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Suicide terrorists are rational actors

Suicide terrorists are rational actors
Robert Pape an American political scientist had studied all known suicide attacks from 1980 till 2003 and has concluded “what nearly all suicide terrorist attacks have in common is a specific secular and strategic goal: to compel modern democracies to withdraw military forces from territory that the terrorist consider to be their home land.”(1)
In view of Martha Crenshaw, “there is an emerging consensus that suicide attacks are instrumental in or strategic from perspective of a sponsoring organization” (.2). She is also of the view that these terrorists serve the political interest of non state actors, challenging well armed states; their methods are simple yet tactically efficient.
In the concluding remarks of his lecture on  assumption regarding  state of mind of  terrorists, professor Edwin says, “we have to explore the idea that terrorists are creating, and although many people find it difficult to understand the behavior of terrorists in particular that of suicide terrorists, academic research has shown that terrorists are, clinically speaking, normal’’.
Extreme feelings of hatred and anger close downs the rational faculties of mind, the information which I had received from intelligence sources confirms that children abducted by terrorist organizations from different parts of Pakistan are being trained as suicide bombers and to infuse a cause in their minds are kept aloof from in high mountains of Waziristan and Afghanistan and are being indoctrinated. Heads of terrorist organizations and other members of the organization are mostly rational actors but suicide bombers as perpetrators are often full of hatred and anger and rational faculties of their minds are overwhelmed by feelings of hate and anger due to indoctrination of their minds.
How can a child abducted, indoctrinated, kept aloof from society in high mountains and being trained to carry out suicide attacks along with other children getting training in the camp can be considered as normal human being and not fanatic. Indoctrination process deprives the children trained as suicide bombers to think and act in normal fashion. I had observed a young suicide bomber hardly fourteen years of age making animal like noises from his mouth and making strange faces and moves of his body to express his hatred and create fear in passers bye while walking in street, while getting near me he had started running fast and had bend himself down to escape my approaching hand towards him.
According to doctor Qureishi trainers of suicide bombers do sell them to politicians at the price of fifty thousand rupees per head, politicians utilize them to take revenge from their rival politicians. Some of the sources are of the view that suicide bombers at the time of suicide attack are intoxicated beings; some intoxicating drugs are injected in them by their operators.
What Martha and Robert has said is true in a sense that organizations utilizing suicide bombers are headed by rational beings but the suicide bombers as perpetrators are either indoctrinated and full of hatred and anger beings with closed rational faculties, or are highly intoxicated and out of their senses people. So the assumption that terrorists are rational actors is partially true and shall be tested more with empirical data available here in Pakistan and Afghanistan. For collection of data deradicalization centre established in Swat by Pakistan Army can be a good source in this respect.
Foot notes:
(1) Robert Pape, ”Dying to win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism”, New York: Random House, 2005, p. 4.

(2) Martha Crenshaw, “Explaining Suicide Terrorism: A Review Essay”, Security Studies, Vol. 16. No. 1, January 2007, p. 141
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Oklohama bombings

On April 19, 1995, a truck-bomb explosion outside the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, left 168 people dead and hundreds more injured. The blast was set off by anti-government militant Timothy McVeigh, who in 2001 was executed for his crimes. His co-conspirator Terry Nichols received life in prison. Until September 11, 2001, the Oklahoma City bombing was the worst terrorist attack to take place on U.S. soil.*
Oklohoma City Bombing incident of April 1995 was an outcome of a violent doctrine and was a violent reaction to certain happenings, so 1st element of definition given by Professor Alex is applicable here in toto. Below paragraph highlights that both offenders were of right wing group.
A massive hunt for the bombing suspects ensued, and on April 21 an eyewitness description led authorities to charge Timothy McVeigh (1968-2001), a former U.S. Army soldier, in the case. As it turned out, McVeigh was already in jail, having been stopped a little more than an hour after the bombing for a traffic violation and then arrested for unlawfully carrying a handgun. Shortly before he was scheduled to be released from jail, he was identified as a prime suspect in the bombing and charged. That same day, Terry Nichols (1955-), an associate of McVeigh’s, surrendered in Herington, Kansas. Both men were found to be members of a radical right-wing survivalist group based in Michigan.*
My own view regarding the definition of terrorism is that genetic inheritance of offshoots of dictators and their supporters, off and on results in the activities which creates fear at small or large scale. Centuries ago Machiavelli had advised his prince to spread fear to gain respect in his subjects, subsequent implementation of his philosophy had created coded message in the genes of generations of dictators and their supporters and the message has been implemented in letter and spirit since centuries in different forms and manifestations. Gradually this coded message in genes will fade away and the world will become more terror free place, in free and developed world lead by USA where democracy prevails, fading away process of this coded violent message in genes is being accelerated.
Professor Huntington’s theory regarding clash of civilizations in my view originally emanates from genetic inheritance left by Monarchs in many parts of the world. Causes behind the existing conflict in different regions in the world and its outcomes of terror related happenings have more to do with genetic inheritance then another apparent causes like ideological differences etc. Quest for dominance also seems to be basic motivation behind each act of terrorism. Write wing and left wing extremists they do fight for dominance in one way or the other, at the end of cold war left wing terror groups are not so active, with advent of Al-Qaida and other religious extremist groups are a present challenge to world peace.
Another result of the Cold War’s end was that McVeigh shifted his ideology from a hatred of foreign communist governments to a suspicion of the U.S. federal government, especially as its new leader Bill Clinton (1946-), elected in 1992, had successfully campaigned for the presidency on a platform of gun control.*
 First element of Professor Alex’s definition of terrorism do apply on Oklohama City Bombings perpetrators and it was a violent action outcome of violent right wing doctrine.

