President Trump's war on media

                                   President Trump's war on media
                                 by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP
How to escape from President Trump's declared war on media as journalist without being partial or party to the conflict? I daily receive good number of his tweets and messages on facebook and twitter and do watch and listen to his speeches as well. He is at war with Judiciary too. He dislikes judge given suspension on immigration ban verdict imposed by him through executive order.

USA being a melting pot of civilizations is conglomeration of immigrants from all around the world, few original Americans known as Red Indians are the only symbols of original culture of America.

From his tweets and speeches I came to know that he has imposed  temporary ban on immigration from seven Muslim countries through executive order on a pretext of national security and provision of protection to American citizens.

He says the judge whom has suspended ban on immigration will be held responsible if any bad thing happens in USA. I think both President Donald J. Trump and the Judge are doing their job well, if security measures regarding entry of immigrants in USA are being made strict, and corruption in process of issuing visas on fake identity papers is removed nothing bad will happen in USA.

When president says why these immigrants are not accepting US cultural norms, he ignores that he has large China Towns in USA where even buildings do reflect Chinese culture, than large population of African Americans also has their own culture and their forefathers were not cordially invited to USA they were brought by force.  Spanish, French and Italian population of USA has own ways of doing things.

Interestingly president by himself is not a Red Indian whom are real inhabitants of America, first lady is also an immigrant so I think president may agree with me that USA is a melting pot of civilizations and cultural melting needs lot of time.

Interestingly his another two concerns like payment of money from NATO for requisition of US troops and building of wall on border with Mexico are beyond the jurisdiction of US Supreme Court so he can go ahead with his these two agenda items, common joke about wall on border issue is that while responding to his payment of money for wall demand his Mexican counter part has responded that I have got no money to even buy and eat poison from where will I pay for the wall.

What really make USA secure is stable international system in which chaos is not there in developing world. Efficient security mechanisms, eradication of corruption around the globe and vigilance are good answers to present day security issues.

His war on media of course if succeeds to remove corrupt practices on part of journalists that will be good, if no such practices exist than his war shall be a pillow fight with his journalist friends, he shall know that President Nixon had lost his seat in consequence of impeachment triggered by an article written by a journalist. Media shall also remain impartial and fair to escape conflict with president.

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