Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Three people died in road accident near Gumbat Kohat

Kohat: 30-11-2010

Three people were killed in road accident near Gumbat Kohat on Tuesday. According to police sources a public transport vehicle heading from Rawalpindi to Hangu was collided with a tractor on Kohat Pindi road near Gumbat village of Kohat, consequently three passengers of public transport vehicle namely Inayat ur Rehman, Zakir Khan and Lal Muhammad were killed, while Hamid Raza. Akhtar Badshah, Hasnain, Fawad Ali, Zahid Ali, Ramazan, Muhabat Shah, Muhammad Javed and Sarwar Shah were injured. The injured people were rushed to KDA hospital Kohat.

'Meanwhile Nasir Khan resident of Mohallah Mian Badshah Kohat was killed and police constable Imtiaz Ali Shah was injured, when unknown miscreants had opened fire on vehicle # Peshawar J7856 on Kohat Hangu road. The said vehicle was heading from Orakzai agency tribal area to Kohat and unknown miscreants have opened fire on it near Kaghazai village of Kohat.The injured police constable was rushed to the KDA hospital Kohat and case against unknown miscreants were filed in Chowni police station of Kohatm,' police sources.

Two people killed in Kohat

Two people were killed in two different and unrelated incidents on Monday in Kohat district of KPK Pakistan. According to police sources, teenage Hayatullah was killed when he came accidently under 900 kg heavy water drilling machine in Nusrat Khel village of Kohat. Motor cycle Yousuf Khan was killed when his motor cycle was collided with two public transport vehicles on Kohat Pindi road, consequently Yousuf Khan resident of KDA Kohat was died at the spot, his accomplice Zeeshan was also injured and was rushed to hospital. Case against the public transport vehicle drivers has been registred in Billitang police station of Kohat.

'Meanwhile during Kohat police search operation 54 suspects were arrested and large cache of weapons was recovered from their possession. According to police sources the search operation was carried out to crush criminals in village and urban areas of Kohat, police and FC men have jointly carried out the said operation. Police has also recovered narcotics from the possession of 54 arrested supsects,' police sources.

'Dozens alleged violators of section 144 were also arrested by Kohat police during encirclement of the Kohat city,' police sources.

Monday, November 29, 2010

To chew grains one needs teeth

'When the teeth were their in my moth their were no grains to chew and now that their is a lot to chew I have got no teeth,' an elderly figure while informing us about tooth care has said this. Dentist in old Kohat was very few in fact most of them were technicians working as dentist. That is why old generation in Kohat often complains about loss of teeth.

Dentist friend of mine is of the view that regular brushing of teeth at least thrice a day keeps the dentist away, the same dentist friend has informed me about teeth related hazards caused by alcohol intake, and sweets, brushing teeth after such practices can also help to save teeth.

Pre and post Eid days the dentist friend of mine remain busy in filling the tooth cavities of his patients preparing themseleves to eat sacrificial meet and after Eid the dentist treats patients having meet related gum diseases.

Chinese Dentist is always suggested by elders in case of tooth related problems in Pakistan. Chinese dentist was good in olden times and new era the same dentist is also good. To avoid search for appropriate dentist one can take some protective measures to avoid tooth related problems. Young children if trained properly regarding tooth care practices can enjoy their lives better then those whom are unaware of such practices since their childhood and consequently loose their teeth in early age.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Three people died in armed attack on public transport vehicle

Three people including a woman were died when miscreanst have opened fire at public transport vehicle in Dara Adam Khel during the night between Friday and Saturday. The said vehicle was heading from Peshawar to Laki Marwat, near Speena Thana Akhurwal area of Dara Adam Khel it was attacked by miscreants, consequently a passenger Fida Muhammad resident of Lucky Marwat was died at the spot, another two passengers Muhammad Munir and Zubaida were injured and were rushed to the hospital in Peshawar where both have succumbed to their injuries.

Soon after the unknown miscreants attack on public transport vehicle security forces men have cordoned off the area and during security forces search operation no miscreant has been arrested so far.

A dead body of unidentified militant was found near graveyard of Akhurwal Dara Adam Khel, from out look the dead body seems to be of a tribes man militant.

