Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Good bye to year 2014 along with politics of dead bodies

Since long prevailing politics of dead bodies in Pakistan if not ended might end the political career of those whom are involved in it, in one way or another. If we go into the history of political movements we will come to know that each movement except few was started over the dead bodies of people. To establish true democracy we have to give protection to the life and property of our people and we have to extend other fundamental rights given by constitution to them.
At last day of year 2014 I am writing these lines, in an effort to make Pakistan a better place to live in for 1800 million people of Pakistan. It is a proven fact that exploitation and over exploitation  ultimately gives birth to rebellion or revolution, both  causes death and devastation at large scale, can also endanger existence of the country too.
I just had a evening walk and have no plans for new year night, while living in a residence situated in suburban area of Kohat quite near to Dara Adam Khel tribal area hills along with my family am away from the places where the night can be celebrated with friends, in fact all my friends with whom I used to celebrate new year’s night are married now and are dwelling in different parts of the world.
My heart is still heavy and head too, it is really difficult to ignore APSC Peshawar massacre, the blood of innocent young students demand change of mind and change of heart towards better  to make the remaining children secure, we are fellow citizens of  Pakistan and whatsoever our differences are we love each other. My criticism or humor is never emanated from hatred, I want to correct myself and correct my other fellow citizens to save them from harmful effects of wrongdoings.
We must do our duty whole heartedly and intelligently, negligence gives birth to incidents like APSC Peshawar students massacre. Interior Minister has warned about another happening of same kind. Situation demands preventive measures at large scale. No political advantage can be gained through murders; political awareness is there in public. There is no other way out but to make use of our abilities to resolve conflict prevailing inside our borders, and by making better use of our authorities in the larger public interest in accordance with law of the land and constitution. It is high time to say good bye to year 2014 along with politics of dead bodies.

Abdur Raziq
M.Phil US Study (History-International Relations)

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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

APSC Peshawar massacre

APSC Peshawar massacre of students and their teachers along with principal on 16th December 2014 was carried out by ‘extremist militants whom have arrived to Peshawar from Landi Kotal tribal area of Khyber Agency,’ news paper report.'The terrorists were nine in number two were outside the APSC building and were giving commands to the seven terrorists inside APSC building, after reaching near APSC they had set ablaze their vehicle, all the terrorists were killed by security forces eventually,' a source has said.   ‘They were having collaborators inside APSC Afghans by origin having Pakistani identity cards and were working in APSC canteen,’ news paper report. ‘Army Public School and College Peshawar administration had received threatening letter from extremist militants in August their threat was not taken seriously,’ a source has said.
‘A militant commander Sadam of Khyber Agency whom have facilitated extremist militants in their attack on APSC Peshawar has been killed in encounter with security forces,’ ground and air attacks of Pakistan Armed Forces are underway on hide outs of militants in tribal areas, hundreds of suspects are arrested from Peshawar and certain other areas and weapons were recovered from their custody,’ newspaper reports.
‘Winter vacations were announced earlier then due date for all schools, colleges and universities in KPK province of Pakistan to be reopened till 29th of December 2014, vacation are extended now till 11th of January 2015,’ news paper reports.
‘A  Minister of PTI provincial government has ordered arrangement of private security guards in educational institutions and attainment of NOC from district administration in this respect, no educational institution without having private security guards will be allowed to reopen,’ news paper reports. ‘Police will guard educational institutions once reopened,’ Chief Minister KPK has been quoted by a newspaper as saying this today.
‘Most of the injured students of APSC Peshawar admitted in Lady Reading Hospital of Peshawar are released from hospital after their treatment only few students and their instructor are still there,’ newspaper reports.
Fool proof security and preventive measures before opening of educational institutions in KPK are demanded by the parents.

Abdur Raziq

M.Phil US Study (International Relation-History)

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto strengthened democracy

In his book ‘Myth of independence” Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto states that leader must have the capability to comprehend the situation. His saying is true this ability in a leader depends upon his knowledge of prevailing culture, psyche of the people around him along with all other internal and external dynamics too, age of the leader and his habits also determine his and the fate of people whom are lead by him. In fact art of leading the people is a rare quality, mostly popular leaders in third world actually get lead by the people once taken over by mob.
Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto, Madam Margret Thatcher, President Reagan, President Bush, President Bill Clinton and President Obama in developing and developed world are succeeded to lead their people towards new directions. President Reagan had changed the isolationist attitude of people of USA and had engaged USA in world affairs; Madam Margret Thatcher had developed British economy by taking tough decisions. President George w Bush had also engaged USA in world affairs and has engaged US troops in different regions of the world while responding to the challenge of nine eleven. President Bill Clinton had lead USA towards unprecedented economic boom. President Obama had leaded the people of USA towards end of racial discrimination.
Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto had lead the people of Pakistan towards democracy by putting her life and freedom at risk, teeming millions were waiting for her when she came back to Pakistan during General Zia’s rule, she had lead the large crowds towards one goal and that was democracy, she was in a position to behave in fascist manner by manipulating the emotions of large crowds against ruling junta but she never did that, she had established a very strong precedent that is election of  rulers through ballot, the tradition is so strong and having backing of the constitution too that even after her martyrdom Pakistan is still a democracy. Today is her death anniversary her followers are showering rose petals on her grave, she had lead them towards right path which will eventually make Pakistan part of the developed world soon.

