Sunday, October 14, 2012

Malala Yousfuzai

I was concentrating on my office agenda, when I had heard the news that a young girl namely Malala has been injured along with other two school girls in Swat, when a heartless and cowardly creature had opened fire at her after identifying her by bringing her out from her school van, she was going back to home from school last week. I never heard about her before this incident, suddenly media started displaying videos and news stories about her and the waves of shock, anger and grief started spreading around the globe. My Swati colleagues have provided valuable information about her and her family, after going through her videos it became clear for me that she had never said anything against anyone in public, and she was only advocating for girls education and their other rights.

Initially she was brought to combined military hospital in Peshawar from Swat, and then was shifted to Military Hospital in Pindi, where her condition is reportedly improving, and now she can move her arms and legs, and is getting back to her senses, though she is still on ventilator, which will be removed after consultation between her doctors.

Some breakthroughs regarding arrest of her assassins are made, interior minister says he has got all the information about her assassins, their arrest and exemplary punishment is awaited here by every one.

Few years ago prior to appointment of Barrister Syed Masood Kausar as Governor KPK, whole KPK along with tribal areas were giving a look of a human slaughter house. During past few years of his rule in KPK and FATA law and order situation has been improved to the extent that now writ of the government has been established in 90 percent of troubled FATA region, it was revealed by honorable Governor KPK last week in his interview with a private TV channel here in Pakistan.

He had also highlighted the fact that dictatorial regimes of the past have done too much harm to the people of Pakistan, impacts of such long tenures of dictatorship can not be removed over nightly.

What has happened to Malala is a reflection of dictatorial practices which are still there because the remnants of dictatorship are still active, though they can not do that large scale harm which the were doing few years ago, more efforts to provide right of life to all the citizens of Pakistan will be needed to achieve secure environment conducive for restoration of normal life in settled and tribal areas of Pakistan.

Written by

Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

Quality of education in KPK