Meanwhile in Dara Malak area of Lachi Kohat a police constable Abidullah was shot dead by his enemies, case against the accused criminals has been registred in Lachi police station of Kohat.

Karak police have arrested suspects near Karak -Punjab border, large cache of weapons was recovered from possession of arrested suspects.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

President of USA injured while playing basket ball

'President Obama was injured when was hit by elbow on his lips while playing basket ball,' CNN news report. The said report was linked on face book and was followed by heated debate by pro Obama and anti Obama viewers of the report.

'Earlier Prime Minister of Italy was also hit on his face by an angry man during public meeting, in consequence the prime minister of Italy was hospitalized for few days,' media reports.

'Son of PPP leader Senator Faisa Abidi and his bodyguard were torched in Karachi by unknown people on Friday both were admitted in hospital,' geo news report.

President Obama's injury is probably an accidental one but other two incidents mentioned above reflects the high level of public anger which does exist in Italy and Pakistan against their leadership.

'Twelve stictches were made to sew the wound got by President Obama during basket ball game,' CNN news report. But the discussion between US viewers of the report on face book have reflected the high level of distrust between white and African Americans. President Obama's injury will be healed soon but injurious comments of viewers seems to have unending nature of injuries caused through written words to unity and solidarity of the people of USA.

Written by

Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study (Histroy-International Relation)

Cell phone # 00923339607378

Wife of retired Subidar Usman passes away

Wife of retired Subidar Mr. Usman resident of Paracha Town Kohat has breathed her last on Saturday. She will be buried in her native graveyard at Shakardara Kohat around 2:30pm today.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Democratic reforms within UN setup can make this world a better place

Conflict resolution through UNO with its current out look is bit difficult, UN in its present shape can only help to diffuse conflict like situations but can not eliminate the causes behind international conflicts. With growing awareness and respect for fundamental human rights and democracy among the inhabitants of this planet earth and among the people and leaders of UN member countries, UN might turn into a body suitable for resolving conflicts. Its General Assembly is a democratic body but UN security Council dominated by few big powers equipped with veto power seems to be bit undemocratic and dictatorial in nature.

If all the UN General Assembly members are also awarded with UN Security Council's membership, the UN General Assembly will become a sort of lower house and and UN Security Council will become upper house like Senate, by eliminating the veto power status of big powers the UN Upper House will become more democratic in nature, thus will be having more popular support behind its decisions and will become effective tool for conflict resolution.

To dismantle the structure of dictatorial institutions prevailing in the present world, through peaceful and democratic means, it is utmost necessary to bring change in thinking behind the authoritarian set ups of national and international level. And for this purpose world sources must be diverted towards spread of education and welfare of the inhabitants of planet earth. Distance between civilizations creats stero types and biases. With advent of sophisticated means of communication distance between the different civilizations of different continents has been replaced by exposure through electronic and print media and other means of communication. Within next few decades this vivid exposure and frequent economic and cultural interaction between inhabitants of planet erath will democratise the world fastly because, US lead western democracies are more dominant and popular in present international setup and are having more human frendly logical and rational base behind their institutions.

Written by

Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

Cell phone # 00923339607378

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Aggression is reflection of dictatorial attitude

War is the logical outcome of dictatorial set ups prevailing in North Korea and many other communist countries, power corrupts and absolute power corrups absolutely a political philospher had said centuries ago. Dictators win popular support in impoverished countries, where poverty hit people loose their logical faculities of mind. Harsh living standards push the people towards extremism.

Though no all out war has been started between North and South Korea, but armed clashes between both are being witnessed during past few years, mostly North Korea was found guilty of aggression against South Korea.

My own belief is that awareness among the people of communist countries will utlimately help them to get rid of communist Party dictatorships as it was happened earlier in Soviet Union. Communism and all other forms of dictataorial rule do creat environment conducive for irrational and illogical attitude at mass scale. People deprived of freedom of expression and movement can not adjust themseleves in international society of developed and truly independent nations, though such truly developed democracies are confined to Europe and are lead by USA.

A US citizen can understand the hazards created by nuclear prolifiration, in LA a hotel owner lady had complained that Brown Air and radiation is a problem here. She owns a beautiful hotel equipped with a nice resturant situated near Hollywood studios. But the fear of nuclear arsenals owned by dictatorial communist regimes keep the US citizen silent and they prefer to develop their own nuclear arsenal to deter extremist powers.