Abdur Raziq
M.Phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas

Today Christians around the world are celebrating Christmas, in Pakistan Christmas celebrations and birthday of founder of the nation Quaid I Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah celebrations are underway, Hazrat Eisa Alaih salam (Jesus Christ) prophet of God of both Christian and Muslims as holy books says was known for his miracles and tolerant attitude. Founder of the nation Muhammad Ali Jinnah was also a very kind leader.  According to a private TV Channel today is also a birthday of Prime Minister of Pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif too. I wish him a very happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. He is also a very kind and considerate leader, and do wish Merry Christmas to my Christian friends as well!
Top horses of Pakistan will participate in Qauaid I Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah Gold cup race in Karachi capital of Sindh today as revealed by media outlets; change of guards at his tomb has been also done. TV Channels are broadcasting Christmas related news and speeches of Qauid I Azam here, along with the news regarding efforts of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif regarding formation of military courts to punish terrorists in speedy manner.
Birthdays of great people are always celebrated at large scale due to their positive role in service of mankind; living great leaders are also encouraged on their birthdays by the people as gratitude for their services for humanity at large. Foundation of prosperous and independent Pakistan was laid by Qauid I Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, today’s nuclear Pakistan with invincible defense and large financial institutions, big business, big industry, booming agriculture sector, big insurance companies, banks, and institutions related to security and welfare of the people of Pakistan are outcome of his efforts. Now to lead us further towards better life Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is working hard and deserves the gratitude of nation on his birthday for making efforts to protect the people of Pakistan bravely.

Abdur Raziq
M.Phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Dangerous trends

In developed world where equal opportunity has been guaranteed constitutionally to each citizen, people they work hard, honestly and intelligently to earn their living, in case of any handicap or unemployment state takes care of them. In Pakistan our constitution also guarantees rule of law and equal opportunity for each citizen, because these ideas are western and subcontinent was ruled by the kings for long period of time, concepts of rulers and subjects are not very clear about it this lacks implementation.
Outcome of this situation is certain dangerous trends here, an elderly figure has once told me, the moment I become bankrupt do arrange for a dead body to earn money through it by keeping the dead in public place, people they throw money over the dead. I was once categorically told by an Associated Press Finance section official when I enquired why my payments are delayed, his reply was until and unless there is an emergency someone in employee’s family is sick or dead we don’t pay remuneration to him or her.
Another elderly figure has told me Mr. X was employed again in government office on request of his son whom is interested in getting insurance money after his death and other benefits too. Death is a focus of every sick mind here, another mind filled with sickness was of the view that we put your life on risk because your martyrdom will result in increased funding of the organization in which we both are working together.
In absence of healthy competition people they want to become focus of attention by doing bad deeds, becoming a terrorist or rascal is a big trend here, such people become rich after extorting money from public and do get projection on media too. Government often announces compensation money to the families of victims of terrorist attacks, even sale of suicide bombers,  a source has said is underway, in mere fifty thousand rupees suicide bomber can be purchased here in Pakistan to kill political and other rivals.
In brief earning through death is a focus here of too many desperate people, one can only hope that present government leaders with help of opposition leaders will strive to reverse these trends. One shall always strive to make this world a better place to live in. Till the time these trends are reversed our security institutions and armed forces have to play a very active role to protect lives and properties of the citizens of Pakistan. Due to increase in sick minds Pakistan is virtually facing genocide like situation, most recent example of it is attack on APSC Peshawar on 16th of December 2014.
Abdur Raziq

M.Phil US Study (International Relation-History)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Corrective and preventive measures

Prior to 31st of December 2013 I was monitoring as Monitoring officer in UNHCR sub project of Fata Disaster Management Authority, the tribal areas of Pakistan along with Peshawar capital of KP where my office was located and Kohat where my residence is located. Daily I used to travel between Kohat and Peshawar in between was tribal area of Dara Adam Khel, in year 2013 I had started receiving information regarding existence of armed gangs in Peshawar doing interventions in homes, I had immediately reported to the high-up’s situation was controlled by law enforcing agencies.
During last few months of year 2013 I overheard conversation regarding possible attack of suicide bomber in FDMA’s head office, I had informed my colleagues and high ups, necessary security measures were taken and nothing bad was happened then came suicide bomber attack of custom check post near Torkham border of Peshawar in which custom superintendent Qazi whom was also martyred in the said attack, his brother PDSP Sajid Qazi is my former colleague of Kohat Law college where we both used to deliver lectures on part time bases. Sajid used to deliver lectures on CPC and other subjects; I used to deliver lectures on Constitutional law and International law.
During last few months year 2013 I was posted here in Kohat Jerma facilitation point to monitor the return of displaced families of Maidan area of Khyber Agency, in brief in my capacity as Monitoring officer I was taking notice of all suspicious movements of armed gangs and was regularly sending written reports along with recommendations to head office. A notice regarding end of the project was served to me in which it was mentioned that project has been ended on 31st of December, during two years and three months active service I was trapped in accident like situations but survived, most serious attempt was made on 13th of May 2013 when a suicide bomber having long hair had rammed his motor cycle into vehicle in which I was placed in front seat, the incident happened at the road near APSC Kohat, the suicide bomber was unable to explode his explosive vest either because of jammers or because of lack of timely pushing of button before having head on collision with vehicle.
After facing so many attempts my nerves were wrecked up to some extent, and was feeling somewhat traumatized because of the absence of medical and life insurance I was worried about the future of my children too. The notice came as a sort of big blow regarding end of project and our services, I became highly suspicious regarding sense of reward and punishment prevailing here in Pakistan regarding people like me whom do risk their lives to save others.
At the same time I was also worried about growing lawlessness in KP province, robberies and movement of armed gangs of dacoits plundering large number of people on main highways and posh areas too, but was feeling helpless once you are out of job then have no authority to take corrective measures, as journalist and blog writer I had reported about all these issues but no one was probably in a mood to take corrective measures, eventual  outcome was APSC Peshawar students massacre, my contract is still not renewed, as Admin officer says, thanks God that Armed forces have taken serious notice of this situation and are taking corrective measures too. I am also worried about sixty five injured students of APSC Peshawar a column writer has pointed out today that few students are seriously injured and their parents cannot afford to send them abroad to save their lives. These seriously injured children need help, I appeal to international community to come forward and save the lives of these seriously injured students of APSC Peshawar.
Abdur Raziq

