Hundred Militants killed in tribal areas of Pakistan

Efficient and valiant men and officers of Pakistan Armed Forces have broken the backbone of militants bent upon destabilizing Pakistan. ‘Around hundred suspects were killed and dozens were arrested by security forces in Khyber, Orakzai and Kurram agencies on Monday, Incharge security forces operation Brigadier Fayaz says sufficient evidence of Indian involvement has been found, weapons of Indian origin were recovered from the possession of militants during ongoing security forces operation in the said tribal areas of Pakistan,’ media reports.

‘Indian Chief of Army staff had threatened limited nuclear war with Pakistan,’ media reports. Just at the time of departure of Prime Minister Gailani on his visit to Germany and Great Britain, Indian chief of Army staff has issued such a threatening statement probably to silence Prime Minister of Pakistan regarding India’s involvement in terrorism prevailing in NWFP and tribal areas of Pakistan during his visit of Germany.

Sardar Manmohan Singh a leading scholar and twice elected Prime Minister of India seems helpless before Indian establishment adventurous policies in South Asia and also seems to be just a mouth piece of Indian RAW, though his calm and calculated response in the wake of Mumbai terrorist attacks had proved him not only an able leader of nuclear India but of a South Asia, and recent expression of willingness of Indian government to continue talks with Pakistan had again proved him a foresighted leader of subcontinent able to play part in creating conducive environment for development and economic growth in South Asian region. But his recent visit of USA and his rhetoric against Pakistan has become cause of concern in public circles of Pakistan.

Aggressive posture of India since 1947 was resulted in overall economic degradation of the people of subcontinent, due to last two major wars between India and Pakistan in 1965 and 1971, both people of India and Pakistan are under great economic stress, though Pakistan has made tremendous progress and Pakistani citizens are living much better and prosperous lives as compare to Indian citizens but in the wake of constant aggressive posture of Indian establishment, it has become increasingly difficult to achieve lasting peace in South Asia much required for economic growth and promotion of respect for fundamental human rights in subcontinent.

Written and submitted by

Abdur Raziq
Cell phone # 00923339607378

Eid Festival

In USA and developed democracies of Europe national festivals are always being celebrated at mass level and participation of each individual citizen has been encouraged, in December each year prices of commodities are brought down to facilitate people of all income groups to celebrate Christmas. In Islamic Republic of Pakistan, just before Eid festival prices of each essential commodity goes up to the extent that only few Muslims can celebrate Eid, this year while searching for sacrificial sheep for Eid day, I have realized that I am surrounded by burglars selling sheep in disguise of sheep sellers, one can have the same feelings while buying anything from shops including government utility stores in Kohat district of NWFP.

Retired Subidar Sardar Ali Khatak says he was compelled to buy sugar from a utility store at the price of 52/rs per Kilo Gram the actual price is 38/rs per KG the said utility store is located near Paracha Town on Kohat Pindi road. It seems that drug mafia has hatched a conspiracy to spread inferiority complex at mass level to spread heroine addiction in the law abiding and honest citizens of Pakistan. Only rogue and corrupt can afford to celebrate Eid festivals in Pakistan large segment of society due to increased costs of essential commodities can not even think about celebrating Eid, thus are plunged into depression plus possible inferiority complex.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq


High values of tribal valor and hospitality of Pakistani tribesmen dwelling around Pak-Afghan border from Waziristan to Bajure became source of trouble for them, when they became hosts of Arab Alqaeeda extremists and Central Asian Chechan and Uzbuk extremists, after nine eleven.

Taliban ideology emanated in Afghanistan had engulfed the Pakistani tribesmen into prevailing madness in Afghanistan. Iranian revolution had deepened the Shia Sunni rift in tribal and settled areas of Pakistan. With the ouster of Shah of Iran from power in Iran, and intervention of Soviets in Afghanistan in late 1970’s South and Central Asian regions were gradually engulfed by extremism.

Serene Valleys of Orakzai agency where wild flowers spread over green hills used to blossom now witnessing hell fire falling from air and ground as well, the reason behind it is existence of extremists in these valleys. ‘Throat slitting Taliban and Alqaeeda militants have training camps and human slaughter houses in Daburi, Ghiljo and Feroz Khel areas of Orakzai agency, extremists are spread over in the whole Orakzai agency, PAF jet fighters are regularly carrying out air strikes, during last week dozens of extremists were killed, and inured but in Mamoonzai area of Orakzai agency fifteen civilians mostly women and children were also fallen victim to air attacks,’ a source has said.

