Saturday, October 31, 2009

Twenty militants killed in air attacks of PAF

Kohat: 31-10-2009
‘Twenty militants were killed and twelve hideouts of militants were destroyed in air attacks on Orakzai Agency and Kurram Agency on Saturday. Jet planes of Pakistan Air Force have pounced the hideouts of militants to decrease accelerated attacks of militants on security forces in the wake of South Waziristan operation, jets are still flying over Kurram and Orakzai Agencies, fear prevails in public, while militants and their commanders are gone underground,’ press release issued by PRO Kohat police Mr. Fazal Naeem.

‘An unidentified dead body of a person killed with bullet shots was found in OTS area of Kohat Garrison, dead body was shifted to Combined Military Hospital Kohat by police men, has been kept their for identification,’ police press release.

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Abdur Raziq
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Seven security forces men died in Bara bomb blast

Kohat 31-10-2009
‘Seven security forces men were died on Saturday, when security forces convoy was hit with explosives planted by miscreants, in Surghur area of Bara Khyber agency, three militants were killed and two others were injured in Bajure agency,’ media reports.

‘A white color flying coach filled with explosives in Turki Ismaeel Khel area of Dara Adam Khel on Friday, has been moving towards Kohat or Peshawar to hit the target, the flying coach driven by a suicide bomber carries an ambulance monogram on it, precautionary measures are taken by Kohat police to stop the explosive laden vehicle, Rescue 15 police Kohat has appealed to the public to inform police immediately after having glimpse of the said explosive laden vehicle,’ police press release.

‘Explosive laden car has been stopped near Bahawalnagar area of Kohat,’ a source has said. Rescue15 police sources have not confirmed the stoppage of explosive laden vehicle, when I contacted them on telephone.

‘Meanwhile burglar involved in burglary at residence of Major Muhammad Khalid Saeed was arrested by Kohat police. According to police sources, from residence of Major Muhammad Khalid Saeed located in KDA Kohat, his servant had stolen gold ornaments worth more the two hundred thousand rupees, and cash worth 50000/rs, FIR was registered in Jungle Khel police station, accused Mushtaq son of Lalzada was arrested by Kohat police from Khwasi Banda Lachi Kohat, stolen money and goods were recovered from his possession,’ police press release.

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Abdur Raziq

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Three suspects held in Kohat

Kohat: 29-10-2009
‘Three suspects including Imam Mosque was arrested during raid of a sensitive agency in Kohat on Wednesday. Men of a sensitive agency of Pakistan Army have raided Masjid I Qaba located in Jungle Khel area of Kohat and a mosque located in Veterinary hospital Teerah bazaar Kohat, Imam mosque of veterinary hospital Maulvi Burhanudin and two other suspects were arrested on a suspicion of having links with militants and were shifted to unknown place for further investigation,’ press release issued by PRO Kohat police Mr. Fazal Naeem.

‘Accidentally rocket was fired by security forces soldier in a mobile vehicle of Quick Response Force while moving in a convoy, consequently soldier Sartaj was injured, while Army vehicle was partially damaged injured Surtaj was rushed to Combined Military Hospital Kohat. Meanwhile security forces have diffused two mortar shells and other explosives in Army firing range, explosives were recovered during search operations,’ police press release.

‘Five Afghan suspects were arrested from Lakhtai Banda Hangu during joint police and FC raid on Afghan refugee camp. Large cache of weapons was recovered from their custody, Afghan suspects Naeem, Habibur Rehman, Muhammad Saleem, Awal Khann and Fazal Khan were without any traveling documents, collectively four Klashinkovs, two shotguns, three pistols and hundreds of cartridges were recovered from their possession, they will be deported to Afghanistan,’ police press release.

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Abdur Raziq

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Six UN officials died in Kabul

‘At least 45 people were killed and 150 others were injured in a bomb explosion in Meena Bazaar of Peshawar on Wednesday the violent incident was condemned by President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Gailani. Six UN officials were died and three armed people were killed, nine others were injured in terrorist attack on a guest house in Kabul capital of Afghanistan on Wednesday,’ media reports.

‘Madam Hillary Clinton US secretary of state had arrived in Islamabad capital of Pakistan to discuss regional and bilateral issues with Pakistani leadership,’ media reports।
86 people mostly women and children were died, Meena bazaar is located in densely populated area of Peshawar city, it is difficult to determine the exact number of dead at this stage, explosion was so powerful that large number of shops and residential buildings were demolished, efforts are underway to find out injured and dead from the debris of demolished buildings. ANP leader Mr. Bashir Khan Bilourand minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain have said that they have visited the trouble spot and the explosion was reaction of ongoing security forces operation in South Waziristan.

Meanwhile Madam Hillary Clinton had held meeting with Premier Gailani, at luncheon in Islamabad, and she is scheduled to meet Chief of the Army Staff General Parvez Kyani and will also hold meeting with opposition leader Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. In press conference in Islamabad she has said that people behind subversive activities are not brave but cowards, they shall struggle to attain political power by participating in elections.

