Sunday, May 31, 2009

Thirty Four Suspects Arrested in Kohat

Kohat police had arrested thirty four suspects including ten Afghan and Pakistani tribesmen, large cache of arms and narcotics was recovered from their possession on Sunday. According to Kohat police sources upon instructions from District Police Officer Mr. Dilawar Khan Bangash in on going crack down against criminals in Kohat district from ten arrested Afghan and Pakistani tribesmen and other 24 suspects collectively four foreign made Klashinkovs, five shot guns, seven rifles, nine pistols, three hundred cartridges, five bottles of whisky, four kilo gram cannabis, and 120 gram heroine were recovered from their possession.

Meanwhile in 130 registered families of Malakand IDP’s on Police Counter of Malakand Welfare Trust relief goods were distributed among 987 IDP’s. Four relief camps are created in Chechana, Jerma, Billitang and Darmandi villages of Kohat, the camps are equipped with all the facilities, expenses incurred on IDP’S residing in these camps have been granted Kohat Police and District Government of Kohat. Local people have been also contributing generously to provide relief to IDP’S placed in these four camps.

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Abdur Raziq

Friday, May 29, 2009

A Baby Girl Injured in Kohat Bomb Explosion

MNA Khurshid Begum had visited the under construction site of Bacha Khan Library in Company Bagh Kohat on Friday. She had issued instructions regarding early completion of its construction and use of quality material in its building. Bacha Khan Library is a project worth twenty million rupees which was initiated by MNA Khurshid Begum. At this occasion good number of poets and writers were also present, they had demanded that the library shall be named after great poet Ayube Sabir.
Meanwhile DCO Kohat Mr. Siraj Ahmed had distributed compensation money cheques among families of deceased and injured persons, affected with rocket attacks and bomb explosions in Kohat.

A CD shop was destroyed when unknown miscreants had exploded a bomb in it. The CD shop was located in New Bus Stand of Kohat, a baby girl was also injured, her house was damaged; it was adjacent to the CD shop destroyed in explosion.

All private schools will remain close from 30th of May 2009 till 31st of August 2009; government authorities in Kohat had conveyed these orders to private schools management authorities through telephonic messages on Friday.
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Abdur Raziq

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Four Persons Killed in Peshawar Bomb Explosions

‘Four persons were killed and forty others were injured in two bomb explosions occurred in Kabari Bazaar of Peshawar on Thursday. Injured were rushed to the hospitals in Peshawar,’ media reports.
Kohat police had foiled a bid to smuggle large cache of arms to Sindh and had arrested seven tribesmen allegedly involved in smuggling of arms on Thursday. According to DPO Kohat Mr. Dilawar Khan Bangash while acting on a tip of Kohat police had recovered four Klashinkovs, seven rifles, hundreds of cartridges, 24kg Cannabis, two and half kilo gram opium from the secrete compartments of Bus # SINDH-JB-1686 and motor car # SINDH-ADQ-444 both vehicles coming from tribal area were stopped and searched near Toll Plaza on Indus Highway in Kohat. Sven alleged smugglers Amanullah, Atiqullah residents of Haider Khel Meeran Shah, Ammanullah Jan resident of Appy Faqir Meeran Shah, Hazrat Wali, Tariq Mansoor and Saadullah residents of Jamrud Agency were arrested from both the vehicles by Kohat police. Kohat police had taken the vehicles into custody and arrested alleged smugglers were shifted to unknown place for further investigations.

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Abdur Raziq

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Thirty Persons Killed in Lahore Suicide Bomb Attack

At least 30 persons were killed and 300 others were injured when suicide bombers rammed their explosive laden vehicle into Rescue 15 police office building in Lahore capital of Punjab on Wednesday morning.

‘Five militants had started firing on Rescue 15 police Lahore building from their vehicle and finally rammed the vehicle into the office building, 30 persons were killed and 300 others were injured, most among the dead are police officials, near by buildings were also damaged with explosion.,’ private TV channel and government electronic media reports.

‘President Asif Ali Zardari had condemned the violent incident and had announced compensation money for police victims of suicide bomb attack,’ media reports.

‘Advisor on Interior affairs Mr. Rehman Malik has said that Lahore suicide bomb attack is reaction of security forces operation in Swat,’ media reports.

‘Security forces had started operation in Malakand division when militant leader Maulana Sufi Muhammad after a peace deal with NWFP government on a pre condition of implementation of Nizam I Adal regulation, had further declared parliament of Pakistan and federal judiciary as unIslamic, and his militants had started their activities in Dir and Bunair,’ media reports.

‘Eleven hundred militants and 63 security forces men and officers were killed in Malakand division in ongoing battle between security forces, millions of people are displaced from this troubled region and are living in camps as refugees in Peshawar and other districts of NWFP, Bunair is cleared from militants and IDP’s of Bunair can now go back to their homes,’ media reports.

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Insurgency in Dara Adam Khel

Durand line is 2600 Kilo Meter long border between Pakistan and Afghanistan, on both sides of the border tribesmen inhabits the tribal areas, historically tribesmen living in these tribal areas were always a source of constant insurgency against the rulers of Subcontinent, only during reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar Azam these tribesmen were defeated and were made loyal subjects of the emperor, no other ruler of Subcontinent including British colonial rulers was ever became able to subjugate the tribesmen dwelling along the Durand line.

Dara Adam Khel a tribal area located between Kohat and Peshawar capital of NWFP became constant source of trouble after creation of Pakistan on 14 August 1947, it became refuge center for out laws of settled areas in Pakistan. Narcotics, and weapon trade, car lifting, and kidnap for ransom, became the major economic activity of the dwellers of Dara Adam Khel during past few decades.

Predominantly inhabited by Afridi tribesmen Dara Adam Khel was equipped with schools and a government college after creation of Pakistan, successive governments in Pakistan have tried to educate the tribesmen and to bring FATA areas into category of settled areas. Educated Afridi tribesmen of Dara Adam Khel were inducted in government jobs and currently serving as government servants and as officers and JCO’s in Pakistan armed forces. Afridi tribesmen of Dara Adam Khel are highly intelligent and good in making weapons of all sorts, according to a media report scratch after Ojhri camp ammunition depot disaster in Islamabad was sold to weapon manufacturers of Dara Adam Khel, thus technology of rocket launchers and other sophisticated weapons was copied by technicians working in Dara Adam Khel’s weapon manufacturing factories. The rocket attacks on Kohat amid ongoing Army Operation in Dara Adam Khel are an ample proof of Afridi tribesmen ability regarding weapon manufacturing.