Efforts to save environment which has been badly damaged in developed countries too, because, of the scientific research devoid of human welfare aspect, are all going invain because of irrational attitude of dictatorial regimes.

In democracy people can express freely, can do reasoning and can deliberate and can implement their will for their own survival and for the survival of humanity. UN charter also provides for democratic set up within UN organisation, chances of peaceful resolution of conflicts between nations will become more brighter when democracy will flourish within all the UN member countries and nuclear non proliferation objectives will be achieved when logical and rational beings will represent their countries in UN General Assembly and UN Security Council.

Written by

Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

Cell phone # 00923339607378

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blamers and pushers group is active again

A group of blamers and pushers has been active in Pakistan and rest of the world since last few decades, their mission is to curse and blame every one whom is doing something good for society. Favorite targets of the said group are mostly politicians and educated elite of Pakistan. The group has contacts in national and international media, and most vivid example of its influence is recent activity of three private news channels through which the said group has spread the false news story that Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gailani is taking the notification back concerning appointment of judges.

The group blames president Mr. Asif Ali Zardari for alleged murder of his wife till prevailing price hike and also does not believe in the will left behind by Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto Shaheed. The said group has not filed any case against the president but in drawing room gossip to barber shop chats members of the said group keep on blaming the President for his alleged wrong doings.

While responding to the allegations of one such blamer when I had asked him about the logic behind this act, he had narrated a story of a judge in which the judge punishes few people on a supposition that they had eaten up sugar canes from another farmer's crop field, though in the said village where supposed crop field was located, no sugar canes can be grown. The said person is dead now so can not present him as evidence before public, as a model blamer.

Either jealousy is a motivation behind blamers group of Pakistan activities or they are handsomely paid by anti Pakistan elements to promote false allegations against rulers and educated elite in society.

The group of blamers is international in nature, earthquake, flood and terror hit Pakistan is a front line state in America's war on terror, but due to natural disasters faced by it during past few years the said war on terror has become poor man's burden for Pakistan. Without taking into consideration the said factors the group has been blaming Pakistan and its prime spy agency ISI which has sacrificed at least its three hundred men and officers in war on terror.

How the humanity can be saved from harmful activities of the blamers group is yet to be determined, but awareness regarding existence of such group must be spread among public so the blamers and pushers group members can be refrained from compelling and forcing others to surrender before the group. For educated elite the group of blamers and pushers is too dangerous, talking through my own experience the said group make efforts to prove every highly educated man and woman as illiterate and often declares their M.phil and Phd qualification as fake, and push them to accept little jobs without salary or with little salary.

Written by

Abdur Raziq

M.phil. US Study (International Relation-History)

Cell phone # 03339607378

Monday, November 22, 2010

Young girl commits suicide in Kohat

Kohat: 22-11-2010
A young girl has committed suicide in Sur Gul village of Kohat on Monday. According to police sources, young Yasmeen Bibi had shot herself dead with pistol in her home located in Sur Gul Village of Kohat because of unknown reasons. Case of her suicide has been registred in Jerma police station of Kohat.

'Meanwhile during musical concert in Alizai village of Kohat Noor Ali was killed when was hit by a bullet in consequence of aerial firing by audience,' police sources.

'Two brothers Sardar and Aftab residents of Muslim Abad Kohat, were recovered and released by Kohat police, during raid on Summari hills, while acting on a tip off DPO Mr. Dilawar Khan Bangash had sent police team to make their release good. Two days ago both brothers were abducted for ransom by miscreants, whom had demanded two and a half million rupees for their release, police sources.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Cell phone # 03339607378

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Low voltage of electricity causes damage to electronic appliances in Karak

Kohat: 21-11-2010

'Low voltage of electricity and frequent electric supply stoppage in Karak district of KPK has become a cause of concern for public, because normal life has been hampered their. People are facing water shortages, can not do their prayers in mosques, because water wells are useless without electricity,' retired Subidar Sardar Ali Khatak of Banda Daud Shah has said.

