A world free from tyranny and oppression

Twentieth century has witnessed tremendous development in all spheres of life, within USA and in its allied countries of Europe and Asia. International scenario was dominated by USA after demise of Soviet Union; Soviets after their invasion of Afghanistan and their subsequent defeat there were no more a rival super power for USA, when Soviet Union was divided into fifteen independent states.

Developing countries having educated leadership were able to adjust themselves in new international scenario dominated by single super power thus became more stable, while less fortunate developing countries leaderships had adopted confrontational path with USA, Afghanistan ruled by religious extremists was one such example, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, North Korea and Syria were also unable to adjust themselves in new bipolar world.

In the world lead by USA and its European allies, has no space for dictators, most of developing world dictatorial regimes were fallen one after another, most recent was Libya’s dictator Colonel Muammar Qadafi.

 Democracy when extends itself further international peace becomes more achievable goal. When oppressive regimes extend their oppressive thinking and actions to the rest of the world, incidents like nine eleven happen. The end to tyranny and oppression through democratic means was goal set by founding fathers of American constitution, the said goal inside USA has been achieved up to larger extent. On international scenario gradual impacts of the extension of democratic thinking and actions are becoming more vivid day by day. Newly democratized Iraq is a glittering example in this respect.

Written by

Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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Pakistan Air Force men controlled the fire

Kohat: 20-5-2012
‘One transformer in WAPDA grid station was totally damaged and the other transformer was partially damaged, when fire was broke out on Thursday. Electric supply has been stopped to Kohat Garrison, Orakzai tribal Agency and Hangu in consequence of the said incident. General Officer Commanding of Kohat region had visited the grid station soon after the incident, fire was extinguished by Pakistan Air Force men and officers, foam was used to extinguish fire, in consequence of use of water to extinguish fire by Fire Brigade and with water pouring from sky amid heavy rainfall huge quantity of petrol existing in burning transformers had further fanned the fire, cause of the incident was fallen electricity wire on residential area of Paracha Town, which had caused sparks in transformers, at least month is required to restore electricity to Hangu, Orakzai Agency in other areas of Kohat electric supply has been partially restored,’ WAPDA sources have said.

Kohat drowned into darkness

Kohat: 17-5-2012
Kohat city and its surrounding areas were drowned in darkness when
WAPDA Grid Station was burnt to ashes on Thursday. According to
eyewitnesses WAPDA Grid Station situated on Kohat Pindi road had
caught fire when a high voltage electricity wire was broken down. No
loss of life was done but the Grid station has been destroyed
completely, fire started in the evening was eventually controlled by
Fire Brigade and heavy rainfall. Teams of WAPDA are working to restore
electricity in Kohat district.

Around midnight electricity in certain areas of Kohat has been restored, partial damage was done to the grid station.