Thursday, January 29, 2009

Current Political Scenario in Pakistan

‘Judges assigned to decide my case regarding my qualification are not qualified for this job, these judges had taken oath to safeguard the interest of an autocrat Musharaf, they had not taken oath on Pakistan’s constitution,’ Mian Nawaz Sharif leader of PML (N) has reportedly said this while addressing a public meeting in Shangla.

He has further added that he will keep on supporting PPPP lead coalition government and people should come out on streets on 9th of March 2009 during long March of Lawyers movement to save Pakistan from another martial law.

‘Pakistan Muslim League (N) is enjoying two shows in one ticket, it is playing role of government and opposition simultaneously, we do not want to destabilize PML (N) provincial government in Punjab,’ Information Minister Sheri Rehman has reportedly said.

‘Mian Nawaz Sharif was convicted in hijacking case of General Musharf, that is why he was disqualified from holding any public office,’ a source has said.

While lawyers are preparing themselves to hold a long March in March 2009 to stress for restoration of deposed chief justice Mr. Iftikhar Chaudhary, fate of democracy hangs in balance in the wake of increased militancy in Swat and other areas of NWFP and Baluchistan.

On Wednesday in his visit of troubled area of SWAT Chief of Army Staff General Parvez Kyani has reportedly said that government writ will be established in Swat at all costs, he was briefed about ongoing security forces operation in Swat.

In public circles fear prevails and mostly people raise question that despite of intense military operations why the number and activities of militants are at increase, during Musharf regime large number of people were of the view that with departure of Musharaf from power militancy will decrease, up to larger extent PPPP lead coalition government have succeeded to curb militancy in sectarian violence hit area of Parachinar, but now Swat became a hot spot where militants have established their parallel courts are convicting people of Swat and lashing the convicted persons in public.

Mr. Ayaz Wazir retired Director General Foreign Affairs had reportedly said that due to socioeconomic reasons militancy is at rise in tribal areas of Pakistan. While participating in a talk show of VOA Urdu service Mr. Ayaz Wazir had said that unemployed and economically strangulated people in FATA are up in arms against government and US lead NATO forces.

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Abdur Raziq

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Twelve Militants Killed in Swat

Twelve militants were killed in Dara during security forces operation in Swat on Tuesday. According to a news report security forces operation to wipe out militants from swat is further intensified and in Swat district curfew has been imposed, but Swat is still dominated by militants, militants have established their own courts in ten different areas of Swat and are convicting people in these courts.

The largest court has been established in Peuchar area of Swat where Taliban militant leader Maulana Fazalullah and his other important followers reside. Maulana Fazalullah issues directions to public in Swat through his FM radio channel and people in Swat do listen to the broad casts of his radio station, so they can follow the code of conduct given by him to avoid punishments from his courts.

Eighty six persons including ex ministers, present ministers, bureaucrats, office bearers of political parties, members of assemblies, Nazims and other important persons are summoned by Maulana Fazlullah to appear before Taliban judges for explanation of their conduct.

Prime Minister Syed Iftikhar Hussain Gailani has denounced the existence of parallel Taliban militant’s courts in Swat and his advisor Mr. Rehman Malik has said that within two to three weeks government writ will be reestablished in Swat.

A source has said that in Shahu Khel area of Hangu one police check post was captured by Taliban militants on Tuesday and brother of MPA Atiq ur Rehman was also abducted from Hangu.

According to a news report in Bajure tribal area militants had destroyed four residences of tribal Maliks in Bajure on Tuesday, boys college buildings were also partially damaged when powerful bomb was exploded in it.

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Abdur Raziq

Monday, January 26, 2009

Journalist Killed in Pindi

Journalist Mr। Amir Wakeel was killed in Pindi on Sunday and was buried in graveyard of his native village Gumbat Kohat। According to news report published in daily Express journalists in Kohat and Pindi came out on streets to launch protest and to stress for arrest of Killers of deceased journalist Mr. Amir Wakeel. The journalists had also protested against the frequent murders and arrests of journalists in Pakistan. ‘Journalist Amir Wakeel had received two bullets in head when unknown killer had opened fire at him in Committee Chowk of Rawalpindi, he was rushed to hospital but due to excessive bleeding he had succumbed to his injuries in hospital, SHO police station Waris Khan had taken statements from his relatives, and case was registered against killers,’ unveiled in a news report of daily Alsharq.
Deceased Amir Wakeel was elder brother of Journalist Kamal Azfar owner of daily Awami Inqilab published from Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan. Kamal Azfar is executive member of PFUJ.