‘From Dara Adam Khel to Parachinar mountainous region has no maps on record, militants born in these tribal areas move back and forth in the tribal belt, abducted Dr. Lutfullah Kaka Khel vice chancellor Kohat University of Science and Technology has been kept in Matani area he is not taken away to Orakzai agency by his abductors,’ intelligence sources.

‘IDP’s from Orakzai agency are not allowed to enter in settled area of Kohat, amid air and ground offensive of Pakistan armed forces on militants in Orakzai agency, common people are in big trouble, at least IDP’s shall be allowed to stay in homes of their relatives in Kohat, if government does not afford to keep them in camps, to reduce the sufferings of women and children of Orakzai tribal area,’ a source has said.

Tradition of hospitality has become a trap for tribesmen of Waziristan and Orakzai agency, while adhering to the tribal tradition of (Panah) refuge these tribesmen are confronting security forces of Pakistan, consequently in their effort to protect their throat slitting Arab, Chechan and Uzbek Alqaeeda and Taliban extremist guests, tribes men are facing death and displacement.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Inauguration of sugar shops in Old Jail Kohat

To ensure provision of sugar on rate fixed by apex court commissioner Kohat Mr. Khalid Umerzai had inaugurated shops in Old jail Kohat where long queues of consumers buying sugar were witnessed on Monday. In premises of Old Jail Kohat while talking to media men Commissioner has said that on Kohat Pindi road lands have been bought by Orakzai and other tribesmen, the said road might get closed for traffic due to heavy influx of tribesmen dwelling around it for security reasons, we arrest around 30 suspects from these areas each day to ensure security of passers by on Kohat Pindi road.

Commissioner Kohat Mr. Khalid Umerzai had raided shops in Kohat bazaar soon after inauguration of sugar shops in old jail, accompanied by DCO Kohat, Information Officer Mr. Ghazi Khatak, media men and heavy contingent of police, commissioner had caught shopkeepers red handed while selling sugar openly on high rates.

A senior citizen has appreciated the effort of commissioner and has said that deputy commissioner during British Raj used to visit Kohat bazaar every day, and from vegetable to fruit and other edible items due to his regular checks were available on reasonable rates to public.

Thirty two suspects were arrested by Kohat police during grand search operation on Sunday, large cache of arms and huge quantity of narcotics were recovered from the possession of arrested suspects. According to press release issued by PRO Kohat police Mr. Fazal Naeem, in ongoing police search operation under direct supervision of DPO Kohat Mr. Dilawar Khan Bangash from Ambar Banda, Kaghazai, Mian Garhai, Billitang, Togh, Ghulam Banda, Sheikhan, Tapi, Jerma, Sayab, Gandyali and Meerozai villages of Kohat thirty two suspects were arrested, the said villages were besieged, all entry and exit routes were closed for traffic and inhabitants were not permitted to leave their respective village areas, collectively, one hand grenade, 4 Klashinkovs, 6 shotguns, 8 rifles, 10 pistols, hundreds of cartridges and 12kg Cannabis has been recovered from the possession of arrested suspects.

‘Twelve suspects including five Afghan nationals were arrested by Kohat police from different areas of Kohat district on Saturday during ongoing police search operation lead by DPO Kohat Mr. Dilawar Khan Bangash. In the said search operation heavy contingent of anti terrorist squad men and armed cars equipped with heavy machine guns has been deployed to besiege Sur Gul, Qamar Dhand, Buma, Boraka, Tor Chapar and Suleman Talab villages of Kohat, during police raids on hide outs of suspects twelve suspects including five Afghan nationals illegally residing in Pakistan were arrested and collectively, two Kalashnikovs, 3 rifles, 3 shotguns, 7 pistols, hundreds of cartridges, 4 bottles of alcohol, and 2500 gram Cannabis was recovered from the possession of arrested suspects, police press release.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Four Taliban militants Killed in PAF air strikes

‘Ten people including four Taliban militants were killed and eleven others were wounded, when PAF jet planes have bombed militant hide outs in Shahu Khel and Orakzai agency on Wednesday। During the afternoon an air strike was carried out on hideouts of Militant commander Hafiz Zia ur Rehman group and Nazir group, consequently four militants were killed and eleven militants were injured. In village Mandai Shahu Khel six people of a family including two women and three children were killed in the air strike, a building of religious seminary and many residential buildings were also demolished,’ Press release issued by PRO Kohat police Mr. Fazal Naeem.

