Roads in Kohat need repair

Kohat 6-4-2014 

Jarvanda road Kohat has become full of broken patches amid heavy rainfall, road near old Sadar police station was also damaged amid heavy rainfall previously; Kohat Bannu road till Jerma Bridge also contains broken patches on it in abundance. Most affected community is public transport vehicle drivers whom are round the clock moving on these roads while their vehicles get damaged, a public transport driver laments that cost of repair increases from the income which he gets as public transport driver, some of the drivers are working for their public transport vehicle owners on daily wages, their plight becomes horrible when the vehicle gets damaged and sometimes they have to pay for repair for their daily wages.
Dr. Khalid resident of Sheffield County in London and resident of Kohat once moving on the road had told this scribe that to save the kidneys roads shall be carpeted and jerk free. He says that slight jerks on road are more damaging for kidneys and shall not be there. Damaged roads are hazardous not only for vehicle owners but for the passengers too whom are mostly from general public.
Road damage amid heavy rainfall reflect poor construction of the road, an engineer says due to heavy commission paid by contractors as bribe little money remains for road construction, some of the roads were only constructed on papers, others are of the view that lack of expertise in road construction can also be the reason behind poor construction of roads, some of the newly constructed roads evaporate amid heavy rainfall like make up vanishes away from face when water fells on it. Road constructed by Turkish firms and even roads constructed inside Punjab by local contractors are better than roads in KPK, Murree Islamabad road is the best example of road engineering in Pakistan.
Experts are of the view that factors leading to poor road construction in KP shall be removed to have better roads in this province.

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