Work ethics

                               Work ethics
                  by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP
It is the standard of debate which attracts my attention often as journalist, I can lend my ear to every one in politics that is part of my job but I do always strive to project the one who is a literate politician and is a good human being as well these preferences of mine are related to journalistic ethics, being a journalist you are not supposed to make a hero out of villain.

Public complaints are also concern of journalists but we shall also investigate truth behind these complaints before highlighting the woes of public. Though in rough environment of developing world it is really difficult to do all that but this practice is also part of journalistic ethics.

In a world dominated by greed and lust for power and money people of all professions are prone to unethical practices specially in developing world where portion of the course regarding professional ethics is also being memorized to pass the exam only and is not understood by most of the students, quality of education matters a lot.

When after elections when democrats start holding protest demonstrations and rallies instead of going to law courts for remedies no one in media terms them as fascist or Nazi's but when President Donald J. Trump holds a rally to show his support among people in response he is being termed as Nazi and Fascist holding rallies after elections.

Same is the case here in developing world only very few journalists had termed hereditary political parties as Nazi or Fascist organizations mostly they hide the truth from public to serve the interest of the news paper and private TV channel owners because  their silence means more revenues in terms of advertisements to these media outlets.

No one can be perfect but we shall strive to do our jobs well whether we are journalists or politicians or in other fields within the ethical limits by this way we can make this world a better place to live in.

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