Victory and freedom

                                       Victory and freedom
                                          by Abdur Raziq
I was thinking of difference between victory and freedom and as usual had drawn conclusions that military victory of one does not guarantee the freedom of anyone defeated but consolidates the freedom of victors only.

In militarized world of present age one can only think in these terms being a realist. Developing and underdeveloped countries leaderships do often dance upon the tunes of developed victorious world thus rarely guarantee freedoms of political, civil and economic nature to their citizens.

Lack of awareness and education at mass scale is also one reason behind deprivation of true freedom in developing and underdeveloped countries. Their leadership also is part of them that is why can not even think regarding true freedom.

Interestingly victory of extremist militant groups also guarantee only their freedom and paves the way for slavery of the conquered, when Taliban militants were succeeded in taking over Afghanistan and few tribal areas of Pakistan soon dwellers of these areas have realized that their freedom of economic, civil and political nature are curbed.

I think that people of developing and underdeveloped countries might get their true freedom if realization spread in militarily victorious developed world that militarization of the globe does not serve anyone's interest but paves the way for further violence, environmental pollution and extremism not only in developing world but in developed world as well.
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