‘In Ghiljo, Mushti, and Ghunda Mela areas of Orakzai tribal agency two hide outs of militants were destroyed in air strikes of PAF jet planes, and dozens of militants were killed,’ Police press release.

‘Five militants were arrested in Akhurwal area of Dara Adam Khel during security forces search operation, arrested militants were shifted to unknown place,’ police press release.

‘Hundreds of agitating tribesmen have blocked Tull Parchinar road by keeping dead bodies on road as protest against bombing on Shahu Khel area of Hangu,’ police press release.

‘Twenty three suspects including two Afghan nationals were arrested during police search operation in Kohat from Billitang, Togh, Sheikhan, Tapi, Charghari, Muhammad Zai and Raigi Sheno Khel villages of Kohat. Large cache of arms and five kilo gram Cannabis was recovered from the possession of arrested suspects, two gamblers were also arrested by Kohat police from Razgeer Banda Kohat,’ police press release.

Unmatched bravery of Khatak tribesmen

Khatak tribesmen being loyal warriors of British Royal Indian Army had enjoyed great respect among people of Great Britain, my maternal grand mother was from Khatak tribe, in my child hood I was shifted to Khatak tribe area of Kamal Khel during 1965 and 1971 wars, I was protected by Khatak tribesmen relatives of my maternal grand mother while residing with my other family members at ancestral residence of my maternal grandmother in Kamal Khel Kohat.

Khataks are a martial race, even during marry making they dance with swords, Khatak Dance reflects the basic instinct of Khatak warriors; with fast movement of their swords Khatak dancers express their inner brave selves during happy occasions. Being soldier and officers of Pakistan Armed Forces Khatak tribesmen have proved time and time again that they are true professionals and can kill and get killed while defending their motherland.

Retired Subidar Sardar Ali Khatak sells plants in his nursery located at roadside near ParachaTown Kohat. Being an honest and God fearing man he enjoys great respect, I had bought rose and Jasmine plants from his nursery once for my residence. On Sunday when I paid him a visit to select some more plants, he was looking bit frustrated, and dejected, while sitting on a cot among flower plants I had lent ear to him, Sardar Ali says his son Asad Ali Khan was martyred as FC soldier in Hangu while fighting against Taliban militants in year 2008, FC commandant Ghani ur Rehman came to his residence in Mehmood Khel village of Banda Daud Shah Karak, to offer Fatiha, and at this occasion he had announced recruitment of two young people of his family in FC, Sardar Ali had also received a grant of one million rupees as compensation money from government in reward for services of his martyred son Asad Ali Khan.

Retired Subidar Sardar Ali Khan says present cause of his frustration is that his two nephews Zahid Nawaz and Shehzad Ali have applied for FC job on October 2nd 2009 at Daryaba Bannu recruitment center of FC but despite of the promise of FC commandant his nephews were rejected. He has appealed to the FC commandant to fulfill his promise and recruit his both nephews.

I promised him to send his appeal through print and electronic media to FC Commandant, and suddenly he was looking bit relieved. On the way back home I kept on thinking about proven bravery of Khataks, Retired Subidar Sardar Ali Khatak has lost his son Asad Ali Khan and insisting upon recruitment of his two nephews in FC, I am sure FC Commandant will honor his bravery further by recruiting his two nephews in FC.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Ten people died in Peshawar suicide car bomb attack

Kohat: 14-11-2009

‘At least ten people were died ad 25 others were injured when a suicide bomber rammed and detonated his explosive laden white car into police check post in Peshawar on Saturday,’ media reports.

‘Twenty militants were killed and 22 others were injured in air attacks of PAF on hideouts of militants in Orakzai Agency during last 24 hours, ammunition and food stocks stored in two bunkers and seven hideouts of Taliban militants were destroyed, in search operation from Tora Varai area five militants were also arrested on Saturday,’ official sources.

