Sunday, November 30, 2008

Obama to Name Clinton Secretary of State on Mon.

Fighting Piracy In East Africa

Welsh couple describe hotel attack

UK service for Mumbai victims

Mumbai Terror Rage Ends After 60 Hours

Riots 'kill hundreds in Nigeria' Victims of Local Liquor Victims of Local Liquor

Victims of Local Liquor

One day prior to Eid festival a source had told me that three Christians were expired after drinking poisonous liquor, I have tried to dig out the details because the source had told me that no case was filed in any police station of Kohat, I had confirmed it from various other sources, had been to a local pub to find out the truth and determine the identity of expired Christian fellows, a source in a local pub of Kohat while commenting on their death had said, they had expired due to poverty, rich people buy and drink liquor of high quality and poor they drink low quality local made liquor which can be poisonous at times.

During last two months I kept on searching to find out the names and true story of deceased persons, on Saturday evening I came across three young Christian boys in a shop located in heart of Kohat city and that was it, I got detailed information about the expired Christian men. According to those Christian boys deceased Victor and Ashiq were Christians and deceased Karim Baksh was Hindu, all the three deceased persons were retired sweepers of Pakistan Army Signal Training Center in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan. In residential area of Brigade line in Kohat Garrison three of them had enjoyed local made poisonous liquor in street outside their homes in Brigade line and after drinking the liquor their condition become critical all the three were hospitalized but were expired due to ill effects of locally made liquor, their fourth friend sweeper Saleem was brought back alive from hospital.

Liquor was banned on Muslims in Pakistan in 1970’s but Hindu and Christian communities were allowed to consume liquor. Muslims they drink liquor secretly and with the help of their Christian friends they manage to buy few bottles from their quota of liquor from big hotels having bar rooms for Christians. In small cities like Kohat where no five star hotel does exist both lower class Muslims and Christians rely on liquor product of secret manufacturers, local made liquor is marketed in green and white bottles of beverages secretly. According to a consumer this local made liquor sometimes taste like a diesel and sometimes it tastes like a drinking tonic of pleasant flavor, suppliers of local liquor are popularly called doctor sahib in circles of alcoholics.

‘Deceased Karim Baksh was father of four daughters and three sons; his widow is now responsible for their look after. Deceased Victor had left a widow, two sons and five years old daughter and deceased Ashiq had left a widow, a son and a daughter behind,’ unveiled by young Christian boys.

According to Christian boys Father Stagger of British origin is replaced by Father Suhail of Peshawar as head of Catholic Church in Kohat, Father Stagger was kind and nice and was quite helpful to local Christians but Father Suhail is not a good replacement of Father Stagger. All the three young Christian boys are working as sweepers in ISSB Kohat and were complaining about salary which was 2400/rs per month but no medical allowance is included in their salary though they are entitled to get pension, they have also demanded construction of Christian colony at the pattern of Peshawar where cheap land was provided to Christians for construction of their residences.

The shop owner on condition of anonymity had told me that in Sur Gul village of Kohat near his residence a narcotic seller is selling Cannabis from last thirty years and because of his den poor mill workers are unable to educate their children, they spend good amount of money on buying Cannabis from him that is why they can not spare any money for education of their children.

Three expired sweepers were illiterate and most of the Christian community members are also illiterate in Kohat district, rich Muslims and Christians can afford to get education in Kohat Convent School but for poor Christians a separate school does exist in the same school building. Due to lack of awareness many educated Muslims are also consuming local made liquor regularly but no liquor related Muslim causality was witnessed in near past. Even among the Christians of Kohat it is the first incident in which victims of local made liquor were expired.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Hostages Rescued

Stranded Passengers With Few Options in Thailand

India-Pakistan Tensions

Commandos storm Mumbai building

The Pirates Of Somalia - Somalia

Airbus Crash in France Kills 2, 5 Missing

Americans Reach Out After Mumbai Blasts

Forces Assault Besieged Jewish Center in Mumbai

Clear Timetable for U.S. Troops Departure Set

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Heaven of Pocket Pickers

Few years ago when Inspector General NWFP Police Mr. Pasha had told me in police club Kohat that Thana culture is considerably changed now and police is now quite people friendly in NWFP, I had written numerous reports for Associated Press of Pakistan in favor of provision of better salaries for police force, increase in its strength and provision of modern equipment to it.

Two weeks earlier a pocket picker had deprived me from my mobile phone when I came to main branch of National Bank located in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan, I had contacted PRO Kohat police Mr. Fazal Naeem he had advised me to file first information report in political Thana(police station), when I had arrived in police station to file an FIR against unknown pocket picker, a plain clothed police man had offered me a chair to sit and had written my complaint by himself in Urdu on a piece of paper in shape of application and had forwarded it to me for signature, after giving it a careful reading I had signed the application but its language was quite complicated.

