Seventeen militants killed in armed clash with security forces

Four people died in Karak suicide car bomb attack

Kohat Parachinar road blocked by angry protestors

Jaspal Singh beheaded in Khyber Agency

Eight dead bodies of militants found in Turki Ismaeel Khel

Thirty militants killed in air strike

Son of Mullah Jalal ud Din Haqani killed in US drone attack

Vice Commander of Lashkari Islam killed in remote control bomb attack

Nine people killed in Khyber agency suicide bomb attack

Eight militants killed in armed clash with local tribesmen

Sister of Mr. Tahir Masood passed away in London

Eighteen suspects held in Kohat

Partial Judicial decisions

Afghan precious stone sellers

Six militants killed in Dara Adam Khel

Nine police men died in two Bannu suicide bomb attacks

Seven police men died in suicide car bomb attack

Twenty two suspects held in Kohat

Survival of fittest

Mad dog attacked married woman in Paracha Town Kohat

Three American Marines died in lower Dir bomb attack

Mullah Toofan appointed as new chief of defunct TTP