Friday, October 31, 2014

Change without change

When I reached Kohat city on Thursday evening, near Kohat Public school building have seen large number of policemen standing on Kohat Bannu road without wearing bullet proof jackets, same was the case with other valiant policemen of Kohat guarding various entry and exit points of Kohat bazaar and Kohat city.  Amid holy month of Muharram ul Haram Muslims of Kohat like rest of Pakistani Muslims do mourn the death of Hazrat Imam Hussain Alaih salam, last month at least six people were killed in bomb attack on a public transport vehicle near Government Girls College Kohat building which is quite near to the police club Kohat situated on Kohat Hangu road, and Chowni police station of Kohat, near to it was office of a journalist friend of mine. I had reached there at dusk and what I have seen in his office was quite surprising initially and was reflecting change in his style.
When I opened the door of his office he was doing evening prayers, that alcoholic friend of mine was doing his prayers with such a great concentration that was least disturbed by my knock at his office door and my subsequent entry into his office, I have grabbed a chair and made myself comfortable in it, looking at him I had realized that some big change in his self has been occurred, as westernized journalist he used to pass his time with glass of whisky and dance of eunuchs, my brain had started jumping on conclusions while sitting in a chair and looking at my friend doing prayers in such a detail, for at least ten minutes or more he was engaged in prayers and during that period loud claims of change and revolution in thinking of the people made by certain leaders in Pakistan were seemed true to me.
The moment he ended his prayer he had hugged me warmly and we shook hands, after exchanging few formal words and asked us about our preferences regarding drinks, meanwhile another journalist friend was also entered in his office, he had placed himself in his chair behind a large table then had lowered himself down and pulled out a bottle of whisky kept somewhere below his table, and had swiftly started pouring the refined stuff in glasses.
Soon I had realized that change in him was only cosmetic and actually nothing has been changed, within next fifteen minutes after collecting some information from him I was again out on Kohat Hangu road, he has told me that at the same spot twice the bombs were exploded by miscreants and earlier this month explosion in which six people were killed was the second one.
Kohat Hangu road was bustling with presence of ordinary people plain cloth security men and uniformed policemen without bullet proof jackets when I started walking towards Kohat city, road was bright lights were on and Thursday night was giving quite mysterious look fresh and cool air was making me feel bit delighted and happy though no other reason for these feeling was there.
I had crossed Kohat Fort, finally entered in Kohat city again, had fetched a vehicle to get transported back home, had left the vehicle near Paracha Town on Kohat Pindi road where my residence is located. While walking back towards home had bought a peanuts packet from shop situated on entry point of Paracha Town when suddenly a white Bullterrier dog  have started barking and running towards me from the open space at the roadside where some bushes are also there now, no human in the dark was visible I stopped and turned to confront the dog when reaching near me the dog had changed his mind and had started running back and had disappeared in bushes, I was unable to control my laughter lights of the heart specialist Dr. Saeed Paracha’s residence  were on road was clear now I had started walking again towards my home the moment I had reached near another open space  two people riding a motorcycle hurling abuses to each other were passed near me, and were seen standing near the residence of Mama Yousuf due to the darkness there I was unable to see their faces. Eventually I had reached home and that was end of the exciting day, which had exposed me to change without change.
Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)
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                              Entry point of Paracha Town Kohat green belt from where dog had appeared is visible in this picture

Saturday, October 25, 2014

True feelings of trauma hit displaced people

Kohat 25-10-2014 

‘Keep your doors open and mouths shut it was an order of the day from  militants in tribal area of Dara Adam Khel, they have dragged  young boy out from his home to include him in their ranks, when I have migrated  along with my family members in a hurry seven years ago I was unable to fetch anything along. But now after seven years when I am going back to Dara Adam Khel I am taking along a truck filled with goods, my sons have got education here in Kohat too,’  an Internally displaced  school teacher of Dara Adam Khel has said. 

‘My wife is sick, she has a problem with her backbone, I by myself having eye sight problem, seven years ago I have migrated from Tor Chapar area of Dara Adam Khel, dwelling in Kohat is quite expensive, my one son is a driver and another is student of Kohat university of Science and Technology he is doing graduation in business administration there. Taliban militants they take away all the animals and eat up all the goats and sheep, nobody can resist them,’ an IDP currently residing in Kohat has said.