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Abdur Raziq

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Drone Attacks as an Irritant in Pak-US Relations

Number of dead in Friday US drone attack on Meer Ali area of North Waziristan was increased to 21, five foreign militants were reportedly killed in drone attack, rest of the killed were locals of Waziristan. According to news reports published in Pakistani news papers, President Asif Ali Zardari held a meeting with Madam Anne Patterson US ambassador in Pakistan on Saturday and had categorically told her that such attacks will be counter productive in war on terror and US shall abstain from launching drone attacks on Pakistani soil.

At many occasions Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Yousuf Raza Gailani had expressed hope that with arrival of President elect Mr. Barak Obama in power drone attacks will end, around 30 US drone attacks were witnessed during Bush era, Friday drone attack was the first one during Obama administration period.

According to news report of VOA Urdu service Pakistan foreign office has welcomed the decision of President Barak Obama regarding end of GITMO Prison within a year, Pakistan has only its six nationals as prisoners in GITMO. Pakistan foreign office has termed the decision of President Obama as his moral victory in war against terror.

Major General Ather Abbas while participating in a talk show of VOA Urdu news service had said that in Mingora district of Swat Pakistan security forces have extended protection to schools in March when winter vacations will end all other schools in Swat troubled area will also get protection of security forces. According to news reports published in Pakistani media so far 170 schools were damaged by militants in Swat.

In tribal areas of Pakistan US drone attacks are counter productive and create feelings of sympathy for the terrorist organizations in public, when innocent people become victims of drone attacks along with militants, terrorist organizations gain more numerical strength affected families of innocent victims also become part of terrorist organizations to avenge the killings of their family members. An analyst in talk show of VOA Urdu service was of the view that US if provides drones and information to Pakistan government, it will launch attacks on militants with more accuracy.

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Abdur Raziq

Friday, January 23, 2009

Nine Killed in US Drone Attack

‘One officer of Pakistan security forces was killed and five security forces men were injured when militants had attacked security forces check post in Tor Chapar area of Dara Adam Khel during the night between Thursday and Friday,’ sources have said.
NADRA Kohat Manager was kidnapped in Togh area of Kohat on Friday while coming back from his duty, police has encircled the area and is searching for a car in which Manger Waqas was abducted, ’ it was unveiled in Radio Kohat news bulletin.
‘Two security forces men were killed when a suicide bomber had hit a security forces check post in Mingoara area of Swat on Friday,’ sources have said
‘Nine persons were killed in US drone attack on a house in Mir Ali area of North Waziristan on Friday, three missile were fired at a house occupied by militants, nine persons present in the house were killed, one more US drone attack was also launched in South Waziristan tribal area, ’ unveiled in news bulletin of VOA Urdu service.
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Abdur Raziq

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Constitutional Obligations

Most of the victims in kidnap for ransom cases once released by the abductors keep mum and do not reveal any thing about their experience, one such abducted and released alive bank manager had unveiled before his close friends that in captivity of abductors he was terrorized each day, his bearded abductors used to sharpen their long knives before him every day, one day he was told that Shura (advisory group) has decided to slaughter few captives and decision is implemented, now come along with us to see slaughtered persons, abducted manager says that he told them straight away that he is Muslim and can not appreciate such practices and do not want to see the dead bodies of slaughtered people. The abducted bank manager was also exposed to arm depot of abductors where huge stock of sophisticated arms and ammunition was kept; the manager was told that ransom money is consumed in buying weapons. The said bank manager was abducted from Tull Tehsil of Hangu.

Abducted ANP Finance Secretary Salamat Khan Orakzai was released by his abductors on 12th of January 2009, but now he is not available to tell his story, and keeping mum even before his friends. He was abducted near Nakbund area of Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan.

In Pakistan constitutional guarantees regarding right of life and freedom of expression does exist but our constitution is a modern document existing in a primitive society, our leadership in the past have failed to understand that it has to fulfill its constitutional obligations regarding fundamental rights of the people of Pakistan, in absence of independent judiciary, rule of law, effective social security network able to provide relief to jobless people in shape of unemployment allowance from government exchequer, people of Pakistan are now exposed to extreme hardships, terrorist organizations are flourishing in presence of unemployed men power, despite of relentless efforts of Pakistan security forces to eliminate terrorists, the number and activities of terrorist forces are at increase.