More then two weeks were passed I had received no response from police regarding recovery of my cell phone, on Monday morning this week I had paid a visit to Deputy Inspector General Kohat Police Mr. Marwat and had told him that my cell phone was having important phone numbers in it and please direct your men to find out the pocket picker along with my cell phone, he had given phone call to District Police Officer Kohat and had advised me to see him personally. When I reached to the office of DPO Mr. Shah, he had listened to my complaint and had advised me to make a telephone call to SHO police station Cantt, Mr. Sher Khan, eventually I came back home after doing some investigations by myself which were quite interesting and want to share it with my readers

Mr. Iqbal a public transport driver and ex JCO of Pakistan Air Force says that a strong network of pocket pickers does exist in Kohat his son was also deprived of his cell phone and driving license by a pocket picker but when had called the pocket picker on his own stolen cell phone, the pocket picker had returned his driving license by throwing it from a moving vehicle just in front of his residence.

An editor of local daily says that all efforts to jam stolen cell phone sets are in vain, because a workshop does exist in which hard ware of stolen cell phone can be changed and the cell phone become again in working condition.

‘ After changing its hardware pocket pickers sell it in a fair held on Sunday morning in Cattle market field located on Kohat Bannu road near canal bridge openly and such stolen cell phones can be bought on reasonably low prices,’ a source has said on condition of anonymity.

During last two weeks I have interviewed good number of people deprived of their cell phones by pocket pickers the number of complainants is so big that it seems every cell phone user in Kohat district had become victim of pocket pickers once or twice during brief span of time.

Submitted by

Abdur RaziqCell phone # 00923339507378

Monday, November 24, 2008

Discouragement of Anti Constitutional Elements

Chairman Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto had bestowed 1973 constitution on Pakistani Nation, which was unanimously accepted and approved by all the political parties of Pakistan. Originally the constitution of 1973 was a document of a great value because of its truly democratic nature, but our prevailing culture, wide spread illiteracy, and lack of high quality leadership became a hindrance in its implementation, the result is that our intelligentsia and common people specially in Baluchistan, Sindh, Sariki area of Punjab, and NWFP find salvation in promotion of regional and separatist agenda.

1973 constitution was a modern agenda of solutions for the problems of a primitive society, even in year 2008 Baluch are burying their women alive in the name of honor killings and Baluch representatives in federal legislature defend honor killings as their 700 years old tradition. Situation in rest of Pakistan is the same; from Sindh to NWFP respect for fundamental human rights is virtually non-existent at all levels.

Chairman Shaheed Bhutto had rendered his life while struggling to bring change in Pakistan to stop further disintegration of this country and to create an egalitarian society in which rule of law shall prevail and equality for all the citizens shall be guaranteed. His mission was followed by next generation of his party leadership, its ample proof is current victory of Pakistan Peoples Party in all the four provinces of Pakistan in result of February 18 elections. Bravery, courage and wisdom of Bhutto family and great sacrifice of her life rendered by Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto Shaheed was resulted in defeat of forces of darkness following separatist agendas.

Bengali population of East Pakistan even after separation from West Pakistan is still suffering from economic backwardness, conducive conditions regarding promotion of blatant violations of fundamental human rights still prevail in Bangla Desh. Separatists in Baluchistan, Sindh, NWFP and Saraiki areas of Punjab will inherit the same culture which is prevailing today in united Pakistan, even if they succeed in further dismemberment of Pakistan, problems of the people will be the same as are today, change in geographical boundaries does not change the culture of any specific region.

Honor Killings will not end in Baluchistan, Sindh and rest of Pakistan through dismemberment of Pakistan, disrespect for fundamental human rights and economic backwardness will not end in independent Puktoonkhwa or in Sindhu Desh. Over nightly wide spread illiteracy caused by feudal culture cannot be ended in any part of existing Pakistan.

Constitutional document can do little if not implemented by its originators, strong and independent judiciary, legislature filled with educated men and women can bring changes much required in anti constitutional structure of executive in Pakistan, bureaucracy emanated from primitive culture can not get rid of its regional and ethnic biases until and unless wide spread enlightenment is spread over in Pakistan. Executive organ of Pakistan government since its inception is involved in practices contrary to its constitutional role, in absence of independent judiciary and truly sovereign parliament people are restless in Pakistan, Feudal supported measures of Talibanisation to create fear in public, destruction of schools by Taliban militants and their efforts to promote rule of gun instead of constitution are failed with departure of General Musharaf from power. Current PPPP lead coalition rule shall implement constitution in letter and spirit and shall control anti constitutional stance of bureaucracy leading towards promotion of Talibanization in Pakistan, it is really funny to appoint highly educated men and women in government departments to work under little educated bosses with nominal salaries and to think of development and progress in Pakistan.

Revival of placement bureau to evade rotten and primitive structure of recruitment sponsored by exploitative feudal lords is need of the hour, political parties shall also encourage educated men and women to join their ranks, so that democratic culture and respect for fundamental human rights can be promoted in Pakistan which can further enhance prospects for emergence of pro Pakistan sentiments among the populace. Bureaucrats guilty of anti constitutional activities shall be discouraged and side lined to further strengthen Pakistan.

