Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Brutal murder of two journalists in KPK Pakistan

Kohat: 22-9-2010
Two journalists were died in two different areas of KPK province of Pakistan during past fifteen days. 'Missri Khan a newsman working in Hangu district was shot dead in front of press club Hangu building, which was adjacent to DCO Hangu office and was heavily guarded area, but his killers have managed to escape. Consequently, DIG Kohat region Mr. Masood Afridi had suspended ten policemen including an additional SHO but so far killers of newsman Missri Khan are not arrested by Hangu police,' an editor of local weekly has said this on condition of anonymity.

'TTP spokesman Ahsan Ali Ahsan has accepted the responsibility of the murder of Missri Khan, TTP spokesman has said that newsman Missri Khan was not giving proper coverage to TTP that is why he has been killed,' President Kohat Press Club Mr. Mumtaz Bangash has said.

'Newsman Mujib ur Rehman was killed in Dargai last week, so far no one has claimed the responsibility of his murder,' sources have said.

'Four newsman of Kohat district namely President Kohat Press Club Mr. Mumtaz Khan Bangash, newsman Basit Gailani, newsman Mr. Noor Muhammad Bangash and newsman Inayat Orakzai are at the hit list of Taliban militants,' newsman and Press Club Kohat president Mr. Mumtaz Khan Bangash has said.

Newsman Basit Gailani says that he was threatened by Taliban on a plea that he is not giving the details regarding martyred security forces men, but was high lighting only deaths of Taliban militants.

Mumtaz Bangash says that Taliban militants are hurling threats to him on a plea that in his interview with VOA Pushto service he has said something against Taliban militants.

Valiant newsmen in Kohat were working in their offices, when I interviewed them on Tuesday, no signs of fear or anxiety were visible on their faces, and their humor sense was alive too. Hangu is at a twenty miles distance from Kohat where newsman Missri Khan was martyred by TTP militants two weeks ago. An editor of local weekly told me Missri Khan was 35 years old and was quite a fair man; he had started his career as hawker and became most popular newsman in Hangu. He was husband of two wives and father of eleven children. 'Missri Khan was just a matriculate but a very efficient newsman,' Mumtaz Khan Bangash has said.

 'I do not care about threats which I receive every day from different quarters, each live person will die one day so the death is reality and I have accepted it, I keep on doing my job and do not bother about threats,' newsman Abdul Mateen Lawanay working in Dara Adam Khel tribal area of Kohat has said.

Newsman Abdul Mateen Lawanay a tribesman of Dara Adam Khel is quite a jolly figure and his nick name is Lawanay (Maddy) he has grown large beard, and wears a permanent Moona Liza type smile on his face.

Young newsman Syed Basit Gailani works for a private TV Channel wears Taliban like beard on his face and long hair on his head, young and energetic Gailani has told me 'secret behind my Taliban like outlook is advice of an Army officer whom is relative of mine, upon his insistence I have grown my beard and hair,'.

After the brutal murder of two newsman in KPK province of Pakistan, people living in neighborhoods of journalists are now too concern about their security, an old man living in my neighbor hood an IDP from Dara Adam Khel often tells me, journalists are often get killed because they write the truth. On Tuesday he was complaining that Taliban militants of Dara Adam Khel are extorting money from IDP's of Dara Adam Khel currently living in Kohat, but do not write about this he had insisted, If you will do that they will kill you.

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Abdur Raziq

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Possible post 2011 scenario in Afghanistan

Flood and terror hit Pakistan was visited by President of Afghanistan Mr. Hamid Karzai this week, in the wake of withdrawal of US lead NATO forces in year 2011, to meet any possible Taliban onslaught President Karazai will need support from Pakistan, he is also facing challenge from Taliban militants during September 2010 parliamentary election campaign in Afghanistan, which is marred by threats to female voters and candidates from Taliban.

Long border stretched over from Waziristan to Baluchistan between Pakistan and Afghanistan and Pakistan's tribal belt on Pak-Afghan border is potent source of trouble for Pakistan, Tribesmen living in both sides of Pak-Afghan border since long are living in dark ages, efforts to develop Pakistan's tribal region were made during past six decades but lawlessness still prevails in these areas.