M.Phil US Study (International Relation-History)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

My message on Dash’s birthday

Dear Dash you are only one year old now and I am thankful to your mom Jolene and your Papa that they had made an effort to bring you in this world, because I have also asked for it. I wish you a very happy birthday and wish you many happy returns of the day!
Dear Dash you should be always proud of your mom Jolene, she is making efforts to remove misunderstandings between people of the planet earth by initiating campaign against stereotypes, and she also takes good care of you too.
Dear Dash You have got resemblance with my youngest brother Shabir he was also very healthy like you when he was one year old, I hope when you will grow up you will also give pleasant surprises to your family as he used to do. Once I found your uncle Shabir garlanded and picked on shoulders by his fellow students, and big crowd of students were dancing around him on drum beat, I was heading towards book store to buy a book when I came across this scene near King’s Gate Kohat. Shabir was just 15 years old at that time, someone in the crowd had told me, your brother Shabir is a hero, he has lead his school to victory in final match of cricket tournament held between schools of Kohat district, by taking seven wickets of rival school team my brother Shabir has proved that he is an excellent bowler.
Dear Dash your uncle Shabir is ex Manager of small business finance corporation and is now leading businessman of Kohat, I hope you will also set good ideals for yourself, among our childhood ideals were cricket players like Imran Khan, Sarfaraz Nawaz, and leaders like field Martial Muhammad Ayube Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto and father of the nation Quaid I Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. We used to talk about them and wanted to know more about them.  
Dear Dash your ideals will be definitely like great General George Washington, your first introduction with him will be very easy, the moment you will get your first big dollar note from your mom as your pocket money you will see his picture on the note, about other great leaders like Thomas Jefferson, Franklin D Roosevelt and Kennedy, you will read in books and see in movies about them, President Obama appears on TV often so you might be knowing him now. These great men and many others like them are responsible for tremendous growth and development in USA from big business, big industry, agricultural entities, big insurance companies, USA’s dominance of seas and skies all this is offshoot of their brains.
Lastly Dash I wish you again a very happy birthday on behalf of my sons Faraz and Moaaz and rest of the family members they also wish you many happy returns of the day too.
Your uncle

Abdur Raziq

Saturday, December 20, 2014

My meeting with an insurance agent

A tall man taller than me had introduced himself to me as insurance company agent we both were waiting for a transport van in bus station in Peshawar to depart for Kohat at the end of the day. At arrival of van he had managed to get a seat near to me and the moment van had started moving he had started asking me questions concerning improvement methods regarding finance of a Pakistan’s premium insurance company. I had started responding to him to the best of knowledge, he was looking very happy finally he had brought out his insurance company pamphlets in which details regarding insurance policies of various categories were mentioned. When I was through with details he had asked me to buy insurance policy of his insurance company. I had started laughing in response then I told him politely I have got a large family which includes six children and a wife, their and my own expenses are very high cannot afford to pay installments of insurance policy.
The insurance agent was very polite and intelligent too he has stopped insisting on buying insurance policy when he further came to know that I am contract employee and that contract has to be renewed every year. Now that my contract has not been renewed this year I feel grateful to the understanding nature of insurance agent, if he would have insisted too much I might have bought insurance policy from him, and would have been in thick soup because of nonpayment of installments now in absence of any decent income.
Insurance business reaches at its peak in uncertain and unstable situations, the five star hotels in Islamabad and Peshawar when were attacked and partially destroyed by terrorists finally insurance companies had paid for their damages because both were insured.
Individuals  without having permanent source of income do not opt for buying insurance policies, uncertainty at individual level effects the finances of insurance companies adversely, in unstable conditions when insured big business comes under attack insurance companies again suffer financial losses while doing payment to insured damaged business owners.
Abdur Raziq

M.Phil US Study (International Relation-History)