Written by

Abdur Raziq

M.phil US Study(International Relation-History)
Cell Phone # 00923339607378

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Four Killed in US Drone Attack

‘Four persons were killed and six others were injured in a US drone attack on Alikhel village of North Waziristan on Saturday, five militants were killed and three others were injured during ongoing security forces operation in Mamun and Nawagai areas of Bajure tribal agency,’ unveiled by government media sources।

‘Alqaida leaders Rashid Rauf and Abu Zubair Almisry and three other persons were killed in Saturday US drone attack at the residence of Khaliq Noor in Meer Ali village of North Waziristan,’ unveiled in news bulletin of VOA Urdu service।

‘Drone Attacks on Pakistan’s territory will be controlled after President Obama’s entry in corridors of power in USA,’ Prime Minister Gailani has said in Parliament.

Opposition leader Chaudhary Nisar says that drone attacks on Pakistan are result of secret agreement between government of Pakistan and US government, protests of Pakistan government are a rhetoric meant for public consumption.

‘Pakistan Air Force had launched an exercise to enhance the ability of its men concerning hitting of drones,’ unveiled in a news bulletin of VOA Urdu service.

In a talk show of VOA Urdu ex chief of Army Staff Mirza Aslam Beig has said that drones can be hit even with helicopter installed missiles, US drone attacks are result of understanding between US and Pakistan government and while launching protest against US drone attacks Pakistan government is trying to befool the people.

Submitted by

Abdur Raziq

Cell Phone # 00923339607378

Clinton 'will accept State post'

Baghdad Protesters Bring Down Effigy of Bush

Traveling to Pakistan's unsettled N Waziristan - 7 Nov 08

Army catalyst

Friday, November 21, 2008

Current Scenario in Troubled Tribal Areas of Pakistan

Nine persons were killed and many others were injured in a suicide bomb attack on Thursday evening in a mosque of Mamun village in Bajure tribal area, according to AFP and a private news channel during evening prayers in a mosque of Mamun village in Bajure in a suicide bomb attack nine persons including chief of tribal lashkar Malik Rehmatullah were killed and many others were injured. In armed clashes between security forces and militants in troubled areas of Bajure and Swat 32 militants and 14 civilians were also killed when these areas were bombed by air force.

In Mingora Swat militants have destroyed four barber shops, and in Dagay area of Matta Swat a local political leader Liaqat Ali was killed when unknown killers had opened fire on him with firearms.

17 militants including seven Uzbek militants were killed in armed clashes with security forces in Bajure. IN Bajure two residential buildings were hit by artillery shells consequently a women two children and six civilians were killed and eight other persons were injured.

‘Two religious scholars were slaughtered in Shahu Khel area of Orakzai tribal Agency, unknown killers had thrown their beheaded dead bodies in a graveyard, and both the slaughtered scholars were locals of Kohat district. Dead bodies of Maulana Muhammad Zubair resident of Lachi Kohat and Maulana Suhail ur Rehman resident of Ambar Banda Kohat were brought to Kohat Memorial hospital and after postmortem were handed over to their relatives,’ unveiled in Urdu news paper report.

In the wake of expected security forces operation in Mehmand tribal agency 1100 schools are closed, and people from Mehmand agency have started migrating towards Peshawar and Afghanistan.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Russian forces 'using torture'

Rape cases rise in Congo crisis

Oil price below $50 a barrel

First Person: To Be a Pirate in Somalia

Thieves Steal Puppies; Mother Dog Killed

Interview: Tony 'the Sarge' Schumacher

Nato warships patrol Arabian Sea

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Six Militants Killed in US Missile Attack

In a US drone attack on settled area of Bannu district six militants including an Alqaida leader were killed and seven others were injured. According to local newspaper reports during the midnight between Tuesday and Wednesday in village Andi Khel of Bannu district in NWFP Pakistan, a US drone had fired three missiles on a residence of tribesman Muhammad Wazir, Alqaeeda leader Abdullah Azam Saudi and four other Turkaman foreign nationals present in the residence of Muhammad Wazir were killed. Abdullah Azam Saudi was coordinating between Taliban and Alqaeeda networks in Pak-Afghan border areas, he was also recruiting and training militants. Soon after the drone attack Taliban militants had shifted dead bodies and injured persons to unknown place.

Drones were reportedly flying in the skies of Bannu during the whole night after drone attack on Muhammad Wazir house, which was destroyed completely.

According to news bulletin of VOA Urdu service, Hafiz Gul Muhammad of Tehrik I Taliban has said that to avenge drone attacks, foreigners and government high ups in Pakistan will be attacked.