‘In lower Orakzai areas of Chapri Feroz Khel, Saam, Bezote and Sultanzai hide outs of militants were bombed by Pakistan Air Force Jet planes, in Sultan Zai captured residence of Sikh leader Gulab Singh, militants had stored food stuff, during air attacks the residence of Gulab Singh had caught fire and storage of food stuff in it was burnt to ashes. In Bezote area of Orakzai agency underground bunker filled with ammunition was also destroyed in PAF air attack,’ official sources.

‘Air attacks on Orakzai agency are still underway with brief intervals, Taliban militants have sealed their destroyed hideouts and are pulling out dead and injured militants from debris,’ official sources.

‘In Tora Varai area security forces have arrested five militants during search operation and have shifted them to unknown location,’ official sources.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Possible remedies for stoppage of suicide bomb attacks in Pakistan

Kohat: 13-11-2009
Unprecedented suicide bomb attacks were witnessed in Pakistan soon after commensuration of Army operation against Taliban militants in South Waziristan. Suicide bombers have launched attacks on Bannu, Kohat, Charsada, Islamabad and Peshawar in which dozens of people were died and injured. Last month interior ministry of Pakistan had expressed its inability to stop suicide bomb attacks in Pakistan.

‘Twelve people were died and dozens of others were injured in two suicide bomb attacks in Bannu and Peshawar on Friday. ISI headquarter located on Khyber road Peshawar was hit by suicide car bomber, consequently ten people were died and fifty others were injured, building of the headquarter was collapsed. In Bannu suicide bomber had rammed and detonated his explosive laden vehicle into Buka Khel police station, two people were reportedly died in Bannu suicide car bomb attack, and 23 others were injured,’ media reports.

‘President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gailani have condemned the violent attacks, and have expressed their grief over the loss of precious lives, ’ media reports.

‘Vehicles used in suicide bomb attacks in Kohat district were non custom paid and were having no record of ownership in Excise department,’ police press release.

‘Non custom paid vehicles are mostly witnessed moving around on roads of Parachinar capital of Kurram agency and in Meeran Shah area of North Waziristan, most of these vehicles are smuggled into Pakistan from Afghanistan,’ sources have said.

Robots good in detecting explosive laden vehicles and explosive vests if deployed can stop suicide bomb attacks, brave policemen and valiant soldiers of Pakistan Army often fall pray to suicide bombers, while checking the vehicles on check posts. Another way out is all out ground and air attacks on suicide bombers training camps in tribal areas of Pakistan and in Afghanistan. Afghanistan being a neighboring restive state of Pakistan has become safe heaven for suicide bombers, a BBC correspondent had pointed out this fact last year by interviewing a suicide bomber in Afghanistan. US lead NATO forces and Afghan Armed forces and police if coordinates in this respect wit Pakistan, Pakistan Armed forces will be saved from the trouble from entering into Afghanistan, international law allows busting of sanctuaries causing harm to an independent sovereign state.

Socio economic factors behind suicide bomb attacks also need careful evaluation and elimination of root causes of terrorism can also help resolve this problem on permanent bases.

Written and submitted by

Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)Cell phone # 00923339607378

PPPP wins election in Gilgit Baltistan

Pakistan People Party Parliamentarian has bagged majority vote in newly created province of Gilgit Baltistan, polling was held in peaceful environment on Thursday. PPPP lead by its creator Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had created political awareness among the masses, and still enjoys a large vote bank in Pakistan.

In his pre poll speech at Gilgit Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gailani has promised raise in salaries for the government employees of Gilgit Baltistan and have also ordered payment of hill allowance for them. He had also promised expansion in Benazir income support scheme for house wives of low income families.

Pakistan had lost 35 billion dollars in war against terror, while fighting against militants in alliance with USA, and have received only ten billion dollars in aid from USA, Pakistan was dragged into war on terror, due to prolonged military dictatorships in Pakistan, people deprived of their fundamental rights were fallen pray to the sway of Talibanisation in neighboring Afghanistan, after Soviet intervention and unceremonious departure from Afghanistan, Afghanistan became a battle ground and domain of war lords, central authority, government and state infrastructure was eliminated, Pakistan shares 2600km long border with Afghanistan, fall out of upheaval in Afghanistan was large influx of refugees into Pakistan, thus Klashinkov culture have started its evolution in this land of pure.