‘I was an FC soldier Taliban commander of Dara Adam Khel has threatened me to leave my job otherwise my family members dwelling in Dara ADAM Khel will be killed, I have no other option but to leave the duty, have informed the FC high ups, years are passed I am still off duty without salary, threat from Taliban is still there,’ an FC soldier has said.

‘The way people of Dara Adam Khel are being plundered and mistreated by Taliban militants, and the way me and other internally displaced people of Dara Adam Khel have suffered, I want to extend all these sufferings on rest of the Pakistani citizens too, I want to see them suffering,’ a trauma hit school teacher of DARA Adam Khel has said.
In consequence of North Waziristan operation Pakistan Army has succeeded to recover abducted Vice Chancellor of Islamia University Peshawar Ajmal Khan, a Kohat WAPDA abducted employee has been also released, a WAPDA SDO says his abducted subordinate was exposed to forced labor only a bottle of water and  substandard food was given to him each day by Taliban militants in North Waziristan, was kept in a room without having toilet facility, an empty tin was being provided to him to use as commode during the night.
Son of ex prime minister of Pakistan Syed Yousuf Raza Gailani is still in the custody of abductors, same is the case with the son of ex deceased Governor of Punjab Salman Taseer.

Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Aerial Firing

The area in above pictures become a battle ground during the night since last seven days or so, it is situated between Paracha Town Kohat and Amin Abad on Kohat Pindi road. A source says behind the trees near Sheikhan miscreants have established there hide out in a garden, and do resort to aerial firing during the night.

Monday, October 20, 2014


Kohat 20-10-2014

Water a main source of life after Oxygen if available in any area humans start dwelling there.  Kohat being city of five fountains of fresh and clean drinking water is now bustling with Afghan refugee and Internally Displaced people of Pakistan’s tribal areas.  Recently in a speech before participants of sit in in Islamabad leader of PTI Imran Khan had revealed that 80% of Pakistan’s population have no access to clean drinking water. 
Internally displaced people of tribal area of Dara Adam Khel  now residing in rented houses around my residence says, in remote areas of Dara Adam Khel activity regarding water exploration is underway and now water is available there.
Sources have said that in Dolay Kalay of Lachi area of Kohat traditional water discoverer a sensitive man whom can feel water waves beneath the surface of each through his stick has confirmed that water is available there but people have not enough money to dig wells.
A source says that in Karachi city water supply system is  providing  water polluted with drain water and majority of people have no access to clean drinking water there, in certain areas of Peshawar situation is also the same.
In remote areas of Punjab clean drinking water is also a rare commodity.  Remote areas of Sindh and Baluchistan provinces including federal capital Islamabad are also no exceptions to it.
‘In Maidan tribal area of Khyber Agency sixty hand pimps installed by government to provide clean drinking water to tribal families were destroyed by miscreants,’ a source has said.
Rain water stored in a pool was witnessed as common source of life between animals and humans in Kunj Kunwara area of Jund Punjab. In Karak district of KP due to non availability of clean drinking water kidney diseases are quite common in dwellers there.
With growing awareness in public demand for provision of clean drinking water has been also heard often though no formal campaign regarding it has been witnessed here in Pakistan.

Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International  Relation-History)

