Friday, August 2, 2013

Blamer sect

Blamer sect is a secret sect in Pakistan and mostly consist upon orthodox Muslims, a catholic Christian is also its member, well the people of aforementioned categories are known to me, only God knows the real numerical strength of this sect, its members known to me are good in blaming others when they caught them doing some good deed. One such blamer after coming to know that I have done some good deed had started blaming me, I had tried to handle him tactfully and finally he had confessed that he is from blamer sect known in Urdu as (Malamti Firqa).

I am at peace with blamer sect these days a top leader of the sect last week was convinced by me through an argument that I personally believe in goodness of all Muslim, Christian, Hindu and all other sects of every religion existing in this world currently.

Interesting aspect of blamer sect is that if you have got an imaginative colleague of the said sect, the moment you have succeeded to make peace between two or more of your fighting colleagues, the imaginative blamer sect colleague of yours will not only hold you responsible for the fight between your colleagues but if you are old enough will also put the blame of even initiating first and second world war on you and will try vehemently to prove that Hitler was innocent, and was about to achieve the status of saint from pope but your efforts to initiate war had deprived him from all this.

A blamer known to me is good in initiating very sexy blames on others, once in front of him I was talking to university days friend of mine on cell phone about a very serious business, the moment I ended the conversation the blamer has immediately said it was a very sexy voice with whom were you talking, in anguish I replied she is in your mother's age learn to respect elders, now his blaming faculties of mind become fully activated and he had started accusing me for having sex with her in the past, and has further blamed me that during conversation I may have planned some more sexual adventures with her, eventually I had to put my fingers in ears to escape blaming words coming out from his mouth like bullets. Thanks God that during holy month of Ramadan the said blamer is silent.

Another elderly blamer had recently accused me of not doing my Friday prayers soon after my arrival after doing Friday prayers on Friday, when I had replied to him that I was standing near him during Friday prayers while doing my prayers, he suddenly became very angry, in Pakhtoon culture we are not supposed to argue with our elders, he had declared that I am moving ahead on path of hell.

My own hunch is that feelings of jealousy is basic motivation behind creation of blamer sect, and Pakistan has become a hub of this sect, I was never blamed in USA or in Great Britain by anybody there during my stay in these countries, this sect is also non existent in Thailand too. Enough information about this new sect has been mentioned in above paras now it is job of the researchers, psychologists and UN high ups to take necessary measures for sake of saving humanity, the blamer sect can be possible contributing factor towards third world war.

 Written by

Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (History-International Relation)

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