He has further added that load shedding of electricity is quite tolerable, but low voltage of electricity is causing damage to electronic appliances within homes and shops, that low voltage problem shall be resolved on priority bases, to save the public from losses caused by it.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Five NATO soldiers died in Afghanistan

'Five NATO soldiers were died in two different incidents of violence in Kunar province of Afghanistan, one NATO soldiers was died in bomb attack and four others were died in Taliban militant's attack. Meanwhile 18 Taliban were killed in NATO air attack at Nadali district of Hilmand Afghanistan,earlier this week ' media reports.

'Three people were killed and two others were injured in missile attack of US Drones on a suspected car at Meeran Shah capital of North Waziristan,' media reports,

'Interior Minister of Pakistan Malik Mr. Rehman Malik has expressed his willingness regarding holding peace talks with Taliban militants,' VOA Urdu news report.

'Taliban militants commanders are planning to abduct children of Pakistan government officials,' media reports.

'An informer of Taliban militants was arrested by local lashkar in Adizai and was handed over to Pakistan security forces,' media reports.

'Information Minister of Pakistan Mr. Qamar Zaman Qaira had said that terrorists have expanded their activities to each nook and corner of Pakistan to mar the security situation in Pakistan,' media reports.

Eid gifts for the families of martyred police officials

Deputy Inspector General of Police, Kohat Region Muhammad Masood Khan Afridi has said that Police Force will never forget their martyred personnel whom have rendered sacrifices for the protection of public. “We will never forget the families of the martyred whom have rendered unmatched sacrifices for the security of public” he has said.

A press release issued by kohat police public relations department states that 12 families of martyred police personnel including Sub Inspector Muhammad Riaz Khan, Assistant Sub Inspector Ishaq Khan, Constable Umar Gul, Constable Nazir-ur-Rehman, Azam Khan, Musawar Shah, Muhammad Asghar, Shahnol Badshah, Muhammad Sartaj, Shafi-ur-Rehman, Constable Driver Abdurrauf and Constable Driver Ghufranullah were awarded with Eid gifts in police club Kohat on Tuesday. Deputy Inspector General of Police, Kohat Region Muhammad Masood Khan Afridi and District Police Officer, Kohat Dilawar Khan Bangash have distributed the gifts among the families of 12 martyred Police personnel whom have rendered great sacrifices against terrorism for the protection of masses.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Four people died in two incidents of violence

Kohat: 19-11-2010

'Three people including a woman were died and two others were injured on Wednesday when their rival group had opened fire at their moving vehicle. According to police press release, accused Nasrullah, Fazal Mehmood, Zahir Shah, and Musawavir Khan, have opened fire with fire arms on a vehicle heading towards Kote village of Kohat, consequently Mrs. Shakila, her 12 years old son Roshan, resident of Kote village of Kohat and Muzamil Khan resident of Billitang Kohat were died and driver Mansoor shah and his friend Zobash were injured. In subsequent police raids all the four accused are being arrested. Reason behind the violent incident was old enmity between two families.

' After exchange of hot words, accused Jehangir and his son Shehzad have allegedly shot Tanweer known as Naveed dead in Garhi Dhudiwal Kohat on Thursday, the alleged killers have managed to escape, case has been filed against them in City police station Kohat,' police press release.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Cell phone # 03339607378

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Three people died in armed attack


'Three people were died and three others were injured when unknown miscreants have opened fire with fire arms on a moving vehicle at Sayab road of Kohat on Wednesday,' police sources.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Cell phone # 03339607378

Monday, November 15, 2010

Democracy and fundamental human rights are alien concepts in South Asia

Special US envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan Mr. Richard has expressed his frustration over the attitude of Pakistani and Indian leadership, according to him both are not willing to cooperate within Afghanistan by ignoring their differences on other issues. While talking to the journalists in Islamabad capital of Pakistan on Sunday he had revealed that US forces withdrawal process will be accomplished till 2014.

Meanwhile President Hamid Karazai has issued a statement has stressed for the need of constraint in search operations of US lead NATO forces to avoid further growth of public anger in Afghanistan

Democratic institutions and development work in Afghanistan, initiated by US lead NATO forces has changed the nature of traditional power centers their. Guns are replaced by ballot and system of education has been greatly improved. Communication infrastructure, and government infrastructure have been also developed to a larger extent.

