Underground electricity wire system

Earthquake of yesterday earlier declared of 8.1 magnitude at rector scale and then of 7.7 had made the earth tremble in Kohat, electricity poles have been witnessed as dancing, and shaking electricity wires of high voltage inside Paracha Town Kohat, the wires have been always a danger lurking over every ones head in this posh residential area. Only in Islamabad we have underground electricity wires, rest of Pakistan has electricity poles on the ground as support for electricity wires, a grand plan to make under ground electricity wires system for the whole Pakistan might help to save many lives.

Earlier this month a dog and a human being have been hit by a falling high voltage electricity wire in Sur Gull village of Kohat both have lost their lives, earthquakes and fierce windstorms make the wires loose and if not fixed again make them fall on humans and animals sometimes. Underground electricity wires system can help prevent such happenings.

Moreover, people endanger lives in certain areas of Kohat they throw anchors on naked high voltage electricity wires to steal electricity, their this practice causes fluctuation in flow of electricity in the area and causes damage to electronic appliances in homes, more then fifty such electricity thieves were booked by police earlier this year here in Kohat. To stop this theft of electricity on permanent bases, underground electricity wires system is a good option.

Furthermore, electricity poles having loosely hanging high voltage electricity wires endanger lives and are not only a lurking danger over every ones head but also gives ugly look to our cities and villages. During heavy rain fall humans and animals gets often hit by electricity while passing near the electricity poles, during rainfall certain electricity poles gets charged with electricity in densely populated areas, if are touched by children, animals or anyone else can cause their death. Underground electricity supply system will not only remove ugly look from our country of loose hanging electricity wires but can also help prevent deaths of humans and animals as well during rainfall seasons.

 With change in climate fierceness of windstorms in Kohat is at increase so is the case with intensity of earthquakes, Peshawar capital of KPK Pakistan has been also witnessing fierce windstorms these days, Many other cities of Pakistan are also experiencing this phenomena due to climatic changes. Intensity of earthquakes is also at increase due to geological factors. Rain fall has also become more frequent phenomena here. Electricity theft through anchor throwing is at increase. To avoid all these risks and losses like electricity theft and getting shocked by electricity pole in rainy season, It will be prudent to take immediate measures regarding initiation of underground electricity wires system plan to make our people safe. Pakistan WAPDA executives and engineers under supervision of our able minister for Water and Power Khwaja Muhamad Asif sahib and our able prime minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif sahib must show their metal and shall come up with underground electricity wires system on model of Islamabad for the rest of Pakistan too save the lives of our people.

Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.Phil US Study (International Relation-History)
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