Monday, December 30, 2013

Classic Raga Bhairween and a singing dog

Elders say in olden times during British Raj at the spot of Martyres Square in Kohat was a green patch in open space equipped by flower plants and few trees, one day a thug came holding a stick in his hand along with a dog tied with long rope from neck. The thug had started announcing that his dog will sing a classic Rag Bhairween today after hearing this crowd had started gathering around him, soon the green patch was filled with people eager to hear the song from a dog, when the crowd grew thicker the thug announced his dog needs some milk to drink before singing classic rag Bhairween, after hearing this people in the crowd have started throwing coins towards thug for dog's milk, after collecting good amount of money thug had arranged milk for the dog, after drinking milk the dog remained silent, anxious crowd was eager to see and hear the song from a dog but nothing came up, finally the cruel thug had started beating his dog with stick with each stroke dog was barking and screaming with pain and the thug was telling crowd that the painful screams of his dog are actually the classic raga Bhairween which he is singing, eventually the crowd had realized that they had a encounter with thug, they rushed towards him to catch him, the thug escaped towards vicinity Kohat Courts building but was caught and badly beaten up by people and was finally handed over to police and case against him for being cruel to the animal was written against him.

The above story is a lesson for those who consider Pakistani mob senseless and foolish, normally thugs in all forms and disguises are being caught here eventually.

Written by

Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

Note: This brief story is an answer to the questions posed on me by different quarters during past few months.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

In field with dictators

He was serious rather damn serious while saying that he likes Hitler, and what soever he has done to Jews was right,  I told him Geneva conventions does not allow what Hitler has done to war prisoners and his own Jewish population I also told him frankly that what so ever is happening around us with war prisoners is also not in accordance with Geneva Conventions in our tribal areas most often war prisoners are beheaded by the captors, Hitler used to throw the war prisoners into furnaces, and was in bad habit of using bones of burnt captives for agricultural purposes.

He had further informed me all this was happened to Jews because each Jewish mother teaches her child how to rule the world. When I told him It is not a crime to become a ruler but becomes a crime when one starts ruling in sheer violation of UN Charter and its clauses concerning fundamental human rights, he had started thinking before uttering blunt favorable statements in favor of Hitler.

He is not the only one who likes Hitler and believes in use of force to extend his dictatorial practices large chunk of population in both India and Pakistan staunchly believe that dictatorial rule of one man is better then democracy. But often giving arguments in favor of dictatorship becomes silent when you put examples of flourishing democracies in Western world lead by USA.

I am in the field these days and it is my own hunch that to stop me from taking steps in accordance with UN Charter, these guys start arguments in favor of dictatorship to distract my attention. Most of them around me are working on different projects concerning well being of people, but our system of education does not create analytical abilities so I do not blame them for their shortcomings sometimes try to educate them which is again a very risky affair. 

An interesting scene emerge when follower of Hitler has to act in accordance with UN Charter, most of these mini dictators are involved in doing acts which are outcome of their personality clashes, each dictator develops a personality clash scenario with other dictator because both are self centered and do staunchly believe in their own greatness rather then greatness of mankind in general. So in all such cases dictators assigned to implement UN charter at grass root level are involved in great misdeeds, in the name of welfare activity rampant corruption or efforts to do corruption become visible.

Because of increased awareness in public now their efforts to do corruption of any nature often becomes unsuccessful, a frustrated mini corrupt dictator had recently refused to play any part in UN sponsored activity due to lack of corruption opportunities.

Written by

Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Studies (History-International Relations)

PS: These above lines are written by me to inform my Mom Vaun Mahan in Lincoln Nebraska USA and my sister Susan Web residing in Minnesota USA, all others may also read this if they feel like doing so.

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