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Abdur Raziq

Forty two Taliban militants killed in South Waziristan

Kohat: 28-10-2009
‘Forty two Taliban militants were killed on Tuesday in ongoing security forces operation in Makeen and other areas of South Waziristan, one soldier of Pakistan Army was died and another was injured, After shaving their beards and long hair Taliban militants are trying to escape from South Waziristan, large number of families were displaced, authorities fear militants will escape in disguise of IDP’s,’ print media reports, intelligence sources, ISPR.

Two women in two unrelated incidents were killed in two different areas of Kohat on Tuesday. According to police sources in Dhoda village of Kohat, because of a dispute between women of two families, accused Umer Khan had killed forty years old widow of Hayat Khan by opening fire at her with fire arms and have managed to escape. In one another incident within the limits of Sadar police station Kohat, in residential area of Hayat Shaheed colony, tribesman of Orakzai agency accused Asal Khan had killed young wife of his brother Nemat Khan by opening fire at her with fire arms within his home and have managed to escape, reason behind murder was family dispute.

‘During ongoing search operation of Kohat police eight suspects including two proclaimed offenders were arrested on Tuesday, large cache of arms was recovered from their custody. From Jerma, Tapi, Muhammadzai, Sahahpur, Billitang and Jungle Khel areas of Kohat in joint raids of security forces and Kohat police, eight suspects including two proclaimed offenders namely, Zahid Gul, Ghazanfar Iqbal, Ameer Khan, Habib ur Rehman, Jan Muhammad, Gul Muhammad Shahid, and Fahmid were arrested, collectively, two Klashinkovs, 3 rifles, 4 guns, 5 pistols and hundreds of cartridges were recovered from their possession,’ press release issued by PRO Kohat police Mr. Fazal Naeem.

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Abdur Raziq

Monday, October 26, 2009

Network of militants destroyed in South Waziristan

‘Twenty one Taliban militants were killed and six security forces men were died in ongoing South Waziristan security forces operation Rahi Nijat,’ media reports.

‘All the outlets in South Waziristan have been blocked, militants can not escape, network of militants has been destroyed,’ Information Minister Mr. Qamar Zaman Kaira was heard as saying in his interview on VOA Urdu service.

Twelve extremists were killed and 23 others were injured in retaliatory attack of security forces in Tora Warai Hangu, after militants attack on security forces Tora Warai check post during the night between Sunday and Monday, in which one security forces soldier was killed and 12 others were injured. According to official sources, In Tora Warai area of Doaba capital of Hangu district militants had launched attack on security forces check post with heavy weapons, consequently soldier Abdul Jafar was martyred and 12 other security forces men including two police men were injured. In exchange of fire between security forces men and militants 12 militants were killed and 23 others were injured. During subsequent joint search operation of security forces and police15 suspects were arrested, and six hideouts of militants were destroyed. Collectively 5 rocket launcher, 5 rockets, 2 hand grenades, 3 shotguns, 2 rifles, 4 pistols and hundreds of cartridges were recovered from their possession of 15 arrested suspects.

‘During police search operation in Hangu on Monday 22 suspects including 7 Afghan nationals were arrested, large cache of arms was recovered from their possession. Three trucks loaded with flour bags, wheat, sugar and edible oil while heading towards Afghanistan were stopped by police, seven Afghan smugglers were arrested by Hangu police,’ official sources.

‘Three helicopters of coalition forces in Afghanistan were crashed on Monday in different areas of Afghanistan, collectively 11 American soldiers and 3 American civilians were died,’ VOA news report

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Abdur Raziq
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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fifteen Taliban militants killed in South Waziristan

‘Fifteen Taliban militants were killed in South Waziristan, during security forces operation on Sunday, while one soldier of Pakistan Army was died. Kotkai village has been captured by security forces, homes of Hakeem Ullah Mehsood and Qari Hussain has been captured, militants are on the run,’ media reports

‘Education Minister of Baluchistan Shafiq ur Rehman was killed in Quetta on Sunday when unknown miscreants opened fire at him with fire arms. So far around hundred teachers are killed in Baluchistan,’ media reports

‘On Monday educational institution will be opened, schools, colleges and universities were closed after two suicide bomb attack on International Islamic University Islamabad,’ media reports.

‘A police officer of Islamabad police was killed in suicide bomb attack on Sunday when a car was stopped for search on a police check post, among the two people present in the car, one came out from it while other had blew himself up with explosives, accomplice of suicide bomber has been captured alive,’ VOA Urdu service news reports.

‘Twenty two suspects including ten Afghan nationals were arrested in joint search operation of law enforcing agencies on Sunday, large cache of arms was recovered from the possession of arrested suspects. In the way of rockets attack on Kohat during last three days, security forces, police and other law enforcing agencies have conducted a joint search operation in Shahpur, Meer Bash Khel, Ublun, Ghamkole, Jungle Khel, and Meerozai areas of Kohat to arrest the terrorists involved in rocket attacks on Kohat, during search operation 22 suspects including ten Afghan nationals, 3 Kalashnikovs, 5 shotguns, 4 rifles, 7 pistols and 287 cartridges were recovered from the possession of arrested suspects. Arrested Afghans working as Imam Mosques will receive punishment of 100 days imprisonment and deportation,’ press release issued by PRO Fazal Naeem of Kohat police.

