Hurriedly called press conference

                            Hurriedly called press conference
                                    by Abdur Raziq

After getting mistreated by his only wife, in a hurriedly called press conference at his drawing room a politician has said that soon lions and goats will start drinking water in same stream once his party comes into power. He has also claimed before journalists that he will never surrender and will keep on working to achieve the goal of equal rights for both men and women.

While commenting on current political scenario in his country he had said, ‘one day of lion’s life is better than a hundred years of life of a goat using her horns to scratch her husband’s forehead and her own back only.’ During the press conference he was found hiding scratches on his forehead by covering it with handkerchief and had refused to expose the cause behind scratches before journalists when questioned about it.

In reply to a smilingly aggressive female journalist working for a weekly owned by his wife’s family about existence of his 747 girl friends on face book, he seriously replied that his girl friends on facebook are largely responsible for making his life as bed of roses and making flow of honey and milk possible in canals of his country while maintaining safe distance from him.

Skillfully answering a question about his future strategy regarding forthcoming elections he had said that his thirteen sms messages to his female party leader will make him win the electoral vote of majority once revealed by her before public, these messages contains his real future vision.

While winding up the politician had thanked the journalists for reaching so swiftly for his press conference and had assured the journalist regarding press freedom during his regime and had expressed grief and sorrow along with thousand apologies for misconduct and intolerant attitude of his party workers while breaking their cameras and manhandling them during past few years.

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