Thursday, March 26, 2015

Increased understanding and trust

In USA and west European democracies we still have a hope for survival of human and other living organisms though environmental pollution there is also posing a big challenge to their existence, as organized societies states in aforementioned regions are welfare in nature thus are human friendly. Proponents of imperfect ideologies based upon little knowledge have created this situation that now the challenge before humanity around the globe is reversal of polluting activity, financial cost in terms of stoppage of huge industrial ventures causing environmental pollution are of such a big volume that graduate of Harvard become reluctant while initiating the reversal process at large scale, though his concept is very clear about all this environmental mess. President Obama’s recent initiative to reduce carbon emissions up to 40% reflects his love for humanity.
Big industry, big business, big finance companies and insurance companies if gradually start initiating and protecting investments in environment friendly ventures the process of reversal will begin and will finally make the world better place to live in. Pace of such reversal initiatives must be fast to save humanity at large.
Development of a potent Global justice system and increased understanding between different civilizations can also end terrorism in its all forms and manifestations, increased UN role can be a great help in this respect. Extended role of International Court of Justice, extension of its jurisdiction over individuals and formation of its benches in all the member countries might be a distant dream but UN can initiate capacity building measures of judicial institutions and legislative institutions to make laws more just and fair and their implementation too, to help in provision of justice to the people around the globe which will definitely help to end conflicts of varied nature.
Trust building measures, and increased understanding between different civilizations is a way out in terms of gradual end of current conflicts prevailing around the globe, imitative of UN leadership in this respect can also reverse the existing pro conflict trends.
Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.Phil US study (International Relation-History)

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