According to official sources ten percent foreign militants are financing rest of the 90% local criminals present in FATA areas to destabilize Pakistan by waging subversive activities in disguise of Taliban militants. Islam was most often used in Pakistan to exploit the people of Pakistan for economic and political gains by leadership of the past few decades. Taliban militants in the name of Islam and Sharia are promoting foreign agenda to weaken, disintegrate, and denuclearize Pakistan.

Well trained and well equipped men and officers of Pakistan Armed Forces had initiated search and crackdown operations in Dara Adam Khel when militants had started killing travelers on Kohat Peshawar road. Merciless militants had hanged the dead bodies of the deceased persons at the roadside and had tried to create fear, and eventually had taken over the control of Dara Adam Khel. Security forces had swiftly and accurately responded to the challenge posed by militants, and had wiped out militants from Dara Adam Khel, governments troops has been permanently deployed along the roadside and on strategic hills in Dara Adam Khel to provide security to the travelers between Kohat and Peshawar.

There is good deal of resentment against Taliban militants among Afridi tribesmen of Dara Adam Khel, initially in the name of reform, Islam, and Sharia militants had gained popularity among the dwellers of Dara Adam Khel but after gaining control of the area had imposed heavy taxes, and had committed atrocities like public killing of alleged criminals, one such alleged criminal was abducted from settled area of Kohat and was killed in Dara Adam Khel after Taliban militants court decision in Public. Militants had captured and damaged numerous schools and girls schools buildings and each family of Dara Adam Khel was forced to pay tax around 60000/rs per family.

A resident of Tor Chappar area of Dara Adam Khel currently living in a rented house in Togh village of Kohat says, his family was displaced from Tor Chappar during Army operation against militants, in Tor Chappar we have seven localities, now in each locality empty houses with open doors can be seen, all residents had escaped towards Kohat, Peshawar and other safe areas. Locals of Tor Chappar dislike Taliban militants of Dara Adam Khel, but can not take up arms against them because, the only way out from Tor Chappar is a road which passes through Dara Adam Khel, enmity with militants of Dara Adam Khel will confine the residents of Torchappar within Torcahppar and they will loose every assess to outside world.

In ongoing clashes between militants and security forces defeated Taliban militants most often escape towards Orakzai agency, Khyber agency and Afghanistan from Dara Adam Khel. Kohat Friendship Tunnel initially was targeted by militants but they were flushed out from the tunnel when security forces had taken action against them, sources have said that good number of militants had taken refuge in different areas of Kohat, rocket attacks from direction of Tanda Dam hills are an ample proof of their existence in hilly areas of Kohat. Militants attack on Kotal check post was also repulsed by valiant men and officers of Pakistan Army.

When I have questioned a local spokesman of Taliban militants regarding their real intentions, he has said that militants are active to destabilize Pakistan; he was unable to answer the real purpose behind insurgency. Leaders of Jamaat I Islami blame India for financing insurgency in tribal areas of Pakistan through its consulates in Afghanistan. A journalist Shakil Ahmed based currently in Australia, in his recent article has mentioned that fifteen hundred thousand Indian Army men and officers are now deployed in Afghanistan in effort to encircle Pakistan. Neither Jamat I Islami leadership nor any one else came up with solid proof of Indian involvement in existing insurgency in tribal areas and settled area of Swat. According to Dawn news report arrested Arab militants from Mehmand Agency earlier this week were financed by Afghanistan. More then 33 Uzbek and Tajik intruders were arrested in Kohat. In Buneer too Tajik and Uzbuk militants were recently arrested alive during on going security forces operation.

According to an elder in NWFP, Baitullah Mehssod militant leader of Waziristan is disciple of Maulana Fazal ur Rehman leader of JUI(F) during meeting with him Baitullah Mehsood massage the legs of Maulana to show his allegiance to him. Religious parties are behind the current insurgency in tribal areas and Swat that is why they oppose Army operations in troubled areas. Recently an expert of equipping cars good for suicide bomb explosions was arrested from Kohat the alleged criminal was originally from Waziristan but was residing in Miangan colony of Kohat in a rented house.

‘Newly appointed Foreign Minister of India Mr. Krishna has offered friendship to Pakistan on a precondition that Pakistan Army shall destroy training camps of militants within Pakistan,’ it was unveiled in a news report published at His statement is a clear recognition of the potency of Pakistan Armed forces; media reports reflect that even US President Obama and Secretary of State Madam Hillary Clinton rely on potential of Pakistan Army to control cross border activity across the Durand line.

Cynics predict another 1971 type debacle for Pakistan, but the truth is that Pakistan is a nuclear power now, and elected government of PPPP lead coalition is in power, Army is committed to its constitutional role, and is helping elected government to restore peace in FATA and Malakand division and its performance reflect its potential of wiping out the miscreants and militants from Pakistani soil. International community is quite satisfied regarding the human rights situation in Pakistan, with reappointment of Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary and his other deposed colleagues a live and vibrant judiciary does exist to guard the constitutional rights of the people of Pakistan.

Circumstances in 1971 were altogether different in Pakistan when it was dismembered. Now even security of US lead NATO forces is dependent upon Pakistan Armed forces ability to stop cross border activity on Durand line, ‘India’s security will also be in jeopardy if Pakistan existence as buffer zone between Afghanistan and India is jeopardized,’ most of the analysts agree on this point news media reports reflect.

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Abdur Raziq

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Suicide Bomb Attacks Reaction of Security Forces Operation in Malakand Division

‘In reaction of security forces operation in Malakand Division Taliban militants had threatened retaliatory attacks on Thursday,’ a source has said.

‘Ten persons were killed and 75 were injured in car bomb explosion on Cinema road in Peshawar on Friday evening,’ it was unveiled in a private TV channel news report.

‘30 FC men were killed and 15 others including women and children were injured in Jandola South Waziristan, when a suicide bomber rammed his explosive laden mini Mazda truck into Jandola FC Fort around 9:30pm on Thursday,’ official source has said.

Peochar area of Malakand division was center of training for suicide bombers, after security forces attack on Peochar the training camp was destroyed, that is why reaction of Taliban militants through suicide bomb attacks is not as severe as it would have been in presence of training camps in Peochar and Waziristan, last year in Waziristan security forces had destroyed good number of training centers of suicide bombers during security forces operations.

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Good Old Days

At the gate of Columbia university New York 1988
Chit chat with palace guards of Governor Jalalabad Afganistan during my visit of Governor House
Six months prior to my birth on 14-9-1961 mother of my maternal grand father had a dream, a Muslim saint Hazrat Banoor Baba originally buried in Bait ul Muqadas Palestine, had informed her about my birth and had suggested my name to her repeatedly thrice to make her memorize the name Abdur Raziq. After six months of her dream I took birth in delivery room of Sangirh hospital in Kohat. My mother a girl’s school teacher at that time within next eight years became a proud mother of three sons and a daughter. I had brought good fortune for the family founded by our eldest ancestor Colonel Guldar Khan of Royal British Indian Army, sons are considered more precious then daughters in Pakistani society. Besides prior to my birth family of my grandfather and maternal grand father during last hundred years were turned from the status of feudal to artisans, family riches were reduced, but after my birth situation was gradually changed and wealth and riches had recovered us again.