Taliban militant's resistence has been also curbed, though in Southern Afghanistan Taliban militants are still quite strong but with a improved economic conditions Afghan people will gradually stop supporting Taliban militants. Taliban movement is outcome of harsh living conditions, development will change the militants like puritans of early American history.

Indian and Pakistani leaders will also start cooperating with each other when economies of both the countries will get developed and more educated and liberal people will enter in domain of politics. Attitude regarding fundamental human rights and democracy is quite negative among leaders of subcontinent. Most of the political parties are product of some religious dogma, or communism and old fashioned Hitler and Mussolini like approaches.

Socio-economic reasons behind prevailing extremism in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India are actually a frustrating factor, offshoot of harsh living conditions and poor standard of education are some major factors behind present state of affairs in this region. Logical minds filled with human charachtaristics like sympathy, and love for humanity are very rare in this part of the world. With arrival of US lead NATO forces in Afghanistan and with increased diplomatic and economic interaction of America and other developed countries of the west, prospectus of real democratic change in this reigon are quite bright, enlightened generations of India and Pakistan might laugh at present issues causing strains in relations of both countries.

Mr. Richard has also lamented that Pakistan is an under tax country, its government shall enhance the tax network to meet its economic and defense needs, and it is quite hard for USA to provide billions of dollars to Pakistan in aid.

Pakistan is not only an under tax country but existing revenue collection system is not transparent and billions of rupees each year collected by revenue collectors are lost in corrupt practices. US aid also go to the drain because of corruption.

More efforts on part of developed world to upgrade South Asian countries in all respects are required to promte peace and US interest in this region. US interest is always based upon respect for fundamental human rights and democracy, very few people in South Asia can understand this, because, very little awareness and respect prevails for these concepts here.

Written and submitted by

Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

Cell phone # 00923339607378

Saturday, November 13, 2010

ANP leader is willing to accept the demands of abductors

'Professor Ajmal Khan VC of Islamia College Peshawar had been abducted in September by militants when he was heading towards his office from his home. Militants have released a video this month of abducted Professor Ajmal Khan and have threatened to kill the professor if their demands are not accepted till 20th of November 2010,' media reports.

'According to chief of TTP dara Adam Khel Tariq Afridi, Professor Ajmal Khan had been abducted by militants of Waziristan and his group was responsible for abduction of VC KUST only,' media reports.

'I am willing to accept all the demands of abductors to ensure the release of Professor Ajmal Khan from captivity of militants,' leader of Awami National Party Mr. Asfandyar Wali Khan has said this in an interview aired by VOA Urdu service.

'In the wake of protest demonstrations of students and teachers in universities of KPK universities in KPK have been closed, protesting teachers and students were demanding secure release of professor Ajmal Khan,' media reports.

Written and submitted by

Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

Cell phone # 00923339607378

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Stampede in Kohat cattle market caused three deaths

Terrorists after launching few suicide bomb attacks and remote control bomb attacks in Kohat district of KPK during current and past few years are now riding at the nerves of public. Stampede caused, because, of the fear of bomb explosion in cattle market of Kohat had caused three deaths earlier this week. Sheep and goat sellers present in the said market have also lost their cattles and money.

Stampede was caused in Kohat cattle market when police men while chasing pocket pickers were entered in the market area where hundreds of people were buying and selling sacrificial sheep and goats for Eid. When police rushed in to the market the buyers and sellers already having fear of bomb explosions riding their nerves were resorted to stampede. According to Muhammad Hafeez Bangash president Minhaj ul Quran Kohat, one person was died when came under the feets of running people after falling flat on the ground, another person died in the stampede was fallen flat on thick iron kneel, the kneel direct went into his heart and has caused his death, the third person was died during the stampede because of heart failure.

Now very few sheep and goat sellers are visible at the streets of Kohat, prior to Kohat cattle market stampede they were all around and were knocking the doors of houses to sell their sheep and goats.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Cell phone # 03339607378

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

President Obama's visit of Asia

President Obama during his ongoing visit of India had highlighted the geo strategic importance of Pakistan, and had said that developed and stable Pakistan is good for India, his statements regarding Pakistan were quite balanced, public circles and analysts in Pakistan were quite worried when President Obama visit to Asia was announced, because, Pakistan was ignored in it.