‘Sub Inspector Shah Iran martyred in Lahore motor way suicide bomb explosion was buried in his native village Kote Kohat on Sunday, he was martyred in a suicide bomb attack during the night between Saturday and Sunday on Lahore motor way. Soldier Muhammad Ikhtiar martyred in South Waziristan was buried in his native village Durtapi Tehsil Lachi of Kohat with full military honor,’ police press release.

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Abdur Raziq
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Friday, October 23, 2009

Growing number of terrorist attacks in Pakistan

‘At least seventeen people were killed when a bus full of people participating in wedding ceremony was hit by a landmine in Mehmand Agency tribal area on Friday, 7 other people were killed in a suicide bomb attack on a check post near Kamra, eight people were injured in a bomb explosion near a restaurant in Hayat Abad Peshawar,’ VOA Urdu service news bulletin.

‘A laborer was killed when a mortar shell fired from Ublun hills had hit a market in Kohat during the night between Thursday and Friday. Five mortar shells were fired at Kohat city from Ublaun hills, one shell had hit laborer Sheena Gul resident of Bajur agency, he was sleeping at market roof when was hit by mortar shell, critically injured Sheena Gul had succumbed to his injuries on his way towards hospital. Other four mortar shells have hit Police Line, Liaqat hospital, Cattle Market and Kohat Garrison, two unexploded mortar shells were diffused by bomb disposal squad of Kohat police, ’ police press release.

‘Meanwhile dead body of an unidentified young man was found near Gulu Bera Jungle Khel, the dead body pierced with bullet holes were buried by Kohat police. From appearance the dead body was seemed to be of an Afghan national,’ police press release.

‘Six suspects were arrested and explosives were diffused by Kohat police on Thursday. During the night between Thursday and Wednesday miscreants have fired four mortar shells on Kohat Garrison area, the shells landed in Kohat Garrison were not exploded. Unexploded shells and other explosive material recovered by police during last three days were diffused in Janan Baba area of Kohat. In ongoing search operation of Kohat police from Kohat city, Naway Kalay and Jerma six suspects were arrested and were shifted to secret place for further interrogation,’ press release issued by PRO Fazal Naeem of Kohat police.

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Abdur Raziq

Thursday, October 22, 2009

High ranking official of Pakistan Army died in Islamabad attack

Three Pakistan Army men including a Brigadier were died and one other soldier was injured when unknown assailants opened fire at them in Islamabad capital of Pakistan on Thursday. ‘ Brigadier Moeen was traveling in a jeep, when unknown assailants opened fire at his jeep with firearms in G/11 sector of Islamabad, consequently Brigadier Moeen and two other soldiers were martyred, the area has been encircled by security forces men soon after the violent incident, with the help of sniff dogs search for killers is on, so far security forces have arrested one suspect from the said area, Prime Minister Gailani and president Asif Ali Zardari have condemned the violent incident in which precious lives were lost,’ Radio Pakistan news bulletin revealed.

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Abdur Raziq

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Five members of Swat Taliban Sura arrested in Kohat

Sugar has become rare commodity in Kohat district, shopkeepers provide the sugar at the rate of 77/rs per kg to 60/rs and 55/rs per kg, most of the shopkeepers just refuse the sugar customers,’ a retired Subidar of Pakistan Army has said.

Shopkeeper Fahim says sugar rate fixed by apex court is not acceptable, another shopkeeper says food department in Kohat sells bag of sugar at 2000/rs and expects from me that I’ll buy sugar at the rate of 40/rs per kg and will sell it at the same rate, I have refused to buy sugar from food department because I am running a shop to make profit, I am not sitting in the mosque to sell sugar for God’s sake on no profit and no loss base.

Meanwhile five members of Swat Taliban Sura close accomplices of Taliban militant commander Fazlullah has been arrested in Kohat on Wednesday, members of Swat Taliban Sura were residing in a rented house located at Behzadi Chikar Kote Kohat.
An explosive device planted near shopping plaza in Teera bazaar Kohat has been also defused by Kohat police bomb disposal squad. Twenty seven other non local suspects were also arrested by police from different areas of Kohat, large cache of arms was recovered from their possession,’ police press release.

‘Eighteen suspects were arrested in Dara Adam Khel on Wednesday, during security forces operation, and from Tull Tehsil of Hangu fourteen Afghan nationals were arrested and deported back to Afghanistan through Parachinar, at Pak Afghan border they were handed over to Afghan government officials,’ police press release.

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Abdur Raziq

Two suicide bombers attacked International Islamic University Islamabad

‘At least six people including two suicide bombers and two female students were killed, while 40 others were injured in two suicide bomb attacks on International Islamic University Islamabad. Interior Minister Malik says the attacks on university are reaction of security forces operation against militants in South Waziristan. During last four days at least 100 militants were killed in South Waziristan in ongoing security forces operation, five security forces men died and 11 others were injured too.’, VOA Urdu service news report, CNN news report.

‘Educational institutions in NWFP and Sindh, Azad Kashmir and Islamabad capital of Pakistan has been closed to avert any untoward incident,’ print media reports

‘In the wake of security forces operation against militants of South Waziristan, during past few weeks, militants have launched attacks on General Headquarter of Pakistan Army located in Pindi, attacks were also launched on police in Lahore, Peshawar and Kohat, female suicide bombers were involved in suicide bomb attacks on police in Peshawar and Islamabad,’ print media reports.

