Saturday, November 29, 2014

Quality of life

Quality of life is a vague concept here in developing countries, malnutrition, polluted air and water, are the main causes of low quality of life here. Tense environment in offices and homes is one another cause of it. People often cannot sleep when avoid eating vegetables and green salads; sleeplessness is also a reason behind headaches and backaches along with indigestion. Pakistan is an emotion ridden society no reason or logic finds space except in upper strata of our society where genuinely educated few enjoy high quality of life.
A glass of apple or mango juice before breakfast can keep us fit and in good mood provided we can afford to give enough time for excretion to ourselves. Intake of sufficient amount of clean drinking water is also necessary for achievement of the goal of high quality of life. Besides we must have age related physical necessities fulfilled in accordance with our culture that can also help in this respect.
Breathing in fresh air helps in taking sound sleep during the night, bedrooms with French windows open can be right place to lie in bed and take some long breaths during the night to get good sleep. Intake of glass of milk before going to bed also helps in getting good sleep. Since my childhood I am in habit of doing exercise and am trained to control my food time aggression, so I do take food in accordance with my physical needs, thus maintaining safe distance from doctors and medicines since long.
The forty minutes exercise which contains a concept swimming in the dry keeps me fresh all day, and makes me sleep well during the night I had overcome the trauma of getting attacked last year thrice and robbed on January 4th this year, along with other excesses done to me in terms of economic murder of mine. Even today I am jobless my contract has not been renewed so far with FATA Disaster Management Authority and am also  not paid by Associated Press of Pakistan since last few year for my writings. I am still normal and do help others too to stay normal.

Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (History-International Relation)

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PS: This article is my response to many questions raised by friends. 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Fountain of Hindus

Dwellers of two hundred houses in Dolay kalay a remote area of Lachi village of Kohat situated on Kohat Bannu road are deprived of clean drinking water since long, a dweller of Dolay Kalay says our women, children and young people do walk one kilometer to fetch some drinking water from fountain situated in a stream, the fountain emits small quantity of clean water and it takes good period of time to fill a pitcher from it, due to large number of people fountain in one day not everybody can get water from it. the fountain is centuries old and is known as Hinduano China “Fountain for Hindus”, the other source of water is near the hill at a distance of one and a half kilometer from Dolay Kalay village where a water pool is utilized by both animals and people for drinking water.
Water inside the Dolay Kalay village is very deep down below the earth and digging of so deep wells are financially not viable for the low income dwellers of the said area. People of the village have contributed money to dig a well inside the village with the help of a sensitive man good in ascertaining existence of water with his stick, so far the well dug there is not functional might need more digging deep to reach water in it. In today’s world in which people are buying residential plots on Mars Dolay Kalay dwellers are still deprived of clean drinking water facility while living on planet earth.

Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International-Relation History)

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sports man spirit

Politics and cricket both are dependent on good pitch, weather conditions and fitness, abilities and capabilities of players, right and well informed decision making ability of team captain and crowd support.
The difference between cricket and politics is that cricket match is played between two teams, while in politics many teams can participate in elections and in post election activities.
Like cricketers some politicians also have the virtue of ‘sports man spirit’, if their team lose elections they accept the polling results and do wait for their turn till next elections. All such politicians are widely respected in society because of their strict adherence to rules of the game.
Some intolerant cricketers when declared out by empire often hit the wickets with bat, extremely intolerant ones attack empire or the bowler responsible for sending them back to pavilion, some intolerant bowlers also resort to body line bowling to hit bats man of rival cricket team, such cricketers are often banned from international and national cricket and thus they lose their status as cricketer.
Cricket is a clean game, and game of virtuous, tolerant and truthful men and women because of strict observance of game rules at international and national level. In Olden times LBW decisions in cricket and allegations of rigging in election were sort of mysteries but now with advent of video cameras both LBW decisions of cricket match empire and rigging allegations can be easily confirmed and reconfirmed by watching videos of both practices.
Politicians as compare to cricketers often lack physical fitness in third world countries, due to absence of any selection criteria and where political institutions are not so established. Cricketers and politicians are purely professional beings in developed countries. While in developing countries people of both these categories are immature and often lack expertise.
To be a member of parliament one needs qualities of a test cricketer, inside the parliament session situation like test match exists often. Both government and opposition members try to score high inside the parliament in terms of necessary legislation.
In countries like great Britain and other developed countries where virtues of cricketers are also part of their society in general domain of politics is also quite clean and professionals they opt for it or when asked to take a responsibility accepts it. It is sports man spirit which can keep cricket and politics clean which seems lacking here in Pakistan and many other developing countries too.

Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relations-History)

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Friday, November 14, 2014

Fresh displacements

Increased number of freshly displaced families of Khyber and Orakzai Agency tribal area has been witnessed here in Kohat; militant’s attacks on check posts in Orakzai Agency and ongoing Khyber 1 military operation in Bara area of Khyber Agency have compelled tribal families to leave their homes in a hurry and to take refuge in settled areas.
Kohat, Peshawar and Hangu districts of KPK are witnessing the arrival of freshly displaced tribal families, due to their common borders with Khyber and Orakzai tribal areas. An elder in Kohat says large number of families have arrived in Kohat from tribal area of Orakzai and Khyber Agency.
Permanent refuge facility in shape of residential facilities to accommodate   displaced families has become need of the hour after each return, the returnees are compelled again to come down from tribal areas to settle areas, no permanent solution to existing violence in these areas seems feasible.
Bajure Agency returnees are comparatively living in peace though a bomb explosion caused deaths were reported by media channels earlier this week, returnees of Maidan Khyber Agency and returnees of Orakzai Agency are again in difficult situation and are coming down towards settled areas again.
Their return was facilitated by UNHCR, NRC and number of other NGO’s, trauma hit tribal displaced families are not only in need of residential facilities and food but do need medical facilities along with psychological treatment.

Abdur Raziq
Ex Monitoring Officer
FDMA’s UNHCR sub project
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Victory in politics like cricket is also by chance

It is humanly not possible to have all the honest, efficient, and highly educated men and women in any political party. Dr. Manmohan Singh by himself was so brilliant economist and politician but when was dragged in corruption charges the result was sweeping victory of BJP. Only 50 seats were won by his Congress (I).
Clean record of Mr. Narindra Moodi as politician though he was blamed for Muslim killings in Gujrat but that blame was quite appealing to Hindu Majority and his services as chief minister Gujrat had lead the Bhartia Janta Party towards victory with 350 seats.
I don’t have any idea about India’s electoral system but it seems quite transparent there was no big movement on the bases of rigging complaints after elections. I had a chance to study US electoral system in 1988 that was awfully transparent.
In Pakistan too we have a very defective electoral system that is why often democracy gets derailed here on post election rigging allegations based agitations. It was happened in late 70’s during consecutive second term electoral victory of Pakistan People’s Party in 1977 prolonged agitation was resulted in imposition of ten years long Martial Law.
Now again PTI leader Imran Khan is dissatisfied with our electoral system and has staged sit in which has entered in its 90th day while I am writing these lines. In his Lahore protest rally when millions of people were gathered around him he had behaved very nicely and did not let the crowd to go violent. But now his ally leader has announced violent mob attempt on Islamabad on 30th of November, which again might lead us towards another Martial Law.
Beyond any doubt Imran Khan as politician and as cricketer is a big success and personally he is man of integrity but then again it is not humanly possible for him to take all the efficient, honest and highly educated men and woman as his followers and allies, thus victory in politics is also by chance like cricket, and probably he also knows that clean politics like cricket is also a test of patience too.
Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)
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PS: my article is a response to various questions raised by my friends.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Run for your life