In a three story building of my ancestral home in Kohat city, my father, grandfather, grandmother, my uncle Mushtaq, Naseer and Muneer, aunt Shakila, their cousins Umar, Yousuf and Haji Muhammad were also living along with their wives and children, at first floor of the building a bedroom was specified for my mother and father, me and my brothers Shabir and Abdur Rauf used to sleep with our grandfather and grand mother in their large bedroom located on second story of the building in our ancestral home. Cousin of my father Umar uncle, his mother, his wife Taj Rihan Aunty and his daughter Bushra, Bano, son Khyam and Ahmed, Yousuf Uncle his Wife Aunt Amina and his only son Inam, and his grandma Fatima, Uncle Haji Muhammad, his wife and two sons and two daughters we were all living together in a joint family system, in the same home, the only nice place to spend time was my Convent School where I got admission in nursery class, prior to my admission in Convent School in Kohat district of Pakistan, I was attending class in Government Ghula Mandi School, which was located in a building of old Hindu Temple, I was compelled to sit on floor on a mattress with my other class fellows, when my class teacher wearing Karakul cap on his head had kicked me on my back while I was sitting on mattress and trying to read from book, I stood up pulled my school bag on my shoulder and just started walking towards outlet, had reached my mother whom was a teacher in near by government girls school, I told her straight away, enough is enough my class teacher had kicked me for no reason, can not attend this school any more, my great mother was angry like a lioness, she said ok you will be admitted in Kohat Convent and will be treated well, she was true my Convent School teacher in Nursery class was an Irish blond Miss Sheila pretty like a fairy, and kind like a mother, Chitrali Princess Miss Cozy and Miss Ann a British national were my seniors in School, among teachers I still remember kind Madam Gulzar, Miss Sheila, Sister Bernadine and Principal mother Helen, kind father Joseph and sister Raphael had played great role in shaping my personality, till class five I was in Kohat Convent, my family finances were suddenly shrunk and my parents were compelled to send me to government school, my cousin Shakir was quite a great help, when I had joined Urdu medium government school, we both were in a same class, a class fellow Rehmat used to come to school on his donkey, he was elder then me, used to sing Pushto songs in class room in absence of teacher, mostly while singing songs he used to look towards me, I was unable to under stand Pushto and was worried about his intentions but due to our family background no one had ever dared to inflict any harm on me or my cousin Shakir, as children we both were always focus of attention because of our good appearances, even in college. In class seventh, a Mullah Islamic Studies teacher had once virtually lashed me in class room when I had failed to memories a sura from holy Quran, for few weeks I was unable to lay down at my back to take sleep. Soon the Mullah teacher was killed by his enemies in desert of Lachi village of Kohat; his dead body was eventually found and buried.

During my child hood Field Marshal Ayub Khan was ruling Pakistan, in Convent School it was announced that Field Marshal is coming to Kohat students will greet him when he will pass through the road in front of our school, I was also standing in my school uniform when field Marshal had appeared in black car, his car was moving slowly in front of us, all the school children were clapping with jubilation, for few seconds I became a focus of field Marshal’s eyes and he smiled while waving his hand towards me, I waved back and started clapping in jubilation. For few seconds during eye contact with field Marshal I had felt warmth and kind ness of his inner self and from that very day when I was just four years old, I became fond of joining Pakistan Army, I have thrice tried to join Pak Army, and twice tried to join civil services of Pakistan but due to my odd circumstance I was unable to succeed.

Dr Rasool Baksh Raees, Dr Sikander Hayat, Dr Waseem, Madam Aqeela Khwaja, Mr Sajjad Haider, Dr Parvez Iqbal Cheema, Dr Zafar Cheema, Dr Ijaz Shafi Gailani, Mr. Sher Bahadur and Mr. Imran Hameed were my professors during university years, when I had joined Qauid I Azam University Islamabad as student of International Relation in 1982, I wanted to become a Lawyer, had traveled to Karachi to join SM Law College, had a stay with Mr. Peer Baksh Mehtab and Mr. Arshad for four days, on 1st of January 1982 I received phone call from our family friend Mr. Irshad that my admission is finalized in Quaid I Azam varsity of Islamabad, I reached back to Kohat and then after collecting my bag and baggage reached Qauid I Azam University Islamabad. When my taxi car was reached near hostels of Qauid I Azam University on 4th January 1982, a tall figure had appeared from the mosque near hostels and came smilingly towards me, in Pushto language he had introduced himself as Qasim Marwat from Pak Studies department and had picked my bed on his shoulders, I just followed him, he entered in hostel four and entered in a room along with my bed then he invited me to enter the room, the moment I entered the room I found a bearded person sitting in a chair, when introduction was made I came to know that his name is Zaigham Awan and he is Nazim of Jamiat Tuleba I Islam, in campus he is the boss and distribute rooms in hostels among new comers, he had introduced me with one another person Shehzad who was from Peshawar and was head of militant wing of Islami Jamiat Tuleba, Mr. Shehzad had ordered burgers and tea for me in canteen and then came back, meanwhile Mr. Zaigham Awan had kept on talking to me about agenda of Jamiat Tuleba and had tried to convince me to get my self committed with agenda of his party, I smilingly told him finally that I am tired now, need room to adjust myself their and further informed him that I am not interested in politics want to complete my studies, committed with his cause he had smilingly ordered his fellows to break the lock of room no 1 in hostel one, he has told me, the room is already occupied by Mr. Javed a student of economics and worker of his party, whom is gone to his village Narawal Sialkot Pakistan now, I can stay in his room till the time another separate room is arranged for me, I bought a new lock to replace broken one, and had adjusted my luggage in room no 1, its cupboard was already filled with luggage and clothes of Mr. Javed, smell of oil known as local edible oil was spread in the room, no one was available to come up with remedy to this problem, I slept in a smelly room during my first night in hostel, during morning I had reached International Relations department, while standing near notice board to read notices, suddenly I heard a feminish voice, are you a new comer? I looked towards her and found unbelievably beautiful girl standing beside me, I replied yes she said, me too, she was wearing gray coat and was elegantly dressed up, she had introduced herself confidently, my name is Seema Zakir, I am your class fellow, I told her my name and exchanged few formal words with her, then I had entered in office of the head clerk to get admission fee forms, within half an hour I had deposited my admission fee along with hostel security dues, university administration was headed by vice chancellor Mr. Imtiaz Sheikh, but virtually control in hostels and departments was with Islami Jamiat Tuliba, being a realistic person I had accepted this reality and tactfully managed to get separate room for my self in hostel four within a month, majority of my class fellows were girls, strict professors, strict semester system rules, high standard of education were keeping me and my class fellows round the clock busy.