Post APSC Peshawar attack scenario

Attack on students of Army Public School and college Peshawar and massacre of students there was a turning point in history of Pakistan, terrorists had attacked them on 16th of December which is national day of mourning Dhaka fall though officially this day has not been declared a mourning day but those whom have high stakes in Pakistan in terms of finance and investments, and were making money through jute exports of former East Pakistan 16th December makes them feel sad.
Families of those Army officers and men, whom were martyred in East Pakistan in 1971 while fighting war against India and its financed organization Mukti Bahini, do also mourn. TTP financed by India had launched attack on APSC Peshawar on 16th of December to demoralize Pakistan Armed forces and citizens of Pakistan, the nation of braves has responded and become more united and determined to confront Indian gorilla tactics by taking up on TTP militants, on political front Imran Khan of PTI had abruptly ended Sit-in Islamabad and finance minister Dar and Shah Mehmood Qureishi of PTI were seen together on TV screens here in Pakistan.
Today five more militants of TTP are killed here in Matani area of Peshawar during encounter two security forces men were also injured. Response of political and military leadership of nuclear Pakistan soon after the 16th December attack on APSC Peshawar students bears clear message to India that no Mukti Bahini like Indian financed TTP will be tolerated here in Pakistan, assigned to soften the ground and to pave the way for Indian invasion of Pakistan.

Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study (International Relation-History) 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Six terrorists of TTP hanged to death

How seven terrorists of TTP can enter in high security zone along with ration, ammunition and guns and start finding out school children of Pakistan Army officers and men in Peshawar capital of Pukhtunkhwa? And when children gets silent over their question regarding identity of their parents terrorists kill them all in indiscriminate fashion. A student of the school says smoke bomb was also used by the terrorists, media reports says terrorists have used ladder to climb the boundary wall of school and college building and had killed security man Nadeem and then had opened indiscriminate fire, one among them had exploded his explosive vest in auditorium hall where large number of students were there. Consequently 131 students and ten others including five female teachers were killed. Warsak road where the school and college building is located having another important buildings too, FATA Secretariat building is also located on the same road where huge presence of security men is always there. Virtually it is impossible for a cat even to enter in the said area without getting checked by the security men.
TTP a militant organization fighting for imposition of Sharia of its own brand in Pakistan is currently headed by Maulana Fazlullah, he is resident of serene valley of Swat and is son in law of Maulana Sufi Muhammad, currently hiding somewhere in Afghanistan, where he and his men were hit twice by drones during last two months or so but he survived the attacks.
General Parvez Musharaf while talking to CNN had lamented that USA wants us to take action on  terrorists fighting against US forces in Afghanistan and having sanctuaries in Pakistan but US intelligence services does not take any action against head of TTP whom is involved in attacks on Pakistan and is hiding somewhere in Afghanistan.
Factual position is that TTP sympathizers in government departments are openly helping TTP terrorists to reach their targets and also threatening those whom are against TTP. Without internal help TTP seven terrorists would have never been able to reach their target school and college building. Today Pakistan Army had hanged to death six terrorists of TTP after their trial in military court, seven terrorists whom had attacked the children were also killed, in air attacks on tribal areas hideouts of militants scores of terrorists are killed, yet the need to clean government departments from TTP sympathizers and supporters is there to prevent such brutal attacks of TTP terrorists.
Written by
Abdur Raziq

M,phil US Study (International Relation-History)

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Terrorists killed eighty four school children in Peshawar

‘At least eighty four school children and two terrorists are killed, while hundred others are injured in terrorist attack and subsequent Army operation in a school and college situated on Warsak road in Peshawar today on Tuesday.  Four teachers are held hostage by terrorists and Pakistan Army Commandos are trying making their release good,’ Private TV Channel report.
‘The incident has been widely condemned, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief of Army staff General Raheel Sharif are on their way to Peshawar capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to monitor the ongoing operation in school and college building where four teachers are taken hostage by terrorists,’ Private TV channel report.

‘The terrorists have attacked the school and college building around 10:am and have opened indiscriminate fire on school children, a suicide bomber among them had exploded his explsive laiden vest in auditorium of the building where a farewell function was under way,’ private TV channel report.

‘All the seven terrorists of Saudi origin are killed school and college building has been cleared, and number of the dead has been raised to 131, principal Madam Tahira Qazi is also inclided among the dead, principal of junior section  has survived, while hiding herself in a bathroom  for more than 12 hours,’ sources have said.

'Terrorists involved in attack on APSC Peshawar students are Pakistani nationals, their mobile phone SIMS were bought in the name of a female of South Punjab,' Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar has revealed this on a private TV channel.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Diverse cultures frustrate revolutionaries

