Friday, April 29, 2011

Summer replaces spring in beautiful valley of Kohat amid roar of artillery guns and explosions caused by rocket attacks

Kohat: 29-4-2011

Spring season is gradually giving way to hot summer in Kohat district of Pakistan, mountain peaks surrounding Kohat are now clearly visible, air is clean and moving around in day time is becoming a hot experience, sun raises are quite penetrating now. Weather in Kohat is always sunny even in winter season one can get warm heat from the sun during day time, but summer in Kohat is quite an extremely hot season, month of May is always a hot summer month here, Kohat in June and July simmers with heat, but in August Moon Soon rains break the heat and at the end of September weather becomes pleasant again, October, November, December, January and February winter season prevails.

Population of Kohat district was half a million but now with arrival of tribesmen from neighboring Orakzai, Kurram and Dara Adam Khel tribal areas its population has been doubled, tribesmen along with their families have migrated towards Kohat from their respective tribal areas where war like situation exists. Large number of Afghan refugees migrated from Afghanistan from 1979 onwards are also now part of Kohat’s population.

Oil rich district of Kohat is also blessed with sweet, cool and clean drinking water emanating from natural springs situated in heart of Kohat city and in its suburban areas. Bonafide citizens are quite peace loving and friendly that is why British rulers of subcontinent have established garrison in Kohat almost a hundred years ago.

Before 1947 a Sikh Sardar Makhan Singh was the owner of almost every large building and garden in Kohat, after the partition his property was distributed among other claim owners, his only son is a barrister and now resides in London.

Signs of old civilizations are quite visible in Muhammad Zai area hills, on top of the mountain natural spring of water flows and near to it is a cave, while climbing on the mountain towards water spring one can see the signs of an old fort and thousands of years old civilization in Mian Garhi mountains.

Kohat shares borders with Orakzai agency, and Dara Adam Khel tribal areas, main land route which links Kohat with Kurram agency passes through Hangu district, Kurram agency shares border with Afghanistan, in between Kohat and Peshawar tribal area of Dara Adam Khel has been situated. Dara Adam Khel was a sight of tourist attraction because of the open sale of hand made guns and narcotics in its bazaar but now with the rise of Taliban militants in the said area and subsequent Army search operations in it Dara Adam Khel bazaar gives almost a deserted look.

Tribal families are living in rented houses in posh areas of Kohat some of them have bought houses and now have become permanent residents of Kohat, a property dealer says, with narcotics money tribesmen have bought most of the land in Kohat. According to intelligence sources on Kohat Pindi road near the railway crossing narcotics and alcohol trade is underway openly in Kohat. On Thursday evening a residence of Orakzai tribesman was raided by police in Paracha Town Kohat, 45 kilo gram Cannabis was recovered from his possession.

Drug trade and militancy both are also visible in Kohat district because of spill over effects of growing militancy and drug trade in surrounding tribal areas of Kohat. ‘Three gangs of militants including two different factions of Taliban militants are active now in Lachi area of Kohat,’ it was revealed by a local person of Lachi when I was working on a abduction story of MOL Oil and Gas company local employees few months ago.

Natural beauty of Kohat district including its Boston like educational environment has made this district an attraction for students too, from all over the country students are pouring in for admissions in various faculties of Kohat University of Science and Technology, in its two cadet colleges and in a post graduate college, though increasing militancy in this district and its surrounding tribal areas was resulted in abduction of its vice chancellor and few other faculty members. Two girl’s colleges various girls schools and schools for boys in private and government sector are also filled with students of different origins.

Recent video displayed on internet regarding brutal murder of colonel Imam reflects that Hakeemullah Mehsood existing TTP commander is still able to abduct and kill people of settled areas with ease, and can also arrange photographers to make his movie while killing colonel Imam. In the said video TTP chief Hakeemullah Mehsood delivers a speech and highlights the crimes of colonel Imam and his son Major Noman in Pushto language and claims that both have arrested and handed over 600 Arab militants to Americans for dollars, that is why he is going to inflict capital punishment on him, after saying this he pulls out his pistol and shot the colonel Imam dead in front of camera. Current location of Hakeemullah Mehsood is not known but he belongs to Orakzai agency, his ability to abduct and kill people from settled areas have once again raised many questions regarding outcome of on ongoing efforts to eradicate terrorism from tribal and settled areas of Pakistan.

