Mother of all bombs

                                 Mother of all bombs
                     by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP

Afghans in olden times had sent only one soldier alive of British origin to tell the world that any external force bent upon capturing Afghanistan will meet the same end as their total elimination, earlier Afghans did the same with Mughal Army and other invaders, most recent were the Soviets whom were humiliated in Afghanistan after their invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.

When US armed forces and their NATO allies under UN mandate came to Afghanistan after nine eleven terrorist attacks on USA most of the people were of the view that they will meet the same end, Afghans do not tolerate external forces on their soil, they can only be deceived by terrorists having sanctuaries and operating in disguise of Muslim fighters there of foreign origins.

Those who know about the American might and boldness of US leadership knew that now Afghans are in serious trouble, American armed forces are neither lead by a Mughal King of olden times nor a Soviet dictator of a nuclear super power of modern times whom were defeated by Afghans. USA with a track record of two nuclear bomb attacks on Heroshema and Nagasaki during second world war having popularly elected government working under a constitution maily created to end tyranny and oppression of all sorts, and value of their citizens and even of animals is well recognized fact by them and they do know how to protect them.

Yesterday Mother of all bombs (MOAB) has been dropped on ISIS tunnels at Achin Nangarhar province of Afghanistan sources have said and has been confirmed by CNN as well. The bomb was dropped after a murder of American marine of SSG group there in Afghanistan, it is high time for militants either to surrender before US troops or to flee and start their new lives as peacefull citizen in different disguises, General James as Defence Secretary of USA and President Donald J. Trump in office means zero tolerance for any terrorists acting against USA and its allies.

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