Fun is my middle name

                                Fun is my middle name
                          written by Abdur Raziq, Correspondent APP

'Nasir Khan Yousufzai from Gilgit sir, I have got admission here in International Relations department of Qauid i Azam university, being one year senior from me sir please guide me,' these were his words while meeting me for the first time in campus of QAU. He was having bright smiling face with large but nicely trimmed and well managed mostache, after hand shake I asked him, 'have you got your room in hostel if not contact the warden. He replied, 'Sir I am from Gilgit but do have two residences here in Islamabad, will prefer to stay in hostel though'. 'I like well mannered people am happy to have you as my junior will extend any help you need,' I extended assurance to him. After saying thank you to me he went back towards his class fellows.

After sometime I came across him in hostel and he had told me about his newly allotted room there and invited me to see his room, when we reached near to the door of his room I found an interesting sticker there written on it was 'Fun is my middle name' within few months we became fast friends he had a biscuit color car and he was a real friend of friends, jolly, intelligent and fun loving, he had opted for civil services exam after doing masters in International Relations and M Phil in US Study (History-IR) was selected and became federal officer in information ministry.

Since long I was not in touch with him, years ago in Islamabad one of our common friend from Gilgit had told me Nasir Khan is no more in this world now obviously no journalist believe in any such news without making effort to know the truth about it, in Pakistan it is so common that people spread rumors about deaths of rich and lively people often till yesterday I was not sure about his death after confirmation I am writing these lines about him to inform all friends in our international group spread over many countries. He was the one whom had taught us how to help our country fellows in crisis like situations, in this blog story regarding Ojhri camp blasts and our group efforts to help people amid flying missiles and rockets has been already written by me.

He was loved by all, he was very kind to his mom and his only sister, was man of great caliber, once he has told me, Raziq Khan in age I am senior than you, you are academically senior than me, I had spent lot of time in my mining venture in high mountains of Gilgit, after importing mining machines me and my men had started digging for diamonds there. He had laughingly added finally from all that mining activity had got some precious stones and venture was ended on no profit no loss bases.

We all will miss you Nasir Khan forever you were a rare jewel in the crown of Gilgit, friend of friends, smart brave and courageous. May your soul rest in peace!

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