Despite of growing militancy in Kohat and its surrounding tribal areas life remains normal amid occasional roar of artillery guns, explosions and after happening of violent incidents like suicide bomb attacks and abductions in Kohat. Even long tenures of load shedding of electricity are now unable to hamper routine life in the said district, UPS and electricity generators are now used commonly in offices and homes to overcome electricity shortages.

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Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study (International Relation-History

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Friday, April 22, 2011

109 gamblers died in Karachi Rummy Club bomb explosion

‘At least 109 people were died and scores of others were injured, when a powerful bomb was exploded in Karachi Rummy club, situated in Ghas Mandi area of Karachi Pakistan, around five hundred gamblers were inside the club at the time of explosion on Thursday night, sixteen among the injured are in critical condition, bomb was planted under the table in the club,’ Pakistani newspaper reports.

Soon after creation of Pakistan Karachi city a lifeline of Pakistan’s economy  and first capital of Pakistan had witnessed linguistic riots, being a port city Karachi became a lifeline of Pakistan’s economy and job seekers from all over Pakistan have kept on pouring in it. Gradually ethnic tensions and drug mafia have taken over Karachi, which now often makes it bleed.

‘Rummy club explosion was followed by police arrival at the trouble spot and then angry public was baton charged by police, gambling cards and shoes were spread all round inside the club, people were injured by dagger attacks too, it seems to be a feud between gamblers in the club, some people have suddenly started throwing hand grenades on the club too. Police officials have said that deaths were caused by huge explosion caused by a bomb planted inside the club, in Karachi Rummy Club gambling stakes of millions of rupees were witnessed each day,’ Pakistani newspaper reports.

Earlier shrines of saints, mosques and government offices, processions, public meetings including public transport vehicles were targeted in Pakistan during past few years, first time a casino came under attack in Karachi city of Pakistan, number of dead is also greater then previous incidents of violence. It is high time for political leadership of the country to think and act in terms of taking solid measures concerning eradication of terrorism from Pakistan.

Common factor in all bomb attacks carried out in different areas of Pakistan is gatherings of the people, terrorists attack when people are gathered in shrines, mosques, funeral processions, mourning processions of Shia sect people, Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) birthday processions of Sunni sect people and public meetings, Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto Shaheed was also attacked twice during public meetings in Karachi and Rawalpindi, in Rawalpindi attack she was martyred along with her scores of party workers.

Pakistan Armed Forces were also attacked, GHQ Rawalpindi including Garrison areas in Mardan, and Kohat were attacked by terrorists. Though Pakistan Armed Forces have confronted the extremist militants in Swat, Bonair and other tribal areas of Pakistan and have inflicted heavy losses upon them, but yet it seems that dictator sitting behind the TTP is trying to create fear to promote his dictatorial agenda,  Armed Forces of Pakistan and political leadership with President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Gailani on top are committed to the cause of democracy along with majority of the people of Pakistan, dictatorial tactics of terrorists to create fear in Public are failed to bring their desired results, people in Pakistan have become immune to fear, because of excessive violent acts of terrorists. ‘Karachi Rummy club attack is consequence of refusal to pay money in extortion to a terrorist group,’ a source in Karachi has said. Refusal to pay extortion money to terrorists by Karachi Rummy Club is an ample evidence of fearlessness prevailing in Pakistani society.  


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Abdur Raziq
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M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Two young girls committed suicides in Kohat

Twenty years old girl had committed suicide in Sher Kote village of Kohat, young Irum daughter of Nawaz Ali had eaten poison in her home to commit suicide, because, of unknown reasons, she was rushed to Liaqat Memorial Hospital Kohat, where she had breathed her last. After confirmation of her death by doctors her dead body was handed over to her family.

Earlier a teenage girl in Chambai village of Kohat had also shot herself dead to avoid forced marriage with a person whom was disliked by her.