Pakistan soon after its creation became victim of mismanagement and corruption, power hungry politicians soon after the demise of father of the nation Quiad I Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan have established autocracy, and have deprived the people of their fundamental rights and their share in resources of Pakistan, during Korean war in 1950’s Pakistan became a rich state due to increase in jute prices in international market, but no welfare system to provide relief to the people was introduced.

Its and upheaval task for present PPPP lead coalition government to make Pakistan a welfare state ad restore fundamental rights of the people, war on terror is a big drain on our national resources, but it is also a war of survival of Pakistan as an independent sovereign state. With introduction of truly welfare system and by giving fair share to the people of Pakistan in its natural and other resources, Premier Gailani has already taken big leap forward by giving royalty to NWFP of its revenue share in electricity, to defeat Talibanisation of NWFP and other provinces of Pakistan development of social sector is utmost necessary. All those whom are not doing some business or gainfully employed deserves unemployment allowance whether educated or uneducated, old or young, men or women.

To ensure better results in future elections and for survival of Pakistan and current ruling and opposition political parties the only way out is fair deal, era of politics of deception in presence of free press and independent judiciary has been over now, wave of awareness has been spread through internet, cable TV, private TV channels and print media in Pakistan, any measures to curb freedom of press or independence of judiciary will invite strong reaction. PPPP lead coalition government leader Gailani was recently heard as saying that no curbs will be imposed on free press in Pakistan. In fact media promotes the cause of PPPP lead coalition by high lighting corruption, and corrupt practices, by taking corrective measures existing government can further improve its performance.

Written and submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Sugar and white sugar

Stockpiles will ultimately bust the sugar industry in Pakistan due to low consumption of sugar because of its high price. ‘Because of unrealistic increase in sugar prices consumers are buying small quantities of sugar,’ a shopkeeper as said.

‘White sugar (heroene) is available in abundance but no sugar can be provided,’ shopkeeper Zaman has said to a customer of sugar in his shop. ‘Government efforts to provide sugar to consumers through utility stores and permit holder shopkeepers are marred by corrupt officials and black marketer permit holder shopkeepers, I bought sugar bags from Togh area permit holder of Sugar in black and now I am selling it to customers at the rate of 60/rs per kilo gram,’ shopkeeper Imtiaz has said.

Truck full of sugar bags was unloaded in utility store located near Paracha Town Kohat on Monday, but the utility store incharge Ibrahim had refused to sell sugar to a customer on a plea that it is his break time, though their was still few minutes left for his one o’clock break time, his accomplice has said that sugar will be provided to the customers at three o’clock, after arrival of utility stores area manager in Kohat.

‘Two employees of a utility store located on Kohat Pindi road near Paracha town and of utility store situated on Bannu road Kohat were arrested by Kohat Rescue 15 police on Monday, in response to public complaints 28 bags pf sugar were taken into custody by police,’ police press release.

‘No sugar was sold to permit holder Zaman from syndicate of food department on Monday,’ Zaman shopkeeper has said. A consumer says there is no sugar available in any shop inside Paracha town and in shops of its near bye areas. A shopkeeper on condition of anonymity has said that within syndicate of food department, Imran Peer is selling sugar to shopkeepers at the rate of 2600/rs per 40kg bag; its actual price is around 1900/rs, in presence of magistrate Imran Peer a close relative of Peer Dilawar Shah MNA Kohat is behind the present sugar black marketing.

A Colonel of Pakistan Army has said that 28 billions rupees profit was reaped by Mian Shahbaz Sharif Chief Minister Punjab from his 14 sugar mills during holy month of Ramazan.

‘I have refused to buy sugar for my shop, whole sale dealer was selling 40kg bag of sugar at the rate of 3000/rs per bag,’ a small businuiss owner as said.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

VC KUST abducted in Dara Adam Khel

Dr. Lutfullah Kaka Khel vice chancellor of Kohat University of Science and technology was abducted from Akhurwal area of Dara Adam Khel on Friday, ‘all the university employees residents of Akhurwal area are booked by Kohat police, on a suspicion of their possible involvement in his abduction,’ a source has said. Ex Vice Chancellor of Kohat university Mr. Zabita Khan Shinwari in a written statement to the press has stressed for immediate recovery of Dr. Lutfullah Khel from captivity of abductors and have urged academia to come forward and organize a movement for immediate and safe recovery of Dr. Lutfullah Kaka Khel.

