Causes of Security Lapses

‘Eight security forces men were killed in suicide bomb attack and five others were injured when a suicide bomber had attacked security forces Zalanai check post of South Waziristan on Sunday। President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gailani and information minister Ms Sheri Rehman have condemned the attack on Zalanai Check Post. While seven militants were killed during security forces operation in Nawagai area of Bajure tribal agency, sources have said.
‘Suicide bomb attack on DIG police office in Mardan last week was resulted in ten causalities four among the dead were policemen, 25 others were injured। DIG had survived the attack and was remained unharmed। In US drone attack in waziristan at least thirty militants were killed most of them killed were Arabs,’ it was unveiled in local media reports.

Increased number of rocket attacks on settled area of Kohat, and suicide bomb attack in settled area of Mardan reflects that militants are now focusing on their targets in settled areas and whole NWFP province is experiencing spill over affects of ongoing war in tribal areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Few weeks ago Marriot hotel Islamabad was attacked by a suicide bomber and in settled area of Charsada residence of ANP leader Mr. Asfandyar Wali Khan was also attacked by a suicide bomber.

Security lapses in settled areas of Pakistan were the major cause behind suicide bomb attacks, a suicide bomber after successfully filling his truck with six hundred kg explosive material had hoodwinked security officials and had reached near Marriott hotel Islamabad where he had blew himself up, last week in Mehmand agency on a security forces check post a suicide bomber had rammed his explosives laden truck in which three security forces men were martyred. When terrorists buy and fill such huge quantities of explosives in their trucks and cars to launch attacks probably they wear Sulemani cap so no body can see them or our security agencies lack the ability to watch and detect such places from where explosives can be bought and filled in trucks and other vehicles.

Blatant violation of merit during past eight years of previous government can be one reason behind security lapses, lack of appropriate training, salaries, and equipment are also the reasons behind security lapses, bravery and courage is not a problem in Pakistan, picture in my blog can be seen in which security forces men had caught a suicide bomber alive by holding his hands while preventing him to detonate his suicide bomber jacket filled with explosives. It is the lack of adequate number of able and qualified men in security and intelligence agencies, lack of proper equipment and training and poor salaries, including misuse of intelligence and security agencies by their incompetent bosses to please their political leadership in power, when Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto was martyred in Liaqat park of Pindi, every sane person was pointing finger towards then president Parvez Musharaf, such cruel practices are common in subcontinent, in India security of Muhatama Gandhi was lifted when he had given a verdict in favor of Pakistan regarding return of Pakistan’s share of assets after partition. Consequently a Hindu extremist had killed Muhatima Gandhi.

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Abdur Raziq
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