Efforts regarding restoration of virtues related to game of cricket are required

Five thousand policemen deployed in Kohat for security reasons

Clash between systems of education causes unrest in society

Two coal mine workers died in explosion caused by gas in the mine

Three people died in armed attack on vehicles at Bagan Kurram agency

Pakistan Day celebrated in tribal area of FR Jawaki Dara Adam Khel

A bid to smuggle 145kg explosive material foiled by Khasadar Force

Five people died in car suicide bomb attack on Doaba police station of Hangu

Six police men injured in bomb attack

Nadeem Doultana’s lifted car recovered from Dara Adam Khel

Young girl commits suicide in Sur Gul Kohat

Gas stove explosion sets the house on fire in Charbagh Kohat

Huge fire engulfed Charbagh area of Jungle Khel Kohat

Court rejects bail petition of accused killer involved in Amjid Gailani murder case

DIG Kohat distributes cash awards and certificates among police officials

Raymond Davis released under Diyat Law

A bid to smuggle explosive material foiled by Kohat police

Eight people died in armed attack on public transport vehicle

DPO Mubarak Zeb Khan rewards three police officials for their better performance

Stunningly handsome mad man enjoys freedom of movement along with freedom of indiscriminate stone attacks in Kohat district of KPK Pakistan

An aged heroine addict freezes to death in Gumbat Kohat

Peace festival amid fresh wave of violence in Kohat

Security for top security provider including rest of the nation is required in Pakistan

Two TTP militant commanders killed in Kamal Khel Kohat during police search operation

Five people died in Hangu suicide car bomb attack

Gas explosion injures three people in KDA Kohat

DIG inaugurates new children ward in LMH Kohat