Khushal Garh bridge is open for light vehicles

'Road link near Khushal Garh bridge has been taken away by flood water, that is why I have ordered its closure for traffic, I was informed at 5:am in the morning today that now Indus river water is flowing over Khushal Garh bridge,' Commissioner Kohat region Mr. Khalid Umerzai has said in press conference held in his office on Friday morning. The Khushal Garh bridge links Kohat district of KPK with Punjab province of Pakistan.

'Raisan Kohat bridge and Jerma bridge were taken away by flood water, eleven dead bodies were found so far stucked under the collapsed Jerma bridge,' Commissioner has said.

' At least 39 people were died and 25 others were injured, in Kohat flood related incidents, 305 cattles were also taken away by flood water. Four relief camps for flood affected displaced people were set in four school buildings in Kohat and cooked food was supplied to them by district administration,' Comissioner Khalid Umerzai has said..

He has said that because, of overflown water from Gandyali dam, three villages around it have been vacated.

Commissioner Khalid Umerzai has further added that motor way and national highway are also closed now so one can not reach Islamabad through Peshawar, a bridge on National Highway near Nowshehra has been also taken away by flood water. I have arranged buses and other vehicles to pick people crossing the rail road on foot at Khushal Garh bridge.

'Estimate of damages done by floods has not been finalised, the administration was busy in relief and rescue work during past three days, NHA and Pakistan Army will help to creat road link with Khushal Garh bridge after repair of bridge it will be opened for traffic, but heavy vehicles will not be allowed to pass on it.,' Commissioner Khalid Umerzai has said.

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