‘Meanwhile 18 suspects were held by Kohat police on Monday during search operation, the arrested suspects are non local and are arrested from different areas of Kohat,’ Police press release.

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Abdur Raziq

Monday, October 19, 2009

A bid to smuggle weapons foiled

A bid to smuggle raw weapons from Dara Adam Khel to Lahore was foiled by Kohat police on Monday. While acting on a tip off DPO Kohat Mr. Dilawar Khan Bangash had formed a team headed by SHO Aqiq Hussain of Jungle Khel police station to arrest the smugglers, on Gulshan Abad check post of Kohat truck # GLT8760 when stopped and searched by police team 180 pistol bolts, 187 pistol barrels, and other raw weapons including 40000 cartridges were recovered from it. Two terrorist suspects present in the truck namely Muhammad Ameen and Gul Shahid were arrested by police and were shifted to unknown place. During investigation both the arrested suspects have confessed their crime and have revealed the names of their other accomplices involved in smuggling raw weapons from Dara Adam Khel to Lahore capital of Punjab.

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Abdur Raziq

Sixty militants killed in South Waziristan

‘Sixty militants were killed and five security forces men were martyred in combine air and ground attack of Pakistan armed forces on militants hideouts in Ludha and other areas of South Waziristan on Sunday,’ print media reports.

‘To control infiltration of extremists in Punjab from Waziristan, police is at high alert in Mianwali and Bhakar areas of Punjab,’ VOA Urdu service news report.

‘Eight suspects including two Afghans were arrested in Kohat police Sunday crack down on criminals. Under supervision of District Police Officer Kohat Mr. Dilawar Khan Bangash, crack down against criminals was initiated in suburban areas of Kohat, from Ublan, Jerma, Sheikhan, Meerozai and Billitang villages of Kohat eight suspects including two Afghan nationals namely, Noor Merjan, Khan Zaman, Nasir Ahmed, Asim ud Din, Muzamil, Israr ud Din and Zarbat Khan were arrested by Kohat police, collectively two Klashinkove, three rifles, three shot guns, five pistols and hundred of cartridges were recovered from their possession, the arrested suspects were shifted to unknown location for further investigation,’ press release issued by PRO Fazal Naeem of Kohat police.

‘In Hangu police search operation 10 suspects including four abductors were arrested by police, large cache of arms was recovered from their custody,’ police press release.

‘To foil suicide car bomb attacks Kohat police department investigation team has contacted anti car lifting cell, and Excise department, terrorists use lifted cars and non custom paid cars in suicide car bomb attacks,’ Press release.

‘Vehicle used in suicide car bomb attack on Sadar police station Kohat was packed with explosive material in Turki Usman Khel area of Sheen Dhand FR Kohat, vehicle have crossed check posts on Kohat Pindi road when police men deployed at check posts were having morning tea, in absence of explosive detectors on police check posts it is impossible to identify and stop explosive laden vehicles, ’ PRO Kohat police has said.

‘After receiving threats from militants PAF school and college has been closed for one week, militants are threatening another attack on Sadar police station Kohat,’ Master Aziz has said.

‘Militants have threatened PAF school and college administration to end coeducation and remove female teachers, female teachers are worried about their security now’ a female teacher has said.

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Abdur Raziq

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Initial investigation report of Thursday Kohat suicide car bomb attack

‘Initial investigation report of Thursday suicide car bomb attack on Sadar police station of Kohat has been forwarded to provincial government, chases and engine number of vehicle used in suicide bomb attack, DNA test report and finger prints of suicide bomber have been collected, two unidentified dead bodies of suicide bomb attack victims have been buried by Kohat police,’ Kohat police press release.

‘According to FIR # 1285 registered in police station Sadar Kohat, and report prepared by seven members committee appointed by DPO Dilawar Khan Bangash, explosive material was placed in a secret compartments of blue double cabin pickup used in suicide bomb attack on Sadar police Station, report reveals that blue color double cabin pickup having chases # K2N130-906140 and engine # IKZ0101755 was used in Thursday suicide bomb attack on Sadar police station, seems to be non custom paid vehicle, Excise office has been contacted to find the identity of its owner, ’ police press release.

‘Initial investigation report also contains important revelations about planning of suicide bomb attack, and statements of eyewitnesses and statements of government servants present at the time of suicide bomb attack on Sadar police station Kohat,’ police press release.

‘Eye witnesses have said that a suicide bomber looking Uzbek from his outlook was driving blue color double cabin pickup, came through Kohat Pindi road, have asked about the location of Sadar police station Kohat and then explosion was heard,’ police press release.

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Abdur Raziq

Friday, October 16, 2009

Three militants killed in confrontation between rival groups of Taliban Militants

Three Taliban militants were killed in Dara Adam Khel on Thursday during confrontation between two rival factions of Taliban militants. In Shini Kalay bazaar of Dara Adam Khel militants of Taliban militant commander Momen Khan group have exchanged fire with militants of rival Tariq Afridi group, consequently three militants of Momen Khan group, namely Zulqarnain, Tilawar and Fazal residents of Zarghun Khel were killed, to avenge the killings Momen Khan group men have been accelerated their activities in Dara Adam Khel. Confrontation between both extremist militant groups was started last week when Momen Khan group had issued ultimatum to Tariq Afridi group to vacate Dara Adam Khel area from militants of his group within one week.