Revolution occurs when people at large scale start losing their mind, in olden times Lenin of Russia, and Mao of China had leaded communist revolutions with apparent plea of bringing good to the people of these both countries. In the process millions of people have suffered death and devastation, eventually after sacrificing their liberties and accepting a one party rule some economic development was achieved in both China and Russia. China is still a communist country and Soviet Union has been dismembered now, both Chinese and Russian communist revolutions were resulted in large scale bloodshed and their outcome was authoritarian rule there.
Revolution in Iran had dethroned Shah of Iran in recent history and resulted into total dominance of their religious leader Ayatullah Khomeini and his followers over Iran.
American Revolution two hundred years ago had ousted colonialist powers from USA and its consequence was democracy and restoration of liberties of the people in evolutionary manner.
If we compare Iranian and American Revolution with Chinese and Russian revolution the difference in outcome will be that American Revolution was based upon intellectual development of the people of USA while crude ideas devoid of humanitarian considerations were the motivation behind Chinese and Russian revolutions. Iranian revolution was resulted in end of dictatorship of Shah of Iran but was lead towards dictatorship of clergy which is now gradually losing its control over Iran.  
Mostly revolutionaries underestimate the power of human brain and with the help of few weaker brains impose their will upon people unwilling to resist them. In Pakistan people are going through intellectual evolution all segments of society are unsatisfied with existing setup, democracy here is in a very crude form, most of the leaders available in field except few are knowingly or unknowingly trying to impose their will upon the people through their followers.
In absence of common language and culture no revolutionary leader in Pakistan can conquer the brains of majority here, thus gets frustrated and starts agitation, present movement of PTI though lead by an Oxford graduate Imran Khan has no revolutionary trends, he does not utilize large crowds to overthrow the present regime, and trying to set some standards having deep touch of transparency in electoral system and in overall system of governance.
Success of his effort depends upon responses from the people in power if they agree with all his legitimate demands it will create a win win situation for all, and parliamentary democracy will prevail here.  His struggle is not directed against a specific person but he is asking for reforms in the existing system. His movement will also lose moral grounds for continuity once his demands are being accepted.

Written by

Abdur Raziq

PTI shuts down Lahore

Media channels in favor of PTI leader Imran Khan airing news regarding complete closure of shops and roads in Lahore today, TV channels against him are claiming failure of his shut down call. Imran Khan has been heard as saying on private TV channel that if people feel that everything is going well then they shall abstain from protest in Lahore today but if excesses are there then it is their choice to participate or not. A private TV channel has aired the news that his supporters are forcing shut down in Lahore today, and  are burning tires  all around on roads to block the traffic.
What will be the end of this longest protest staged by Imran Khan and his party members and supporters is an unpredictable issue, no such movement was ever seen before in Pakistan, some of the analysts are of the view that economic cast of it is too damaging for the country.
Money making activity of shopkeepers in Lahore has been hindered today which is a hub of Pakistan’s business transactions. PTI leader Imran Khan has been heard as saying on private TV channel that people have willingly participated in Karachi shut down on his appeal and in Lahore too today. He has expressed his resolve regarding continuity of movement till the acceptance of his demands regarding judicial probe of rigging in elections.
Written by

Abdur Raziq

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Cock Fight

When a tank gets outdated and obsolete then it is thrown into junkyard, same is the case with political vision, a politician promoting communism and other authoritative ideologies is considered as a man with obsolete vision. Democracy coupled with welfare system is a new vision promoted by Franklin D Roosevelt and was endorsed by people of USA.
Do we have any politician with a vision is question worth trillion dollars and different column writers and propagandists are making money while answering this question and proving someone as visionary politician.
My own humble opinion is that only visionary politician we have in Pakistan is Dr. Shereen Mazari. And whenever I go through her writings I do realize that I am enlightened. All others are also good and leading the nation according to their own vision, it is up to the nation to decide after every five years whether the vision presented before it is acceptable or obsolete, for me the vision of Madam Shereen Mazari and Roosevelt is ideal.
Madam Shereen Mazari believes in development of social sector, which is absolutely compatible with our national security needs. All those visionaries whom are blind to the fact that economic needs of our populace shall be the highest priority are also unable to understand the fact that our national security depends upon the level of our economic development and our individual economic growth.
We are a nuclear power no outside forces can conquer us, same was the case with Soviet Union but then it was dismembered due to economic downfall and its authoritarian one party rule. All those whom are in favor of such a vision are in my vision have no political or economic vision good for our national security needs. All those whom are deprived of vision based upon knowledge and latest research are involved in cock fight which ends in flee of a loser cock but brings no good in terms of egg fertility.
Written by

Abdur Raziq  

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Stay slim and smart

How to stay slim and smart is a million dollar question and slimming centers around the world are making money while advising diet charts and exercises too. My own experience which I want to share with my friends and readers is that straight pushups and swimming in the dry exercise on the bases of your imagination as you are swimming in a pool or sea or river, along with breathing exercise in the end can keep you slim and smart without following any diet chart it will also make your biological alarm system responsive to type of diet which your body needs.
Swimming in the dry exercise can be started after light warm up running on your toes in standing position like commandos is good warm up, then front strokes swimming mod and back strokes followed by bending exercise and finally straight push ups and then long breaths in fresh air till your breathing gets normal will help you lose weight without a specific diet chart, it will also help you to retain your eyesight normal and intact. While doing breathing abrupt release of air from your lungs will keep your respiratory system functioning normally.
In extreme weathers above mentioned exercises are not advisable it can be done only in normal temperatures. In room having French windows these exercise can be done ideal is open space where one can breathe in fresh air. All those whom have heart or other problems of serious nature shall avoid this exercise.
Written by
Abdur Raziq

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Comic relief

‘It is a normal practice here in Pakistan that when a young man wants to get married and his family does not listen to his demand he starts breaking crockery in the home at one plea or another. Movement against Mian Nawaz Sharif’s rule is lead by a divorcee and a chronic bachelor political ally of him, if both get married calm will prevail,’ a friend from Charsada had once issued an identical statement to this on facebook.