Professor Ijaz Khan of Peshawar university, in VOA Urdu talk show had unveiled that Swat district is now fallen to the terrorists, in Peshawar and Murdan off and on explosions aerial firings and rocket attacks have become a common phenomena and people are now getting used to it. Chechan, Uzbuk, and Arab militants while joining hands with locals are promoting terrorist activities in Swat.

President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gailani during Musharaf era were imprisoned and were exposed to hardships, they were confined in jail for long period of time without fair and free trial in independent court of law, what was happened to them was unjust and unfair, millions in Pakistan are facing hardships in one form or another in presence of unjust and unfair system of governance, in days of Musharaf it was a big risk for an analyst to compare Pakistan’s existing system of governance with USA or great Britain where people are enjoying real democratic system, equipped with just and fair laws and independent judiciary along with effective and unbiased bureaucracy willing to implement decisions of democratically elected rulers. In one of his press conferences he had categorically abstained journalists from doing comparative studies.

Extremism emanates from unjust and unfair system of governance, geographical factors also contribute towards it, unstable Afghanistan heaven of warlords, and freedom struggle in Indian held Kashmir are few factors, which had also contributed towards current sorry state of affairs in Pakistan. President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Gailani both can make history by fulfilling their constitutional obligations regarding fundamental rights of their people thus can also eliminate popular support for terrorist organizations.

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Abdur Raziq

President Barack Obama's Inaugural Address

Obama to act swiftly on economy

Israel maintains heavy bombardment

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama Wants Gitmo Trials Delayed

Lowering Racial Divides

Arrival of US President elect Mr. Barak Hussain Obama in White House is a good omen for future of democracy in USA and elsewhere in the world. Era of racial discrimination will end during his four years tenure within USA, the injustices done in the past will be compensated and a new and better social order will emerge. It’s a fruit of democracy that racial divide in USA is now lowered to the extent that Barak Obama a colored man has become US president. The journey from slavery to presidency was long and painful, black Africans in USA had suffered a lot, broadmindedness of Democratic Party leadership and its members is largely responsible for present state of racial harmony in USA. Educated liberal democrats of white origin deserve credit for it; they had groomed and encouraged Obama to reach this height being a member of Democratic Party.

People in Pakistan narrate stories regarding President Obama’s stay in Karachi in his early age and frequent visits of his honorable mother in Gujrat city of Pakistan and they all praise him and his honorable mother, in fact during last fifty five years of Pakistan’s alliance relationship with USA people to people relations between both countries were strengthened up to the extent that a professor in California university owns residence in Lahore capital of Punjab, and spends most of his time in Lahore, Professor Willy had told me about his craze for Lahori food and other niceties of Lahore during my brief stay in San Fransisco in September 1988. Professor Willy is also a good friend of Professor Rasul Buksh Rais interestingly now Professor Rasul Baksh Rais an imminent scholar is also in Lahore and is head of social science faculty of a private university in Lahore.

Interestingly President Obama due to his name Barak Hussain Obama is considered as Muslim brother in Pakistan, some of the people had told me USA is now having a Muslim president; few of them were of the view that he is Shia sect Muslim due to inclusion of word Hussain in his name. Yesterday evening I found people sitting in a restaurant of Kohat looking towards television screen with great concentration, probably they were watching alive coverage of Obama’s oath taking ceremony.

Expectation of political leadership in Pakistan is that US drone attacks will end now, Prime Minister Gailani is of the view that US drone attacks are causing embarrassment for elected leadership of Pakistan, he says that US shall share information with Pakistan and Pakistan security forces will take action against miscreants.

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Abdur Raziq

Murder of Arabic Language Teacher

Arabic Language teacher was killed when his car was ambushed in Chechana village of Kohat on Wednesday. According to press release issued by PRO Kohat police, deceased Mufti Taj Ali Khan after doing his duty as Arabic language teacher in Chechana government school was coming back towards his home located in Chechana Ghunda village of Kohat in his car, when unknown killers had opened fire on his car, he was killed at the spot, while his killers had managed to escape in near by hills. In one another incident young laborer Raheem Khan was killed in Qazi Banda area of union council Surgul Kohat, when unknown killers had opened fire at him with firearms. Cases against unknown killers of deceased Taj Ali Khan and Raheem Khan were registered in Sadar police station of Kohat. Dead body of unidentified old man was also found near Bannu Gate on Kohat Bannu road on Wednesday.