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Abdur Raziq

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ten people killed in Kohat suicide bomb attack

Remains of vehicle used by suicide bomber Inside view of Sadar police station

At least ten people were killed and 19 others were injured when a suicide bomber rammed and detonated his explosive laden vehicle into main gate of Sadar police station Kohat on Thursday morning at 8:45am.

‘Suicide bomber had detonated his explosive laden vehicle while colliding it with main gate of Sadar police station Kohat, consequently Constable Fayaz Hassan, Muhammad Noor, and Driver Khursheed including six civilians namely Arshad Ali, Javed Maseeh, Bashir Khan, Tariq Abdul Wali, Rehman were killed, two dead bodies are badly damaged and are not identified yet,’ police official Ahsan has said

Police station Sadar is located in Garrison area of Kohat and adjacent to it is residence of District Police Officer Kohat, opposite to it is PAF mess, DCO office and residence of DIG Kohat is at few yards distance from it, ‘splinters were landed in near by residences when suicide bomber rammed and detonated his explosive laden vehicle into main gate of police station,’ an eyewitness has said.
Death toll of Thursday suicide car bomb on Sadar police station Kohat attack has been mounted to 11, according to press release issued by PRO Kohat police, 11 people namely Constable Fayazul Hasnain, Constable Muhammad Noor, Constable Khurshid, Javed Maseeh, Tariq, Haji Baseer Khan, Abdul Wali, Tahir ur Rehman, Arshad Ali and two unidentified dead bodies were killed and while ASI Munawar Khan, Constable Ajmal, Constable Akhtar Hassan, Asmatullah, Miss Abida, Hamza Abdullah, Rooman, Nazeer, Rahatullah, Meewa Din, Shahab Ahmed, Zeeshan Ahmed, Miss Ishrat Parveen, and Darvesh a prisoner in lockup were injured. School children are also included among twenty two injured people. One hand grenade found near Sadar police station was also diffused by bomb disposal squad of Kohat police. Chief Minister NWFP Mr. Ameer Haider Khan Hoti, Governer Awais Ghani and IGP NWFP Malik Naveed Khan have order probe into the incident.

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Abdur Raziq
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Monday, October 12, 2009

In search of truth

Canadian citizen Manzoor Peerzada says, in search of contentment he had joined group of Islamic missionaries known as Tablighi Jamaat. He has done CA and from last forty years he is preaching Islam as member of Tablighi Jamaat, from last four years he visits Pakistan regularly, currently he is on his mission with other Pakistani preachers in mosque of Paracha Town Kohat. He says prevailing falsehood in environment around him compelled him towards Islamic preaching which guides towards truth.

Manzoor Peerzaqda is regular visitor of Dubai, and has also held a meeting with Tablighi Jamaat elders in Riwand Lahore during his current visit of Pakistan.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hostages released from GHQ Pindi

‘Six Pakistan Army soldiers were killed in terrorists attack at GHQ Pindi on Saturday, four terrorists were also killed in encounter with Pak Army men and two have managed to escape, security forces men are searching the area to arrest them Six terrorists riding a white van have opened fire on a first check post before General Headquarter of Pakistan Army and after killing four soldiers have reached near second check post where they were engaged in one hour long battle with security forces men, four terrorists were consequently killed and two among them have managed to escape,’ Pakistan radio news bulletin.
‘Three Pakistan Army officials were died and four militants were killed in early hours of Sunday morning, when Pak Army SSG commandos stormed the compound where 25 Pak Army officials and civilians were held hostages by militants, hostages are released after 18 hours siege of the compound in General Headquarters of Pakistan Army in Pindi. Now GHQ has been cleared from militants, on Saturday eight to ten militants wearing uniforms of Pakistan Army have attacked General Headquarters of Pakistan Army, and have killed four Pakistan Army officials including Brigadier Anwar and Lieutenant Colonel Waseem of Pakistan Army, four militants were killed in encounter with security personals, and other four militants have taken 25 civilian including few Army officials as hostages, one among the militants was suicide bomber guarding the hostages, he was killed skillfully before detonating his explosive vest. Prime Minister of Pakistan Syed Yousuf Raza Gailani has said that militants were carrying sophisticated weapons imported from Afghanistan; protest in this respect has been lodged with Afghan government,’ Pakistan radio news bulletin, Aljazeera news report, VOA Urdu service news report.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Friday, October 9, 2009

Kerry-Lugar Bill

I have just completed reading of Kerry-Lugar Bill; it seems to be an effort of just and fair minded Senator Kerry and Senator Lugar to create some respect for human rights in Pakistan, by providing financial incentive to the government and people of Pakistan. The said bill is under discussion in National Assembly of Pakistan.

I am based here in Kohat district of Pakistan which is surrounded by tribal areas, Kohat is located at 40 miles distance from Peshawar capital of NWFP, my only access to the outside world is a radio, cell phone and internet, through my laptop I stay in touch with happenings in developed world, but as correspondent of Associated Press of Pakistan, my prime responsibility is mailing of news and articles regarding happenings inside the district of Kohat. Amid security forces operations in tribal areas of Pakistan, Kohat also became target of terrorist attacks, the most deadliest attack was carried out in Kacha Paka village of Kohat last month in which at least 40 people mostly civilian were killed.