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Abdur Raziq
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Transform your knowledge into action

For him to be a father of a baby girl was quite a worrying experience, her beauty was cause of great delight and of concern for him, and she was pretty and intelligent too, to keep her away from bad eyes, he had started spending more time with her. His wife was astonished to see that he is madly in love with his newly born daughter, even while preparing lectures for his students in an evening law college; he used to keep his baby girl lying beside him on a bed near his study chair.

The article written by Madam Hillary Clinton regarding secure brain growth of newly born babies was his soul guide, he never allowed any one to pick his daughter Urooj until she became two years old, to ensure her mental growth. He was doing this in a society where uncles and aunts and even grandparents pick and sometimes move the babies up and down, causing jerks to the newly born.

The article written by Madam Hillary Clinton was based on latest research and to practice that was a clear violation of traditional ways of handling newly born babies in his society, due to his diplomatic skills he was succeeded to keep her secure from love jerks which a newly born babies are exposed to by their elders and other near ones. He had convinced everybody not to pick her in traditional jerky fashion till she reaches to two years of her age.

The consequence of his brave effort resulted in Urooj's growth as brilliant student, winning all the medals and awards in her school from nursery class till all further grades. Her beauty and intellect is still sources of great delight and pride for him. His baby girl Urooj is now student of premedical classes in her college, and after five years she will be a doctor like cousin of her maternal grandma Dr. Lala Rukh, both have great resemblance too.

Morale :  Always transform your knowledge into action.
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Sense of security at maternity home

Early in the evening of 17th February 1889 I was standing alone in the lawn of Combined Military Hospital of Kohat, inside its maternity ward was my only wife Sabahat along with her mother, nurses and a female doctor. I was about to become a father for first time in my life, was feeling excited and bit tense too, because, was unable to see what is going on with her inside there. In our culture husbands are not allowed to be with their wives at such occasions. Suddenly my mother in law came out to the lawn to tell me that delivery will take some time and I am not allowed to stay here for the night so I may go back home.  I suddenly became very tense, I was in no mood to leave my wife alone in such a difficult situation, while looking at my tense face my mother in law told me Major Doctor Ameena Shah will take care of her, the moment I heard the doctor’s name from her mouth I was relaxed, in fact Major Doctor Ameena Shah was my class fellow in Kohat Convent School and was a brilliant student. I have realized that my wife is in safe hands so I came back home, and had a very sound sleep, at 4: am in the morning of 18th of February I was informed that I have become a father of baby girl and both mother and child are in good health, my class fellow Major Doctor probably Brigadier now had proved her brilliance Urooj was born under her supervision.
Earlier this year when I had got admission in Kohat Convent School for my son Faraz Raziq, while sitting inside the adminstrators office I have realized that there is a big change in the school. In our times Mother Helen was principal, she was Italian, Father Joseph there was also Italian, Sister Raphael was from Great Britain and Madam Sheila was also British national, but for Faraz almost all the teaching staff is local, only principal is from Sri Lanka, new blocks are being erected there on basement and in play ground, where we used to play, the most abhorrent change to my mind is separation of boys from girls, now in Kohat Convent separate classes for boys and girls are there. I had finalized his admission there, with the feelings that when Faraz will become a father his wife might not be having any she Doctor class fellow of him to supervise her in maternity ward.
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Bad teacher

Once upon a time when I was just three years old my Mom a government girls school teacher at that time had decided to get admission for me in a school for boys near her school for her own convenience. At my first day in school I had passed all the tests taken by my one and only male school teacher wearing Qaraqul cap on his head with Shalwar Qameez and Peshawari Chapal, later in the day while sitting on Matt with my other class fellows for no Obvious reason I had received a kick from my teacher at my back while he was passing near me. I suddenly stood up had given bad look to the butcher/teacher, had picked my school bag and had walked out from the school building to reach my mom whom was teaching in near bye girls school. I had succeeded to reach her and had also succeeded to communicate to her about jealous attitude of the teacher. She was also very angry after knowing this and have decided to get admission for me in nursery class of Christian Convent. That was her best decision because my one and only teacher in Kohat Convent school's nursery class was Madam Sheila an Irish blonde, she was very kind and nice to me and had treated me like her own son during one year of my nursery class. Now that I am grown big and can understand too many aspects of life feel pity for that so called teacher of government school whom had mistreated me, he might be a psychopath or serial child killer only God knows what was his end, but my timely decision at age of three had saved me from further sufferings from his hands and kicking legs.

Morale of the story

Always leave the bad people on pavement and opt for good ones.

Written by
Abdur Raziq

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