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Abdur Raziq
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Watching Inauguration From Afar and Finding Hope

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Huffington Post Throws a Pre-Inaugural Party

UK marks Obama inauguration

Raw Video: Obama Arrives at Capitol

Arrest of Suspects

Kohat police had arrested 35 suspects during raids in different areas of Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan on Monday, large cache of weapons and narcotics were recovered from their custody. According to press release issued by PRO Kohat police, following the instructions from District Police Officer Mr. Abdullah Khan Kohat police had conducted raid to arrest proclaimed offenders involved in murder cases and abductors in involved in kidnap for ransom cases, 35 suspects were arrested in police raids conducted in Jungle Khel, Jabur, Charghari, Tor Chapri, Tanda Banda, Syab, Meer Ahmed Khel, Bhawalnagar and Buraka areas of Kohat district, nine Klashinkove, six Kalakove, six rifles, 15 pistols, 630 cartridges of different bores, 8.500kg cannabis and nine bottles of alcohol were discovered from the custody of suspects. Arrested suspects were handed over to investigation team for further investigations.

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Abdur Raziq

Monday, January 19, 2009

Thirteen Militants Killed in Mehmand Agency

‘Thirteen militants and two Pakistan security forces men were killed during security forces operation in Mehmand Agency tribal area of Pakistan on Sunday. After a fierce gun battle in which heavy weapons were used from both sides, in different areas of Mehmand Agency security forces had demolished homes and shops of militants, few residences of innocent people having no connections with militants were also demolished,’ unveiled in a news report of daily the ‘News’.

‘During security forces operations in Bajure tribal area of Pakistan so far 1500 militants were killed,’ unveiled in VOA Urdu service news report.

186 million people of Pakistan being victims of uncertainty, unemployment, underemployment, forced labor and over exploitation in absence of any sort of unemployment allowance for unemployed have become a fertile ground for extremism, terrorist organizations, can easily hire economically down trodden people in tribal and settled areas of Pakistan to launch suicide bomb attacks and other subversive activities in Pakistan and elsewhere in the world.

Prime Minister Gailani’s three pronged strategy to eradicate unemployment and economic backwardness by initiating development schemes, use of military means to control existing armed groups and negotiations with militants in case they lay down their arms is quite a realistic approach, if he can come up with comprehensive economic uplift plan including unemployment allowance for millions of jobless, militancy problem will fade away rapidly.

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Abdur Raziq

Huge blaze at Jakarta fuel depot

Saturday, January 17, 2009

One Killed in Dispute Over CD Cassette

Alleged killer of Prosecution Inspector’s son was arrested on Friday. According to Kohat police sources son of Prosecution Inspector Muhammad Saeed, deceased Noman Saeed was killed during the night on 30th of December 2008, his dead body was found near Alshifa hospital in posh area of KDA, Cause of his death was bullet wound in the head. Upon instructions from DPO Abdullah Khan police investigation team after thorough investigations had booked close friend of deceased Noman Saeed, Mr. Muhammad Hameed son of Abdul Hameed on charges of murder, 30 bore pistol and five cartridges from the custody of alleged killer Muhammad Hameed was also recovered, accused killer was presented in the court of judicial magistrate VI Mr. Arbab Suhail, and afterwards shifted from police lockup to Kohat Central Jail.

In one another incident of violence on Friday a young man was killed and his brother was critical y injured on a dispute over CD cassette. According to Kohat police sources In Char Bagh area of Jungle Khel Kohat, on a dispute over CD cassette accused Jan Muhammad and his sons namely Kukatoo and Nooraki had opened fire with fire arms at two brothers namely Jehanzeb and Khalid sons of Wazir, both brothers were critically injured but only deceased Jehanzeb had succumbed to his injuries, on report from critically injured Khalid case was registered in police station of Jungle Khel Kohat.

According to police sources in a joint operation of police and security forces 20 nonlocal armed suspects were arrested from Kharooti Kalay area of Jerma village, one Klashinkove, two rifles and 216 cartridges were recovered from the custody of arrested suspects, the arrested suspects were shifted to unknown place for further investigations.

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Abdur Raziq

Friday, January 16, 2009

Inside Gaza: The struggle to cope

Afghan General Killed in Helicopter Crash

General Fazal Din of Afghan Army and twelve other persons were killed in helicopter crash on Thursday, According to news report of VOA Urdu service his helicopter was crashed in Heart province of Afghanistan.