He had also abstained himself from criticising Pakistan armed forces during his stay in Bombay, where he had a stay in Taj Mahal hotel previously attacked by terrorists.

President Obama was awarded by Nobel Peace prize soon after his arrival in White House as elected President of USA, so far all his moves reflect that he deserves the honor he was awarded with. Mostly he stresses for respect of fundamental human rights and strives to resolve conflicts through peaceful means.

During his ongoing visit of India he had also strived to improve relations between India and Pakistan and had offered mediation regarding Kashmir dispute on precondition of the consent of both India and Pakistan.

Geo strategic importance of Pakistan and abilities of its populace are also recognised by President Obama, during his stay in India. During his visit of Asia probably Pakistan was ignored due to security reasons. In fact serious efforts on behalf of elected PPP lead coalition government are required to improve the economic and security situation in the country along with speedy demolition of dictatorial set up inherited by it from previous dictatorial regimes, improvement in human rights situation and elimination of corruption are few other steps through which Pakistan can attract the leaders of developed world and can improve relations with it.

Written and submitted by

Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

Cell phone # 00923339607378

Monday, November 8, 2010

Latest research results about sugar

Sugar price has been gone up to 130/rs per kilo gram in Kohat district of KPK Pakistan. A source has said that Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gailani has stopped taking sugar in tea. Prime Minister is leader of the people and how can he feel like taking sugar when his people can not afford to buy sugar. Besides latest research regarding sugar has revealed that sugar intake is not good for heart, from last three days VOA Urdu service announcer Shehnaz is repeatedly airing latest research results declaring sugar as harmful to the human heart. Nothing has been said about ill effects of sugar on animal hearts, elephants are in bad habit of taking too much Sugar Cane and are never brought to any doctor for treatment of their heart problems.

Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed Yousuf Raza Gailani has also formed a committee to probe into price hike of sugar, because no shortage of sugar has been reported in the country but its price is still moving upward.

Sugar price is a very sensitive issue in Pakistan, people of Pakistan have toppled Field Marshal Ayube Khan's government in late 1960's when 25/paisa per kilo gram raise in sugar price became unbearable for people in Pakistan.

Previous research results regarding sugar have revealed that its intake is good to avoid heart attack, it brings the blood pressure down, but recent research results are other way around.

In the light of recent research results regardinging sugar I can safely predict that conspiracy to raise the blood pressure of Pakistani nation by raising the prices of sugar has been failed, and hearts of Pakistani people are saved from ill effects of sugar by those whom are involved in raising its prices from 20/rs per kilogram to 130/rs per kilo gram, and those involved in conspiracy might get heart problems after taking too much sugar stored by them in hidden places to creat price hike.

I by myself do 30 minutes exercise in the morning and long walk in the evening regularly, I am also trained to control food time aggression, besides I do believe in research carried out in USA and always practice that what my American friends preach. So raise in price of sugar or other food items never put any ill effects on my health.

Written and submitted by

Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

Cell phone # 00923339607378

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Antidote of Taliban hit and run tactics

Despite of intense army operations in Dara Adam Khel and presence of army check posts in the said area it is still vulnerable and militants can carry out attacks their, during security forces operations militants they flee towards other tribal areas and Afghanistan and they return back after some time. 'Spokesman of Taliban militants (Tariq group of Dara Adam Khel) had confessed that Friday suicide bomb attack on a mosque in Akhurwal Dara Adam Khel was carried out by Tariq group militants in which 68 people were died,' Arbab Tahir has said in his interview with VOA Urdu service.

'Militants carry out hit and run operations in Orakzai agency, and disappear afterwards,' a retired army man has said.

To get rid of these hit and run tactics of Taliban militants, comprehensive army operation of Pakistan security forces in all the tribal agencies, and in border areas of Afghanistan by US lead NATO forces at same time, so that they have no option to escape, is the option through which growing number of deaths of soldiers of US lead NATO forces and Pakistan security forces and civilian deaths in both Pakistan and Afghanistan can be controlled.

