How diplomacy is a key part of our world today

                                                 How diplomacy is a key part of our world today         
                                                     by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP
In nuclear age importance of diplomacy has been increased up to the extent that survival of mankind has become dependent on it. Though balance of terror and power has been tilted towards USA in today's unipolar world in which world is now in the clutches of CIA, ideological conflict between Nuclear South Korea and USA and existence of Communist China as nuclear power are still there to reckon with.

Coalition of Nuclear Russia with Iran and Asad regime of Syria are also the realities of present day world, prevailing conflict in Iraq and Libya are also having some role of the coalition of these three countries.

At the end of cold war in 1991 with dismemberment of Soviet Union an equal ideological adversary of US lead free world was a consequence of successful diplomatic moves of USA in formation of regional alliances to contain expansionist Soviets Union and its allied communist powers. Ping Pong diplomacy to improve relations with China after Sino-Soviet rift in 1959 was an important move made by USA through Pakistani intermediaries thus cracks in communist alliance against free world were made through diplomacy.

Diplomatic efforts of Soviets and Chinese communist regimes were resulted in resolution of their border dispute after Sino-Soviet rift in 1959.

Focus of US diplomacy being a sole super power is to maintain its status as such, while UN being an international organization formed for promotion of peace after second world war has also become a platform for USA to make moves through consensus of international community as witnessed here in Afghanistan.

Diplomatic moves of USA were total success on recent deal with Iran while Iran-Russia coalition with Asad regime in Syria is a source of concern for USA because smooth transition of Syria towards democracy has become difficult if not impossible in presence of Iranian and Russian support of Asad regime.

In South Asia nuclear Pakistan and its nuclear neighbor India have fought two major wars and number of limited wars over disputed region of Kashmir during last seventy years of their independence from British colonial rule. Soviet mediation at Tashqand between India and Pakistan in 1965 was resulted in truce of temporary nature after the war of 1965 between both over Kashmir issue. Vast area of India captured by Pakistani troops was returned back to India.

In consequence of war in 1971 between India and Pakistan Pakistan was dismembered and its ninety thousand soldiers and vast area of west Pakistan were captured by India, diplomatic efforts of Prime Minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto a graduate from an American university were resulted release of Pakistani troops and return of its captured area as well. Bhutto had resolved that problem through bilateral negotiations with Prime Minister of India madam Indira Gandhi through successful conclusion of Shimla Agreement.

Limited war at Kargul between India and Pakistan was ended through bilateral negotiations between India and Pakistan through Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan and prime minister of India Mr. Atal Behari Wajpai new agreement was also signed between both countries.

Diplomacy has played key role in diffusing tensions and hostilities in different regions of the world from Cuban Missile crisis till nine eleven diplomacy played pivotal role in promotion of peace through summit meetings, through foreign offices and through international peace organization UN as well.

Israel's and American successful diplomatic efforts after each Arab-Israel war in Middle East have not only paved the way for existence of Israel as independent, democratic and sovereign state but has also helped Israel in having enhanced support in UN as well. Oil embargo imposed by OPEC against USA and its western allies was also lifted after successful US diplomatic efforts.

In presence of unresolved Kashmir dispute between  nuclear powers of India and Pakistan and existence of conflict of interest between nuclear Russia and USA in Syria, Libya and Iraq further successful diplomatic moves are need of the hour.

In human interaction most polite platform in multicultural environment is diplomacy, highly educated and well mannered diplomats when interact with their counter parts often the scene becomes a source of public attention. Outcome of their negotiated efforts also gains applause from humanity at large. In fact survival of mankind in nuclear age depends on increased diplomatic interaction and diplomatic success.

Cultural exchange and educational programmes through US embassies, increased people to people contact through internet and social media has become a source of understanding and emergence of international culture thus world is moving towards more cultural understanding through diplomatic means which will ultimately pacify the mankind at large scale. Fear of unknown has been replaced by increased trust and understanding between humans of the world.

Increased ratio of literate people along with efforts of mostly US lead western world to promote quality education around the globe obviously through initiatives of diplomatic channels will help in spread of democracy in developing world and will also make its way in communist countries too, thus ultimate end of ideological difference seems quite near. Once ideological differences are ended the world will become more peaceful place to live in, British Council and American embassies are of a great help in this respect. 

Interestingly increased diplomatic efforts at different levels have increased the number of groups on social media and in Middle East and South Asian regions as well whom are openly against war between India and Pakistan and between Arabs and Israelites. That indicates increased trust in outcome of diplomatic efforts around the globe.

Degree of UN diplomatic successes has been also enormous its role in conduct of out of country polling arrangements for newly democratised Afghanistan and Iraq has paved the way for replacement of bullets through ballot.

Increased means of communication have helped diplomats to send clear messages with accuracy and precision with added comprehensiveness in present age, with promotion of equal education further at global level distrust among humans will end at large scale thus diplomacy will become more and more an effective tool in promotion of peace.

In nuclear age world is divided into developed and developing countries seven among these are nuclear powers and still degree of hate between different ideologies and religions and racial groups is prevailing at different scales. Militarization in different regions of the world also exist at large scale, Iraq, Syria, Lybia, and Kashmir are witnessing turmoil emanated from hate, true meanings of freedom are not known in many regions of the world people do fight for freedom without demanding their civil, political and economic rights thus become more enslaved after attainment of freedom of their patriotic or religious sentiments, that had happened in subcontinent after departure of British rulers people were enslaved by dictatorial powers in the name of freedom and democracy. Both are now nuclear powers too. Increased diplomatic efforts on part of UN and US lead free world can play important role in improving the situation here in subcontinent. People of Syria Iraq and Lybia are also in difficult situation, increased diplomatic efforts to improve their lot is also needed badly, people fleeing from these countries are flooding Europe, Australia, and USA as well irregularities and fake identities as refugees of some criminal elements have caused protective immigration policy in USA which has enhanced the sufferings of genuine refugees, promotion of peace in troubled countries of Middle East will make USA more secure and great as well and people there will be safe in their own countries.
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