But today’s suicide car bomb attack carried out by terrorists in Khyber bazaar of Peshawar in which at least 49 people were killed and more then 100 others were wounded, most of the people killed and injured were civilians was the worst incident of violence ever carried out in settled area of Pakistan.

The way journalists are facilitated and encouraged in USA or other developed democracies of the world, in Pakistan where recently press freedom was granted is not an ideal place for journalists, I do have a large readership in outside world at, and at but I am not paid by these websites for my writings so far. Associated Press of Pakistan also pay so little and so late that survival becomes a challenge for me. Despite of all these odds I do strive to serve the humanity through my writings, and also appreciate the efforts of all those working for promotion of peace in the world.

Few weeks ago Senator Kerry’s statement published in the daily News of Pakistan, had caught my attention in which the Senator had advised Afghan government to abstain from destabilizing Pakistan. Off and on intelligence sources in Pakistan inform me about evidence of external intervention in tribal areas and settled areas of NWFP province of Pakistan, and I do honestly expose all such external elements guilty of destabilizing Pakistan through my writings, at the same time I do strive to create more understanding and cooperation between Pakistan and its neighboring countries. Pakistan, India and Afghanistan are part of the third world where human rights, democracy and peace are somewhat alien concepts.

In my opinion Kerry-Lugar Bill if approved by National Assembly of Pakistan, and if the reservation of Pakistan Armed forces are addressed and can be addressed by President Barak Obama, President of USA can send back the bill to legislature with his own suggestion and the bill can be approved again with concerns addressed of the president. The aid package for Pakistan will definitely result in improvement of human rights situation in Pakistan.

I do want to congratulate President Barak Obama for his well deserved achievement of Nobel Prize with the hope that he will keep on striving to promote and implement fundamental rights clauses of UN Charter in the UN member countries and elsewhere in the world.

Written and Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)
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Sixteen suspects held

‘At least 17 people were killed and 80 others were injured when suicide bomber rammed his explosive laden car into building of Indian embassy in Kabul on Thursday, only three security guards of the embassy were injured in the attack, diplomatic staff was remain safe, unknown faction of Taliban militants of Afghanistan have taken the responsibility of attack on Indian embassy in Kabul,’ print media reports.

One soldier was killed in militants attack on security forces convoy near Bosti Khel area of Dara Adam Khel on Thursday, in retaliation security forces have destroyed hide outs of militants and have booked 16 suspects. According to press release issued by PRO Kohat police Mr. Fazal Naeem, security forces convoy was passing through Bosti Khel area of Dara Adam Khel when miscreants had opened fire on the convoy, consequently soldier Sajjad was martyred and bullets have caused damage to security forces vehicle. Miscreants have also fired four rockets at security forces check post in Akhurwal area of Dara Adam Khel, security forces check post was partially damaged. In retaliation security forces have opened heavy artillery fire at hide outs of militants in Sheraki and Sra Mela areas of Dara Adam Khel and have destroyed at least three hide outs of militants their. During search operation in different areas of Dara Adam Khel, security forces have also arrested 16 suspects. The arrested suspects are shifted to a secret prison.

‘A young student involved in attacks on security forces convoys in Waziristan, after his arrest have confessed that he gets 50,000 rupees per month salary including ration for his family from Indian consulate located in Afghanistan near borders of Waziristan, for carrying out attacks on Pakistan security forces convoys, most of the weapons recovered from arrested militants of Waziristan are made of India and USA,’ intelligence sources.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dead bodies of TTP commanders tied with bombs are awaiting burial in Orakzai agency

Scenic beauty of Orfakzai agency has been overshadowed by frequent bloodshed since last few years, ‘on Wednesday six dead bodies of Taliban commanders were thrown near Taliban Training Camp in Kurt area of Orakzai agency, six Taliban commanders, namely, Hafiz Shah Nawaz, Hafiz Kamal, Mujahid, Ghulam, Basit, and Mazur Rehman, were sentenced to death by Taliban leaders of TTP on charges of abduction, they were allegedly involved in abduction of two men of a medicine company from Hangu district, captive Shahid and Sahib ur Rehman were released. The dead bodies of Taliban extremists tied with bombs are still spread over near Taliban training camp in Kurt area of Orakzai agency,’Kohat police press release

Extremists lead by Hakimullah Mehsood have compelled the Sikh community to pay tax known as Jazya earlier this year, Sikh community members have migrated towards predominantly Shia sect area of Feroz Khel in Orakzai agency, many Sikh families have migrated towards settled areas of Pakistan.

Orakzai Agency known for its bumper Cannabis crops and scenic beauty is now dominated by Alqaeeda militants enjoying safe heaven in snow peaked mountains of Orakzai agency near Pak-Afghan border, famous character of Alqaeeda Arab member is known as Arab uncle among tribesmen, nobody knows his real name. According to a tribal journalist Orakzai agency is completely under control of Taliban militants, and TTP have established courts their and has been promoting Islamic justice of TTP brand. Political administration of Orakzai agency has been confined to its offices.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Comparison of US reaction to Pearl Harbor and nine eleven attacks

History reflects that USA had declared its inclusion in Second World War, when Japanese U boats had launched an attack on Pearl Harbor, Americans had dropped two nuclear bombs on Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Naga Saki, eventually Japan was captured, demilitarized and was developed again by USA and its western allies. In case of attack on Pearl Harbor, USA reacted against visible and known adversary.

