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Peer Shahab deserves position of advisor to chief minister KPK Pakistan

Peer Shahab Shah is a former journalist colleague of mine and is office bearer of Awami National Party, he is among the true disciples of Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan committed to philosophy of nonviolence, propounded and preached by Muhatima Gandhi and Khan Abdul Ghafar Khan few decades ago. During martial law years of General Musharaf Peer Shahab had valiantly struggled to curb corruption and to restore fundamental rights of the people, I still remember years ago when a library building built by British rulers of subcontinent when demolished and a multi story market construction was underway in it, valiant Shahab had pointed out anomalies and corruption done in its construction.

Today when I came across him near the office of a local weekly in Kohat, we both had a chat for a while and he had told me straight way that in current position which he is holding in ANP can not serve the people better, though demand regarding his appointment as advisor to chief minister KPK Pakistan has been mad…

Kohat Friendship Tunnel is open for light vehicles now

‘Kohat Friendship Tunnel has been opened for light vehicles on Sunday, it was closed for traffic after twin suicide bomb attacks during the night between Saturday and Sunday,’ police sources.

‘In Shiney Kalay area of Dara Adam Khel a mobile phone company tower was destroyed by miscreants with explosives and bomb attack was launched on a residence of a tribesman on Saturday, in which only his house was damaged, no loss of life was done,’

‘Head of Adizai Aman Lashkar Noor Malik has committed suicide on Tuesday last week, earlier it was revealed that he was killed in Dara Adam Khel,’ police sources.

Earlier this month WAPDA Tower was partially damaged in Kohat when a time bomb planted by miscreants was exploded near it. According to police sources, two time bombs were planted by unknown miscreants have planted two time bombs near WAPDA transmission tower situated in Mangara Safari Park Togh Bala Kohat. Due to partial explosion of one time bomb the tower was partially damaged, both the b…

Twin suicide truck and oil tanker bomb explosion causes five deaths in Kohat Friendship Tunnel

Kohat Pakistan: 29-1-2011

‘In twin suicide truck and oil tanker bomb explosions inside Kohat Friendship Tunnel five people were died and 19 other were injured during the night between Friday and Saturday, two suicide bombers were also killed and 12 vehicles and the Tunnel were badly damaged, soon after the twin suicide truck explosions the area was cordoned off by police and security forces men,’ police sources.

‘In northern area of Kohat Friendship Tunnel at 11:00pm two suicide bombers have exploded their explosive laden truck and an oil tanker, consequently five passengers including two women namely Khatima Bibi, Taliba Bibi residents of Nashpa Karak, nineteen years old Afghan refugee Islam Abad, 27 years old Badshah Rehman resident of Meer Ali Waziristan, and 19 years old unidentified young man were died and 19 others were injured, injured were rushed to hospitals in Kohat and Peshawar,’ police sources.

‘One thousand kilo gram explosive material was placed in both oil tanker and tr…

Miscreants ambushed MOL vehicle in Lachi Kohat

Six people including four FC men were died when miscreants ambushed MOL Oil and Gas Company vehicle near Ghuruzai Lachi Kohat on Thursday, one FC soldier was critically injured, and two employees of MOL were also abducted. According to police sources, near Guruzai area of Lachi Kohat, MOL Oil and Gas company was ambushed by miscreants, consequently four FC men and two employees of MOL were died, one FC soldier was critically injured and MOL employee Engineer Abdur Rasheed and his driver were abducted by miscreants along with their vehicle # H 1921. Cases against the miscreants are registered in Lachi police station, and in police search operation initiated by DIG Kohat region Mr. Muhamad Masood Khan Afridi dozens of suspects are arrested by Kohat police from the said area.

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Time bomb explosion killed thirteen passengers in coach coming from Hangu towards Kohat

At least thirteen people were died and eight others were injured when a time bomb went off in passenger van near Jauzara area of Hangu on Monday morning. According to police sources, a passenger coach # FDQ 9083 while heading from Hangu District of KPK Pakistan towards Kohat, when was reached near Jauzara turn on Kohat Hangu road, time bomb planted inside it went off, consequently 13 people inside passenger coach namely Nasir Khan, Gul Mun Shah, Kamil Shah, Zulfikar, Badshah Meer, Khan Zameer, Hazrat Gul, Iqrar Hussain, Muhammad Ghani, Fazal Janan and Shabir Hussain were died and eight others were injured, the injured were rushed to civil hospital in Hangu. Another passenger coach # 3808 while trying to overtake passenger coach # FDQ 9083 at the time of explosion was also destroyed. The area was cordoned off by security forces and police soon after the explosion, and Kohat Hangu road was remained close for traffic at least for one hour. Among the dead are mostly civilians coming from …