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Unclear concepts

In developing   countries concept regarding freedom is still vague same is case with concept regarding corruption, justice and honesty too.  Scenes like people talking about justice while doing injustice to others, asking for bribes while condemning others for taking bribes, while doing dishonesty are declaring others as dishonest , and while curbing the freedoms of others and condemning someone else for being dictator, are quite common here.
It is so because of the mass scale illiteracy and defective education system which stresses upon parrot like attitude which helps in memorize the text without going into the essence of it. People of India and Pakistan whom are again at logger heads over Kashmir issue which has become a bone of contention between these two countries from 1947 onwards and three major wars and good number of limited wars were fought between both so far, concept of Indian leadership is still not clear about exercise of free will devised by UN about Kashmir people to decide their future.
All outstanding issues between India and Pakistan will be resolved amicably during next few decades provided that UN and developed countries start taking interest in promotion of standard education and economic uplift of these two nuclear powers, mass scale illiteracy and economic backwardness promotes extremism which was reflected during general elections of India recently, moderates were rejected by the Indian majority extremist BJP had a clean sweep and had appointed an extremist as its Prime Minister known as Narindra Moodi.
Prior to general elections in India a young extremist lady was seen in videos on social media threatening nuclear attack on Pakistan and was claiming existence of Kashmir as India’s integral part forever and threatening elimination of whole Pakistani side of Punjab till attock bridge in nuclear attack. The video was placed on facebook by Indian extremists. That video and outcome of Indian general elections clearly reflects that concept of Indian populace is not very clear about resolving disputes in peaceful manner with its neighboring countries, and their concept about definite retaliatory or preemptive nuclear attack from Pakistan is also not very clear.
Extremist thinking of Indian populace is now very much visible on control line in Kashmir, Indian Army is constantly attacking Pakistani side of it from the last three months or so, Pakistan Army has also started retaliating now. Good number of civilians has lost their lives at Pakistani side of the border in consequence of Indian attacks. Intense diplomatic efforts on part of UN are needed to diffuse the tense situation between these both nuclear neighbors and to eliminate chances of another war between India and Pakistan, prospects of which are so vivid now in the wake of border clashes between both.
Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Zarb I Azab

Kohat 1-10-2014 

As usual I was going through newspapers on internet soon after having breakfast prior to the beginning of Zarb I Azab in North Waziristan one day,  when my eyes were suddenly focused on a statement of Taliban leader, it was stated in it that if Pak Army has started operation in North Waziristan we will turn Islamabad and Lahore into battle ground.
Soon after the statement of Taliban leader Professor Dr. Allama Tahir ul Qadri had suddenly announced his return to Pakistan from Canada and had once again declared that his arrival in Pakistan will bring revolution there. Soon after his decision violent clash between Punjab police and students of Minhaj ul Quran university had left around 14 students including female’s dead. It was a very severe reaction, Nawaz Sharif was in power in Pakistan for two or three times for brief periods of times but he never behaved in such a violent fashion before.
On 14th of August amid ongoing operation in North Waziristan, both capital of Punjab Lahore and capital city of Pakistan Islamabad were turned into battle ground when revolutionaries of Minhaj ul Quran movement and long marchers of PTI lead by Imran Khan had started their march from Lahore towards Islamabad.
From 14th August onwards scores of PTI and TMQ workers were killed, injured and arrested but they are still staging sit on Constitution avenue Islamabad, Punjab police and Islamabad police men and officers had also sustained injuries during their battles with PTI and TMQ workers. City of tents has been erected now by protesting workers on Constitution avenue Islamabad. During past 40 days of sit in daily speeches were delivered by Imran Khan and by Professor Tahir ul Qadri and this practice is still witnessing continuity.
Both ruling party and its rival PTI and TMQ had behaved in a fashion which  had spread suspicion regarding intentions of all there embattled groups, overreaction of Punjab government while killing TMQ students was perceived as deliberate effort of government of Nawaz Sharif to create Panic in cities amid ongoing Zarb I Azab operation against miscreants in North Waziristan.
In Fact during General elections this time PPP and ANP were the targets of miscreants and both political parties were literally disenfranchised their leaders were killed in large number and their voters were threatened by miscreants.
Now amid operation against miscreants in NWA deliberate effort of government in power to hit TMQ students in cruel manner apparently seems an effort to bring the ongoing war against miscreants in North Waziristan to the cities of Pakistan as was threatened by Taliban leader prior to the beginning of Operation Zarb I Azab. Dr. Qadri leader of TMQ is known for his anti Taliban stance and had delivered Fitwa against them.  During election campaign PML (N) now ruling party of Pakistan had enjoyed free hand and was not hit by TTP militants. Same was the case with PRI lead by Imran Khan having government in KPK province now. The only anti Taliban party staging sit in Islamabad TMQ was enraged by killings of its students in Lahore capital of Punjab. Both ruling party and PTI have good relations with Taliban militants.
The whole scenario apparently focused on certain demands of protesters of PTI and TMG, their main demand is resignation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. So far operation against militants of Waziristan is a big success, Chief of the Army Staff General Raheel Shareef and his colleagues have handled the miscreants of all calibers in a very intelligent and professional way, staggering economy due to long battle between PTI, TMQ and government might harm the military operations in tribal areas a bankrupt country cannot fulfill its security needs.
Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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