Hostel life was a new experience for me; I had completed my Bachlor of Arts degree from Government Degree College Kohat a college located in my native city Kohat so during early fourteen years of my education I was living with my parents in Kohat. In Islamabad I was residing in hostel of QAU and had completed my masters in International Relation in 1984 in B grade, had qualified written test for job of producer in Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation but soon I had realized that General Zia was only interested in inducting people having recommendations from Jamat I Islami leadership, I was rejected in interview by the selectors on a plea that warm suit which I was wearing at the time of interview was quite precious. After getting rejected by the cronies of dictator Zia I came out from the building of PBC Islamabad and had opted to stay back in home town Kohat, in year 1985 I was remain their in my home town Kohat, had read War and Peace of Tolstoy along with many other books related to International Relations, Dr. Henry Kissinger and President Nixon were always my favorite writers, memoirs of President Nixon were quite interesting, even now I do not miss to read recent writings of Dr. Henry Kissinger.

In August 1986 I was fed up from Kohat and had got admission in M.phil US Study course at Area Study Center of Qauid I Azam University Islamabad, again got a room in hostel no 2 of QAU, life in ASC was tougher then IR department, no second chance was their in ASC during course work, less then 58% marks during course work mean ouster as symbol of failure, seven students from NWFP had met failure in the past, I was the first one from NWFP whom had qualified course work exams. I used to attend seminars and conferences as column writer during my M.phil course, I was encouraged by Professor Khalid Rasheed in 1986, he was working with English daily The Muslim. I used to write columns on PAK-US relations. My M.phil Thesis supervisor was Professor Dr. Sikandar Hayat, the most polished and polite person was appointed as my supervisor, I was feeling lucky, then came the election year, the dictator Zia was willing to hold elections and was also willing to let PPP lead by Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto to participate in elections, the old dictator was finally convinced. US ambassador Mr. Robert Raphael came for a seminar in ASC and during question answer session point was raised by Madam Faryal Ali Gohar regarding USA keen interest in forthcoming elections in Pakistan, and arrival of US observers to monitor the election. Faryal had straight away asked the ambassador, why you Americans are so nosy? Election is Pakistan’s internal affair; we do not need any US observers. In response to her remarks the ambassador invited us to observe forthcoming US presidential elections as observers.
In humid and hot month of August 1987 General Zia along with US ambassador Raphael and many other high ranking Army officers was killed in air crash, and Ghulam Ishaq Khan became President of Pakistan. I was working on my M.phil thesis, a senior of mine Dr. Javed from Gujar Khan was a great help in that respect, and he by himself was doing PhD at that time from ASC.
After the completion of course work, I was able to spend some time with my friends, Asma Fakhri Abu Talib, Tariq Abdullah, Madhoori Chawla, Nasir Khan, Ishtiaq and Afigee Qasim Ishaq Jee were good friends and university fellows, few dance parties at residence of Asma and few dinners at residence of Madhoori Chawla are the worth remembering memories of the past. Once Children of the employees of Indian embassy in Pakistan came to QAU campus with my Indian girl friend Madhuri Chawla, her father Mr. Chawla was admin officer in the embassy, the moment I was introduced to the children they had remarked abruptly, you look like god Krishna, later Madhuri told me about god Krishna, in fact I was having very little knowledge about Hindu religion and gods at that time. September 1988 me along with my class fellow Farzana, Jamil Raza and Waheed Tariq came to USA to observe US election campaign, as promised by late US ambassador Raphael we were financed and sponsored by USIS Islamabad with prior approval of Director Area Study Center Mr. Iftikhar Haider Malik. US electoral system was quite fair; in 1988 in State of Nebraska polling was computerized. Unlike Pakistan in USA their was no Election Commission to conduct and regulate elections, states and local governments were responsible for make arrangements for polling and election results. We had visited Washington, New York, Nebraska, California and LA to observe and study US election campaign.
Washington in 1988 was quite a beautiful city, air pollution, specially smell of gas in the air was quite disturbing, our stay was in Due Pont Plaza, library of congress, white House, Capital Hills are worth seeing places, women and men in Washington jog in their free time to shed extra weight and fats from their bodies, George Town and University are quite romantic places of Washington.
During our four days stay in Washington we had met high ups of State department, had visited White House, Library of Congress, and Capitol Hills, during the evening in our free time we used to eat food in Indian restaurant Taj Mahal, which was quite expensive.
After completion of our scheduled meetings arranged by Visitor Program Service of USA in Washington, our next destination was New York.
Our escort in USA Mr. James Bodner when we reached New York in September 1988 had placed us in a big Limousine car driven by an Italian driver, without his company we reached at the gate of Columbia University, the moment we came out from car a beauty queen of Quaid I Azam University Islamabad and a few badges senior from us known by her nick name Tipi appeared on a gate as a big and pleasant surprise for me and my three other class fellows, after exchange of formal words we requested her to guide us towards Columbia University hostel where we were bound to stay for one week.

Soon we were comfortably placed in a hostel room, a Pakistani foreign office employee and currently doing PhD in Columbia university came to pay us a visit an Indian female student Devika also came along with him, another university fellow of us living in New York had brought roasted chickens from a Pakistani restaurant in New York for us, within few hours we became familiar with the campus environment.

In the evening me and my other fellow visitor Mr. Jamil Raza came out from our hostel room to buy Pizza for our only female colleague Miss Farzana Muzafar and Mr. Waheed Tariq, and the funny incident occurred, while walking towards Pizza shop we both male colleagues unaware of New York culture, were suddenly became alert when female students of Columbia university had started shouting while looking towards us ‘gays, gays’ I was already maintaining a safe distance from my male colleague I had further distanced my self from him, finally we have succeeded to buy Pizza, on the way back I was laughing at my self, in Pakistan where love making without formal marriage contract is crime and a culprit who do that is liable to receive 80 lashes on his back, and in case of a married man or woman if they got caught while making love with some one else other then their spouse are liable to be stoned to death, how can I even think about to have physical relations of sexual nature with any men or women, for rest of the week long stay in the campus of Columbia University I was quite careful while coming out from my hostel room was keeping quite a safe distance from my male colleagues and was mostly trying to keep the company of female colleague just to avoid gay label on myself.

