pakistan, he had earned riches through honest means, was trusted by Muslims and Hindus alike as professional lawyer.

Those whom had inherited his legacy in politics after his sad demise on this day, during past few decades are found negating his policy based on honesty, as members and leaders of his political organization Muslim League were convicted in corruption cases time and time again.

While reversing his generous practices like donating all his huge property to state of Pakistan, his party members and leaders had started considering Pakistan as their property and had started capturing state property through fraudulent means and practices.

His model cabinet comprised of people from all segments of society reflecting his tolerant attitude towards all religions was also not a model to follow by his followers soon after his demise, their discriminatory practices had fanned the fire of sectarian conflict and religious intolerance.

In brief his sad demise was also resulted in demise of high moral values too which he had left behind as his legacy for us as citizens of Pakistan. We can only be his true followers if we can practice what he had preached and practiced as well.

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