During past one month number of suicide bomb attacks were carried out in KPK province of Pakistan, unprecedented high number of US drone attacks were also witnessed in tribal areas of Pakistan. Pakistan armed forces while busy in rescue and relief missions in flood affected areas of Pakistan have also responded swiftly and scores of militants were killed in Orakzai agency security forces operation last week, and Taliban militant attacks were controlled up to larger extent.

Ravaged Pakistan's economy by flood waves and terror attacks will be a major hurdle for Pakistan in playing any supportive role for Karazai government in post 2011 Afghanistan. Americans are spending billions of dollars to support Karazai regime in Afghanistan and their pull out is also having economic dimension. Staggering US economy is a major reason for withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has become an economically disastrous venture for super powers; Soviet economy was collapsed after Soviet intervention in Afghanistan, and US lead European powers were also became victim of economic recession including USA after arrival of their forces in Afghanistan.

In an interview with VOA Urdu service an Afghan Journalist Mr. Sami had revealed that Afghan Taliban militants are celebrating their victory after announcement of US withdrawal and people of Afghanistan are anticipating revival of Taliban rule in Afghanistan soon after the pull out of US lead NATO forces. Emotionally charged Taliban militants have increased their attacks on US bases in Afghanistan and at occasions they are doing this without the prior permission of their commanders.

In post 2011 Afghanistan if Taliban rule has been revived, militants in Pakistan tribal belt will get a permanent support and will become more active in Pakistan. Pakistan's defunct militant organizations and their parent religious political organizations are already rejected by the people during elections will desperately strive to impose their rule on Pakistan through barrel of the gun.

The only possibility to avert all this is ability of Afghan armed forces in keeping Taliban militants away from Kabul, and maintaining democratic mod of government all over Afghanistan with the help of people of Afghanistan. Growing awareness Afghan populace will play crucial role in any future conflict between Taliban and Afghan armed forces, if Karazai government takes popular measure to win Afghan people, the militants will loose public support. In case Afghan armed forces have succeeded to defeat Afghan Taliban militants in post 2011 Afghanistan then during next few decades, Pakistan and Afghanistan both will be able to revive their economies and provide better living standard to their people.

Taliban are allergic with democracy because people do not vote for them, in Pakistan pro Taliban religious political organizations have experienced this phenomena during past six decades and have extended their experience to their Afghan counter parts. Power hungry leadership of Taliban militants if agrees to win power through ballot and lay down arms, that will also help stabilize this region. Though militants and their supporters are few in number but difficult terrain in Afghanistan is an advantage for them and can cause harm to economy through their subversive activities.

Alqaeeda extremists are traditional invaders recruited by their Arab boss Mr. Usama bin Laden, many foreign adventurers in the past centuries have opted to recruit Afghans to invade subcontinent, Usama bin Laden is extension of the same historical phenomena. His loyalist Taliban Afghan commanders might not agree to become part of democratic process in Afghanistan.

Prior to withdrawal of US lead NATO forces from Afghanistan Karazai government if succeeds to develop a will among Afghan populace to resist all sort of militancy to maintain democratic rule all over Afghanistan that will permanently remove militancy from Afghanistan, if the vast majority of the people of Afghanistan became willing to withdraw its possible support for Taliban, post 2011 scenario will not be so grim in Afghanistan.

Written and submitted by

Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Relief for flood affected people

Kohat: 16-92010

‘Chief Minister NWFP Mr. Amir Haider Khan Hoti had distributed 20 million rupees among families of 67 flood victims earlier this week, in Kohat division,’ police sources.

‘Seven hundred thousand rupees, Eid gifts for children, hundred thousand rupees Eidi and other goods were delivered to flood affected people and their children in Nowshera, Akora Khatak and Peer Sabaq areas by President Tehriki Minhajul Quran Kohat Mr. Muhammad Hafeez Bangash, the money and goods were collected by Minaj Welfare Trust Kohat.,’ Mr. Hafeez Bangash has told APP,

He had further added that Minhaj Welfare Trust has been running four camps in Nowshera, Peer Sabaq and Akora Khat areas, all the camps are well organized and flood affected people living in these camps are helped out in dignified manner.

