Drought in Thar causes deaths of children(updates)

What is happening in Thar area of Sindh Pakistan is outcome of natural disaster known as drought, shortage of rainfall for long period of time has caused death and devastation there, being a realistic person I do not expect from newly independent Pakistan having 66 years of age and home of thousands of tribes and clans with extremely low literacy ratio, that its people will be able to develop a first rate social security system like Great Britain, USA or Saudi Arabia where each unemployed person gets handsome unemployment allowance from government, in Saudi Arab each person has been paid handsome allowance soon after his birth.

Inter tribal and inter regional jealousies and biases coupled with large scale ignorance prevents our newly born state from being a welfare state, more the 121 children in Thar are now dead their deaths were caused by drought largely responsible for creating conducive conditions for their deaths, aid agencies working there are trying hard to save the drought hit people of Thar, media men there are reporting corrupt practices in distribution of aid there and some people are demanding distribution of aid through Pakistan Armed Forces so it can reach to the drought hit people of Thar.
Large scale displacements are also reported in media from Thar which has also become concern of UNHCR too, probably they will also start their operations there soon.  The magnitude of disaster is quite big and requires effective response from international community too.

Number of dead children hit by drought in Thar area of Sindh Pakistan has been increased to 142 now, media reports reflect that aid goods have been reached to Mithi capital city of Thar but distribution is a problem, due to remoteness of Thar's villages in desert people are still stuck in difficult situation there.

With the demise of two more children in hospital at Mithi Thar, number of dead children has been raised to 144, according to a private TV channel broadcast Pakistan Army has reached there to help drought hit people of Tharparker Sindh, people in remote villages of drought hit Thar are still in difficult situation there. 

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