South Asia policy of President Donald J. Trump

                           South Asia policy of President Donald J. Trump
                                          by Abdur Raziq

It was a stunning revelation from President Donald J. Trump in his South Asia policy speech yesterday that twenty designate terrorist organization are active in Afghanistan and some are having bases in Pakistan, I think US State Department must publish the list of these twenty terrorist organizations carrying their complete names, and other features so that Pakistan and Afghan governments can get better idea about their criminal existence.

President in his speech had rightly expressed his power to hit the terrorist organizations at the time of his choice and place, constitutionally he has been empowered to order limited military action anywhere around the globe, and for declaration of war he needs approval from US Congress.

He was of the view that billions of dollars in aid were provided to Pakistan but still some terrorist organizations are having bases in Pakistan and are attacking US forces in Afghanistan, he said if this situation prevails further he might end US-Pakistan military partnership in this region.

He had recognized the sacrifices rendered by people of Pakistan in war against terror, and had also assured his continuous support for democracy in both Pakistan and India. I think here he is going to make his positive marks in history by supporting pro true democracy mindset in subcontinent.

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