‘Two soldiers of Pakistan Army were killed in roadside bomb attack in North Waziristan on Thursday,’ Unveiled in VOA Urdu news report.

Kohat police repelled militant’s attack on police check post. According to police sources during the night between Wednesday and Thursday armed militants had attacked police check post in Gul Hassan Banda area of Gumbat Kohat, militants had used heavy weapons during two hours exchange of fire between police and militants, eventually militants had escaped from the scene. District Police Officer Mr. Abdullah Khan had reached the trouble spot in Gul Hassan Banda along with bomb disposal squad and heavy contingent of police; during police search operation RPG7 rocket shell was found and diffused by bomb disposal squad of Kohat police.

While patrolling on Sheen Dhand road Kohat police men had also found a box filled with explosives along with 329 detonators, half kg gunpowder, 120 meter safety fuse wire. The box was kept in a valley surrounded by hills; Kohat police had registered the case against unknown miscreants responsible for planting box filled with explosives.

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Abdur Raziq

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pak-India Relations

‘Indian Army Chief Mr. Deepak Kapoor in a news conference on Wednesday has said that Pakistan has moved its troops towards Indian border but he does not anticipate war and Indian Army is prepared to initiate any adventure in case of Pakistan Army attack on India, he had further added that India has been keeping all its options open, retired Major General Jamsheed of Pakistan Army has said that in a largest democracy India Army Chief is expressing his views on international affairs which seems to be bit undemocratic,’ unveiled on VOA Urdu service.

In the wake of 26/11 Mumbai attacks Indian leadership specially foreign minister Mr. Mukherjee seems to be in utter state of confusion, his demands regarding handing over of alleged terrorists within twenty four hours from Pakistan were also condemned by eminent Indian diplomat and journalist Mr. Quldeep Nayer and were termed as infringement of rights of a sovereign independent state, previous incidents of terror attacks in India were finally resulted in arrest of Indian Army Colonel in case of attack on Smajhota express and in Malay Gown incident some one else was held responsible.

Prime Minister Gailani of Pakistan had categorically stated in his statements on national and international media that Mumbai incidents were reflection of failure of intelligence and security agencies of India, and India had provided documents short of evidence against any person’s involvement and Pakistani leadership is carefully studying the document.

In the wake of Indian military buildup and war threats, Pakistan will be compelled to deploy forces on its Eastern borders to check any possible Indian aggression, sources have said that Russia and India both are jointly involved in destabilizing Pakistan. A source has said that US lead NATO allies in Afghanistan and Pakistan Armed forces are victims of Russian and Indian revenge, after demise of Soviet Union, both countries have trapped USA in Afghanistan to avenge Russian defeat during cold war era.

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Abdur Raziq

Monday, January 12, 2009

Endless Abductions

On 9th of January 2009 Awami National Party Finance secretary and owner of daily Taseer Mr. Salamat Khan Orakzai was kidnapped near Nakbund village located on Kohat Pindi road, according to his newspaper reporter Mr. Sahibzada Afridi and Mr. Munawar Orakzai was coming from Pindi towards Kohat when abductors abducted him near Nakbund village of Khushal Garh Union Council Kohat, they have further added that no contact is so far made by abductors regarding ransom for his release with his family or friends.

Abducted Salamat Khan Orakzai by himself is from Orakzai tribe and is a resident of Orakzai Agency, but was doing business in Kohat. ‘He also owns some property in Fateh Jung area of Punjab,’ his friend Inayat Orkzai had said. Prior to his abduction he had received threats from certain quarters,’ disclosed by reporter Mumtaz Bangash. His Uncle was also abducted last year but was recovered in a police raid from Khwaja Abad area of Kohat.

His valiant newspaper reporters and other staff members were busy in filing stories and doing their routine tasks in daily Taseer office in Kohat on Monday evening when I went their to confirm his abduction news and express sympathy with him and his family.

During last few decades hundreds of people from Kohat and other areas of NWFP were kidnapped for ransom many of them were released after payment of ransom by their families, good number of them were killed by the abductors, but in most of the cases people abducted from settled areas were kept in tribal areas of Pakistan, few of the abducted persons have also succeeded to escape from the prison cells of abductors, ‘last year Farooq Mechanic abducted from Kohat had escaped from the prison located in tribal area adjacent to Peshawar, he had got a chance to enter in a truck after unloading bricks from it, abductors were getting forced labor from prisoners to construct a building in tribal area,’ his agedly sister Madam Kishwar had said.