Vice Chancellor Kyani in Balochistan was killed earlier this year, recently education minister of Balochistan was killed, around hundred school teachers were also killed in the said province, buildings of educational institutions were damaged in province of NWFP and in its adjacent tribal areas, Dr Zabita Khan has also stressed for the need of greater protection for academia in his statement।

Thirty nine criminals including seven proclaimed offenders were arrested by Kohat police on Sunday section 144 has been imposed and display of arms has been restricted in the district। According to press release issued by PRO Kohat police Mr। Fazal Naeem, upon instruction of DIG Kohat region Mr। Abdullah Khan, in search operation led by DPO Kohat Mr. Dilawar Khan Bangash district police elite force and FRP troops were deployed, 39 suspects including 7 proclaimed offenders from Kachai, Ustarzai, Sherkote, Nasrat Khel, Kagazai, College town, Gandyali, Dodha, Syab, and Fateh Khan Banda, areas of Kohat were arrested. Collectively five Klashinkovs, 3 repeaters, 7 rifles, 9 shotguns, 15 pistols, 1500 cartridges of different bores, and 15kg cannabis were recovered from the possession of arrested criminals. Arrested criminals were shifted to a secret location for investigation. Meanwhile Kohat district administration has imposed section 144 and restriction on display of arms has been imposed.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Jirga meeting of elders

To ensure peace in Hangu during forthcoming month of Muharram a Jirga meeting was called in Commissioner House Kohat on Thursday. The meeting was presided over by Commissioner Khalid Umer Zai, elders of both Shia and Sunni sects including Haji Javed Ibrahim Pracha and Abdullah Jan Bangash, high-ranking police and Pak Army officials and media men were present in the meeting held at the lawns of Commissioner House Kohat.

To resolve contentious issues between both Shia and Sunni sects regarding holding of mourning procession in Hangu, will be deliberated in seven member committees of both sects and on 12th of November next meeting will be held in Commissioner House again. During Muharram tension has been witnessed in Hangu after 2006 bomb explosion in Shia sect mourning procession in which dozens of people were killed and injured.

Commissioner Khalid Umer Zai while addressing the Jirga members have asked the elders of both sects to provide road map for lasting peace in Hangu.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Twenty people died in Pindi suicide bomb attack

Kohat 2-11-2009

‘At least twenty people were died and 22 others were injured in suicide bomb attack in Rawal Pindi Sadar on Monday morning. Suicide bomber had hit parking area of a hotel in Pindi Sadar, injured were admitted in different hospitals of Pindi, some of the injured people are in critical condition, explosion hit area has been cordoned off by police. President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gailani have condemned the suicide bomb attack, have termed it as cowardly act and have expressed their resolve regarding continues actions against miscreants to restore peace in the country,’ government media report.

‘Forty two suspects including 12 Afghan nationals were arrested by Kohat police on Sunday, large cache of arms was recovered from their possession. District police and Elite force contingent led by DPO Kohat Mr. Dilawar Khan Bangash have conducted search operation in Ublun, Ghamkole, Chechana, Billitang, Jerma, Tapi, Muhammad Zai, Parachgan Banda, Shakar Dara and Gumbat areas of Kohat, 42 suspects including 12 Afghan nationals were arrested during the search operation, collectively, 6 Klashinkovs, 8 rifles, 12 shotguns, 30 pistols, 50 chargers and 2000 cartridges of different bores were recovered from the possession of arrested suspects. The suspects were handed over to secret agencies for further investigation,’ press release issued by PRO Kohat police Mr. Fazal Naeem.

