Obama to Name Clinton Secretary of State on Mon.

Fighting Piracy In East Africa

Welsh couple describe hotel attack

UK service for Mumbai victims

Mumbai Terror Rage Ends After 60 Hours

Riots 'kill hundreds in Nigeria' Victims of Local Liquor

Victims of Local Liquor

American Women Describe Terrorists

Communities Mourn Americans Killed in India

Mumbai Under Attack By Terrorists

Mumbai Hostages Rescued

Stranded Passengers With Few Options in Thailand

India-Pakistan Tensions

Commandos storm Mumbai building

The Pirates Of Somalia - Somalia

Airbus Crash in France Kills 2, 5 Missing

Americans Reach Out After Mumbai Blasts

Forces Assault Besieged Jewish Center in Mumbai

Clear Timetable for U.S. Troops Departure Set

Tragedy In Mumbai

9 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Afghan Attack

Raw Video: Afghan Bombing Targets U.S. Embassy

Raw Video: Explosion Rocks Landmark Hotel

mumbai attack bomb blast and firing live video 26th november

5-Year-Old Finds and Returns $7,000

Deadly attacks in Mumbai

Bush Thanks Troops Returning From War Zones

Daughters of Slain Woman Found Safe, Dad in Cust

National Guard women

Obama unveils his US Treasury team

On patrol in Afghan market

Heaven of Pocket Pickers

Discouragement of Anti Constitutional Elements

Bush Calls on Congress to Bailout Auto Industry

Fla. Teen Commits Suicide With Live Web Audience

Police Searching for Seattle-area Mall Shooter

Obama seeks to create 2.5m jobs

Journalist on Rashid Rauf's life

Afghan battle footage released

UK militant 'killed in Pakistan'

Four Killed in US Drone Attack

Clinton 'will accept State post'

Baghdad Protesters Bring Down Effigy of Bush

Traveling to Pakistan's unsettled N Waziristan - 7 Nov 08

Army catalyst

Current Scenario in Troubled Tribal Areas of Pakistan

Russian forces 'using torture'

Rape cases rise in Congo crisis

Oil price below $50 a barrel

First Person: To Be a Pirate in Somalia

Thieves Steal Puppies; Mother Dog Killed

Interview: Tony 'the Sarge' Schumacher

Nato warships patrol Arabian Sea

Six Militants Killed in US Missile Attack

Pieces of Obama Cabinet Coming Together Bhutto Accelerated Process of Change

Bhutto Accelerated Process of Change

Mark Cuban Charged With Insider Trading

Obama, McCain Vow to Work Together

Opium Wars - Afghanistan

Raw Video: Blast in Afghanistan Kills 20

Karazai Current Stance

Partnership against suicides

First lady

Obama Talks Economic Mess in Video Address

Journalists Attacked in NWFP

Abduction Of Iranian Diplomat

Sources: Clinton a Candidate for Sec. of State

al-Qaida-linked Militants Hijack U.S. Trucks

Acid attack on Afghan girls

Money transfer fraud warning

Internet security

Ready for retirement?

Mysterious Murder

Charles attends birthday event

Queen endorses Prince's role

US Aid Worker Killed in Peshawar

Two Female Athletes Injured in Suicide Bomb Attack

First Stop: Pakistan

Police: 8-year-old Boy Planned Father's Murder

Paying tribute

The World After Bush - 5 Nov 08 - Part 1

Obama at the White House

Eight Militants Killed in Bajure

Tax cuts back on the agenda

Corrective Measures

North Korean Camps - North Korea

Bush Pledges to Work for Smooth Transition

Russian Sub Accident Kills 20

Bin Laden's son deported to Qatar

Canadian Reporter Held in Afghan Cave Freed

Obama's First Press Conference

8-year-old Ariz. Boy Accused of Double Homicide

Bhutan's coronation celebration

Mafia Rule in Kohat

Haiti school collapse kills 50

Obama Calls for Swift Action on Economy

13 Militants Killed in US Missile Attack

Summit demands action on DR Congo

US apologise over Afghan strike

US apologise over Afghan strike

Pope seeks to end Muslim rift

Deadly blast hits Russian minibus

Israeli attack kills militant

Nine Tribesmen Killed in Bajure Suicide Bomb Attack

Mexico minister killed in plane crash

U.S. Troops Cautious About Obama Victory

Celebrity reaction to Obama win Taliban Militant Comander Arrested in Kohat

Palestinians killed in Gaza raid

Film tackles stoning of women

Obama Election VICTORY Speech NOV 04 2008

Raw Video: Polls Open to Long Lines in NYC

US markets await new president

Lack of Quality and Price Control

Obama's Grandmother Dies of Cancer

US rivals in final dash for votes

Nagorno-Karabakh peace talks

Three summers in Afghanistan

Lasting Images of Campaign '08