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‘At least eighteen people were died when a bomb went off in passenger coach near Jauzara area of Hangu KPK Pakistan on Monday morning,’ police sources

Police constable escapes from Quarter Guard

Kohat: 16-1-2011

WAPDA Tower was partially damaged in Kohat when a time bomb planted by miscreants was exploded near it. According to police sources, two time bombs were planted by unknown miscreants have planted two time bombs near WAPDA transmission tower situated in Mangara Safari Park Togh Bala Kohat. Due to partial explosion of one time bomb the tower was partially damaged, both the bombs were diffused by Kohat police, the said tower is of a prime importance and its destruction would have caused stoppage of electric supply to all the Southern districts of KPK Pakistan.

Meanwhile Kohat police constable Sajjad Hussain had managed to escape from Quarter Guard of Police Line Kohat, he was allegedly involved in abduction of Akbar Islam resident of Raz Geer Banda Kohat, DPO Mubarak Zeb Khan has suspended few police men and officers on charges of negligence which has made Sajjad Hussain’s escape good from Quarter Guard of Kohat Police Lines.

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Extremists kill people during visits of US, and British leaders to Pakistan, India and Afghanistan

At arrival of US and British leadership in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan extremists get violent more often, during Indian visit of President Clinton during his tenure of office, more then two dozen Kashmiri Sikhs were butchered. During a visit of British Premier in Afghanistan last year, good number of people participating in a marriage party were killed in a blast, at arrival of US Vice President Mr. Joe Biden yesterday at least twenty people including five FC men were died in a car bomb attack on police station in Bannu district of Pakistan, school bus was also hit in Peshawar by remote control bomb planted by extremists in which at least two female school teachers were died. ‘A grid station of WAPDA in Matani Peshawar was also destroyed with explosives by extremists,’ a WAPDA official in Kohat has told me.

US vice President had held meetings with President Asif Ali Zardari and Chief of the Army Staff Mr. Ishfaq Parvez Kayani yesterday in peaceful environment, which prevailed in I…

Rasool Gul killed in money related dispute

One person was killed in Kalo Khan Banda Kohat on Wednesday, because of money related dispute. According to police sources, Asif has allegedly opened fire with firearms on Rasool Gul to whom he owes money, after the murder of Rasool Gul alleged killer Muhammad Asif has managed to escape, case against him was registered in City police station of Kohat.

‘Sixty-two suspects were held in joint elite force and police search operation from Kohat. According to DPO Mubarak Zeb Khan, to restrict criminals and miscreants from their criminal pursuits, search operation has been launched in Kohat, its surrounding areas and in areas near to tribal region, so far 62 suspects are arrested and large cache of arms and huge quantity of narcotics are recovered from their possession. The arrested suspects are shifted to a secret place for further interrogation,’ police press release.

‘In Qadyani disputed mosque case eleven accused members of Ahli Sunnat wal Jumat Haji Javed Ibrahim Paracha, Muhammad Hafe…

Newly born baby disappeared mysteriously from Liaqat Memorial Hospital Kohat

Kohat Pakistan: 11-1-2011

A newly born baby was mysteriously disappeared from ward of Liaqat Memorial Hospital Kohat on Tuesday. According to police sources, wife of Naurang Khan resident of Samana Hangu had delivered a baby in operation room of LMH Kohat, both mother and child were shifted to ward, unknown girl has taken the child from her mother on a plea that she wants to cover the head of baby with cap, and was mysteriously disappeared from the ward along with newly born baby on Monday afternoon. Police has kicked off search to recover the baby, so far no traces of the baby are found by police.

‘At least 46 suspects were held in police search operation supervised by DPO Kohat Mr. Mubarak Zeb Khan on Monday from different areas of Kohat, and large cache of arms was recovered from the possession of arrested suspects,’ police sources.