A high school building in Bosti Khel area of Dara Adam Khel was destroyed with explosives during the night between during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday. Soon after the incident security forces have opened artillery fire on hide outs of extremist militants, till the filing of this report search operation and artillery fire on militant’s hideouts are underway.

From car # GAF 2717 heading from Dara Adam Khel towards Laki Marwat Kohat police had recovered eleven thousand and two hundred bullets of Kalashnikov, smuggler Gul Tiar was also arrested.

Abdur Raziq
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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Elderly citizen seeks justice

Elderly citizens are protected in each civilized society, those whom have served government departments and have rendered valuable services for the country deserves special attention. When retired government servant Muhammad Irshad Qureishi son of Abdur Rauf Shaheed resident of Mohallah Sangerh Kohat had narrated his story before me, I have realized that his grievance must be addressed in much more polite manner then he is being dealt with some bureaucrats in Islamabad. Mr. Muhammad Irshad Qureishi had joined People’s Works Programme in year 1994 as office assistant and his services were terminated on 20-4-1997, during second regime of Mian Nawaz Sharif, current government had restored all the terminated employees and Honorable President of Pakistan Mr. Asif Ali Zardari had issued ordinance in this respect.

‘Sacrifices of the family of Mr. Muhammad Irshad Qureishi are immense, seven members of his family were martyred in 1965 war, when Indian planes have bombed Kohat city,  he had mailed an application for restoration of his service to the Joint Secretary Litigation Establishment Division Cabinet Block Islamabad, on 7-4-2009, and copy of the said application was also forwarded to Incharge Complaint Cell Ministry of Labor and Man Power Pakistan Secretariat Islamabad, at 22-2-2011, but alas, no response was sent to him by both aforementioned authorities so far,’ Mr. Muhammad Irshad Qureishi has said.

On eleventh of April 2011 Mr. Muhammad Irshad Qureishi says that he had personally handed over his application along with relevant record in Establishment Division Islamabad Cabinet Block to the dealing superintendent.

‘I appeal to the President of Pakistan regarding my above mentioned grievance, in regard of my three year service in People’s Works Programme District Social Action Board Kohat at Kohat district, in accordance with President’s ordinance my case shall be dealt on priority bases and the benefits of my previous service may be granted to me and other concerned staff,’ Mr. Muhammad Irshad Qureishi has said.  

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Abdur Raziq

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Friday, April 15, 2011

Police foils possible sabotage attempt

Kohat:  15-4-2011
One more possible sabotage attempt of extremists was foiled by Kohat police when an explosive laden vehicle was stopped and seized by Kohat police on Indus Highway near Kohat Friendship Tunnel on Friday morning. Three extremists present in the vehicle were also arrested.  According to police sources, vehicle # PRC 6272 was heading from Bannu towards Peshawar when was stopped and searched by police near Kohat friendship Tunnel, 400kg explosive material was found from it, three extremists, Umer Niaz son of Gul Sharim, Akramullah son of Akhter Nawaz and Asmatullah son of Rehmatullah natives of Jande Khel Bannu, present in the said vehicle were arrested.

Abdur Raziq
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Twelve years old boy died in road accident

Kohat:  14-4-2011
When a wedding procession of groom moves towards bride’s residence in Kohat district of KPK Pakistan, aerial firing by participants of procession moving in variety of vehicles creates War Theater like environment. Vehicle drivers while moving in wedding procession strive to overtake other vehicles to reach near the groom’s car in which bride and few other women of her family are usually placed.  

On Tuesday evening during wedding procession near Togh village of Kohat twelve years old Arsalan was died and his mother Rasheeda Begum her two other sons Ishaq and Ishfaq were injured when vehicle number BUB 3943 while moving in wedding procession of vehicles was over turned near Togh Kohat. The injured were rushed to LMH Kohat, vehicle was seized by police and case was registered.

On Wednesday five people were injured in road accident near Lachi Kohat and on Thursday three people including son of Haji Javed Ibrahim Paracha were also injured in motorcycle accident.

From politics to marriages extremism and illiteracy reflects itself in Pakistani society. No where in the world security institutions can control millions of people bent upon on behaving in unruly manner. Despite of stern warnings regarding observation of prohibition on aerial firing, from DPO Kohat Mr. Mubarak Zeb Khan some people in Kohat repeatedly violate the ban.