In the wake of nine eleven attacks USA reacted sharply to dismantle bases of terror in Afghanistan and Iraq, focus of US attention became South Asia and Middle East, no nuclear bomb was used this time against adversaries but cluster bombs were used in Afghanistan to eliminate terrorist of Alqaeeda and Taliban militants.

Guantanama Bay prison and many other prisons around the world maintained by CIA to keep Alqaeeda and Taliban captives was a reaction of mild nature as compare to nuclear attacks on Heroshima and Nagasaki. Iraq was captured, Sadam Hussain was dethroned and finally hanged, Taliban rule was ended in Afghanistan and hide outs of militants were heavily bombed in post nine eleven era.

Difference in attack on Pearl Harbor and nine eleven attacks on twin towers is that attack on Pearl Harbor was carried out by Japanese U boats, while promoting the desire of aggrandizement of ruler of Japan, whom was in alliance with Hitler of Germany and Mussolini of Italy, all the three countries were in war with European powers to dominate Europe and Asia. Nine eleven attacks were carried out by a terrorist organization known as Alqaeeda, which has tentacles in almost every country of the world, so to root out this terrorist organization completely, CIA if acts more like anti terrorist agency, can make the job of US Armed forces much easier then before, and bloodless. Common people in Afghanistan and Pakistan are least likely to support Alqaeeda, only extremely ignorant and poor among them can fall into the trap of Alqaeeda leadership bent upon befooling them in the name of Islam.

Civil society in Pakistan is under attack since long, religious political entities having minor support among public most often resort to impose their will through barrel of the gun, during Zia coup against Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Jamaat Islami had used Army guns to impose its own brand of Islam on civil society in Pakistan, Mullah Fazlullah of Swat has recently tried to capture Pakistan through barrel of gun.

Second World War was ended in few years, but eight years long war against terror will need more years to end, terrorist organization Alqaeeda and its allies are organizations and very few people are working for these organization to promote the cause of terror. Their number is likely to increase in areas where poverty and ignorance is common. Their existence is not confined to a single country, from Egypt to Afghanistan they are spread over in many countries. Alqaeeda have support in religious political entities in Egypt, Pakistan and Afghanistan, the organization has some economic base too. A comprehensive strategy to defeat Alqaeeda politically is also need of the hour. Economic and political uplift of Pakistan and Afghanistan can also help in minimizing political and economic base of Alqaeeda.

Written and submitted by

Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relation-History)
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Bomb diffused in Kohat

Bomb placed near Sadar police station of Kohat was diffused by Bomb Disposal Squad of Kohat police on Monday. According to press release issued by PRO Kohat police Mr. Fazal Naeem, while acting on a tip off men of Bomb Disposal Squad of Kohat police have diffused a two kilo gram heavy bomb placed by unknown miscreants near main gate of Sadar police station Kohat.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Monday, October 5, 2009

Suicibe bomber attacked UN WFP office in Islamabad Pakistan

‘At least five people including two women were killed when a suicide bomber in disguise of FC soldier was entered in UN World Food Program office in F8/3 Islamabad on Monday and had blew himself up with explosives in the office lobby. One Iraqi national and four Pakistani UN officials present in the WFP office lobby were killed, 13 people were present in the WFP office at the time of suicide bomb attack ,’ Voice of America Pushto Service news report.

‘The suicide bomber came in a disguise of FC soldier was holding a bag in his hand and had asked the security men on the gate of WFP office that he wants to use rest room, was permitted to enter in the office building, where he blew himself up with explosives, militants does not want Army operation in Waziristan, but government will pursue the militants and Swat’ Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said.

Earlier in VOA Urdu service news bulletin Qari Hussain of TTP Baitullah Mehsood group was quoted as saying that to abstain government from carrying out Army Operation in Waziristan TTP will carry out suicide bomb attacks in Pakistan.

‘UN offices has been closed in Pakistan till next orders,’ VOA Pushto report.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Three people of a family Killed in dispute over stone pelting

Three persons of a family were killed in their home over stone throwing dispute in Qammar Dahnd area of Union Council Surgul Kohat during the night between Thursday and Friday. According to police sources, in Qamar Dhand area of Union Council Surgul situated at a distance of 20 km from Kohat city, accused Zari, Javed and Dildar sons of Gul Muhammad have pelted stones in their neighboring homes and after exchange of hot words with Ijaz Khan son of Qaza Khan, Raza Khan son of Qaza Khan, and Qaza Khan son of Juma Khan have opened fire at them wit fire arms, all the three were killed at the spot at the door of their home. Case against the accused persons is registered in police station Sadar Kohat, FIR was registered their by Niaz Khan son of Qaza Khan, police is investigating the case.

