Sunday, October 31, 2010

Three people injured in road related dispute

Kohat: 31-10-2010

Three people including a women were injured in Mian Khel bazaar of Kohat in firing incident on a road related dispute. According to police sources in Mian Khel bazaar of Kohat Muslim Khan resident of Hafizabad boarded in a rickshaw had opened fire with his pistol on Raza Shah when he had tried to stop him from crossing the road. Consequently Raza Shah, shop keeper Arbaz Khan and Zarqa Bibi were injured and were rushed to KDA hospital Kohat. Accused Muslim Khan have tried to flee in rikshaw but was arrested by Rescue 15 police riders Safeer Hussain and Munir Khan, pistol and cartridges were recovered from possession of accused Muslim Khan, rickshaw driver Sartaj was also booked by police. Injured Raza Shah had registered FIR against rickshaw driver Sartaj and accused Muslim Khan in City Police Station of Kohat.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It is the grass which cramps

From last nine years Afghan president Mr. Hamid Karzai has been funded by Iran, Afghan government spokesman Mr. Hamid Ilmi is of the view that all Iranian financial aid came to Afghanistan through Hawala system in absence of efficient banking system in Afghanistan and the government of Afghanistan can show the record of Iranian money spent on different projects. American have started raisng objections on Iranian financial aid to Afghanistan when Afghan government had barred private security companies. Afghanistan is an independent country and strives for having good neighborly relations with all the countries in this region.

American government is of the view that Iran is involved in destablising of its neighboring countries to export Islamic revolution of Iranian model.

Kurrm agency tribal area of Pakistan sources have said that Iran is involved in secterian violence which have caused deaths of hundreds of Shia and Sunni sect people. Kurram agency shares border with Afghanistan.

During this year large number of US lead NATO forces men and officers were died in Afghan militant attacks, in tribal areas of Pakistan including Swat and Bonair Islamic militants uprising was witnessed during past few years, and to curb this insurgency scores of Pakistan security forces men and officers were have sacrificed their precious lives.

Insurgency in Afghanistan and Pakistan at such a high scale has been funded from some where, Hawala system of money transfer is initiative of few intelligent but uneducated Afghans and tribesmen of Pakistan. Once Afghan government is silenced with lucurative Iranian funds, Iran might have funded insurgency through Hawala system which can not be monitored within Afghanistan and tribal areas of Pakistan.

Mr. Hamid Karazai and his colleagues in government are leading a war ravaged country, three decades of war have destroyed infrastructure of Afghan government probably he has been hoodwinked by Iranian intelligence and was unable to assess the real motives of Iran in this region.

I have heard Afghan government spokesman Mr. Hamid Ilmi giving interview in Pushto on VOA Urdu service yesterday evening. On VOA extracts from speech of Iranian President Mr. Mujadidi were also aired in which he had declared Iranian civilization as superior to the rest of other civilizations.

When leaders of developing countries act in irresponsible manner, it is their country men whom suffer the most. Adventurous course of action taken by Iranian leadership will ultimately cause international reaction, in case of Iraq good number of innocent Iraqis were also killed when American forces were landed in Iraq, eventually Sadam Hussain had got capital punishment for his dictatorial regime crimes too.

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Abdur Raziq

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Six people died in bomb attack on shrine

'Six people including three women were died and 15 others were ijured in vicinity of Baba Farid Shakargang shrine, when a bomb planted on motorcycle went off on Monday morning. The shrine is situated in Pak Patan area of Punjab,' radio Pakistan news report.

Earlier the shrine of sufi saint Data Gang Baksh in Lahore, shrine of Rehman Baba in Peshawar and shrine of another sufi saint Abdullah Shah Ghazi in Karachi Clifton was hit by miscreants. Shrines of sufi saints in Pakistan are the center of spiritual satifaction to teeming millions in Pakistan, people they visit shrines to gain spiritual satifaction and do pray from God for fullfillment of their needs through the reference of sufi saints.

President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gailani, Interior Minister Rehman Malik and Information Minister Mr. Qamarzaman Qaira were swift to condemn the violent bomb attack on the shrine of Baba Farid Shakargang.

Pilgrims on these shrines of sufi saints care for the needs of poor people seheltered in vicinity of these shrines, rich people distribute free food and charity money among beggars known as Malang Baba's sitting their with black color begging bowl made of black stone. The shrines have their own administration, head of the administration is called Mujawar. Mujawar takes all the money kept on shrine by rich pilgrims. Most of the Mujawars are from the family of Sufi saints. Good Mujawars take care of shrines and keep on improving the out look of shrine. They also establish free kitchen known as lunger where daily free foof has been distributed among the poor people.