To stop over speeding on Kohat Pindi road flat iron nails as speed breakers are being planted in the road by authorities but still vehicles move on a speed of aero plane on the same road. From DCO office Kohat onwards on Kohat Pindi road at both sides of the roads are densely populated areas, speed limit often crossed by vehicles results in fatal accidents.

Violation of traffic rules and aerial firing are two big issues of Kohat district, awareness in public regarding hazards of both might help resolve both. Neither traffic police is so equipped to control violations, nor does the police force have means and strength to stop aerial firing incidents in which many precious lives were lost during last decade or so.

Written and submitted by
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Natural death of heroine addict is a murder committed by numerous heroine promoters

During month of March 2011 two dead bodies of heroine addicts were found in Kohat district of KPK Pakistan. Dead body of Pitras Joseph was found in Gumbat area of Kohat, police sources have said that Pitras was died of extreme cold weather during the night, another heroine addict Haider Khan was found dead in a drain at Garhi Mawaz Khan area of Kohat, postmortem report has also termed his death as natural.

Apparently no serial killer is after heroine addicts, deaths of both addicts were caused by abundance of heroine available on cheap rates in the district Kohat, after getting intoxicated both were died while flying high and becoming senseless about extreme weather conditions and dangers related to the fall in the drain.

Low quality heroine is known as Brown Sugar, and high quality stuff is known as White Sugar, in Kohat district  a packet of Brown Sugar is quite cheap, an addict of heroine while talking to an elderly citizen of Kohat had said that he keeps sleeping bag with himself to counter extreme weather conditions after getting intoxicated, heroine sellers they  keep on changing their locations because of the fear of police raids, and mostly set their hidden shops in suburban areas of Kohat, each addict travels from city area to suburban areas to buy heroine and intoxicate himself in police free environment.  The sleeing bag helps the addict to sleep in a warm bed in the wilderness after getting intoxicated amid cold winter nights.

For Kohat police it is a mission impossible to ban heroine sellers, because of the geographical location of Kohat district, Kohat shares borders with tribal area of Orakzai agency and Dara Adam Khel and the long border which Pakistan shares with Afghanistan. In these tribal areas of Pakistan and in Taliban dominated regions of Afghanistan, opium crop is main source of the income for inhabitants. Inlets from mountainous region are numerous for heroine smugglers, corruption plus geographical reasons have made Kohat a heaven of heroine addicts and sellers.

A WAPDA employee has told me it is impossible to build a new home without getting involved in heroine trafficking for a government employee or an ordinary citizen, then he had quoted a big success in this respect, according to him a smuggler known to him had built four homes and owns numerous cars, initially he was smuggling heroine from tribal areas to big cities of Punjab, and then he had succeeded to smuggle large packs of heroine to Dubai and now he is richest man in his area.

Another government servant of tribal region while touching the hair of his beard had said in commanding voice during a conversation to me, their should be no ban on heroine and Cannabis trade, I was trying to dig out reasons behind the death of Pitras Joseph from a local influential of Gumbat village of Kohat when I came across heroine and Cannabis business bearded promoter. 

Drug mafia men in government departments and in other professions always spread concocted success stories of heroine smugglers to attract new customers, unemployed and illiterate people fall into their trap, most dangerous and effective method of drug smugglers are penetration in religious organizations, in the cover of a religious man they do succeed to promote their business by hoodwinking police and other anti narcotics agencies.   

In an effort to interview the family members of Pitras Joseph, I had contacted Babu Lal, he had told me that family of Pitras Joseph lives in Garrison area of Kohat near Combined Military Hospital, Babu Lal had promised to inform me regarding the opinion of his family members after contacting them, in absence of their accurate address I was unable to reach his family members.

Problem with lower middle class people is illiteracy and fear, police report regarding the death of Pitras Joseph was quite clear, I wanted to explore the condition of his family after his death, from Babu Lal I came to know that he has two more brothers whom are alive and are working. Despite of my best efforts no information regarding condition of Haider Khan’s family after his death is known to me yet. Both are dead now, apparently cause of their death is natural, but if go bit deep into this whole affair we will come to know that they were killed by promoters of heroine in society. Number of such promoters is so big that First Information Report if ever registered against them in any police station, due to length of it the report might take a shape of book.

Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)
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Monday, April 11, 2011

Sensitive and loving cats are always remembered

Cats are awfully sensitive animals, can let you know through their gestures about earthquakes, few minutes before the earthquake my cat becomes restless and starts creating noises. The cats can also let you know about dangers related to your car, once a cat had become obstacle when my friend TA had tried to start his car parked in QAU shed. The cat  had refused to move away, while sitting in front of  left front wheel of his car, we four university fellows were bound to reach a fast food restaurant in Islamabad when the cat have tried to stop us from moving out from university premises in TA’s car. We had gently pulled the cat away and drove into Islamabad, after having dinner when we were coming back towards the university, the left front wheel of TA’s car, had started running before the car, and the car was tilted on its left side, some how Tariq Abdullah have succeeded to stop the car moving in high speed only on three wheels on road adjacent to China Park Islamabad. In university hostel Tariq used to serve cheese to the cat at her arrival in his room for brief period of time. The loyal cat had issued us a timely signal regarding problem with left front wheel of the TA’s car, but we were so preoccupied mentally that were unable to under stand the cat’s signal.

When my face book friend her Excellency madam Britta Director of South Asia for a German multi national had informed her face book friends regarding her missing cat Dr McCoy, his arrival again, his sickness and sad demise, I have realized the fact that Britta loves her cats too much and demise of Dr. McCoy might cause her depression, psychologists do suggest free writing as antidote of depression in such situations, my distance from her become a catalyst for her in expressing her true feelings about her cat in shape of  article. I am sure after writing a detailed account about Dr. McCoy’s life she will be quite calm and relieved. With my shattered nerves with sounds of heavy artillery fire of last week amid which I was reporting the happenings about war on terror in Dara Adam Khel tribal area, I was unable to reach Lahore from Kohat to condole the sad demise of Dr. McCoy, and to console her personally.

As far as cats are concerned I have written two or three brief essays in my blog during past few years, can be found in archives of my blog. Out of my seven cats only one is still with me, all others are gone, the naughty Blacky whom was in habit of sitting over my laptop is also missing, he once came for over night stay, had climbed on my bed during the night and to assure me of his great love had slept along with me, but in the morning he went away again and is still missing. I believe in freedom of expression, movement and thought and do not confine my cats either. They are free to make choices, I know that my cat Blacky is staunchly against my writing pursuits, I had noticed that he used to sit over my laptop for long periods of times to stop me from writing, and probably he had left me because of my reluctance to abstain myself from writing.

What Britta is doing for humanity as Director of South Asia of a human rights related multi national is an immense psychological boast for her and a sufficient moral substance to give her firm standing amid emotional crises. I am grieved over death of Dr. McCoy, may God give Britta enough courage and patience to bear the pain of his death.

Written by
Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)
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The short life of Dr. McCoy

