Conflict caused attack repulsed

While I am writing these lines thirteen dead bodies of terrorists are spread over in Pakistan Air Force Badaber Air Base in Peshawar, they had started their attack on the base early in the morning today and attacked residential area, and guard room, two armed forces men were martyred and ten others including two officers and a young boy were injured.

Search operation is underway there and at this point exact number of causalities and numbers of injured which media sources have revealed reflects that 16 people doing prayers inside the mosque including Captain Isfandyar are martyred, the Captain had valiantly confronted the terrorists and sacrificed his life in his effort to stop them from doing further harm.

The terrorists were stopped from repeating the history of Army Public School Peshawar, women and children inside the base were saved.

Pakistan during Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, was often hit by miscreants, Karachi had witnessed bomb explosions during that period but rest of Pakistan was not so vulnerable.

Gradual growth of conflict like situation after arrival of millions of refugees from Afghanistan and then millions displaced from FATA areas had turned Pakistan into conflict zone.

'Twenty terrorist organizations and one hundred big terrorists are active in Pakistan currently,' media reports. Conflict prevailing in Pakistan has sectarian, and ideological dimensions, external support for such elements has been also been proved by our intelligence agencies.

Some of the militant groups are anti democracy and are fighting for imposition of Islamic Sharia of their own brand. Others have sectarian concerns. These groups are having external support too.

It is going to be a long war, though Pakistan armed forces men and officers are valiantly and intelligently pursuing their targets set in Operation Zarb i Azab before them by their command. In consequence of this operation in tribal areas of Pakistan number of attacks in our cities are decreased, but keeping the existence of large number of terrorists and terrorist organization in view, the risk of retaliatory measures from them is very high, some of the analysts are of the view that current attack on Badaber Air Base Peshawar is reaction of ongoing armed forces operation in tribal areas of Pakistan.
Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.Phil US Study (History-International Relation)
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