Ministry of Haj and Auqaf handles the affairs of big shrines in Pakistan. Outlook of the tombs of holy sufi saints and buildings around the shrine known as Khanqah are greatly improved during past few decades.

Extremist opponents of 'sufism' which is nonviolent projection of Islam are increasingly becoming intolerant and have started attacking the shrines during last few years. After the attack on Baba Farid Gang Shakar's shrine security of all the shrines in Pakistan has been tightened.

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Abdur Raziq

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Two phases of Project Mother and Child Days are accomplished in Kohat district

Project Director of NGO PEACE Mr. Khan Ghalib says that two phases of project 'Mother and Child Days' are accomplished in eight Union Councils of Kohat district. The said project was initiated by PEACE in conflict zones to help IDP women and children. Sixtee million rupees were provided in aid by UNICEF in terms of money and material. Third phase of the said project will be completed till November 2010. Female staff has been employed for registeration purpose and for health care of IDP families by Peace. So far the NGO PEACE staff has completed both phases in secure enviornment and no security threat was witnessed, Mr. Khan Ghalib in his office located in Tapi area of Kohat had highlighted the achievements of his NGO Peace in a press conference on Monday. He had said that vaccination of 33000 children has been done, medical treatment was provided to 17000 children of two to five years of age, multi nutritional sache was provided to 33000 children, and 11400 anti mosquito nets were distributed among IDP families. Nimkole saches, pregnancy kits and multi nutrient saches were also distributed among IDP families.

Mr. Ghalib Khan had further added that third phase of the project will be completed in November and maximum extension of this project will be for mere twenty days.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

US Secretary of state recognises services and sacrifices rendered by armed forces and people of Pakistan

'Two billion dollars in military aid will be extended to Pakistan after the approval of US Congress, seven and a half billion dollar aid for civilian projects has been already approved,' US Secretay of state Madam Hillary Clinton had revealed in her speech on Friday. 'Military aid to Pakistan will distributed among the army units committed to the cause of human rights, army units involved in human rights violations will not get any financial rewards from the said US aid package,' VOA Urdu news bulletin.

'I appreciate the services of Pakistan Army men and officers and their sacrifices made by the people of Pakistan during war against terror,' US Secretary of State had said.

'Even a common man in Pakistan takes a sigh of relief when US aid reaches Pakistan,' a citizen had said.

'During General Zia era US aid was spent on making big residetial palaces by corrupt Pakistani bureaucrats in Islamabad,' a retired bureaucrat has said.

'US administration must guarantee proper utilisation of US aid in Pakistan,' a citizen has said.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Kohat friendship Tunnel is wet from inside

At dawn I have started my voyage to Peshawar from Kohat district of KPK Pakistan. While crossing Kohat Friendship Tunnel in public transport vehichle I have noticed that water has been flowing inside the tunnel, a passenger has told me 'natural fountain of water is a source of flowing water in the tunnel.' The said Tunnel is a big source of revenue for government and was attacked by militants during past few years, all the attacks of militants were repelled by Pakistan security forces, slight damages caused to the tunnel were also repaired swiftly.

In Dara Adam Khel tribal area located between Kohat and Peshawar, Pakistan security forces have created check posts on the roadside and on mountain peaks. Attacking militants are repelled back and now the passage through Kohat Friendship is quite safe. An FC man had told me, 'today tunnel will be closed for traffic at 5:00pm, so if you are in Peshawar till 3:00 pm then don't come back.'

'Now that security forces have taken over Dara Adam Khel, the tunnel shall remain open for traffic, it is quite inconvenient for travelers to go back again to Peshawar in the evening while traveling towards Kohat, exact at 6:00pm the Tunnel has been closed for traffic every day.' a passenger had said.

Inside Peshawar in Bara Gate area large number of containers were dumped in roadside ware houses. Taxi driver had told me, 'these American containers were torched by militants earlir this month, when Torkham border supply route was closed.'

In Karkhano area of Peshawar Taxi cab drivers were available for the people heading towards Afghanistan 'only in six hundred rupees one can reach Kabul from here in a taxi cab, men with moutach don't need any visa, on Torkham check post they are being considered as Afghans, but clean shave people need visa to enter in Afghanistan, American marines are also doing checking their,' a taxi driver had said.

I have got fixed my laptop in Peshawar the technicians were skillfull and swift enough, humidity hit laptop of mine had started working again, to avoid overnight stay in Peshawar I had rushed back in a taxi cab and had caught a public transport vehicle to reach back Kohat in the evening before the closure of tunnel for traffic, around 5:00pm I was back in Kohat district where the sky was cloudy and light showers of rain were making the weather quite pleasant.