The short life of Dr. McCoy
Apparently he was born in October 2009 in New Delhi, according to the Russian couple, Nathalie and Vladimir, from whom I adopted him just before Christmas in 2009. In fact I adopted two cats, him and his somewhat bolder brother, whom I named Mr.Spock. Initially I wanted only one, but when I saw these two reddish brats and how sweetly they related to each other, I thought it cruel to separate them. I also thought it would be a good idea to get both, so that they have company when I am travelling. And that was often the case, I was at that time correspondent of the German Financial Times in India.
What I did not know was, that only one week after they became permanent guests in my apartment in Delhi (or shall I rather say the real owners?), I would be offered a new job in Pakistan. Half a year later I moved to Lahore. Exporting cats from India is not too difficult it just needs vaccinations and a visit at the veterinary authority to prepare the documents. In Pakistan, I tried to find out for two months how to import them legally, but nobody knew. So I took them in two transport boxes in a car full of furniture and clothes through the Waqah border. A small fee was enough to get them trough. They kept totally quiet during the ten-hours drive, not knowing what was happening to them. So far, the apartment was their world.
Cats don’t like changing home, so initially Dr.McCoy was frightened and preferred to hide in the cupboards for a few days after arrival in Lahore. But quickly he noticed the difference: shifting from an apartment in Delhi to quite a large house with a garden in Pakistan was a real step forward. Plus: there are no stray dogs in Nisar Colony in Cantt. The town was theirs!
“Bones” and his brother explored a new freedom out in nature and totally enjoyed being in Pakistan. Climbing trees, strolling through fresh grass, meeting other cats. Dr. McCoy loved climbing trees, he was more agile than his brother, but never liked fighting rivals. That task was left to Mr.Spock.
But since they had entered teenage times, the relationship between the two brothers changed. Mr.Spock became the dominant cat, bullying his brother and showing him more than once who the real boss is in the house.
I presume that this was the reason why Dr. McCoy disappeared in February when I was on a short visit in India.  Others suggested, that he might have had a love affair. Possibly, since they came to that age, but we will never know. My housekeeper told me upon arrival, that he had been away for a few days, Initially, I was not too worried, since he had the habit of staying away overnight. But one week passed and no sign of Dr. McCoy, I decided to search actively for him. Printing small posters, promising the finder a reward of 5000 Rs.
Many people in the colony started searching, but not much happened. For a while, my housekeeper believed he had found him in another neighbourhood, but it was just a very similar looking street cat that refused to get caught.
After one month, I had almost given up upon him when one morning, my Chowkidar came with the news, that they caught him and put him up in the servants quarter. I sneeked in and to my surprise, it was really Dr. McCoy. He recognised me and walked towards me, weak on his legs and pathetically thin. Otherwise he looked quite ok. He devoured four bowls of cat food as soon as we brought him to the kitchen and I thought, if he eats like that for a month he will be his old self again.
Alas, it did not happen. After one week, we noticed, that he ate less and slept a lot. We decided to take him to a vet. He diagnosed him with Hepatitis telling us that we came just in time. House cats apparently have not much resistance against bugs that they can catch when interacting with street cats. “One week later, he would have been dead.” He reacted good to the medicine and we thought everything would be well.
But after one week, he became quite apathetic. One night, I had to search for him and could not find him for long since he hid in the last corner of a cupboard. I was worried and took him to my bedroom. I woke up in the middle of the night when he started crying like a child and his limbs shook uncontrollably. I was afraid he would die, but he survived the night.
The next morning, I took him to the very good College of Veterinary Sciences in Lahore. The have a clinic for pets as well. One doctor and approximately 20 students bowed over his frail little body. The doctor said, he was in a very critical condition. As a result of the Hepatitis, he had developed an acute constipation that caused him so much pain. In the worst case, the doctor said, he would have to operate him. But since he had not eaten for quite some days and was very weak, there was a big risk he would not survive the surgery.
He chose to treat him with injections and infusions instead. I had to take the drip home with me to continue the treatment. It seemed successful. On that evening, I have guests for dinner, and he already managed to walk in by himself. My guest said, he did not look like somebody who has lost the zest for life.
The next morning, we went again to the clinic to continue the treatment. The doctor was satisfied and said surgery was not needed since he had recovered quite well. But we would have to continue the infusions for some days, since he was totally dehydrated.
We did. But back at home in the evening, his condition deteriorated. I gave him the last infusion at 10.30 pm after which he retreated to the bathroom, where he preferred to stay since he became ill. At 11.30 I decided to look after him before going to bed myself. It was a shock. I apparently had tried to walk but was too weak, stumbled and fell over a water tube with his had hanging on the tube.
He was still alive and I took him again to my bedroom. Shortly after I went to bed, I heard him vomiting. I got up, worried, and cleaned his face when his head suddenly fell back. Dr.McCoy was no more.
Seeing him suffering so much in his last days on earth, was a very painful experience. Me, my cook Johnson and my driver Sajjad buried him under the large Bourgainvillea in my garden. There will be always flowers on the grave of this Indian cat in Lahore.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

1392 suspects held

Kohat:  8-4-2011
‘Thirteen hundred and ninety two suspects including hundred and twenty six proclaimed offenders were arrested, huge quantity of narcotics, alcohol, explosive material and large cache of weapons was discovered from their possession, during last three months police search operations in district, Kohat, Hangu and Karak. In regional complaint cell of DIG office, 500 complaints were received, disputes between 218 families of varied nature were resolved amicably, DIG Kohat region Mr. Masood Khan Afridi has said in a meeting held in his office on Friday,’ press release issued by PRO Fazal Naeem of Kohat police..

