Three years old baby girl drowned and died in gutter

Four people including two women died in two different incidents occurred in Kohat on Thursday

Foundation of first ever women and children hospital laid in Qasim Khel area of Dara Adam Khel

Two victims of explosion caused by gas leakage in Azizabad have succumbed to their injuries in hospital

President Asif Ali Zardari takes popular measures while surrounded by fascists

Forty three people including women and children were killed in Khar Bajure suicide bomb attack

Joint team of police and army prevented suicide car bomb attack on Pak-Army convoy in Hangu district of Pakistan

Hand grenade attack had caused no damage to guesthouse in Bosi Tung Kohat

Nineteenth amendment will strengthen Pakistan as federation

Shadows of extremism growing larger over subcontinent

Criticism is harmful for flower plants

Kohat Pindi road

Excessive violence in films influence the behavior of audience negatively

Adulterated education and food both are harmful for human brain and body

Kohat was calm on Ashore day

Six people killed on Ashore day in Hangu

Better option before Pakistan’s political leadership is in house compromise

Sad demise of a peacemaker

CD shop hit by time bomb in Lachi Kohat

Narrow interpretation of religion is a potent threat for world peace

President Asif Ali Zardari’s message on International Fundament Human Rights Day

Kohat police foiled sabotage attempt

Ten people killed in suicide bomb attack on Alzuhra hospital in Hangu district of KPK Pakistan

Kohat is still a lively city

Sketch of suicide bomber released by Kohat police

Proclaimed offender killed in police encounter

Suicide bomber killed 15 people in Kohat

Six armed suspects held in Kohat

Promotion of universal human interest

Taliban revenge attack kills fifty tribesmen in Mehmand

Kohat police resolved triple murder mystery within 24 hours

Increasing insecurity for journalists working in Pakistan deserves UN attention

Alleged killer of police constable arrested in Karak

Suspension orders of NGO’s activities

Three members of a family killed in Jungle Khel Kohat

Two hundred thousand families are deprived of hospital in Chauntra Karak

Two tribesmen injured in remote control bomb attack

In between the devil and deep sea