According to local newspaper report Major General ® Faisal Alvi ex chief of SSG group and his driver were killed near Bahria Town in Islamabad on Wednesday when unknown terrorists had opened fire on his car; he was heading towards office from his home.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Pieces of Obama Cabinet Coming Together

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bhutto Accelerated Process of Change

During Chairman Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Shaheed era millions of people from all over Pakistan after breaking the shackles of feudal set up were gain fully employed in Middle Eastern Muslim states, educated among them had opted to get employment in USA and other European countries.
In pre Bhutto era feudal rule was a combination of Mullah, feudal and military alliance, religion was used to justify suppression, Mullah was kept depended for his bread and butter on feudal lords, military was a club of cousins of big feudal lords, during Bhutto era middle class was enlarged and it had penetrated in military too. Mullah and feudal to stop penetration of middle class into army and bureaucracy had launched political agitation against Bhutto in 1976, martial law was imposed in 1977 by General Zia and strict Islamic laws were imposed in Pakistan.
During early days of General Zia Jamat I Islami had backed the military rule. General Zia again had strengthened his mullah and feudal allies, middle and lower middle classes were kept deprived to promote and strengthen the hold of feudal lords Majlis Shura (parliament) was filled with hand picked feudal lords and mullahs as representatives of the people of Pakistan.
But the measures taken by Bhutto were not reversible, middle class kept on growing even during Zia era but its economic needs were largely fulfilled by its members having overseas employment, within Pakistan middle and lower middle class people only of Jamat I Islami were inducted in army and bureaucracy by General Zia.
During Musharf era when sectarian violence had engulfed villages of Kohat located on border of Orakzai agency, a local Malik had told me, Shia and Sunni sect tribesmen working overseas collect funds for their respective tribes and sects to buy weapons.
International economic recession and domestic oppression has little impact on people living in NWFP, one or two family members of each family residing in tribal areas are overseas employees, in settled areas of NWFP families are largely dependent on their businesses and government and private sector jobs, good number of people are also overseas employees and are helping their families.
Chairman Bhutto Shaheed had given political and economic rights to the people and had also accelerated the process of change by employing middle and lower middle class educated people in bureaucracy and armed forces of Pakistan.
Mullah had gained political consciousness in Bhutto era, Maulana Mufti Mehmood of JUI father of Maulana Fazl ur Rehman was having good relations with Bhutto, but common Mullah was unable to gain required consciousness regarding his fundamental rights and is still a stooge of feudal lords.
Laborers and peasants were also mobilized by Bhutto consciousness regarding their political and economic rights was spread among them, during era of Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto Shaheed enough reforms were initiated to improve the lot of laborers and peasants, mass scale employment of educated people through placement bureau had accelerated economic growth in Pakistan.
Chairman Bhutto Shaheed had initiated Pakistan’s nuclear strategy to deter the foreign aggressors, eventually during Nawaz Sharif era Pakistan became a declared nuclear power and that was the end of economic strife of people living in subcontinent both India and Pakistan had fought two major wars and their war trodden economies were unable to provide relief to the masses in presence of nuclear deterrence between both chances of third major war between both are grim, now both can concentrate on development sector and can improve the lot of their people.
Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Mark Cuban Charged With Insider Trading

Obama, McCain Vow to Work Together

Opium Wars - Afghanistan

Raw Video: Blast in Afghanistan Kills 20

Monday, November 17, 2008

Karazai Current Stance

President Hamid Karazai of Afghanistan has reportedly said that he guarantees security of Taliban militant leader Mullah Muhammad Umar if he is willing to negotiate peace with him, Mullah Muhammad Umar is wanted by US government, Karazai has further said that US lead NATO forces if having any objection on his negotiations with Mullah Umar either he shall be removed from President ship of Afghanistan or US lead NATO forces leave Afghanistan and go back to their respective countries.
‘Last week in Jalal Abad Afghanistan a suicide bomber had attacked three US tanks, three US marines were killed in attack, in retaliation US forces had opened fire on unarmed civilians doing shopping in a fair in which fifty Afghan civilians were killed,’ an Afghan refugee resident of Jalal Abad currently living in Kohat has said.
He had further added that Uzbek and Tajik refugees in Peshawar are involved in carpet manufacturing and sale in Peshawar capital of NWFP, more Afghan refugees are coming to Pakistan, due to anti Pakistan stance of Ahmed Shah Masood Pakistan government does not welcome Afghan refugees of Uzbek, Tajik and Hazara origin.
Logistic support route of Pakistan for US lead NATO forces through Khyber agency was reportedly closed last week when 13 trucks loaded with supply goods were kidnapped by masked militants, but now the road is clear and open for supplies.
Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Partnership against suicides

First lady

Obama Talks Economic Mess in Video Address

Journalists Attacked in NWFP

To be a NWFP based journalist is quite a risky job, according to a news report published in Urdu daily a local journalist Shoaib in Swat was killed last week when security forces men had opened fire on his car near a check post, he was guilty of taking his sick daughter to hospital in his car. On Friday a Japanese journalist Mottak and News Week correspondent Sami Ullah Yousufzai were hit by bullet shots when they had tried to interview a Taliban militant commander in Khyber Agency, both the injured journalist are in hospital now.

Last week when I came out from my residence to exchange currency notes damaged by rats from main branch of National Bank of Pakistan a Kohat based pocket picker had deprived me from my precious mobile phone set which was quite capable of making video films and snaps. I had immediately informed political police station of Kohat in writing about the theft of my mobile phone so far police is searching for it.