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Abdur Raziq


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Eighteen people died in Kohat car bomb explosion

‘At least eighteen people including women and children were died, and eighty others were injured, when car bomb was exploded in residential area of Kohat police near police lines Kohat on Tuesday. Thirty-five residences of police servicemen and 35 shops were also destroyed in the said explosion. Miscreants have exploded explosive laden vehicle near main gate of residential area of Police lines Kohat, with remote control device around seven o’clock in the evening,’ police sources.

'Female injured victim was died in hospital on Friday, thus number of dead has been increased to nineteen,' police sources.

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Abdur Raziq

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Extremism challenges vulnerable political and economic system of South Asian countries

For a newly independent state of Pakistan, challenges were big during past six decades, collective wisdom of Pakistani society was set aside by autocrats during long periods of dictatorial rule of military dictators, long period of one man show was resulted in dismemberment of Pakistan in 1971. When dictator steps in he shuns the collective wisdom of society by imposing his own will upon the people. Mostly dictators create feelings of patriotism among masses and to prolong there own rule keep the society deprived of education, especially social scientist and social sciences are greatly discouraged by dictators to avoid democratic change in society.

Chairman of PPP and twice elected prime minister of Pakistan Mr. Zulfika Ali Bhutto had initiated struggle to restore democracy in Pakistan and had made a wholehearted effort to democratize Pakistan, and had eventually had lost his precious life, was hanged to death by dictator General Zia.

During agitation against ZA Bhutto, alliance of nine stars was mobilizing masses in late 1970's, and one agitation star retired Air marshal Asghar Khan was writing letters to GHQ to provoke Pak Army Generals against Bhutto. Nine stars were failed to overthrow Bhutto government during his second tenure with the support of masses but were succeeded to do so with the help of General Zia then Chief of the then Army Staff.

Collective wisdom was again set aside, General Zia infused nationalism and had initiated the process of Islamisation of Pakistani society. Drugs, Klashinlove culture and his own brand of Islam were promoted in Pakistan during his ten years dictatorial rule, Pakistan was dragged into Afghan war and Jihadi culture had engulfed Pakistan during his era.

Authentic history books on history of South Asia depict the clear picture of Indian society in United India, before partition Muslims and other minorities were deprived of right of life and property by Hindu majority, the result was partition of India in 1947. Due to prevailing ignorance even after partition of India neither Muslims have got the right to life and property nor low caste Hindus and other minorities in India were awarded with the same rights. India after partition was remain a democratic and secular state in theory but in practice Madam Indira Gandhi had ruled India through by imposing emergency rule for quite a long period of time.

Both India and Pakistan being former colonies of Great Britain have opted for sovereign parliament and have opted for universal franchise. American experience teaches us that evolution of democracy takes greater pace when right of vote has been extended to property owners and educated few in early stages of democracy. Great Britain has achieved democracy in its present form after thousands of years of struggle and occasional bloodshed, but Americans have reached to present perfect state of democracy within two hundred years or so.

India and Pakistan both are federations like USA but have opted for sovereign parliament, parliamentary sovereignty in Great Britain is workable under unitary system. In a federation small provinces and states cab be deprived of their rights by large provinces and states because of their numerical strength if the parliament is sovereign.

Afghanistan played an important role in shaping the history of subcontinent, good number of invaders succeeded to conquer India came through Afghanistan, mostly were Iranians, Turks and Central Asians, Alexander the great was of Greek origin, Arab General Muhammad Bin Qasim had conquered India through Debal coast currently known as Karachi, and portugese, British and French colonists have captured India through coastal areas now situated in India.

Geographical vulnerability of subcontinent because of inability of its natives to create strong defense system is story of the past now, both India and Pakistan are nuclear states and having large armies. Now their economic and political systems are making these both countries quite vulnerable for native extremists, Maoists and other religious extremists are causing big trouble in India and Islamic extremists known as Taliban are challenging democracy in nuclear Pakistan.

More democracy is an answer to the current day problems of India and Pakistan, just and fair legal system, good governance, welfare measures along with economic and infrastructure development will further strengthen the democracy and will eliminate extremism from these both countries.