We had a detailed meetings with Academia of the University most memorable was meting with blue eyed pipe smoking Chairman of Journalism department of Columbia University, the Chairman had enlightened us with his precious views, when we came out from his office life was having new meanings for all of us.

One another funny incident was occurred when Mr. James Bodner had asked me to look into the eyes of statue of goddess of wisdom installed in Columbia University campus, the saying is that after having eye contact with goddess of wisdom a person become wise, I looked into her eyes and then told Mr. Bodner Sir, she is a statue there is no harm in having eye contact with her, Mr. James Bodner was unaware of the fact that in Pakistani culture since my childhood I was trained to avoid eye contact with any female.

We had visited Liberty Island and paid homage to Statue of liberty, we had spent few hours their and again came back to New York in a fairy boat while doing shopping a big surprise in New York for us was a sex shop, in Pakistan there is no concept of a sex shop we were quite amused to see artificial male sex organs of different shapes and sizes and artificial female dolls, neatly decorated and exhibited in shop.
Our next destination after New York was Lincoln Nebraska where we were eventually awarded with honorary citizenship by Secretary of Finance, Madam Vann Mahan and other citizens of state of Nebraska were quite nice and we had watched the presidential debate on TV jointly while sitting with notables of Nebraska at the residence of a family when in Lincoln Nebraska hosted a dinner in our honor.
We had reached California after brief stay in Lincoln Nebraska, where during our stay we had completed all our official commitments and at weekend had visited Nevada, from California at the last leg of our tour we had a brief stay in LA, meeting with Chairman of Political Science department Dr. Leo E Rose was quite interesting in Berkley campus, he was class fellow of Chairman Zulfikar Ali Bhutoo Shaheed, we were destined to have a trip to Hawaii for recreation but my class fellow Jamil Raza had insisted that we shall go to Bangkok instead of Hawaii, our scheduled was changed, while sitting in North West Airline plane I was sipping a tonic when plane start moving, it was our departure flight and I was relaxed after tense meetings during my 22 days stay in USA, the moment lane started catching speed on runway, suddenly the plane was stopped again, captain of the pilot announced that a huge hole in cockpit of the plane was recovered and passengers are saved from possible air crash, all the passenger will have overnight stay in LA the next day another plane will be arranged for the secure flight. We were accommodated in Holiday Inn for overnight stay, in the evening we had some fun in LA and next day we were heading towards Bangkok in North West Airlines plane.
At Tokyo airport we had a stay of six hours, immigration people had refused to allow us to move out from the airport, inside airport building, few snakes and a bowl of noodles was visible at the fast food restaurant, obviously I had to fast for next six hours, we Pakistanis can eat beef stakes in American restaurants and in USA we have Pakistani and Indian restaurants where we can eat food, but in Tokyo airport their was no other option available, during six hours inside Tokyo airport building while waiting for next flight towards Bangkok, I had seen many blonde and tall girls with Japanese features, these Japanese blondes were product of intermarriages between Japanese and Americans.
Eventually I and Jamil Raza were on our way towards Bangkok after spending six long hours in Tokyo airport while waiting for the next flight. Jamil Raza had bought few things from a shop in Tokyo airport but when we came out from Bangkok airport and had reached to hotel Jamil found his purchased items missing from his luggage, we had informed the airport authorities, but the authorities were unable to find out the missing goods.
On second story of hotel few yards away from my room swimming pool was their, we had to spend four days in Bangkok, to get rid of jet lag I jumped into swimming pool, soon two Thai girls came and started swimming around me in the pool, after half an hour swimming I was tired but fresh again. In the evening I had a massage in Thai massage parlor, was quite a good experience, many Americans and Saudi customers were their in the parlor, for only sixty dollars the massage facility was available, I enjoyed it a lot.
We had visited Sayam market in Bangkok to buy few necessities, after four days stay in Bangkok soon we were on our way to Karachi, we had spent few hours at airport hotel in Karachi and eventually through a PIA flight had reached Islamabad.
In 1990 I had accomplished M.phil, and had joined ASC for PhD, Dr. Sikander Hayat was supervisor of my M.phil thesis and he had also accepted to supervise my PhD thesis, but soon he was transferred as Education Attaché in USA, and I was left without supervisor. Interestingly during PhD our stipends were ended in result of new government policy in early 1990’s, unlike USA in Pakistan university students are not encouraged to do jobs to meet their education expenses, QAU administration was bent upon throwing out those students from hostels, whom are engaged in any sort of part time job. In absence of my thesis supervisor Dr. Sikandar Hayat, it was meaningless to stay in the campus, I was called back home to Kohat, soon got engaged and got married to my present wife, became father of six children, four of them are twins. From Kohat district of NWFP I do write essays, articles news stories for Associated Press of Pakistan and few other international websites like, and

Note: I had written my memoirs in response to the curiosity of my East European friend.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq
Cell phone # 00923339607378
Me in Abotabad on excursion tour from university

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kohat Police Foiled a Bid to Smuggle Large Cache of Arms

Kohat police had foiled a bid to smuggle large cache of arms to Sindh province of Pakistan and had arrested an accused smuggler red handed in Kohat on Thursday. According to police sources, while acting on a tip of, DSP Mushtaq Hussain of Lachi Rural Kohat, had ordered SHO Lachi police station and ASI Gul Sameen to encircle to encircle Indus Highway near Lachi Toll Plaza along with their team of other police officials. When police team had tried to stop a pickup # Peshawar J9469 coming from Kohat, the pickup driver had tried to escape police search, after a brief chase police had stopped the pickup, during search from secret compartments of the pickup 5 LMG Machine Guns, 1 Aircraft Sniper Gun, 4 Klashinkov, 1 Kalakove, 9 Shot Guns, 20 pistols, 20 Chargers, 88 Spring, and 1759 cartridges were found, accused smuggler and member of inter provincial network of smugglers Muhammad Usman son of Naik Nawaz resident of Metha Khel Bannu was arrested, in his confession before police accused Usman had confessed that large cache of arms was destined towards Sindh for arming the insurgents in said province. The accused smuggler Usman was handed over to an investigation team for further investigation.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mud House Miscreants

Posh residential area of Paracha Town Kohat located on Kohat Pindi road is a small town, most of inhabitants living in brick houses are Pakistani citizens, only Haji Koonre an Afghan of Punjsher valley lives in brick house, all other Afghan refugees in Paracha Town are living in mud houses, retired additional IGP Police NWFP Mr. Masood Paracha, eminent politician and industrialist Haji Manzoor Paracha and number of other in service and retired government officials and other prominent political entities are residing in this area.

Paracha Town residents are since long facing security dilemma, number of robberies, and firing incidents were occurred in a brief 15 years history of this newly built residential area. But the feelings of insecurity became intense when guard Gul Nawaz while on duty at Surgeon Saeed’s resident was attacked and his Klashinkov was snatched by unknown attackers.