‘Run for your life man, escape from Pakistan alive’, a journalist friend of mine whom had left his profession after rampant killings of journalists and now runs a shop here in Kohat had said. I have realized the fear present in his mind; one after other journalists were getting killed in all parts of Pakistan and no killer is ever got arrested. Though in Pakistan killers are appreciated at every level since the murder of our first Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan, his murder is still a mystery, and all those arrested and hanged killers of past few decades were according to their near and dear ones were innocent and were wrongly convicted. It is almost consensus between all the analysts that killers of journalists and politicians they enjoy immunity here in Pakistan, murderers of Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto are still at large though her party was remain in power during past five years and still enjoys the majority in senate and also have government in three provinces of Pakistan.
Today when an internally displaced person had started complaining about corruption I had told him I am still off duty my contract has not been renewed with FATA Disaster Management Authority Peshawar which was ended on 31st of December so he shall better inform the Governor KP regarding it by himself, and if the Governor has also share in corruption and is unwilling to take action against the corrupts then place his complaint before President of Pakistan he might remove all the corrupts, the IDP having a very high humor sense had abruptly replied I can’t go to the president if Governor is really corrupt he will order death sentence to me to be implemented by Taliban and they will definitely behead me, Taliban are kept by the government to easily kill opponents.
There are whispering campaigns of a very high intensity, each journalist or government functionary moving around can enjoy these whispers, most of these whisperers pour death threats in to the ears. According to intelligence sources backbone of Taliban militants has been broken now and they cannot do any further damage, only Alqaeeda is still a potent force left in Pakistan which can hit the targets through IED explosions. Taliban stooges residing in settled areas are still trying to create fear of Taliban in the minds of journalists and government functionaries despite of their broken backbones.
Funny aspect of the whole fear creation episode is that fear creators get frustrated when people refuses to get afraid of them. One such frustrated fear creator when had tried to create fear in me I told him straight away don’t hurl death threats death is a reality no one can run away from it, will come one day so why to be afraid of it?
Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mismanaged Pakistan is rich in resources

Political scenario in Pakistan is again becoming confirmation of apprehensions expressed by various analysts, an effort to destroy a nuclear power Pakistan from within are underway and most of the anti people steps taken are a vivid evidence of this effort. Finance Minister of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif insists upon downsizing and right sizing thus rendering thousands of people jobless in a country where ratio of unemployment has reached to alarming stage, and where no unemployment allowance for the unemployed does exist. Interestingly Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif by himself an Industrialist does need large middle class having purchasing power to keep his own Industry alive.
Apparent target of downsizing is so far appointees of PPP and ANP government in KPK province which is again a worst example of political victimization and of anti people activity.
Mismanagement of the affairs of millions of displaced tribesmen in KPK province is the most alarming factor years ago analyst Talat Hussain had predicted direct action or mob attacks on part of humiliated and mistreated millions of displaced tribesmen now residing either in camps or in settled areas of KPK.
Signs of rebellion are already quite vivid, from Edhi till Nawaz Sharif by himself along with thousands of people are so far being plundered, a sugar mill of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif situated in Toba Tek Singh Punjab was plundered dacoits had escaped with millions of rupees plundered from the said mill.
Land mafia. Drug mafia and Weapon Mafia’s gun tottering men and women are capturing government offices, private and government properties in coordination with their insider men and women employees and in coordination with certain militant organizations apparently serving the cause of Islam.
Dwindling US interest in Afghanistan is also another big reason behind staggering Pakistan’s economy, Pakistan as a front line state in war against terror might lose its frontline state status after year 2016 with withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.
PTI leader Imran Khan’s sit in  near parliament house in Islamabad has entered in its 88th day, so far judicial commission to probe alleged rigging in elections has not been formed which is basic demand of PTI leader. No other steps to make future elections transparent are being taken so far.
All this is happening in a country which so rich in resources, Karachi port revenues, income tax revenues, oil production revenues, Reko Diq Gold mine revenues, coal revenues road tax revenues from indirect taxes and other sources are so far spent on anti people activities knowingly or unknowingly by successive governments in Pakistan. In this age of awareness what will be the outcome of all these wrong doings all of us have clear idea about it.
Written by

Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Noisy nights of Hayat Abad Peshawar