Pakistan share long borders with Afghanistan and India, cannot afford to destabilize both because instability in both these countries will ultimately put negative effects on Pakistan. Millions of Afghans are now residing in Pakistan due to instability in Afghanistan and due to long border with Afghanistan, Pakistan cannot stop influx of Afghan refugees, economic and political fall out of growing number of Afghan refugees in Pakistan is quite visible now.

At the pattern of European Union, South Asian Union can also help to decrease extremism in this region. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangla Desh, Bhutan, Sikam and India can form the Union to meet present day challenges united and to achieve economic development rapidly. SAARC is already their and it can be further developed to achieve the desired objectives of peace and economic growth in this region, which will ultimately make developed world lead by USA a more secure place to live in. Afghanistan and tribal regions of Pakistan are now a heaven of extremists.

Extremism and dictatorships both set aside the collective wisdom of society, society devoid of rational thinking becomes a danger for world peace, developing countries can not realize this fact due to prevailing ignorance, developed countries lead by USA can play pivotal role in promotion of rational thinking and behavior in developing countries, economic development of these developing countries will definitely promote rational thinking, once their populace become able to pay for and concentrate on education.

Written and submitted by

Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study (International Relation)

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Suicide bombers hit processions in Pakistan

Kohat: 4-9-2010

Wave of terror had engulfed Lahore capital of Punjab earlier this week, when procession of Shia sect mourners was hit by suicide bombers, yesterday Quetta capital of Baluchistan was again hit by suicide bomber in both these incidents more then 95 people were died and scores of others were injured.

Suicide bombers do have the facility to get training and explosive vests and are quite capable of hood winking the security and intelligence agencies of Pakistan. Our culture of holding large processions of religious nature also provides the opportunity to suicide bombers to attack the procession of thousands of people. To find a suicide bomber among thousands of people holding procession becomes like finding a needle in hay straw for security and intelligence agencies of Pakistan.

In Kohat and Hangu districts of KPK both Shia and Sunni sect people have abstained from holding large processions of religious nature at the advice of Commissioner Kohat Mr. Khalid Umerzai to avoid any untoward incident this year.

Politicians and leaders of religious sects were also targeted during public meetings in past few years; Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto was martyred in suicide bomb attack in Liaqat Park of Rawalpindi when she was coming out in her vehicle after holding a large public meeting in the said park.

Pakistan’s Armed forces along with intelligence and security agencies during past few years have successfully dismantled suicide bombers training camps from Swat and other tribal areas of Pakistan. But due to prevailing instability in Afghanistan, suicide bombers get training and refuge their, and easily penetrate in Pakistan through long Pak-Afghan border stretched over from Waziristan to Quetta.

As long as sanctuaries and training camps of suicide bombers does exist within Afghanistan and in tribal areas of Pakistan, our politicians and leaders of religious sects are compelled to observe restraint and shall avoid public meetings. By the time Afghanistan becomes stable and sanctuaries of terrorist organizations including suicide bombers training camps are being dismantled then holding of public meetings will become a secure practice both in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Written and submitted by

Abdur Raziq

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Low income groups are at the verge of starvation in Kohat

‘Official price of Mutton is 225/rs per kilo gram and price list present in the butcher shops also reflect the same rate, but most of the butchers are charging 400/rs per kilo gram from buyers in Kohat district. Official price of one kilogram beef is 170/rs per kilo gram but butchers are selling it at the rate of 260/rs per kilogram,’ sources have said.

From pulses to flour, edible oil and vegetables prices are gone so up that people of low income groups can only eat plant leaves now in Kohat district,’ a house wife has said.

‘Chicken has been available in Kohat at the rate of 148/rs per kilo gram in Kohat today, its price is also gone up and now it is beyond reach of low income groups,’ a source has said.

‘Edible oil extended in aid by USA has been available in a market of Kohat, people do buy it because its rate is quite reasonable, the said tins of edible oil sent by USA in aid for IDP’s are being sold out by corrupt element in bulk to the shopkeepers,’ a source has said.

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Abdur Raziq

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Quality of education in KPK