Injured guard of Surgeon Saeed is still in hospital, Gul Nawaz resident of Waziristan was employed as guard by Surgeon Saeed resident of Paracha Town Kohat, earlier the guard was attacked by unknown miscreants and had inflicted bullet injury to him. According to retired official of WAPDA Mr. Noman residents of Paracha Town held a meeting earlier this week, during the meeting Afghan resident of Paracha Town Kohat Hafiz Sahib son of Haji Koonre had disclosed that Afghan refugees living in mud houses of Paracha Town were involved in attack on him and his brother and the Guard Gul Nawaz was also attacked by refugees living in mud houses.

Mr. Noman had disclosed that in the meeting Afghan refugees living in mud houses were also present but two suspects were absent from the meeting.

‘Last year two police guards were also attacked in the mosque of Paracha Town and their Kalashnikovs were snatched by the militants, after the incident police guards were also removed from duty in Paracha town and the residents of this area were left on the mercy of God and miscreants living in mud houses,’ a resident of Paracha Town has said.

‘Miscreants living in the mud houses of Paracha Town are having contacts with narcotics sellers of Sheikhan village, government shall take action to clean this area from drug barons and militants to secure the residents,’ a resident of Paracha Town has said.

On Tuesday evening a bearded man dressed in black Shalwar Qamees was standing near the resident of Surgeon Saeed, and one another armed person after having chat with him was moving along the boundary wall of Surgeon Saeed’s residence in the dark,’ an eyewitness has said.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Relief Activity

DIG Kohat region Mr. Muhammd Idrees Khan had deposited eighty hundred thousand rupees in Chief Minister Relief fund for displaced families of Malakand division on Tuesday. He had also distributed relief goods among 61 displaced families residing in relief camps erected in Kohat. He had visited the relief camps and in statement issued at this occasion DIG Kohat had appealed to the rich and affluent segments of society to come forward and help the displaced families of Swat, Bunair and Dir.

Millions of people in Malakand division were displaced when Pakistan Security forces had launched operation Rahi Haq earlier this month to eliminate Taliban militants from Malakand division. According to ISPR spokesman hundred of militants were killed in Malakand division, and millions of locals were displaced. Taliban militants had escaped from Malakand division when heli borne SSG troops of Pakistan Army were entered in Peochar valley where militants had established their training camps. Many Taliban militants had shaved their beards to hide their identities while escaping from Malakand division, when SSG troops had pounced their hide outs. Numerous militant commanders are reportedly killed and militants were completely flushed out from Bunair. Media reports reflect that so far 27 men and officers of Pakistan security forces were killed in fight against militants of Malakand division. Operation was initiated after failure of negotiated solution with Taliban militants.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Night of Rocket Attacks

Four rockets were fired at Kohat Garrison during the night between Monday and Tuesday. According to police sources unknown miscreants had fired rockets from Southern hills of Kohat, all the four rockets had hit Garrison area of Kohat but no damage to life or property was done, unexploded rockets were handled by Bomb Disposal Squad of Kohat police. Eye witnesses have said that one rocket had hit Kohat Courts building, it had foot path in the building near the court rooms, only foot path was damaged no harm to life or property was done.
Kohat police while searching for miscreants in hilly areas of Kohat had arrested seven suspects belonging to Kurram Parachinar, Hangu and Orakzai agency and had recovered two Kalashnikovs, 3 repeaters, 2 shot guns, 4 pistols and hundred of cartridges from their possession.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Monday, May 18, 2009

Search Operation

Kohat Police had rounded up 23 alleged criminals on Sunday. According to press release issued by PRO Kohat police Mr. Fazal Naeem, DPO Kohat Mr. Dilawar Khan Bangash had lead a search operation against criminals in village and hilly areas of Kohat, Kohat police had rounded up 23 alleged criminals, allegedly involved in criminal acts, collectively 4 Kalashnikovs, 6 rifles, 8 shot guns, 14 pistols, 694 cartridges, 7kg Cannabis, 4 bottles of alcohol, and 60 gram white powder were recovered from their possession. Rounded up alleged criminals were shifted to a secret place for further investigation. Bomb Disposal Squad had diffused 185MM rocket near Janan Baba Shrine.

Meanwhile Kohat police had arrested Four alleged International Flour Smugglers on Indus Highway Link road, alleged smugglers Izat Shah, Kasar Khan, Dad Muhammad, and Ikhtiarullah when arrested were trying to smuggle 2540 flour bags from Peshawar to Afghanistan through Kohat. Kohat police had also arrested alleged narcotics dealer Aziz ur Rehman resident of Garhi Mawaz Khan, 130 litters of alcohol was recovered from his possession.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Diplomatic Nudity

Nudity, kissing in public places, etc is crimes in Pakistan; we do not lay naked for sun bath in our homes or at the sea side, getting naked before our own family members is against our social values. Only mad people in our society run naked and do strange offences at times against Pakistani citizens busy in buying and selling in market or bazaar areas. A public transport vehicle driver had told me that he is in great pain since last few days, in response to my enquiry he had said that he was buying vegetables from a shop near Kohat Post Graduate College, when some one hit him in his back right in between his shoulder bones, after getting the blow in his back when he turned to see the offender he found a mad man running away from him after giving him a blow. Angry driver was stopped by people around him to take his revenge from mad man, by returning him the blow at his back. The mad man had escaped but the driver after getting the blow from him still feel the pain in his back.

We Pakistanis only get naked once before doctor in our youth, when we opt for getting job in Pakistan Armed forces, prior to our ISSB exam, Army doctor checks our body including our genital organs while wearing glove on his hands, once we are declared fit by the doctor then we can go for further exams required to join Pak Armed Forces, and at that occasion we stand completely naked before him.

What British security officials had done to our top diplomat in Great Britain Mr. Wajid Shamsul Hassan can be termed as darkest hour in the history of international diplomacy, he was compelled to pull off his clothes for body search before meeting arrested Pakistani student suspects in British prison. According to a column writer of Urdu daily Nawai Waqat at least our two diplomats were exposed to this kind of humiliation.

Only terrorists can be blamed for this state of affairs, they had created psychological fear among the people up to the extent that allied countries suspect their allies now. In war against terror Pakistan is most allied ally of USA but when its top diplomats are treated as terrorist’s alliance against terror might get some irreparable dents in it.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Rocket Attack

A rocket and remote control bomb was found and diffused in Kohat on Friday. According to Kohat police sources Bomb Disposal Squad of Kohat police had diffused remote control bomb planted by unknown miscreants, in Karapa area of Lachi Kohat. An unexploded rocket shell landed in a residence of Islam Badshah located in Malangabad area of Kohat, was also diffused by the same squad. The rocket was fired from Dara Adam Khel hills.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq
Cell phone # 00923339607378

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Explosion in WAPDA Grid Station

Technical fault in WAPDA Grid Station had caused explosion on Friday late in the evening. According to WAPDA sources explosion was followed by huge fire in WAPDA grid station located on Kohat Pindi road, due to technical fault in the system.

