Thirty Four Suspects Arrested in Kohat

A Baby Girl Injured in Kohat Bomb Explosion

Four Persons Killed in Peshawar Bomb Explosions

Thirty Persons Killed in Lahore Suicide Bomb Attack

Insurgency in Dara Adam Khel

Suicide Bomb Attacks Reaction of Security Forces Operation in Malakand Division

Good Old Days

Kohat Police Foiled a Bid to Smuggle Large Cache of Arms

Mud House Miscreants

Relief Activity

Night of Rocket Attacks

Search Operation

Diplomatic Nudity

Rocket Attack

Explosion in WAPDA Grid Station

Speedy Justice

Station Manager’s Press Briefing

A Refugee Girl Killed in Kohat

39 Outlaws Arrested in Kohat

Miscreants Attacked Guard of Surgeon Saeed

Rumor Invoked Legal Action

Protest Strike of KUST Faculty

InThe Line of Duty

Strange Tussle

Rocket Attack

Tribesman Killed in Remote Control Bomb Attack