‘Abductors openly move around in their cars, get near to their target and use chloroform soaked handkerchief to make their target unconscious and after pulling unconscious victim into their car escape towards tribal areas. Abductors had also applied chloroform soaked handkerchief to kidnap her brother,’ Madam Kishwar had said.

‘When people of settled areas unable to pay back loans to their tribal financiers, they are abducted by their financiers, rich tribesmen provide loans on high interest rates to the needy people residing in settled areas of NWFP, business rivalries are also a major reason behind abductions,’ a source has said on condition of anonymity.

Mian Iftikhar Provincial Minister of ruling Awami National Party of NWFP in a talk show on VOA Urdu had unveiled that terrorist organizations create funds by doing kidnap for ransom acts.

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Abdur Raziq

Prince apology over racist remark

Costa Rica quake victims search

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gaza Protesters Take to Washington Streets

Obama Pieces Together Economic Plan

Russia Signs Deal Opening Flow of Natural Gas

Ceasefire in Hangu

‘Army has taken over control of Hangu and ceasefire between both belligerent sects has been implemented on Sunday,’ police sources have said.

‘21 persons were killed and 35 others were injured during armed clashes started on Thursday evening between Shia and Sunni sect armed groups in Hangu district f NWFP Pakistan,’ sources have said.

‘Two rockets had hit residence of Dr. Naseem Gul located in Mian Badshah street of Kohat district on Thursday, building was partially damaged but no loss of life was done,’ sources have said.

According to news report published in daily Express, Salamat Khan Aurakzai Finance Secretary of Awami National Party Kohat was abducted in Gumbat area of Kohat last week, he also owns a local Urdu daily Taseer.

‘Taliban militants have been attacking ANP ruling party of NWFP leadership, situation in Swat district is deplorable, militants hang dead bodies of their prays on electricity poles in Swat, ANP leaders movement is now restricted and Taliban militants are dominating the scene in NWFP,’ unveiled in VOA Urdu talk show by PML(Q) leader Mr. Gauhar Ayube Khan.

‘Taliban militants have gained control of Shahu Khel and few schools were also damaged by Taliban militants in Orakzai tribal area last week,’ sources have said.

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Abdur Raziq

Biden in Afghanistan for Talks

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Seven People Killed in Hangu

‘More then two dozen people were killed and dozens were injured during sectarian clashes occurred in Hangu district of NWFP, when Shia sect people came out to protest against ban on mourning procession imposed by district government to save the lives of Shia sect mourners in troubled area of Hangu through imposition of curfew. During armed clashes started on Thursday evening an important local Taliban leader was also killed, heavy weapons were used by belligerent groups, police sources have confirmed the death of seven people in Hangu district during sectarian clashes,’ unveiled in VOA Urdu news bulletin.

Provincial Minister Mian Iftikhar during a talk show of VOA Urdu service has said that situation is still tense in Hangu district of NWFP.

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Abdur Raziq

UN ceasefire call goes unheeded

Biden Arrives in Pakistan, Gets High Honor

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Curfew Restricted Shia Sect Mourning Procession in Hangu

After yesterday’s violent incident in which three policemen were killed due to curfew in Hangu district Shia sect mourners were unable to hold tenth of Muharam mourning procession, in Kohat and Parachinar Shia sect mourners had held mourning processions under strict security measures. According to official sources from three Imambargahs of Kohat district Shia sect mourners came out in processions and their joint procession was ended in Syed Aleem Ghazi shrine on Thursday, helicopters had kept on monitoring the situation on ground in Kohat district, and the district was completely sealed by security forces on Thursday to protect Shia sect mourners.

According to news reports published in Pakistani media Kohat, Hangu, Parchina, Dera Ismaeel Khan and Peshawar had witnessed instances of sectarian violence during past few years, a decade ago Shia sect mourners used to mourn the martyrdom of Imam Hussain (RA) without fear in NWFP, people of Sunni sect used to participate as viewer of Shia sect mourning processions, complete harmony between both sects were their but during last few years sectarian tensions in NWFP were intensified, three years back a suicide bomber had hit procession of Shia sect mourners in Hangu district of NWFP, in Kurram agency worst sectarian clashes were witnessed last year. Due to efforts of elders of both sects and keen interest taken by PPPP lead coalition government Kurram agency is calm now.