In result of a grand operation on both side of Pak-Afghan border either the militants will surrender or will meet their logical end.

Written and submitted by

Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

Cell phone # 03339607378

Friday, November 5, 2010

Sixty five tribesmen died in suicide bomb explosion

'Sixty five people were died and 35 others including 18 children were injured when a 17 years old suicide bomber had exploded his explosive vest among the tribesmen of Akhurwal area of Dara Adam Khel during Friday prayers, in the mosque situated in Atariwal village. Wounded people were rushed to the hospitals of Peshawar. Kohat and Dara Adam Khel,' official sources.

'Soon after the explosion security forces men have cordoned off the area, roads towards Kohat and Peshawar have been encircled, and to avert further attacks from suicide bombers security forces are now at a high alert,' official sources.

'The teenage suicide bomber was carrying 10kg heavy explosive material wrapped around his body, powerful explosion had caused devastating effects in the mosque where hundreds of tribesmen were doing their Friday prayers,' official sources.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq
Cell phone #  00923339607378

Bomb explosion in mosque

Kohat: 5-11-2010

'Bomb has been exploded in a mosque situated in Akhurwal area of Dara Adam Khel on Friday, by unknown miscreants, exact number of people feared dead is not known yet,' police sources.
'At least sixty people were died when a bomb was exploded by unknown miscreants in a mosque situated in Akhurwal area of Dara Adam Khel, during Friday prayers, local tribesmen are striving to dig out people buried under debris of the destroyed mosque,' tribesman Akbar Khan Afridi has said.

'Twenty one people were died in a plane crash in Karachi on Friday morning,' radio Pakistan news bulletin.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Cell phone # 03339607378

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Husband kills wife over tea related dispute

Kohat: 4-11-2010

In a tea related dispute husband had killed his wife in Bahadur Colony Kohat. 'Accused Muhammad Shah had allegedly shot his wife Shabana Bibi dead, after her refusal to make tea for him in home. Accused Muhammad Shah had managed to escape. His mother in law Bilqees has launched FIR against Muhammad Shah in Riaz Shaheed police station of Kohat. Kohat police has kicked off investigation in Shabana's murder case, afterpost mortem of her dead body in LMH Kohat her dead body has been handed over to her family,' police sources.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Cell phone # 03339607378

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Two women injured in bomb attack

Kohat: 3-11-2010

'Two women were injured in bomb attack on CD shop situated in Garhi Atta Khan area of Kohat on Wednesday,' police sources.
'Miss Guldasta was also injured when two motorcycle riders have hurled hand grenade on CD shop in Garhi Ata Khan Kohat, and have fled the scene, police had encircled Kohat city and have launched a rigorus search to find out miscreants responsible for attack on CD shop, the CD shop was partially damaged in hand grenade attack, DIG Mr, Masood Afridi and DPO Mr. Dilawar Khan Bangash had also inspected the trouble spot,' police sources.

RCO Khalid Umerzai will perform Haj this year

Kohat: 3-11-2010

'RCO Mr. Khalid Umarzai will perform Haj this year and his flight to Saudi Arbia has been sheduled on 7-11-2010,' official sources.

'Ex Naib Nazim Khushal Garh Mr. Muhammad Farooq Khan has become grand father of a baby boy this week, when his son Mani has become father of a baby boy, newly born baby and his mother are in good health,' sources have said.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Cell phone # 00923339607378

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oil tanker driver burnt alive in road accident

Kohat: 2-11-2010

'An oil tanker driver Ismaeel resident of Yaka Toot Peshawar was burnt alive when his out of control oil tanker # K-4461went down into deep gorge and had caught fire on Kotal Kohat Peshawar road on Monday morning, the tanker was heading from Peshawar to Karachi,' police sources.

'Six people including driver Abdur Rehman were wounded in remote control bomb attack on passanger flying coach in Jawaki semi tribal area of FR Kohat on Monday. Flying coach # C-4131 was hit by remote control bomb planted on the roadside by unknown miscreants,' police sources.

'Elders of Afghan refugees in Kohat have expressed their dissatisfaction regarding renewal process of Afghan Citizens Cards and have demanded increase in number of survey teams and duration of registration process,' police sources.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Cell phone # 03339607378

Quality of education in KPK