‘Today Karachi has been witnessing road blocks at 21 points, PTI workers are out on streets now upon shut down call from their leader Imran Khan,’ private TV channel reported this. ‘It is my clear message to Nawaz Sharif that if his terrorists had attacked his PTI workers in Lahore the way they did it in Faisalabad, he will make it impossible for Mian Nawaz Sharif to live in Lahore,’ private TV channel report.
‘In Faisalabad public meeting Imran Khan had got nothing but a dead body of his worker,’ information Minister Parvez Rashid was heard as saying this in private TV channel news report today. ‘Lahore High Court has issued verdict that PTI movement is disturbing the nation,’ newspaper report.
‘Corps Commanders meeting presided over by Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif is underway in GHG Pindi today and they are deliberating upon different issues of importance,’ Private TV Channel report.
Marriage is a personal initiative even in traditional society like Pakistan; where apparently family arrange the marriages. Breaking of a crockery at such a large scale cannot help anyone, friends can only pray for the success and come over to eat Walima lunch and sweets at Nikah ceremony, if are cordially invited.
Written by

Abdur Raziq

Thursday, December 11, 2014

December’s mixed feelings

Christmas eve is getting near only fifteen days are left behind, father of the nation Quaid I Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s birthday also falls on 25th of December, in between is 16th of December a darkest day of our national history when our forces were compelled to surrender in East Pakistan before Indian Army and Pakistan was dismembered. As long as memories of Dhaka fall are alive we the people of Pakistan will remain having mixed feelings during month of December each year, birthday of Quaid and Christmas are happy occasions Dhaka fall makes us gloomy.
At the end of year happy note is that our armed forces have almost cleaned the tribal areas from militants and Pakistan has been saved from possible extension of oppressive rule of extremist militants having bases in FATA areas of Pakistan and in Afghanistan. Great sacrifices rendered by our armed forces to defend the motherland will be remembered forever.
The year 2014 will be also remembered as year of loot plunder and arson, from Khyber to Karachi thousands of people were robbed in the broad day light and in the darkness of the night. The longest sit in staged by PTI leader Imran Khan in Islamabad, arrival of Professor Tahir ul Qadri to bring revolution here in Pakistan and responses of the people and government are also worth remembering events of year 2014.
Year 2014 had also witnessed the most bold and brave man in action along with his valiant colleagues our valiant Chief of the Army staff General Raheel in North Waziristan which was hub of extremist militants hitting both people and the armed forces on both sides of the Pak-Afghan border. His decision to enter in North Waziristan has been resulted in promotion of peace in our cities and in adjacent provinces of Afghanistan too where attacks on US lead NATO forces are considerably decreased.
In terms of political awareness year 2014 was also an important year for Pakistan, all the efforts to distract our people at mass scale were foiled by the people and they are still supporting valiant initiatives of Pakistan Army.
New Year night celebrations and Christmas celebrations for our Christian minority in Pakistan are of great importance. Along with them their Muslim friends also celebrate New Year night and Christmas too in big cities. While writing these lines in a remote city of Kohat which is quite away from such celebrations I wish a very happy Christmas eve and new year night to all my Christian friends residing in Pakistan, Afghanistan, USA, France, England, Romania, Carotia and Germany and elsewhere in the world  in advance.
Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ballot stuffing

Once the proper procedures are adopted and followed then it becomes a responsibility of district administration whether of Faisalabad or any other district of Pakistan to ensure peace during political gatherings of any nature. It is really funny and I have no other option but to take refuge in humor to escape depression while getting news about deaths of two people in armed attacks, and brick throwing activity during confrontation of two political entities in Faisalabad few days ago.
Then to write about emotionally charged people is also a risky business no matter how much you love them and trying to save them from doing something which is not good for the people of Pakistan in general and for confrontation ridden emotionally charged leaders and their followers in particular.
All those whom have seen videos regarding stuffing of ballot papers by polling staff in absence of voters during elections shall break their silence now and let it become known to everyone that Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Dr. Shereen Mazari, Imran Khan, Shah Mehmood Qureishi and Professor Tahir ul Qadri along with few others are popular figures people they do come to cast their vote for them but it does not mean that each candidate of their party enjoys same amount of popularity as they do enjoy. So to have a bout regarding few seats is useless one must face the reality and shall see the videos regarding stuffing of ballots. Some of us whom were monitoring the polling are of the view that turnout was quite low.
Pakistan People’s party having large vote bank because of its people friendly policies during its rule is still having majority in senate and governments in three provinces of Pakistan, people to come up to vote for PPP candidates. Leaders of the said party are also complaining about rigging but are not involved in confrontation with government.
To gain the support of people one must be really people friendly only lip service in that respect cannot bring any fruit. Success of any movement depends upon the magnitude of support from people, media’s role is also important in shaping the public opinion. It is quality of leadership which counts the most. The leaders they lead the people in each sphere of life and media outlets are also no exception to it. The movement started by PTI is still underway the movement had a great impact government has lowered down diesel and petrol prices and is getting more people friendly now. Let us hope that another protest meeting of PTI in Lahore will be a peaceful affair and district administration of Lahore will ensure peace and fair play there.
Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Let the egg start rolling

