Politics and politicians

                                    Politics and politicians
                                        by Abdur Raziq
‘I want to be in politics now,’ top industrialist and business tycoon had declared before his wife. She looked at him and replied, ‘Our country has a democracy, is a federation having constitution, will you be willing to accept these limitations or will try to run this country as your private business venture in which you are expert in deceiving income tax authorities?’ ‘Who cares about constitutional limitations and laws of the land, people worship here riches darling!’ he responded to her.

Within shortest span of time he had snatched a political party from a feudal leader and pushed him to live a life of seclusion and anonymity, and had reached to the top in politics. In his political career as top leader of his country he was jailed once by Army, was kept in police lockup too and was exiled finally, after a decade or so he made a comeback and again established his rule, was ousted from power again and is struggling to make a come back.
Another politician of the same country after murder of his politician wife became top leader of the country after reciting her will before her party members, written words in her will were taken as soul sanction behind his political power, after coming into power he had completed his tenure and after electoral defeat of his political party he is struggling to make a come back again.

A third main politician in the said country is ex cricket hero surrounded by highly corrupt people has got a partial victory in general elections in a single province of federation where his party men had formed government, he is struggling to gain power in other provinces of federation too.

Too much time and resources of federation are being wasted while still its politicians are unwilling to accept constitutional and legal limitations on their authrity and are unwilling to restore fundamental rights of the people as well.
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