‘Meanwhile, Kohat police has arrested two burglars involved in snatching money from employees of Billitang Kohat post office, from possession of arrested alleged burglar Atif Farid son of Muhammad Farid resident of Kote, and Auranzeb son of Abdul Ghani resident of Kamal Khel, three hundred and thirty thousand rupees, a Kalashnikov, two pistols and dozens of cartridges were recovered by Kohat police, police also arrested few suspects on suspicion of their involvement in snatching three mobile phone sets from academicians of KUST, earlier on Thursday night three masked burglars have snatched cell phone from academicians of Kohat University of Science and Technology, unveiled in joint press conference by DIG Kohat region Mr. Abdullah Khan and DPO Kohat Mr. Dilawar Khan Bangash.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Friday, October 2, 2009

General Stanley analysis of Afghan situation before arrival of cruel winter season

After publication of General Stanley A. McChrystal's summary in Washington post, number of drone attacks on tribal areas of Pakistan has been increased, interesting aspect of the summary was alleged involvement of ISI in attacks on US lead NATO forces in Afghanistan, Iranian Qudus alleged involvement in attack on US lead NATO forces in Afghanistan seems quite logical, because US presence in Afghanistan and Iraq might be conceived in Iran as encirclement of Iran, for possible US attack on Iran. Keeping the fact in view that Pakistan is a most allied ally of USA in war against terror, Pakistan does not fear any US attack, but General Stanley states in his summary that he has got the evidence of ISI involvement in attacks on US lead NATO forces.

An official of US embassy has also reportedly said before newsmen that Mullah Umer including his Quetta Sura is in Balochistan and Usama Bin Laden is also alive and present in tribal areas of Pakistan. Meanwhile ISI chief General Pasha has reportedly told the CIA chief during his current visit of USA that ISI has no links with terrorists. Interior Minister of Pakistan Mr. Malik has reportedly said that if evidence regarding Quetta Sura and Alqaeeda chief Bin Ladin’s presence in Pakistan if produced before Pakistani authorities, action will be taken against them.

General Stanley is a newly appointed boss of US forces in Afghanistan, his analysis of the situation in Afghanistan will surely based on concrete evidence, though his demand for more US troops in Afghanistan is still under consideration in Pentagon, his demand seems to be quite logical, media reports reflect that number of attacks on US lead NATO forces has been increased, Taliban militants backed by Alqeeda are using Afghan populace as human shield, story of Fox Company commander in Hilmand province of Afghanistan published in New York times reflects the dilemma, which American forces are facing in Afghanistan, during combat operations against Taliban extremists. Women and children become possible victim, during confrontation between US forces and militants in Hilmand.

Pakistan has cleared Swat, Bonair and other areas of Malakand division from militants after, shifting civilian population to safer places, US forces can do the same in Afghanistan, in that respect increased number of US troops, cooperation of Afghan Army and police force can also pave the way for early US military victory in Afghanistan. Expertise of Pakistan Armed forces can be utilized in Afghanistan provided that US government shall clear all the doubts regarding its intentions about Pakistan, probable ISI involvement in attacks on US lead NATO forces can be an outcome of fear of encirclement of Pakistan by US lead NATO forces and India on its Eastern and Western borders.

During Eight long years, US lead NATO forces have strived to defeat Taliban and Alqaeeda militants in Afghanistan militarily, with the cooperation of Pakistan, Alqaeeda activity has been confined to Afghanistan and Pakistan, it never succeeded in launching any other attack like nine eleven on US soil, obvious objectives of US lead NATO forces arrival in Afghanistan are elimination of Alqeeda and its Taliban allies, reconstruction of Afghanistan and restoration of peace in war ravaged country. Much has been achieved during past eight years. Cruel Afghan winter season is about to arrive which calms down the militants usually, US General Stanley will be having enough time in winters to come up with better strategy to combat ignorance prevailing in Afghanistan through military means.

Written and submitted by

Abdur Raziq
M.phil US Study (International Relations-History)

Cell phone # 00923339607378

Army gunship helicopters bombed hideouts of militants after suicide bomb attack on FC vehicle in Khyber agency

‘Three security forces men were injured in Dogara Khyber Agency on Thursday, when a suicide bomber rammed his explosives laden vehicle into security forces convoy,’ news report.

‘Soon after the suicide bomb attack in Dogra area of Khyber agency on Frontier Constabulary vehicle, Army gunship helicopters have bombed the hide outs of Baitullah Mehsood faction of TTP militant commander Maulvi Nazir group in Sitori Khel area situated on border of Orakzai and Khyber agencies, four hide outs of militants were destroyed, exact number of dead is not known yet,’ official sources.

Meanwhile a bid to smuggle 40kg Cannabis from Khyber agency to Karachi was foiled by Kohat Police on Thursday. According to district police officer Kohat Mr. Dilawar Khan Bangash, while acting on a tip off, flying coach # X2792Multan was signaled to stop for search by Kohat police on Indus highway near new toll plaza, the driver had refused to stop the coach, after a brief chase, the vehicle was caught and from its secret compartments, 40kg Cannabis worth millions of rupees was recovered. The driver of flying coach Muhammad Israfil son of Muhammad Zaman alleged gang leader of drug mafia has been arrested, and is now in custody of police investigation team. Cannabis was loaded into flying coach from Bara area of Khyber agency to be delivered in Karachi.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

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