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Abdur Raziq

France hit by heavy snow storms

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Three Policemen Killed in Hangu

‘Three policemen were killed, two others were injured and three police men were kidnapped, when unknown miscreants had launched rocket attack on police check post in Dalan area of Hangu district during night between Monday and Tuesday. District Administration has imposed curfew in Hangu to restore peace during holy month of Muharam,’ sources have said.

‘Police check post in Dalan was totally destroyed during the rocket attack of unknown miscreants here policemen Taimoor Khan, Fazal Rahim and Zaitullah were killed, while policemen Shakirullah and Mujeebullah were injured, miscreants had kidnapped Head Constable Peer Jamal, Constable Tariq and Constable Akhlaq,’ sources have said.

‘In a joint meeting of military and civil officials in Hangu decision to impose curfew in Hangu district was taken today to restore peace during holy month of Muharam,’ sources have said.

According to press release issued by PRO Kohat police gunship helicopters and planes are monitoring situation on ground in Kohat, Afghan refugees entry in Kohat has been restricted, prompt security measures has been taken to ensure peace during holy month of Muharam in Kohat district.

Mian Iftikhar Husain a provincial Minster of NWFP in a talk show on VOA Urdu has said that operation to curb kidnap for ransom activities has been underway in Peshawar and its adjacent tribal areas.

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Abdur Raziq

Ice and snow cause traffic chaos

UN condemns attack on Gaza school

Dozens Dead After Israel Shells Near UN School

Calif. Suspects Charged in Gang Rape of Lesbian

European gas supplies disrupted

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mental health fears for young adults

Happy Birthday

I was just 12 years old when I saw him, he came in an open jeep wearing Mao cap and waving to the crowd smilingly, while holding hand of my uncle I was standing in a row formed to welcome him in Kohat Company Bagh Park built by British rulers of subcontinent, fearless, brave and Patriotic hero was fighting against military dictator, peasants, industrial workers, journalists, school children, college students, lawyers, academicians, and journalists of Kohat district were present in the park to greet him. Charming Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was comfortably seated on stage and was garlanded by his followers when he eventually came out from his jeep. He had delivered his speech in which he announced start of agitation against military dictator till the end of dictatorship.

Chairman Bhutto had captured the minds of Pakistani populace with his sincere deeds to uplift the commoners in Pakistan. I personally saw him once more in Kohat when college students on their shoulders on Kohat Mall road picked him where he came to address the gathering in near by Church Ground Kohat.

His struggle to eliminate the causes which could have disintegrated Pakistan was met with success, constitutional democracy was restored in Pakistan in early 70’s, but eventually tyrants have succeeded to deprive him from his right of life after a military coup, but in shortest span of time he had taken enough measures to ensure freedom of his people, the constitution bestowed by him is still functional, though dictators have tried to distort its democratic outlook, but till today it is functional.

Chairman Bhutto Shaheed a law graduate of Harvard was clear in his mind that national security depends upon protection of the rights and freedoms of the people, slaves do not fight for their country, free men struggle to retain their independence and fight against internal and external aggressors.

His party men always celebrate his birthday, I also do that candid and kind Bhutto Shaheed deserves that he had sacrificed his life while fighting against forces of darkness, he was uncompromising, brave, highly educated and sincere. He will be remembered forever in Pakistan and rest of the third world countries where he had left the imprints of his candid self.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sigh of Grief Uttered by Afghan Refugee Woman

I do cycling to keep myself fit, due to long durations of electric supply stoppage in Kohat district of NWFP when batteries of my laptop end cooperation and my laptop goes off, I just pick my sports cycle and go out to fill my lungs with fresh air. Scenery around my residence in Kohat is quite soothing, while cycling on Kohat Pindi road surrounded by lush green gardens I get relieved of worries most often take me over.

On Sunday morning the moment Afghan refugee women living in mud houses near my residence in Paracha Town had knocked my door to fetch few buckets of fresh drinking water from the tube well equipped with machine good in extracting water from the well with the help of electric wires connected to it, the electric supply suddenly went off, when the refugee women were told that electric supply to the well is stopped, one among them had uttered a long sigh of sorrow from her mouth. She came to my residence along with empty pitchers to fill water in it in a chilly morning of January 2009. Bare footed refugee women went back on a chilly Sunday morning with their empty pitchers from my residence. Most often they get water from my residence when electric supply is restored. Winter in Kohat is similar to the winter in Nebraska, but Nebraska get covered with snow and Kohat rarely experience snow fall, though chilly winds are equally piercing in Nebraska state of USA and in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan during winters.

