Twenty militants killed in air attacks of PAF

Seven security forces men died in Bara bomb blast

Three suspects held in Kohat

Six UN officials died in Kabul

Forty two Taliban militants killed in South Waziristan

Network of militants destroyed in South Waziristan

Fifteen Taliban militants killed in South Waziristan

Growing number of terrorist attacks in Pakistan

High ranking official of Pakistan Army died in Islamabad attack

Five members of Swat Taliban Sura arrested in Kohat

Two suicide bombers attacked International Islamic University Islamabad

A bid to smuggle weapons foiled

Sixty militants killed in South Waziristan

Initial investigation report of Thursday Kohat suicide car bomb attack

Three militants killed in confrontation between rival groups of Taliban Militants

Ten people killed in Kohat suicide bomb attack

In search of truth

Hostages released from GHQ Pindi

Kerry-Lugar Bill

Sixteen suspects held

Dead bodies of TTP commanders tied with bombs are awaiting burial in Orakzai agency

Comparison of US reaction to Pearl Harbor and nine eleven attacks

Bomb diffused in Kohat

Suicibe bomber attacked UN WFP office in Islamabad Pakistan

Three people of a family Killed in dispute over stone pelting

General Stanley analysis of Afghan situation before arrival of cruel winter season

Army gunship helicopters bombed hideouts of militants after suicide bomb attack on FC vehicle in Khyber agency