Friday, June 5, 2015

Qulangi chick

With arrival of new chick in home, cat of Faraz is disgruntled now and since last many days is missing. The other three chicks of ordinary breed have resorted to violence against mew chick of Qulangi breed, consequently were ousted from home once by Faraz, after the punishment of few minutes the old chicks playing bad guy with the new arrival were tamed. Faraz working hard for his monthly tests does not forget to check MSN weather report in the evening to decide strategy regarding protection of his chicks in the cage kept in the lawn, if sky is cloudy he puts sheet on the cage to save them from rain water.
Chick of Qulangi breed

Gang head of bad guys

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Guava flowers

'Guava flower' Guava fruit is delicious, and elegant and stays fresh for only few hours thus can be exported from Kohat to only adjacent areas of Punjab and KPK. Each Guava fruit separated with leaves in between are packed in baskets to save the fruit from friction related damages to its skin. It keeps the human digestive system normal and is delicious in taste too.   

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