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Abdur Raziq
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fifteen extremist militants killed in tribal area of Orakzai agency and Dara Adam Khel

Kohat: 7-4-2011

‘At least 15 extremist militants were killed in ongoing security forces operation at Dara Adam Khel and Orakzai agency tribal areas on Thursday. In Daburi area of Orakzai Agency nine extremists were killed in armed clash with security forces of Pakistan, two hide outs of extremists were also destroyed. In Dara Adam Khel tribal area six extremists militants were killed during security forces attack on militants hide outs in Bilander area of Dara Adam Khel,’ official sources.

Battle between Peace Force (Aman Lashkar) and extremists in Akhurwal area of Dara Adam Khel is also underway,’ official sources

Cadet College Wana South Waziristan has been inaugurated by Major General Rizwan Akhter on 4th of April 2011. Fifty students have got admissions in the said college. Wana Cadet College was granted by Chief of Army Staff General Ishfaq Parvez Kyani during a grand Jirga in South Waziristan earlier. Construction work on building of the said college is in progress and will be completed till next year.

‘In a rocket attack on funeral procession in Jammu area of FR Jawaki  two tribesmen Nasim Khan and Amanullah were injured on Thursday, both were immediately rushed to a local hospital’ police sources.

‘Meanwhile BDS men of Kohat police have destroyed explosive material in Jerma village of Kohat,’ police sources.

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Abdur Raziq
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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Four children died in dried pool

Kohat : 6-4-2011
‘Four children were died when a hand grenade went off in dry pool at Jerma village of Kohat on Wednesday, the children were playing in a dry pool when were hit by hand grenade,’ police sources have said, ‘three among the dead are real brothers and are natives of Jerma Kohat, only four children were playing inside the dry pool and all the four are dead now,’ a native of Jerma village has said.

‘Three orphan brothers eight years old Sajid Khan, ten years old Sultan Khan, 12 years old Danud Khan sons of Deran Gul and their paternal cousin Hassan Khan were playing with a hand grenade which they have found from the mud of  dried pool, when the hand grenade went off, consequently all the four children were died, case has been registered in Jerma police station Kohat, their dead bodies were brought for postmortem to LMH Kohat and after the postmortem were handed over back to their family,’ police sources.

‘A mortar shell was found near Guloo Bera square in Jungle Khel Kohat and was defused by BDS of Kohat police on Tuesday,’ police sources.

‘Two people were also injured in Jungle Khel Kohat during armed conflict between two rival groups in Jungle Khel Kohat,’ police sources.

‘On Monday a mortar shell found near LMH hospital Kohat was defused by Kohat police, on the same day Kohat PPP district organization had held a function concerning death anniversary of Chairman PPP Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed, ’ police sources.

‘Ten militants including five commanders of TTP were killed in Tor Chapar area of Dara Adam Khel on Sunday,’ police sources.

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Abdur Raziq
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Suicide bomber hits bazaar in Dara Adam Khel

Kohat Pakistn: 1-4-2011
One person was died and two others were injured when a suicide bomber’s explosive vest went off in bazaar of Dara Adam Khel tribal area on Friday, police sources have said that the suicide bomber was heading towards his target but his explosive vest went off before reaching near his target.

‘Teen age suicide bomber was chasing his target which was members of peace force (Aman Lashkar), during Friday prayers in Mosque he was destined to hit the members of peace force, the moment he was identified he had entered in electric store and detonated his explosive vest, consequently twelve year old Qasim Habib present in the store was died and two other tribesmen Muhammad Zaman and Hidayatullah were injured, security forces have cordoned off the area soon after this incident, remains of the body of suicide bomber are collected, so far identity of suicide bomber has not been determined,’ police sources.

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Abdur Raziq
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Quality of education in KPK