Rotten eggs and tomatoes were often used by audience to make realize the actors of stage shows in subcontinent that there show is a flop one. Yesterday in a clash between PML (N) and PTI workers in Faisalabad eggs and tomato attacks were carried out both have exchanged indiscriminate blows of eggs and tomatoes against each other, it is not confirmed yet whether tomatoes and eggs used there were rotten or fresh.
It is evolutionary change in use of eggs and tomatoes witnessed there in Faisalabad yesterday; use of both on flop actors has been transformed into use of both items in battles of political nature. Certain flop politicians were also treated with rotten egg by the crowds in the past but such instances were very few.
From economic point of view indiscriminate use of tomatoes and eggs in political battles which are so common here will give a boost to both agriculture and poultry sectors, and will help farmers and poultry farm owners to make good deal of money. Besides middlemen will also reap the benefits of this situation, they will help the customers and farmers and farm owners in striking big deals.
An egg laid by poultry farm hen is worth ten rupees and an egg laid by ordinary local hen is worth fifteen rupees here in Pakistan, price of tomatoes float between eighty rupees per kilo gram to forty rupees per kilo gram. Users of both in political battles will definitely need more cash to continue, PML (N) workers backed by their rich leader Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and workers of PTI backed by their rich leaders like Imran Khan, Shah Mehmood Qureishi and Jehangeer Tareen are also in a good position to retaliate egg and tomato attacks of their adversary.
Sanitation workers and laundry workers will also benefit from frequent egg and tomato battles, though housewives and mothers will suffer nausea and vomiting attacks while receiving back in home their husbands and sons participants of such battles.
An egg is a blockbuster item here in Pakistan people of every age except those whom are forbidden by their doctors eat at least one egg a day. Besides symbolic use of egg is also very common here in Urdu and other local languages prevailing here in Pakistan, a poet once had declared all those whom were influenced by western civilization as rotten eggs and has suggested that they shall be thrown out in street. Use of tomato is also common in Urdu language idioms, getting red like tomato is often used when someone get angry and has enough blood in his body to make it appear on his face. For corrupt people the word rotten egg is often used here.
I wish an expected happy boom to egg and tomato producers and sellers of Pakistan in the end, and do express my deep grief and sorrow over expected vomiting and nausea attacks on ladies receiving the eggs and tomato warrior husbands and sons and daughters, whatsoever our differences are we are fellow citizens of Pakistan and we shall spare all those girls having long hair and participating in egg and tomato battle to save their loved ones from bad smell and extra cleaning efforts. Workers of both political entities involved in egg and tomato battles are looking quite determined and will fight till their last egg and tomato, let the egg along with tomato start rolling.

Abdur Raziq
M.phil. US Study (International Relation-History)

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mafia rule

Will we ever be able to get rid of Mafia having hold upon province of Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa of Pakistan, where honest retired provincial police chief Malik Naveed cousin of martyred city police chief of Peshawar Malik Saad whom had rendered his life to save the public was arrested on corruption charges. Mafia’s hold on the province is so strong that needs intervention from international media to find out the truth regarding happenings here. Mafia rule is supreme here Pakistani media is also under influence of it, they will never reveal the truth about arrest of Malik Naveed, yesterday his cousin Malik Daud during evening walk with me has revealed that all signatures of Malik Naveed on papers regarding alleged corrupt practices of him were fake and now NAB has withdrawn the case against him, original culprits are booked. During arrest period of Malik Naveed he has lost his wife, she had a heart attack and is no more in this world.
Why and whom was involved in making fake charges against him is a secret only can be revealed by international media, what I can tell through my own experience corruption rules supreme in every department of KP Province, corrupt and guilty is portrayed as innocent and guilty ones are declared heroes here.
Fake degree holders, people without proper education are holding big offices in government. Mafia as usual exploits religion here in Islam loving people of Puktoonkhwa, bribes, and dishonest practices are common here, KP province needs rescue mission to survive now. I hope what Malik Naveed’s cousin has told me is true about him I do still feel the need of international media interventions to find out the truth behind corrupt practices in all the departments including disaster management related departments of KP and FATA, that might deter mafia men and women here and might bring possible relief to the peace loving and honest people of this province.

Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)
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Friday, December 5, 2014

