Messages from inside Nepal in the wake of its undeclared economic blockade from India

Image of Nepal as country good for love and romance was built in my mind in year 1988, when an Attorney of San Francisco and his lovely wife had revealed before me at dinner table in their home that both had met in Khatmando capital of Nepal for the first time and again in San Francisco and then have decided to get married.

Back in Pakistan I had viewed few movies about Nepal and then my busy schedule had never let me visit Nepal but it was there in my mind as resort where my Attorney friend had found his life partner, though both were US citizens had met there in Khatmando by chance, and another coincidence that they were from same state in USA and have met again there and where my university fellow Sanoo lives.

Recent devastating earthquake in Nepal had again made Nepal focus of my attention as journalist, though I am based here in Kohat and again was unable to reach there because am duty bound here in this district, thanks to the facebook on which world has become a family and people around the world are got connected to each other, I was able to help innocent and lovely people of Nepal by passing messages received from Nepal on that website to appropriate people capable of helping people of Nepal.

Today in the morning I had received message from Nepal which had once again made me think and act swiftly. The message stated 'India had asked to halt the declaration of new constitution in Nepal as some minority groups were agitating but Nepal did not do it as the time of declaration was already fixed and after the declaration of Nepal's constitution 2015, it started blocking.'

Nepal is a landlocked country and aid goods to earthquake hit Nepal were coming through India, so for above reasons India had opted for undeclared economic blockade of Nepal. The message from inside Nepal further states 'It's India's trick very small amount of goods being sent to Nepal... one checkpoint that imports 70% goods is fully blocked. Very Small amount is coming from other checkpoints.... the routes to China are disturbed due to earthquake in Nepal/ the government is seeking alternative ways.'

The most alarming part of the message is 'Nepal is 100% reliant on imports of fuel from India. Now the country is suffering from fuel crisis lack of petrol, aviation fuel, diesel and cooking gas.''s undeclared blockade of Nepal can be evaded states the message 'China is the alternative way... and it vows to do any kind of help but the routes connecting China are disconnected due to earthquake air routes are available.'

The messages from inside Nepal are reflecting prevailing difficult situation there in an earthquake hit country, due to undeclared economic blockade by India. Once again people of Nepal need help from rest of the humanity, it is also concern of humanitarian aid agencies, governments of UN member countries and UN itself, some immediate measures in the light of above messages can save many lives in Nepal.

Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.Phil US Study (International Relation-History)
Cell phone # 00923339607378

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