‘After the explosion in WAPDA grid station in near by Paracha Town area of Kohat consumers were deprived of electricity during the night between Friday and Saturday, electric supply voltage is quite dim in the area, and is most often stopped for long period of times,’ residents of Paracha Town have said.

According to retired official of WAPDA Mr. Noman, two Towers damaged by unknown miscreants in Shadi Khel village of Kohat are under repair and both will start functioning in couple of days, a contractor from Lahore has taken up the task of repair of damaged towers in Shadi Khel village of Kohat.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Friday, May 15, 2009

Speedy Justice

‘Year 2009 is year of justice for all,’ Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan Mr. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary had said in a meeting of National Judicial Policy Making Committee presided over by him, in Islamabad capital of Pakistan.

To implement the decisions of said committee at lower level, Chief Justice Peshawar High Court Mr. Tariq Parvez had called up a meeting of District and Session Judges of NWFP province of Pakistan. During the meeting target was assigned to judges of all the districts in NWFP. In Kohat district District and Session Judge Mr. Shahjehan Akhunzada had called a meeting of Judicial Officers in Kohat district, during the meeting regarding target number of decisions for pending old cases was given to the Judicial Officers.

It was decided that at the level of District and Session Judge cases till 2005 will be decided till 15-5-2009, Civil Judges will decide all the cases till 2002, and Judicial Magistrates will decide the cases till 2006.

On Friday in a meeting presided over by District and Session Judge Shahjehan Akhunzada, Mr. Shahjehan Akhunzada had expressed his satisfaction over completion of targets for judicial officers in Kohat district. Collectively at district Kohat level District and Session Judge and additional District and Session Judge from 2-5-2009 to 15-5-2009 had decided 260 pending cases. Civil Judge and Judicial Magistrate in the said period have decided 900 pending cases.

District and Session Judge Kohat Mr. Shahjehan Akhunzada has issued directions to Judicial Officers of Kohat district to speed up decisions regarding all the cases of different nature to provide speedy justice to public.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Station Manager’s Press Briefing

Kohat: APP 13-5-2009
‘Because of deterioration in law and order situation last year in November, duration of broadcasts from radio Pakistan Kohat was reduced, but now that watches are forwarded for one hour increase in broadcast duration is recommended, though worsening law and order situation is also an undeniable fact’, Station Manager Radio Pakistan Kohat Mr. Sidiq Paracha has said while addressing a press conference in his office.

He had further added that 93% population of Kohat listens to the broadcasts of Radio Pakistan Kohat; it was reflected in a recent survey report. Radio Pakistan Kohat broadcasts are heard in Karak, Hangu and Kohat around three million people are entertained and informed through its broadcasts.

Station Manager Sidiq Paracha has said that from farmers to students, government departments and to ordinary people Radio Pakistan Kohat has been giving coverage, information and entertainment through its various programs.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Refugee Girl Killed in Kohat

A young Afghan girl was killed and her sister was critically injured when a rocket fired from unknown direction was landed in their home on Tuesday. According to police sources a rocket had hit residence of Afghan refugee Jamil located in Ghamkole refugee camp Kohat, his daughter Aisha was killed at the spot and his other daughter Naushad Bibi was critically injured, she was rushed to Divisional Hospital in KDA Kohat, where she is under treatment now.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Monday, May 11, 2009

39 Outlaws Arrested in Kohat

Kohat Police had arrested 39 outlaws including 17 foreigners and recovered large cache of weapons on Monday. According to police sources, security of Kohat city was put on high alert to counter possible terrorist attacks. On a tip off District Police Officer Kohat Dilwar Khan Bangash had assigned district Police to launch a search operation against suspects and militants at Oblan, Muhammad Zai, Mian Garhi, Jangle Khel, Dheri Banda, Jarma, Kharmatoo, Pehlwan Banda and other mountainous area of the district.
During the search operation Police had arrested 39 out laws including 17 Afghan refugees identified as Hayatullah, Ghafoor, Hikmatullah and other criminals and recovered 4 Kalashnikovs, 2 kalakoves, 5 shot gun, 7 rifles, 4 repeaters, 13 pistols and 800 rounds of different bore from there possession.
Earlier after suicide attack on security check post at Dara Adam Khel security plan has been chalked out by the district Police for ensuring the security of life and property of citizens and its details has been finalized for strict implementation. The Police have been put on high alert and extra vigilance maintained. All entry points sealed and security check posts were established at 35 places of the district and automatic security cameras has been installed at sensitive places. Afghan refugees have been kept limited to their residential camps and no residence has been allowed into city and village area for them.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Miscreants Attacked Guard of Surgeon Saeed

Guard of surgeon Saeed was injured in scuffle with miscreants on Sunday, he received a bullet injury in his thigh, injured Gul Nawaz was rushed to KDA hospital. According to eyewitnesses two motorcycle riders had attacked guard Gul Nawaz on duty at the residence of Surgeon Saeed of Divisional Headquarter Hospital Kohat, Surgeon Saeed’s residence is located in Paracha Town Kohat, miscreants had injured the guard with bullet shot and had snatched Kalashnikov from him around 10pm. Police had collected the bullet shell from spot of incident and is searching for the miscreants. Neighbor of Surgeon Saeed, retired additional IGP police NWFP Mr. Masood Paracha has said that each resident of Paracha Town shall keep a gun for his protection now.

One motor cycle rider was killed and other was critically injured when a passanger coach had hit the motorcycle on Indus Highway in Kohat. Motorcycle rider Waqas was killed at the spot while critically injured Riaz was rushed to hospital, both motorcycle riders were residents of Karak district. Case against passanger coach driver was registered in Sadar police station Kohat. In one another incident of violence Imroza Bibi was killed over a dispute among women, her accused killers Jandli Shah, Waheed Shah and Jalindhar Shah had managed to escape, case against them was registered in Sadar police station Kohat. Kohat police is making efforts to arrest the killers of Imroza Bibi and the flying coach driver whom had escaped from the scene after the accident with motorcycle.

Meanwhile two tribesmen of Bizote tribe were released by abductors when police during search operation near Orakzai agency hills had encountered the abductors. Tribesmen Abdullah and Menab Khan were abducted near Raisan from a passanger coach on Kohat Hangu road on 26th of November.