‘DPO Kohat Mr. Dilawar Khan Bangash has said that his men are keeping watchful eye on Afghan refugee camps, hotels, colleges and schools, bus stands, bazaars, and on important private and government buildings and installations to contain subversive activity in Kohat, patrolling of police riders and on foot men have been also increased,’ PRO police press release.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Cell phone # 00923339607378

Between the devil and deep sea

Kohat 1-11-2009

During her three days visit of Pakistan US secretary of state Madam Hillary Clinton had raised a big question regarding inability of Pakistan government regarding arrest of Usama bin Laden. ‘Alqaeeda during General Musharf rule was having popular support among the masses in tribal and settle areas of Pakistan, due to fear of backlash Musharaf regime was hesitant to arrest him,’ media reports.

‘Alqaeeda leader had escaped towards Iran when US lead NATO forces had bombarded his Tora Bora hideouts soon after the happenings of nine eleven,’ an Afghan refugee militant has said.

‘In between snowy mountain peaks of Nooristan province of Afghanistan Usama Bin Laden lives with his Alqaeeda militants,’ media reports.

‘Secret headquarter of CIA in Qandhar province of Afghanistan was captured by Alqaeeda, Usama bin Ladin was seen their in Qandhar along with his four children,’ media reports.

‘In Waziristan tribal area of Pakistan he has got strong allies, his picture was also displayed on internet while standing with Maulana Haqani,’ media reports.

‘In Waziristan tribal area of Pakistan along with Pak-Afghan border there are roads built by smugglers, through which cross border activity has been carried out,’ a source has said.

During dictatorial rule of General Parvez Musharaf all the militant organizations in Pakistan were enjoying tremendous support among the masses; people deprived of their fundamental rights do not support their governments, thus militant’s leads insurgencies successfully.

With arrival of PPP lead coalition government in power popular support for militants were diminished up to larger extent, with ouster of General Parvez Musharaf from presidency, civil society got rid of uniformed militancy, in absolute democratic environment militant leadership of Swat when have strived to impose its own dictatorship on civil society in Pakistan, military operation against militants of Swat was supported by civil society in Pakistan.

Waziristan operation also has support among the masses, civil society in Pakistan distaste any sort of dictatorship, during General Parvez Musharaf rule Pakistani civil society was caught in between the devil and deep sea, journalists were harassed and killed, politicians were imprisoned and discredited by regime, for an ordinary citizen their was no difference between Fascism of Alqaeeda, Taliban and General Musharaf, in case PPP lead coalition succeeds to restore fundamental rights of the people guaranteed by constitution of Pakistan in tribal and settled areas of Pakistan, people by themselves will arrest and hand over Fascists of Alqaeeda and TTTP to the government authorities.

No Fascist can enjoy popular support in democratic environment, even illiterate masses jealously guard their fundamental rights and freedoms, Pakistan is no more a country good for leading insurgencies, Pakistan Armed forces are playing their constitutional role and are currently enjoying tremendous support among the masses. PPPP lead coalition must accelerate the process of further democratization of society, inclusion of tribal areas into Pakistan, formation of garrisons, police stations, courts etc in tribal areas along with restoration of political rights of the tribes men will further strengthen democracy in Pakistan. Rule of Law, independent judiciary, responsible and free press, and inclusion of genuinely educated people in government departments will help further to meet the challenges concerning national security, and will also diminish questions in the minds of Pakistan’s friends and allies.

Written and submitted by

Abdur Raziq
Cell phone # 00923339607378

Thirty three militants killed in South Waziristan

Kohat 1-11-2009

‘Thirty three militants were killed and four security forces men were died, in ongoing battle between Taliban militants and Pakistan security forces in South Waziristan,’ media reports

Seventeen suspects have been arrested during ongoing police search operation in Kohat city and suburban areas on Saturday, large cache of arms was recovered from their possession. Search operation has been initiated under supervision of District Police Officer Mr. Dilawar Kohan Bangash, armed cars equipped with heavy machine guns has been deployed by Kohat police during on going search operation, from of seventeen arrested suspects, collectively, 17 Klashinkovs, 7 rifles, 8 guns, 10 pistols, 25 chargers, and thousands of cartridges have been recovered. In ongoing search operation from Billitang, Togh, Tupi, Jungle Khel and sensitive areas of Kohat city, 11 more suspects have been arrested, most of the arrested suspects are natives of Orakzai agency, Dara Adam Khel and Kurram agency, arrested suspects were handed over to joint investigation team,’ Press release issued by PRO Kohat police Mr. Fazal Naeem.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq