Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Honorable Governor KPK in pictures

              Mr. Sultan Hussain PO, Bilal Rauf, Honorable Governor KPK Barrister Syed Masud Kausar, Ibad Rauf, President Kohat PPP Abdur Rauf Advocate and Shahid Advocate in Governor House Peshawar

Sunday, June 24, 2012

SDO Malik Arshid passes away

Kohat: 24-6-2012

Retired SDO of CNW Malik Arshid son of Malik Afzal Khan had breathed his last on Thursday in a hospital of Islamabad after protracted illness, he was buried in his native graveyard situated at Chikarkote Kohat on Friday. Late Malik Arshid has left a widow Dr. Kausar, and four daughters and son Dr Imad behind. He was brother in law of Mr. Ahmed Rasul Bangash Accountant General of Pakistan.

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Abdur Raziq

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Poet of romance

Logic gets woven into beautiful words and then into balanced sentences with the aim to ensure liberties of the people and to condemn the dictator in most polite and inspiring manner when great and handsome poet of Asia Ahmed Faraz recites his poems in public meetings known as Mushaira, I was saying this to my group fellows in university at his arrival there in Chemistry hall of Qauidi Azam University in late eighties. I was invited there along with my group by Dr Afzal chairman of chemistry department through Tariq Janjua. After hearing him for three hours no student in hall was willing to leave his seat when his poetry session came to an end. The genius poet had kept us engaged for three hours and we were still asking for more. Today is his death anniversary, his brother honorable Governor of KPK Syed Barrister Masood Kausar is in Kohat to remember his brother Ahmed Faraz at his ancestral residence. Gathering of poets will also be held late at night in Kohat in his honor.

Every person who came to this world will die one day but those whom had contributed to save humanity from tyranny and oppression will be remembered forever, Great poet Ahmed Faraz had fought the dictator valiantly with his pen and had proved that his pen was more powerful then sword, he came back from exile when the dictatorship was taking his last breaths in Pakistan. During his life time whether he was in Pakistan or in exile in India and Great Britain he had never compromised with the dictator. His pen kept on emitting poetry full of romance paving the way for democratic change in Asia. As a poet he had shaken the fundamentals of authoritarian rule and had spread the light of liberty and freedom in minds of Pakistani youth. His poetry books are still best sellers in Pakistan. Poet of Asia great Ahmed Faraz is no longer in this world but he is till alive in minds of millions of Asian whom are influenced by his written words. May God bless his soul! He was a true poet of the people and a poet of romance, he had fought for their rights valiantly with his pen during his life time.

Written by

Abdur Raziq
Mphil US Study (History-International Relations)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Genetic inheritance and democracy

Genetic inheritance of people in subcontinent is one of kingship based on oppression and discrimination, impacts of thousands of year’s rule of Monarchs will gradually evaporate from genes here if democracy prevails for at least two centuries in its true sense. Biologist can determine exact period of time in which genes become free of past inheritance and get coded with existing positive environment, conducive for creation of healthy society free from oppression and tyranny.

In USA founding fathers of US constitution were well aware of the fact that tyrannical rule of one man and tyranny of majority both shall be curtailed and checked to ensure liberties of the people. That is why system of checks and balances was introduced, interestingly, all the three organs namely judiciary, executive and legislature are having enough powers to check each other, neither US president can act like a cruel monarch, nor US legislature can act like a cruel majority, or the US supreme court judges can act like autocrats. System of checks and balances ensure implementation of US constitution in letter and spirit, and safeguards liberties of the people. In brief US political system guarantees win win situation for every citizen.

Pakistan and India both are federations but having parliamentary form of government, no check on majority rule does exist in real sense in parliamentary form of government, parliament remains sovereign in this system, parliamentary system works well in Great Britain where moral values are quite high and political conventions are respected in unitary setup, but in developing  federations like Pakistan and India where federation units are having demographical differences, tyranny of majority within parliament has no ample checks upon it. In case of Pakistan disintegration was result in 1971, East Pakistan became a separate entity now known as Bangladesh. India too is witnessing independence movements in considerable number of its provinces.

In two hundred years of its existence USA ha become a truly independent state with less discrimination and more fundamental freedoms to its citizens, Pakistan and India are lagging behind in this respect because of genetic inheritance of its inhabitants, genes of the populace here contains oppressive and tyrannical messages which generation after generation has inherited here. In true democratic environment these messages will evaporate eventually from the genes of successive generations and both these states will become more democratic and friendly with each other.

Written by

Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (History-International Relation)

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Note. Above lines are response to questions posed by friends and now I have succeeded to find sometime to answer all those questions amid democratic environment currently exists in Pakistan during PPP lead coalition rule, without fear and favor.

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