‘Meanwhile 23 year old Sunab Gul was died after drinking poisoned alcohol in Muhammadzai village of Kohat on Sunday evening, Sunab Gul was drinking loc…

Father kills his proclaimed offender son in Mian Garhi Kohat

Kohat Pakistan: 11-1-2011

A father has killed his proclaimed offender son and his accomplice by opening fire at them with firearms in Mian Garhi Kohat during the night between Sunday and Monday. According to police sources, alleged killer Wasiur Rehman had killed his proclaimed offender son Sajid ur Rehman and his accomplice Muhammad Ayaz and has managed to escape. After postmortem in Liaqat Memorial Hospital Kohat dead bodies were handed over to their families, case against the alleged killer Wasiur Rehman was registered in Chowni police station of Kohat. Deceased Sajid ur Rehman was wanted by Kohat police due to his alleged involvement in heinous crimes.

‘ Good number of shops in Kohat city and Garrison area were plundered during the night between Sunday and Monday, unknown burglars have plundered cash and goods from medical stores and electronic shops, police has arrested numerous suspects to recover the cash and goods plundered by burglars,’ police sources.

District cabinet of All…

Pakistan’s political leadership flexible behavior averts the chances of possible political instability in Pakistan

Achievement of political stability through increased understanding between PPP lead coalition partners is underway in Pakistan, PML (N) and PPP are coalition partners in Punjab provincial assembly, in central legislature PML (N) will never opt for vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Gailani, if PML (N) have opted for any such move in National assembly they would have lost their government in Punjab province of Pakistan. Both PPP and PML (N) are interlocked politically that is why PPP leadership enjoys stable rule in the center.

Prime Minister Gailani had adopted quite flexible behavior and has reversed his decision regarding increase in oil prices and is also showing flexible stance on RGST issue in consequence of it MQM has joined back the PPP lead coalition, but has refused to include its ministers in federal cabinet.

PPP is having roots in masses and can get fresh mandate in case of fresh elections, history of PPP is filled with electoral victories, because the educated l…

Apparently Governor Punjab’s murder is a consequence of growing extremism in Pakistan

Brutal murder of Governor Punjab Mr. Salman Taseer by his own body guard this week in Islamabad capital of Pakistan has disclosed the high degree of extremism prevails in Pakistani society, ‘his killer body guard Malik Mumtaz Hussain Qadri is a Punjab police commando and was assigned the duty of providing security to the governor Taseer along with his three other colleagues by Punjab provincial government,’ information minister Qamar Zaman Qaira has said. ‘The Governor was attacked by his own body guard, when he came out from a restaurant situated in F6/3 sector of Islamabad after having lunch, critically injured governor was rushed to the hospital where he had succumbed to his injuries, postmortem report reflects that 26 bullet injuries were found in his body, after assassinating the governor his body guard had handed over himself to security officials and has submitted his crimet,’ media reports.

‘Young body guard of Governor Taseer was infuriated by the Governor’s stance on blasph…

Current political scenario in Pakistan

Campaign carried out regarding justification of one man rule as pre requisite for development on certain private TV channels in Pakistan is attracting certain class of viewers, a viewer has told me, Lenin and Stalin have developed Soviet Union in all respects, Pakistan also needs a Stalin to get developed.

In democracy where freedom of expression is their one can only counter such campaigns through logical argument, but the disinformation campaigns can not be countered through logical argument only, since last one week or so a private TV channel and an Urdu daily published from Karachi were spreading news regarding collapse of PPP lead coalition government, yesterday the Urdu daily came up with a headline that with departure of MQM from coalition Prime Minister Gailani has lost majority support in parliament, the funny aspect of the whole episode is that Prime Minister still enjoys the absolute majority support in Parliament and no real threat of vote of no confidence does exist, in …

Severe weather conditions hampers routine life in many parts of the world

Severe weather conditions prevailing in many parts of the world including Great Britain, USA and Pakistan are outcome of environmental pollution probably, experts on the said subject are of the view that world is in need of environment friendly politicians, industrialists, scientists, engineers, and all other inhabitants of the planet earth can also help to save the world by being environment friendly beings.

Punjab province of Pakistan including some parts of NWFP are covered with fog since last few weeks, road accidents due to low visibility in certain hours of the day has caused many accidents, last week daughter and son in law of seasoned bureaucrat Mr. Ahmed Rasool Bangash were injured in road accident on motorway, when high speed vehicles started colliding with each other, many others were also injured in Punjab in fog related accidents.

Political climate in Pakistan is also quite polluted, rampant false allegations against Prime Minister Gailani and President Asif Ali Zardari…