Harassment of journalists is quite a routine affair in Pakistan, most of my colleagues have become used to it, during his last days as president of Pakistan General Musharaf had thoroughly thrashed the journalists and lawyers in Islamabad when they had held a rally for restoration of supreme court judges and for press freedom.

I wonder whether ICFJ and other human rights organization will take notice of this situation to protect the journalist working in Pakistan.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Friday, November 14, 2008

Abduction Of Iranian Diplomat

Peshawar capital of NWFP has become a trouble spot for foreign diplomats and aid workers, few weeks earlier American Council General Madam Lynne Tracy posted in Peshawar was attacked by unknown assassins, when she was heading towards her office in her bullet proof car, she had survived the attempt on her life when bullets fired by assassins at her car were blocked by exterior metal of her bullet proof car.

After attack on Lynne Tracy within few days an Afghan diplomat Mr. Farahi was abducted from Peshawar so far he is in captivity of abductors.

Earlier this week Mr. Stephen head of FATA development project and his Pakistani driver were killed in posh area of University Town Peshawar; according to local media report special investigation team of US officials will reach Peshawar today to investigate his murder case.

On Thursday Commercial Attaché of Iranian consulate in Peshawar Mr. Hashmatullah Atherzad was abducted and his driver Sajjad was killed by unknown abductors when he was heading towards his office from his residence located in posh area of Hayat Abad Peshawar.

According to a news report published in Urdu daily ‘Express’ Peshawar Capital Police Officer Dr. Suleman says that abduction, and assassinations of foreign diplomats and of aid worker is a reaction of security forces operation underway in tribal areas of adjacent to Peshawar.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Sources: Clinton a Candidate for Sec. of State

al-Qaida-linked Militants Hijack U.S. Trucks

Acid attack on Afghan girls

Money transfer fraud warning

Internet security

Ready for retirement?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mysterious Murder

Three passengers were killed and 15 others were injured in a head on collision between two flying coaches on Thursday evening. According to police sources flying coach # Bannu B 3060 was heading towards Bannu from Pindi and flying coach # Swabi C 1502 was heading from Kohat to Pindi, in a head on collision between both near Dhok Qasaba on Kohat Pindi road three passengers were killed and fifteen others were injured.

Mean while Kohat police had resolved mystery of mysterious murder of deceased Dost Muhammad, his dead body was found in a street of Garhi Mawaz Khan last week on Saturday near his residence by his brother Ghulam Akbar son of Ghulam Siddique at the time of morning prayers, rope signs around his neck were witnessed by his brother, while registering first information report in City police station of Kohat Ghulam Akbar had mentioned that. Upon second FIR from widow of deceased Dost Muhammad in which she had claimed that her husband was hanged to death by his two real brothers Accused Ghulam Akbar and Faqir Muhammad residents of Garhi Mawaz Khan Kohat, now Kohat is busy in conducting raids to arrest both accused persons, so far both are at large. All the three brothers were living in a same home partitioned into three separate residences.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Charles attends birthday event

Queen endorses Prince's role

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

US Aid Worker Killed in Peshawar

‘A US aid worker Mr. Stephen and his Pakistani driver were killed on Wednesday morning in Peshawar capital of Pakistan when assassin had opened fire at Mr. Stephen while he was heading towards his office from his residence in University Town Peshawar, Mr. Stephen was working in a project meant for development of tribal areas in Pakistan. A suicide bomber had rammed his explosives laden car into School building in Shabqadar district of Peshawar three Pakistan security forces men and suicide bomber were killed in suicide bomb attack on school building,’ unveiled in news bulletin of Urdu VOA service.

Last month an attempt was made on life of US Council General Madam Lynne Tracy in Peshawar but due to her bulletproof car she had survived the attempt.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Two Female Athletes Injured in Suicide Bomb Attack

‘Four persons were killed and seven others including two female athletes were injured when a suicide bomber had launched suicide bomb attack on ANP leaders Mian Iftikhar Hussain and Mr. Bashir Bilour Khan at the time of their exit from Peshawar stadium at the end of closing ceremony of inter provincial games in Peshawar capital of NWFP Pakistan on Tuesday, police had collected remains of suicide bomber and had forwarded for DNA test to determine the identity of suicide bomber, sources have said.
In an interview with VOA Urdu service ANP leader Mian Iftikhar Hussain has said that suicide bomb attack was not a security lapse 1200 hundred athletes amid tight security measures had participated in games for three days and no untoward incident had happened at closing ceremony suicide bomber had launched attack on exit gate of stadium when Mr. Bashir Bilour and he himself were coming out from stadium, he said that he by himself had witnessed the whole episode and guard of Mr. Bashir Bilour was also injured in the attack.
Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

First Stop: Pakistan

Police: 8-year-old Boy Planned Father's Murder

Paying tribute

The World After Bush - 5 Nov 08 - Part 1

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Obama at the White House

Eight Militants Killed in Bajure

‘Eight militants were killed on Tuesday during security forces operation in Bajure and many others were injured, Bajure tribal area located near Pak Afghan border has become center of militants involved in cross border attacks on US lead NATO forces in Afghanistan, Pakistan security forces are striving to clean the Bajure troubled area from militants,’ sources have said.