Her sigh of sorrow was enough to compel me write about the plight of these refugees living in Kohat district, I do often write about them, I had worked in Voter Education section of IOM during Afghan Presidential elections in UNOCRV project meant for conducting polling for Afghan refugees residing in NWFP. Their story of sufferings started in 1979 when Soviet Union had invaded Afghanistan to install communist regime in it and probably to get excess to the warm waters. Afghan culture in underdeveloped areas of Afghanistan was a major hindrance in way of communist ideology; Afghans women were least willing to through away their veils to embrace communist culture, and its atheist essence. Afghan men had waged holy war against Soviets to win back freedom for their country with the help of Pakistan, USA and its western allies.

After the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 millions of Afghan refugees were entered in Pakistan which shares border with it. According to General Hameed Gul ISI and American CIA had joined hands to defeat Soviets in Afghanistan, he had revealed this in an interview on VOA Urdu service. Afghanistan became a battleground of two super powers till 1991 Soviets retreat from Afghanistan and its demise became part of history. But Afghan refugees living in Pakistan were remain there due to instability in Afghanistan.

After nine eleven attacks on USA Afghanistan was attacked by USA and its NATO allies with prior UN sanction. Result was more refugees’ influx towards Pakistan. Prior to Soviet invasion of Afghanistan these refugees were living normal lives in their homes within Afghanistan, but from 1979 onwards in Pakistan they were placed in tents which were later turned into mud houses, were exposed to extreme hardships, educated and rich among them are living in brick houses in different areas of Pakistan, but poor and uneducated majority of Afghan refugees living in Pakistan has become a worst example of prolonged sufferings of mankind ever witnessed in human history. Much depends on ability of world leaders regarding end of their sufferings, President elect Mr. Barak Hussain Obama had chosen educated people in his cabinet and as advisers, he by himself is a highly educated person, after 20th of January 2009 some steps to end the sufferings of the people in different parts of the world might start diminishing swiftly, educated and education is meant to end darkness and spread light of knowledge and wisdom, which ultimately paves the way for prosper future for mankind residing on planet earth.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Saturday, January 3, 2009

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Extraordinary Security Measures for Muharram Processions

Pictures of Afghan Refugees mud houses in Paracha Town Kohat

After last month suicide bomb explosions in Peshawar and Orakzai tribal Agency Kohat police is taking extra ordinary security measures to ensure peace during holy month of Muharram, in which Shia sect Muslims mourn the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) grand son of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), he was martyred while fighting forces of tyranny in Karbala Iraq centuries ago.

According to press release issued by PRO Kohat police, Kohat Police has implemented special comprehensive fool proof security arrangements plan for the processions of Muharram-ul-Haram to ensure protection for life and property of the citizens during the holy month of Muharram. The DPO Kohat Abdullah Khan had made a security plan and a code of conduct for Muharram, the procession of 7th, 9th and 10th Muharram are very sensitive, heavy contingent of Police Commandos, Elite Force, Frontier Constabulary and Plain clothes Police officials will be deployed at the route of the Shia sect mourning procession, and Army will be also called to assist the local administration. The officials and Frontier Corps personals will be also deployed at the rooftops at the routes of processions and Frontier Constabulary Platoons will also cover hilltops surrounding the city. Use of roof tops of houses to view procession of chest beating Shia mourners will be banned and the people of the area will be responsible for any untoward incident if occurred from roof top of their houses. A control Room with telephone Numbers 0922-9260122 has been setup in the old DPO Office and Rescue15 police free toll free number has been setup to coordinate and supervise the security arrangements, in close coordination with peace committees of 7 Imam Barghas, and 8 Mosques had been declared sensitive, whereas the police commandos will be deployed to ensure checking and body searches of the suspects through metal detectors, walk through gates for main procession will be installed and will be covered with security cameras, the police and peace committee members of procession will ensure that no outsider can enter the surroundings of processions. The whole district has been divided into seven sectors and a DSP will be the incharge of sectors. All SDPOs has been directed to collect data of illegal immigrants including the refugees coming from Parachinar, Orkazai, Waziristan, Darra Adam Khel and Frontier Region of Kohat District.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

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