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Abdur Raziq

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Monday, October 18, 2010

PM Gailani promotes constitutionalism in Pakistan

In his Sunday address to the nation Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gailani had categorically refuted the news item regarding his alleged intentions of taking back the notification regarding restoration of judges. Earlier Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary had taken suo mot action after publication of this news item and had demanded written clarification from Prime Minister on the said issue.

Prime Minister had further added that his government is striving to provide security of life and property to the citizens of Pakistan and is working hard to improve economy of the country.

Prior to his address on Sunday evening news regarding target killings of 21 people in Karachi on polling day for provincial assembly vacated seat was spread by AFP, and was aired by Voice of America Urdu service in its news bulletin.

Prime Minister had firmly stated in his Sunday speech that he will not allow anyone to start his personal war while holding a government office through misuse of power and had stressed the need for functioning of all government institutions within the framework given by constitution.

Anti government elements are striving to create conducive conditions for political instability and price hike is a method to create unrest in Public. On a plea that government has increased oil and electricity prices, Industrialists have increased the prices of their products on such a high scale that essential food items become out of reach of the low-income groups. Increase in oil and electricity prices was in few rupees and but increase in prices of commodities is in hundreds of rupees, small tin of edible oil and ghee produced by Lever Brothers was available in market at the price of 175/rupees but now its price is 430/rupees, flour bag was available in market at the price of 200 to 300/rupees but now its price is 620/rupees.

This tremendous increase in prices of essential food items is unrealistic and a criminal act on part of Industrialists and sellers, the ratio of increase in prices is much higher then actual increase in oil and electricity prices, maximum one rupee increase in price of each tin of edible oil and ghee can cover the increase in production costs but the increase in prices of each product is in hundred of rupees.

To control price hike and over exploitation of workers Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had opted for nationalization of Industry during tenure of office. My own suggestion is that current PPP lead coalition government if comes up with measures like handsome unemployment allowance and increase in salaries and wages, along with liberal policy regarding issuance of licenses to new industrialists, can meet the challenge of price hike.

Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gailani had also recognized the issue of price hike and had said that in his Sunday speech that his government is taking prompt measures to control price hike.

Though Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gailani had refuted the news item regarding his intentions about taking the notification regarding restoration of judges back, but he had firmly expressed that misuse of power and use of government office and powers for personal vendetta will not be encouraged and constitutional limits for each institutions shall be observed to avoid any sort of confrontation between institutions.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Construction of new homes for flood affected people

'One hundred and eighty flood affected families are accommodated in two tent villages of Nowshera and Akora Khatak by Minhaj ul Quran Welfare Trust. In peer Sabaq, Akora Khatak and Nowshera the Trust is maintaining camps for flood affected. Our main focus is widows and Orphans, in tent village’s schools for children are arranged, sports activities for them are also initiated, Qirat competition was also held in Nowshera, land for residential colony has been bought by the trust in Nowshera, to provide homes to flood affected people. So far seven hundred thousand rupees were collected in Kohat district and were distributed in flood affected people of Nowshera, Peer Sabaq and Akora Khat areas of KPK by Minhaj ul Quran Welfare Trust Kohat. I am thankful to the people of Kohat for their generous donations, the Trust needs more money for construction of homes for homeless flood affected people, I do appeal for more generous donations for the said purpose,'  President Minhaj ul Quran Kohat Mr. Muhammad Hafeez Bangash has said.

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Friday, October 8, 2010

PM Gailani will inaugurate construction of Khushal Garh bridge

Kohat:  8-10-2010
‘Fourteen hundred million rupees are specified for initial construction work on new Khushal Garh bridge between Kohat and Jund over river Indus, meeting in this respect was held in Islamabad on Friday, Minister for communication Mr. Arbab Alamgir, Chairman Privatization Commission Mr. Naveed Qamar , MD OGDCL and MD Mole were present in the said meeting. Tender will opened within 45 days and after that Prime Minister will inaugurate the new bridge,’ sources have said.

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Friday, October 1, 2010

Pakistan security forces established control over 75% of Orakzai tribal agency

Sun was shining over high peak mountains of Orakzai tribal agency, when in a heavily guarded vehicle me and other journalists have arrived in Chamjani village, where Pakistan security forces men and officers were busy in doing registration of IDP'S and were distributing aid goods among them on Thursday. Earlier we were briefed by Political agent of Orakzai agency Mr. Riaz Mehsood and operation commander of Pakistan security forces Colonel Waseem in PA office situated in Hangu district of KPK Pakistan.