Nature of challenge in tribal areas of Pakistan is having different dimensions, in Kurram tribal agency due to eruption of sectarian violence Parachinar Tull road has been closed for traffic, sources have said that in Sada area of Kurram agency Taliban and Alqaida militants have erected check posts, Shia sect people besieged in Parachinar can not reach to Kohat through Tull Parachinar road, in November 2007 sectarian clashes were started in Kurram agency and now Parachinar capital of Kurram agency is virtually cut off from rest of Pakistan.

A resident of Parachinar has said that now violent clashes between Shia and Sunni sect are stopped by peace efforts of present government both Shia and Sunni sects have realized the futility of violence which harms the interest of both communities and are living in peace with each other.

Bajure tribal area, Waziristan, Mehmand Agency, Khyber agency, Dara Adam Khel, Orakzai Agency, Hangu and Swat are predominantly Sunni areas, militants in these areas are involved in cross border activity and have been striving to impose Sharia law after taking over control of these areas and have challenged the writ of Pakistan government the ultimate result of it was security forces operations to restore the writ of government in these troubled areas.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Tax cuts back on the agenda

Corrective Measures

On Saturday evening last week I was advised by two persons not to invest any money in Pakistan, then sudden raid came on money changers in Lahore and Karachi from a federal agency on a plea that money changers were involved in money laundering worth 22 billion dollars.

Pakistan Peoples Party whenever came into power conspiracies were hatched to end its rule, present rule of PPPP is no exception, opponents of PPPP are trying to destabilize Pakistan and are guilty of creating conducive conditions unacceptable for foreign and local investors. A local person of Kohat and an owner of news agency while advising me on Saturday evening were of the view that due to worsening law and order situation in Pakistan investment in this country is not a secure option.

Bureaucratic corruption, lack of independent judiciary, militancy, absence of balance between exports and imports are major reason of economic deterioration in Pakistan.

Action against money changers in Lahore and Karachi is obviously an effort of PPPP government to take corrective measures to stop flow of dollars sent outside Pakistan to save the economy, but the fact is that propaganda campaign is launched by certain quarters to increase uncertainty among investors so they can start sending their capital out from Pakistan to make it secure.

Much depends upon ability of economic managers of PPPP lead coalition government to meet the challenges of present day, President Asif Ali Zardari is also a Co Chairman of PPPP collective effort to correct the wrongs done in the past if initiated by the parliament can improve the situation, independent judiciary with a check on it from Senate, existing check on judiciary is supreme judicial council which is comprised of judges, representatives of the people in senate if can become a check on judges as the system prevails in USA their will be no harm in making the judges life appointees and independent.

Immediate steps to make police and other law enforcing agencies more people friendly, mechanism to protect lives and properties of the citizens and all the necessary changes in constitution to create a fair system of checks and balances through which judicial, executive and legislative organs of the government can exercise check on each other can bring out Pakistan from present crisis.

Of course corrective economic measures like balanced trade with foreign economic allies, increased employment to increase purchasing power, reliance for power generation on solar energy and other cheap energy resources, improved quality and price control mechanism can also enhance the confidence of local and foreign investors and definitely investments will come in Pakistan.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

North Korean Camps - North Korea

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Obama's First Press Conference

8-year-old Ariz. Boy Accused of Double Homicide

Bhutan's coronation celebration

Mafia Rule in Kohat

Mr. Waheed Khan dual nationality holder of Pakistan and Canada on 25th of October 2008 had gone back to Canada along with his small family, after spending 22 years in Canada and getting retired from his factory job Waheed Khan had decided to come back to Pakistan few years ago to maintain control on his huge family property in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan.

Prior to his departure from Pakistan last month he had told me I can not bear the prevailing tension in Kohat district, that is why leaving back for Canada along with my children and wife. Only man of very strong nerves can reside in Kohat, political power in the district rests with Mafia now, Nazim of Kohat district is son of King of Charas Saifullah Khan a smuggler of world fame, people of Kohat had elected their National Assembly member from a Peer family involved in family enmity with another Peer family with the history of more then 145 murder cases registered against the said family members of elected MNA Kohat.

Land Mafia in Kohat backed by Taliban militants is one another source of tension for residents of Kohat district, small rascals are employed by land mafia to embarrass and harass the citizens and to compel them sell their properties on throw away prices.

Absence of smooth electric supply system and water supply system was one another source of tension for Waheed Khan, once I accompanied him to meet police chief to launch complaint against Public health water supply system incharge whom was guilty of stopping water supply to the residents of Paracha Town Kohat and its opposite Banda where Waheed Khan residence is located.

Brother of late Malik Saeed Khan had also migrated towards Islamabad after selling his CNG gas station, Malik Sajjad Khan along with his other family members were residing in Garhi area of Kohat but due to deteriorating law and order situation in Kohat district they had opted to get settled in Islamabad.