According to police sources alleged car lifter Umar Shiraz resident of Bannu was arrested on Indus Highway, Kohat police had recovered pickup # PRP3417 lifted from Mardan from his custody.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Rumor Invoked Legal Action

‘DIG Police Kohat region Mr. Muhammad Idris Khan is on holidays and will take charge again in Kohat at the end of his leave. Rumors aired regarding his abduction on TV channels and newspapers were baseless. Legal action is under way against channels and newspapers involved in airing and printing rumor regarding abduction of DIG Muhammad Idrees Khan,’ spokesman of Kohat police has said.

Meanwhile two alleged terrorists were arrested in Kohat from Dartapi and Kharmatoo villages. According to police sources, Kohat police had raided the house of Abdur Raheem a member of defunct organization, and had recovered upper portion of OGDC vehicle which was used by three OGDC employees at the time of their abduction on 16th of April. Arrested Abdur Rahim was a suspect in their abduction case. In one another raid on the house of alleged terrorist Muhammad Zahir Shah Kohat police had recovered three explosives, 2 detonators, four feet detonating card and a 30 bore pistol along with cartridges. Kohat police had arrested Muhammad Zahir Shah and had confiscated the explosives and other destructive equipment recovered from his home.

‘Two rockets were also fired at Sheikhan and Happy Valley areas of Kohat, the rocket in Happy valley was landed in empty space, while in Sheikhan village rocket had hit a house and caused it partial damage. No loss of life was done in both rocket attacks’, police sources have said.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Protest Strike of KUST Faculty

Academic Staff of Kohat University of Science and Technology had declared strike till the arrest of alleged criminals involved in brutal attack on a doctor and students of KIMS. According to a press release signed by General Secretary and Media information secretary of KASA, in an emergency cabinet meeting of KASA held on Friday a criminal action taken against a doctor and students of KIMS was condemned and four unanimous resolutions in this respect was passed by the faculty of KUST, in which security for KIMS faculty from FC men instead of police was demanded, long term security measures on disposal of Medical Superintendent on rotational basis for faculty of KIMS and immediate action against criminals allegedly involved in attack on doctor and students of KIMS were also demanded in unanimous resolution, it was also decided in emergency meeting of KUST faculty that the KUST faculty will remain on strike till the fulfillment of its demands highlighted in cabinet unanimous resolutions.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Thursday, May 7, 2009

InThe Line of Duty

DIG Idrees Khan

IGP NWFP Malik Naveed Khan

‘180 police men had sacrificed their lives and 154 were injured in the line of duty during year 2008, 110 groups of abductors were wiped out from NWFP, abductors have established their jails in tribal areas and keep their captives their, number of kidnappings is increased due to presence of these jails in tribal areas,’ Inspector General Police Malik Naveed Khan has said while addressing notables of Kohat in Police club on Thursday.

He had further added that NWFP police is better equipped, trained and well paid force now, the salaries are increased, 100000 bullet proof jackets are provided to the force, and he had visited all the districts of NWFP to create public awareness and support for police to combat miscreants.

In Darbar IGP Malik Naveed Khan had heard the demands of police officials and had distributed aid among families of martyred policemen.

Haji Javed Ibrahim Paracha had praised the performance of Kohat police and had stressed the need of more unity in its ranks, many other notables of Kohat had also presented their suggestions before IGP NWFP, Haji Rehmat Din Paracha had demanded repair of the damaged building of City police station Kohat.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Strange Tussle

In her second tenure Muhtarima Benzir Bhutto Shaheed as Prime Minister of Pakistan, came to Kohat and had granted ten million rupees for beautification of Kohat, along with it she had inaugurated gas provision facility for people of Kohat. Prior to her rule women in Kohat city were using kerosene oil cookers in their kitchens, and women in village areas were using wood for cooking. Even today in remote villages of Kohat women are using wood to cook food, while in their effort to burn the wood for cooking purposes women use their lungs to blow air from mouth while fanning the fire and get lot of carbon in their lungs from smoke emitting wood. Children sitting around women also get affected with the smoke of half burning wood. During her second tenure gas connections were provided to the people living in Kohat city and gradually people living in suburban areas of Kohat had also got the gas connections.

In Gumbat and its surrounding villages gas connections are also approved but the dilemma is that elected leadership of Kohat is fighting for the inauguration rights, MNA Mr. Dilawar Shah wants to inaugurate the provision of gas facility, MPA and minister of housing Mr. Amjid Afridi is also interested in doing the same and both are from the same political party, in tussle between both lungs of women and children living in these villages are at stake, provision of gas connection is delayed because of the tussle between both.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Monday, May 4, 2009

Rocket Attack

'Unknown miscreants had fired two rockets at Kohat around 10:30pm on Saturday, according to eyewitnesses one rocket was landed near CMH Kohat on the road, its splinters were burning while scattered on the road, and buzzing sound was heard for at least five minutes after the rocket attack. No damage to life or property was done.

Meanwhile ‘petrol has become a rare commodity in Kohat after government decision of bringing down the prices of petrol, petrol pumps have stopped selling it, consumers are in trouble, are searching for it all around,’ a retired JCO has said.

Minister for Housing in NWFP had visited free eye camp in Sulman Talab village of Kohat and afterwards he had a lunch with doctors in a hotel located in Kohat Garrison on Sunday. Large number of doctors and notables of the area were present at this occasion.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Friday, May 1, 2009

Tribesman Killed in Remote Control Bomb Attack

One tribesman was killed and eight others were injured in a remote control bomb attack on Kohat Hangu road near Paracahgan Banda on Thursday. According to police sources in a pickup # KT-8543 armed tribesmen were heading towards Kuraiz area of Orakzai Agency, near Parachagan Banda on Kohat Hangu road, and the said pickup was blown up by roadside remote control bomb, tribesman Bikhtiar Hassan resident of Kuraiz was killed while eight other tribesmen present in the pickup were injured. Meanwhile in Shrine of Hazrat Haji Bahadur a bomb shell was also found and diffused by bomb disposal squad of Kohat police.

‘Dead body of bearded unidentified man was found in Dara Adam Khel hill on Thursday, his dead body has been kept in cold storage of Divisional Hospital Kohat for identification,’ PRO Kohat police has said.

Advocate Syed Mazahir Hussain of PPPP had won slot of president Kohat Bar Council, elections was held in peaceful environment, elected president has said that he will work for promotion of rule of law and betterment of the lawyer’s community. He had got 104 votes. Advocate Samiullah was elected as Vice President, and advocate Fawad Hassan had won the slot of General Secretary, while Abdul Majid Bangash got elected as Joint Secretary of Kohat Bar Council.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Quality of education in KPK