Posh area of Hayat Abad becomes noisy spot whenever army operation against the miscreants in adjacent Bara area of Khyber Agency becomes need of the hour. Hayat Abad a posh and expensive residential area was named after Hayat Muhammad Khan Sherpao, whom was known for his greatness and dedication as Pakistan People’s Party leader and was martyred in bomb explosion while addressing a gathering in Peshawar University. Most of the dwellers of Hayat Abad residential area of Peshawar are rich and affluent people. While building palace like residence in Hayat Abad no one had ever dreamt of facing such a dangerous situation that in streets of Hayat Abad Town explosives will be found and stray rockets will fall near to it fired from adjacent tribal area of Khyber Agency.
From the media outlets it has become known that peace force in Khyber Agency’s Shalober area has driven out miscreants and a commander of militants has now hosted white flag over his residence but situation is still volatile there. A bomb explosion inside Khyber Agency has been also reported today by a private TV channel.
A top militant leader of Khyber Agency has been reportedly escaped towards Afghanistan. Chief of Army Staff General Raheel and his colleagues have planned military operations in North Waziristan and other tribal areas while keeping the existence of militant organizations in settled areas in view too. That is why reaction of ongoing military operations in cities was less severe and damaging.
Army operations to control the infiltration is an option amid failure of diplomatic efforts, our tribal area is situated along with long border which we share with Afghanistan and Durand Line drawn by British colonial rulers of subcontinent is not acceptable for Afghan government, thus war in our tribal areas will be a long war, in case of prolonged failures of diplomatic efforts.
Years ago during Army operation in Dara Adam Khel artillery fire from Kohat and subsequent militant’s rocket attacks from Dara Adam Khel were depriving the dwellers of Kohat calm sleep during the night. Skillful handling of the situation there had restored the calm eventually in Kohat. Planned efforts on part of Pakistan Army might also restore calm inside Hayat Abad Peshawar. One can only hope and pray for our friends and ex colleagues residing in that area.

Abdur Raziq
Ex Monitoring Officer FDMA’s UNHCR sub project/

M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

US-Afghan Security Pact and stolen weapons

US-Afghan Security Pact and stolen weapons
Afghanistan a war torn country has to have a stable government to pave the way for return of Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan and in many other countries, current elected leaders of Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani and Chief executive Abdullah Abdullah have wisely signed the security pact with USA, at least now US lead developed countries are at the side of Afghan people, and centuries old isolation of Afghanistan from the west and its dependence on Russia and India has been ended.
Most of the Afghan refugees currently residing in Pakistan are having Pakistani National Identity cards, but the card does not bring any drastic change in their subhuman living conditions in which millions of them are trapped here. Yesterday while buying fruit from an Afghan refugee seller in Kohat district of Pakistan when I asked him for water to wash the apple before eating it, the refugee shop keeper replied sir these flies sitting on fruits are friendly with us they sleep along with us in our beds too, but if you still insist on cleaning this apple before eating it then please go to the next shop they do have water facility.
Subhuman conditions in which majority of these Afghan refugees are exposed to during last thirty years are beyond imagination of the people of civilized world. Their misery started with Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, millions of Afghans had to flee from their own country in consequence of said invasion and installation of puppet regimes by Soviets in Afghanistan.
Though media has aired news regarding stolen weapons worth millions of dollars in Afghanistan, the weapons stolen from US lead coalition forces will add fuel to the already existing fire of existing war inside Afghanistan, security pact between Afghanistan and USA is a prelude to return of US lead forces from Afghanistan and return of Afghan refugees to their homeland. Though USA will maintain its military presence at small scale in Afghanistan under the security pact, will withdraw bulk of its men in uniform till year 2016. Majority of religious minded Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan were unwilling to accept dominance of Soviets and are also not willing to accept American dominance too. They consider aliens as infidels and either flees their country or resist. Departure of US lead forces from Afghanistan till year 2016 will end the apprehensions  of religious minded Afghan refugees and strong possibility is that they will start going back to their home land.
Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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                                      A view of Afghan refugee mud houses in Kohat 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Extreme weathers and extremism

Pakistan is a country having extreme weathers, our coastal areas are the exception to it. Extremely cold winters and extremely hot summers have made our people bit intolerant and extremist too, wide spread ignorance and unemployment, subhuman living conditions absence of basic amenities and welfare system have added much fuel to the fire of extremism.