A flourmill owner had also left the town due to prevailing tensions in Kohat. When Taliban militants challenge security forces in tribal area of Dara Adam Khel, artillery guns from Kohat open fire at militants of Dara Adam Khel, artillery gun fire explosions and rocket shell explosions create a war theatre like sounds in Kohat district for long hours, person of weak nerves can not sustain the frequent explosions of caused by artillery guns and rocket shells some times falling in Kohat district fired by militants in retaliation.

Submitted by
Abdur Raziq

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Haiti school collapse kills 50

Obama Calls for Swift Action on Economy

13 Militants Killed in US Missile Attack

‘13 militants were killed on Friday in a US drone missile attack on house of Naik Muhammad located in a village near Razmak area of South Wazirista, foreign militants were also killed in US drone attack launched around 12pm, US drone had fired two missiles on militants hide out, US drone attack was condemned by information minister MS Sheri Rehman, thousands of tribesmen had participated in funeral prayers of militants killed in US drone attack,’ unveiled in Urdu VOA news bulletin.

According to news report published in daily Express, 23 tribesmen of Slarzai tribe including Haji Fazal Karim were killed in a Thursday suicide bomb attack, 40 others were injured. Teen age suicide bomber was dropped from a car near the spot where Salarzai tribesmen were holding meeting of council of elders in Salarzai area of Bajure tribal agency, suicide bomber blew himself up after reaching among tribesmen holding anti Taliban meeting of council of elders.

During recent visit of newly appointed US Central Command Chief General David Patrias in Islamabad capital of Pakistan, joint resolution passed by parliament regarding condemnation of US drone attacks in tribal areas of Pakistan was handed over to him but no restraint was observed by US forces while chasing the militants hide outs and launching drone attacks within Pakistani territory despite of frequent warnings and condemnations by leadership of Pakistan.

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Abdur Raziq

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nine Tribesmen Killed in Bajure Suicide Bomb Attack

‘Nine persons were killed in a suicide bomb attack on meeting of council of elders in Salarzai area of Bajure tribal agency on Thursday, Salarzai tribe had formed a Lashkar to confront Taliban militants in Bajure, Major Fazal Rahim was also present in the meeting of council elders he was also reportedly injured in suicide bomb attack along with many others’ unveiled in VOA news bulletin.

Taliban militants along with their interventionist ideology which curbs individual freedoms and pleads for absolute dictatorial rule has become a big challenge for civil society in Pakistan, majority of the people had rejected pro Taliban militant religious political parties in February 2008 elections, but militants are striving to capture power by creating fear in public and by intimidation of political leadership of Pakistan through bomb explosions and suicide bomb attacks.

Pakistan came into existence in 1947 but its populace was kept deprived of fundamental rights through out its brief history of 61 years, at one pretext or another, military dictators and political leaders influenced by Nazism and Fascism had developed institutions to protect their dictatorial rule by suppressing citizens of Pakistan. Education sector was neglected and social sciences and social scientist were ignored and discouraged by dictators in Pakistan.

In a class of US history once eminent professor Dr. Iftikhar Haider Malik had told us that after completion of his PhD from Michigan University of USA when he was coming back towards Pakistan a fellow American passenger on board had asked him about his qualification and when he told him about completion of his doctorate, American Passenger had commented that Dr. Iftikhar will definitely become president of Pakistan, Dr Iftikhar laughingly told him that no educated person can become president of Pakistan, extremist ideologies, low literacy ratio and already established institutions meant for promotion of dictatorial rule in Pakistan are the major hindrances in way of educated few in Pakistan.

Recently an ex minister had told me Americans they want military dictatorship in Pakistan to deal with a military dictator is quite convenient for them, when I told him that democrats does not support military dictatorships and Obama will win the election 2008, he was looking unconvinced, people in USA have been suffering due to extremists ideologies prevalent in Afghanistan, Pakistan and in the Arab world. Three thousand citizens of New York were perished in nine eleven attacks launched by extremists, USA after nine eleven was trapped into unending war on terror, as long as conducive conditions for promotion of extremism and terrorism prevails in different regions of the world USA and its developed western allies will remain in danger of terrorist attacks. Comprehensive strategy to democratize Pakistan and Afghanistan in true sense will help to decrease security challenges for USA and its western allies.

The truth is that terrorists had snatched individual freedoms of even US citizens where liberties of the people were curbed to provide security to them, US economy is also adversely affected due to war on terror, heavy economic cost of war and psychological affects of war which paves the way for moral degradation of societies are two main factors of economic crisis in USA.

Extremism flourishes under dictatorial rule and it spreads its tentacles around the globe, it is like contiguous disease, which can be caused by virus of dictatorship. Majority in Pakistan due to spread of education and close alliance with USA and its western allies is now quite moderate, few thousand Taliban militants can not pose any major challenge to its security, enough has been done to contain spread of Talibanaisation in society, economic uplift of the people and further spread of education will definitely result in existence of truly democratic system in Pakistan, land reforms bitter pill is also needed to end feudal culture in Pakistan which is also a big factor in promotion of dictatorial and extremist ideologies in Pakistan.