Naughty Cow

A female teacher has taught her she student yesterday in a private school here in Kohat that President of Pakistan is Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif; it was seen in written form in her notebook. I have checked and rechecked so far Mian sahib is still Prime Minister of Pakistan and President of Pakistan is Mr. Mamnoon Hussain and despite of longest sit in of more than hundred days of PTI leader Imran Khan, demanding resignation from Mian Nawaz Sharif and backtracking from his demand recently, no change in positions of Prime Minister or President of Pakistan has been witnessed.
That female teacher is either confused or due to lack of interest in her subject has confused her students regarding exact position of Mian Nawaz Sharif. People either are generally here interested in money making and do not believe in deliverance of exact information, or due to more than hundred days long test match between PTI leader Imran Khan and Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif have become so confused that can not differentiate between two top office bearers of Pakistan.
Lack of interest in a country like Pakistan can be the outcome of living in noise, air, and water pollution hit environment, though interest of greedy beings has been aroused with disclosures made by me and by Mr. Sadrudin Hashwani regarding exactly one trillion dollars worth of Riqo dick goldmine in Baluchistan, Mr. Sadrudin says many other goldmines do exist in Baluchistan too. The teacher had probably heard that saying ‘Pakistan belongs to President of Pakistan’ and being loyalist of Mian Nawaz Sharif she wants Mian sahib to own gold rich Pakistan.
The only serious man and much praised person soon after arrival of Mian Nawaz Sharif in power is Ex President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari, whom is working hard to reorganize Pakistan People’s Party he is in Lahore and meeting his party members there, a delegation from Kohat lead by Abdur Rauf advocate has been to Lahore to meet him. He deserves the praise in his era unprecedented freedom of expression was granted to everybody including Professor Allama Tahir ul Qadri, Mian Nawaz Sharif sahib can learn a lot from him to avoid such incidents like misreporting of his exact position by female teachers.
Like humans now animals are also showing signs of aggression due to increased frustration caused by ongoing test match between Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and PTI leader Imran Khan, cow fodder prices are also increased here, despite of government announcement of decrease in petrol and diesel prices, due to money making at all costs attitude of shop keepers prices of essential commodities including fruits and vegetable are showing upward trends here in Kohat, in reaction to high prices of cow fodder a frustrated cow had committed an act of aggression against son of a shopkeeper, whom was moving on his motorcycle last week on road in Paracha Town Kohat, the angry cow had hit him with her front hoofs and had abstained from using her horns, the victim was found unable to breath properly and was turned blue with pain her hoofs had targeted his abdomen region. The angry and naughty cow owned by Afghan refugee late Haji Rahim is still moving around in the said area freely.
Another victim of frustration and confusion caused by long test match of political nature in Pakistan is an IDP and his grandson I found both sitting in open space at Paracha Town Kohat, proud grandfather had told me his grandson son has made traditional trench with pebbles having flag on it similar to trenches present in his native area of Dara Adam Khel. The IDP was also confused by an analyst whom had termed the visit of General Raheel to USA as sign of real rulers of Pakistan, when I told him we are allies of USA and General is there to discuss important strategic matters with his American counter parts he started looking at me in unbelieving manner and has said why don’t Nawaz Sharif do that? I had realized that confused IDP is unable to understand the thin line demarcating the functions and powers of the office of Chief of Army Staff and Prime Minister of Pakistan, and is also unable to understand that school time of a child is not good for playing with his grandfather in open spaces.

Written by
Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Groom in police lockup

Cartridge sellers are making money these days in Kohat; it is season of weddings and aerial firing. During past one month hundreds of rounds were fired with guns of different calibers around Paracha Town Kohat, the area sounds like War Theater during the night sometimes along with gunshots drum beats are also spread in the air which confirms wedding related aerial firing. People here fire gun shots usually when Eid moon has been sighted at the end of holy month of Ramadan, at the birth of baby boy and at the time of arrival of bride at the grooms residence, to test new weapons people also resort to aerial firing here in Kohat and around its Paracha Town area.
All the efforts of police to stop aerial firing are having partial success due to large scale acceptance of this practice. Usually police arrests the groom if aerial firing occurs during his wedding, now those whom are grieved over the wedding of a specific groom they come and start aerial firing to make the arrest of groom good. Recently during wedding related music function near my residence sudden aerial firing was broke out, family of groom had abruptly stopped the musical concert to prevent the arrest of groom, first wedding night in police lockup for the groom becomes painful, but for his rivals a happy occasion.
On all occasions of happiness why our people start aerial firing nobody knows exact answer to it but this practice is too disturbing and dangerous too. Many people were killed with stray bullets during past few decades here. The most pretty senior girl of our Kohat Convent schools was fallen prey to stray bullet at a wedding function, another elderly millionaire of Kohat while sitting in the lawn was hit by stray bullet fired by someone.  To end this practice awareness in public is need of the hour, along with strict implementation of anti aerial firing laws.
Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Naked Corruption

Soon after taking breakfast I had started scanning the newspapers, it was dawned upon me that still we are not willing to rise above prevailing biases in our society thus blaming each other for doings which we had never dreamt about even. I by myself had the opportunity to graduate from a UN sponsored university where biases from my brain were removed so am not part of any blame game.
We shall know that real patriotism emanates in environment in which individual has got his right of life, his property rights, and economic and other freedoms guaranteed by UN Charter and constitution of our country. If you will deprive your people from these rights and freedoms you will sow the seeds of separatism.
 An unfair and corrupt person spreads disparity and large number of corrupt and unfair people spread large scale disparity, in a country where corruption becomes institutionalized disparity at large scale becomes the outcome. In Pakistan talking through my own experience if a person works honestly and do his job properly cannot retain his job due to prevailing dominance of corrupt in different disguises.
Prevailing open and unchecked naked corruption has lead Pakistan towards large scale unrest, a country having large sources of revenue is witnessing people going into arms of death with hunger in Thar Desert and in tribal areas of Pakistan, and outside the tribal areas displaced tribal families are in the same situation. Inside the settled areas of Pakistan people are deprived of basic amenities and gradually going into the arms of diseases of various kinds.
My honest view is that Pakistan being invincible nuclear power is facing challenges from within, which can lead it towards chaos and anarchy.
Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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