What has happened in Klark Abad area near Qasoor is one more example of growing extremist thinking where a Christian couple was tortured and burnt alive so badly that nothing has been left for DNA test.

People are taking law into their own hands for one reason or another, in most populous provinces of Pakistan, Punjab, KP, Sindh, Baluchistan and FATA areas are worst examples in this respect.

 While insisting upon implementation of blasphemy law through courts ex Governor Punjab Salman Taseer had lost his life  Now Mian Shabaz Sharif Chief Minister Punjab has taken measure to provide relief to the children of deceased Christian couple and had promised punishment for the killers, analysts they say his life is at risk too now.

It is not the blasphemy law only which our public wants to implement in a very cruel fashion, in our tribal areas prior to initiation of current military operations Taliban militants were stoning the couples on charges of illicit relations though even in tribal areas government mechanism of implementation of justice does exist.

Comprehensive economic reforms and welfare measures including spread of education can improve the situation here, in USA too where we do have extreme weathers people do happily except principal of rule of law and they do not take law into their own hands, no Christian burns Muslim couple there, though Christians are in majority there, one can find most beautiful mosques in USA where Muslims pray freely.

In brief USA being economic and military giant also have a political system which guarantees protection of life and properties of the people, and people there are now out of subhuman living conditions there so they do tolerate religious and other differences, despite of existence of extreme weathers.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

USA senate elections

Unlike Pakistan where Governors are appointed by President of Pakistan at the advice of Prime Minister and Senate members are elected indirectly by elected members of provincial and federal legislatures, in USA both Governors and members of Senate are elected by the direct vote of the people.

To prevent possible dictatorial practices of one party dominating all powerful US Senate and House of Representatives including office of the President, historically US voters most of the times have elected from two dominant political entities Republican party and Democratic Party members in a way that no party was able to dominate office of the president, and both houses of US Congress.

Senate in USA has got almost equal powers with lower house known as House of Representatives, seats in Senate are allocated on the basis of geographical existence each state included in United States has got two seats in Senate regardless of its population strength. Briefly all the states of USA are having equal representation in US senate.

Governors of the states in USA are elected by direct vote of the people, and they do exercise enormous powers including ability to pave the way for election of their party members as President of USA by their conduct in office.

As usual election results so far aired by media are predicting Republicans dominance in US Senate while Democratic party candidate was elected earlier by the same voters as President of USA. Media reports are also predicting success of more Republican party candidates as Governors then Democratic party candidates, final declaration of polling results will determine the real outcome of elections soon.

Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

Cell phone #  00923339607378 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Suicide bomb attack or distracted drone attack kills 56 near Wahga Lahore

At least 56 people are killed and scores of others are injured in suicide bomb attack near Wagha border Lahore yesterday, the attack was carried out over participants of flag hosting ceremony. Thirty five dead bodies are returned to their families, most of the killed were from different areas of Pakistan, and three security men are included in the dead.
Four different militant organizations have claimed the responsibility for this suicide bomb attack on Wahga border flag hosting ceremony participants, and have justified their attack as reaction to Pakistan Army operation in North Waziristan.
Security forces of Pakistan have initiated military operation recently in Khyber Agency too, which is tribal area adjacent to Peshawar capital of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa Pakistan. Sources in WAPDA say too many employees were abducted there for ransom.
Interior Minister says despite of his clear instruction regarding possible terrorist attack in Lahore no enough measures were taken to prevent the terrorists from doing harm to people. It is really quite astonishing that a person having 15 kilo gram explosive material around his body had entered in high security zone near Indo-Pak border at Wagha Lahore by hood winking all the security men around participants of flag hosting ceremony there.
A source in USA has said that some people are keeping drone attack signal providers near the mosques, churches and in other public places of Pakistan, to invoke misguided drone attacks on civilian population and to distract drones from their actual targets. Wahga border incident can also be a possible distracted drone attack too.
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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Quality of education in KPK