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Abdur Raziq

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

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Lack of Quality and Price Control

‘Despite of pronounced reduction in prices of Ghee by government authorities prices of Ghee are still quite high and beyond the reach of low salaried class, flour, sugar, rice, mutton, beef, chicken and pulses are also now beyond purchasing power of ordinary citizens of low income groups, strict check on prices to implement reduced prices by government authorities and fulfillment of Prime Minister’s orders regarding minimum wage as 6000/rs per month can save the low income groups from disaster,’ customers have said.

‘Sale of unbranded edible items devoid of quality control checks are causing health problems among citizens of Kohat, children are worst affected group, unbranded sweets, biscuits, chewing gums, and other unbranded edible items are causing ill health among the children, government shall take necessary measures to implement quality control over edible items of all categories to promote better health standards in Kohat district and rest of Pakistan,’ worried parents have said.

‘Strict security measures are taken in Kohat district by DPO Kohat to avert the terrorist activity, police check posts on entry and exit points of Kohat city can be seen where brave and efficient policemen are doing their duty diligently, around hundred foreigners and local suspects were arrested during last few days in security forces search operations in Kohat,’ sources have said

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

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Causes of Security Lapses

‘Eight security forces men were killed in suicide bomb attack and five others were injured when a suicide bomber had attacked security forces Zalanai check post of South Waziristan on Sunday। President Asif Ali Zardari, Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gailani and information minister Ms Sheri Rehman have condemned the attack on Zalanai Check Post. While seven militants were killed during security forces operation in Nawagai area of Bajure tribal agency, sources have said.
‘Suicide bomb attack on DIG police office in Mardan last week was resulted in ten causalities four among the dead were policemen, 25 others were injured। DIG had survived the attack and was remained unharmed। In US drone attack in waziristan at least thirty militants were killed most of them killed were Arabs,’ it was unveiled in local media reports.

Increased number of rocket attacks on settled area of Kohat, and suicide bomb attack in settled area of Mardan reflects that militants are now focusing on their targets in settled areas and whole NWFP province is experiencing spill over affects of ongoing war in tribal areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Few weeks ago Marriot hotel Islamabad was attacked by a suicide bomber and in settled area of Charsada residence of ANP leader Mr. Asfandyar Wali Khan was also attacked by a suicide bomber.

Security lapses in settled areas of Pakistan were the major cause behind suicide bomb attacks, a suicide bomber after successfully filling his truck with six hundred kg explosive material had hoodwinked security officials and had reached near Marriott hotel Islamabad where he had blew himself up, last week in Mehmand agency on a security forces check post a suicide bomber had rammed his explosives laden truck in which three security forces men were martyred. When terrorists buy and fill such huge quantities of explosives in their trucks and cars to launch attacks probably they wear Sulemani cap so no body can see them or our security agencies lack the ability to watch and detect such places from where explosives can be bought and filled in trucks and other vehicles.

Blatant violation of merit during past eight years of previous government can be one reason behind security lapses, lack of appropriate training, salaries, and equipment are also the reasons behind security lapses, bravery and courage is not a problem in Pakistan, picture in my blog can be seen in which security forces men had caught a suicide bomber alive by holding his hands while preventing him to detonate his suicide bomber jacket filled with explosives. It is the lack of adequate number of able and qualified men in security and intelligence agencies, lack of proper equipment and training and poor salaries, including misuse of intelligence and security agencies by their incompetent bosses to please their political leadership in power, when Muhtarima Benazir Bhutto was martyred in Liaqat park of Pindi, every sane person was pointing finger towards then president Parvez Musharaf, such cruel practices are common in subcontinent, in India security of Muhatama Gandhi was lifted when he had given a verdict in favor of Pakistan regarding return of Pakistan’s share of assets after partition. Consequently a Hindu extremist had killed Muhatima Gandhi.

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Abdur Raziq

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Police Stop Wedding Between Children in Pakistan

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Taliban Militant Comander Arrested in Kohat

Kohat: 1-11-2008
Taliban Commander Qazi Rehman was arrested on Saturday evening by SHO Jehangir of Ustarzai Police Station Kohat during checking on Kohat Hangu road. According to PRO Kohat police Mr. Fazal Naeem Militant Taliban Commander Qazi Rehman son of Mughal Badshah resident of Doaba had lead armed attack on FC men in Zargari Hangu in which 15 FC men including FC Commandant Karim Khan were martyred.
Militant Taliban Commander Qazi Rehman, Taliban militant Sultan Khan son of Usman Khan and his driver Raheem were coming from Hangu towards Kohat in car # BA 2255 near Ustarzai on Kohat Hangu road during police checking of vehicles they were arrested by SHO Jehangir Khan of Ustarzai police station Kohat Pro Kohat police says that both militants were unarmed and were heading from Hangu towards Kohat.

According to PRO Kohat police rocket attack on Razgeer Banda located on Kohat Pindi road last night was launched by unknown terrorists, rocket had hit open field in Razgeer Banda no harm to life or property was done.

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Abdur Raziq

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