Why have they ousted me?

                                  Why have they ousted me?
                                        by Abdur Raziq

Why have they ousted me? Cried a deposed prime minister of a developing country, reasonably good crowd before him shouted back, ‘you may live long. ’A news paper reporter present at the occasion has reported, ‘deposed prime minister when asked the crowd for reason behind his ouster from power, the crowd prayed for his long life so he can enjoy the feelings of being ousted because when in power he had ousted many civil servants of high and low calibers for reasons best known to him. It seems that most among the crowd were adversely affected during his regime.’

Now the question posed by deposed prime minister regarding reason behind his ouster has become so popular that during social gatherings fast friends when meet do ask each other, ‘will you tell why was he ousted from power and why he is shouting this question so loudly.’ A journalist friend of mine says, ‘ he and deposed prime minister both are convinced that his ouster was a part of conspiracy but both have no idea who was behind this conspiracy.’

Sources near to the deposed prime minister say ‘He is being ousted from power by his own wife and ex first lady, she was annoyed by his romantic advances towards an American female journalist and towards few Indian female journalists.’

News papers and electronic media reports reflect that his ouster from power is consequence of Supreme Court decision, five judges of the apex court with the help of JIT findings had concluded that his ouster of power will be good.

Layman in the street says, ‘ he is being ousted because his friends were in a mood to eat something without sharing it with him and now he is trying to be in again with the help of teeming millions whom are also busy in eating and drinking and are in no mood to help him in getting back into power.

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