Friday, May 6, 2011

Witness to Osama's death is in custody of Pakistan Army

Sun and clouds were playing hide and seek on Thursday morning in Islamabad capital of Pakistan, light rain shower had compeled me to close the window of taxi cab, I was unable to enjoy the weather, my brain was preoccupied with questions raised by an ex official of Pakistan Army in Kohat prior to my departure for Islamabad on the said morning. President Obama had announced the death of Usama bin Laden in US helicopters raid on his residence at Abottabad even then skeptics were raising questions abut his death, and some of them were demanding a column from me on the said topic.Normally journalists write columns about those whom are known to them personally, I never came across him, though he was interviewed by one another Pakistani journalist and he is authority on this subject.

While sitting with Director News of APP it was again dawned on me through his words that CIA men had inserted two bullets in the head of Alqaeeda chief, while following their orders regarding their course of action, to avoid possible suicide bomb attack from him CIA men were only allowed to arrest him naked, clothed target was to be killed immediately from a safe distance with bullet shots. Within twenty minutes of the stay of CIA men in Abaottabad residence of Alqaeeda chief no one in Pakistan had noticed the arrival and deparure of CIA men in four helicopters, though one helicopter was crashed in the said operation.

Life was remain normal in Pakistan after this incident, in fact most of the extremist militant organizations including Alqaeeda have a very little support in public here. According to CNN reports President Obama and few other US top officials have kept this mission secret even Pakistani authorities were not taken into confidence about it. Pakistan foreign office spokesman had registered protest and had declared this act as violation. Though David had signaled such attacks on militants bases in Pakistan soon after taking the charge of CIA this month. The attack on Alqaeeda's chief was a surprise for pakistani government and armed forces.

In a civilized world power of logic and pursuasion dominates the human interaction, in developing and underdeveloped countries some people resort to violence to pursue their political goals.Probably Usama while striving to capture power in Saudi Arabia by overthrowing Saudi King had opted for violent means, USA always back the Royal Saudi family, thus came in conflict with Usama, the friction between USA and Alqaeeda was resulted in nine eleven attacks on Twin Towers at NewYork USA in which at least three thousand American citizens were died. After the nine eleven incident American authorities have eventually succeeded to get hold of him in most peaceful capital of Hazara division of Pakistan where literacy ratio is 99%.

'His fifth wife Amal has revealed before Pakistani authorities that she was living in her Abottabad residence from last five years,' CNN news report. The worrisome aspect for Pakistani authorites is that Usama's residence was quite near to Pakistan's top military academy in Abottabad. On Thursday in Islamabad at least two officials of APP had tried to get answers from me regarding their future iin Pakistan in the backdrop of US raid. Their worries are based on reality because death of Usama does not mean end of Alqaeeda, Aman Alzwahri and others can also hire residences in Pakistan and can invite more US attacks here.

It is high time for Pakistan's law makers to make and enforce naturalization law if it is not already their, to decide the fate of those illegal immigrants whom are currently residing in Pakistan, adventurers from all around the world are pouring in into Pakistan and lawless Afghanistan to pursue their ambitions through violent means. Restriction on this flow of adventurers and arrest and deportation of all other adventurers currently residing in Pakistan is also a good option to make Pakistan a truly peace loving country, and to avert any possible US attacks on this land of pure.

Alqaeeda achief was declared dead by President Bush during his tenure of office after heavy bombing carried out by US Air Force on Tora Bora caves of Afghanistan he reappeared again alive but this time his wife is an alive witness available to testify that he is dead now, his remergence seems to be a rare possiblity as an alive chief of Alqaeeda again.

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