'Army operation in Orakzai agency has been ended, IDP's are now returning back to their homes, people of different Orakzai tribes will return back in six phases, Tents, free ration for six months and other necessities will be provided to IDP's and their security in their respective areas has been ensured,' PA Orakzai agency Mr. Mehsood had said.

'Army operation initiated in March 2010 has been completed in Orakzai tribal area, during the said operation 62 men and officers of Pakistan security forces were martyred and 213 were wounded, 600 militants were also killed, 75% area of Orakzai agency is now in control of Pakistan security forces, only Mamunzai area is still occupied by Taliban militants, security forces will maintain their presence in Orakzai agency till the restoration of peace in the said area., ' Army Operation Commander Colonel Waseem has said.

' In Chamjani village of Kalaya Orakzai agency, registration of IDP's and distribution of aid among them is underway, for six months United Nations agency will provide aid to returning IDP's,' Colonel Habib of Pakistan security forces has revealed this before newsmen in Chamjani area of Kalaya on Thursday.

'Our safe return to our homes has become possible because of the hard working Pakistan security forces men and officers, we are so thankful to them,' a tribesman Mehmood Khan present in registration camp at Chmjani has said.

The invitation to journalists was extended by FC PRO Mr. Wajid on telephone from his office in Peshawar on Wednesday evening. On Thursday morning we were moved in a vehicle from Kohat to Hangu where office of PA Orakzai agency is situated. During tea break after briefing Mr. Riaz Mahsood in his conversation with the journalists has said that most of the militants were from poor segment of society and reason behind Taliban insurgency is socio-economic in nature.

Colonel Waseem operational commander of Pakistan security forces has accompanied us when we were boarded again in a vehicle to move towards Kalaya capital of Orakzai agency, PA Mr. Riaz Mehsood had opted to stay in his office in Hangu on a plea that he is making preparation for arrival of Governor NWFP. On our way towards Orakzai agency from Hangu we came back towards Kohat and from Kacha Pakha Kohat road our vehicle started moving towards Orakzai agency, from roadside schools children have shouted slogans 'Long live Pakistan Army' when they have seen security forces vehicles guarding over vehicle.

Never before in history armed forces were welcomed in Orakzai agency tribal area, during British rule all military expeditions launched to subjugate Orakzai agency were failed due to difficult terrain. Once British rulers have opted to launch an air attack on Orakzai agency but the plane was collided with high peak mountain of the said agency and was destroyed, eventually the British military expedition was failed.

When Colonel Waseem told us in Hangu that 75% of Orakzai agency is now taken over by Pakistan Army all of us were looking at him unbelievingly. A young journalist of Hangu Mr. Salih was convinced that the while moving towards Orakzai agency we all are going to embrace martyrdom, before boarding to the vehicle young Salih had shoutingly asked me, have you made your will? I calmed him while raising my palm to keep him remain silent. Inside the vehicle I told him Mr. Saleh I dislike cowards and cowardice. Young Saleh was finally got silent.

When we have arrived in Chamjani village of Kalaya Orakzai agency, where we were warmly welcomed by Colonel Habib and of Pakistan security forces and APA Mr. Sajid Khan and were briefed by Colonel Habib, we have realized that history has been made, Pakistan security forces in a camp for IDP'S were working confidently and calmly, the Chamjani camp is surrounded by high peak mountains having dense forest on it. Within half an hour when no attack came from the mountain peaks once occupied by Taliban militants I had realized that claim of Colonel Waseem was based on truth.

Lunch for the journalists was arranged in a check post located on mountain peak, originally built by Taliban militants and now captured by Pakistan security forces, Colonel Waseem was moved towards the check post in vehicle, few officers and men of Pakistan security forces have started moving on foot towards mountain peak at Chamjani along with the journalists, on the way towards mountain peak a journalist Sami Paracha was exhausted and was sent back. We had nice lunch in company of Conel Habib and Colonel Waseem and eventually came down to the registration camp. Houses in Chamjani village were all destroyed by militants and the whole village was giving a deserted look.

After having cup of tea with APA Sajid Khan we have started our journey towards Kohat. On a snake like curly road spread over mountain peaks of Orakzai agency, I was trying to sooth myself with dazzling beauty of serene valley, the river also flows along the road and vehicle passes through the flowing water on certain spots where the water level is quite low. The moment our vehicle had crossed the gate of Orakzai agency I had checked the face expressions of my journalist colleagues and all of them were looking perfectly normal. Eventually we have reached Kohat safely.

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