Peace Efforts in Afghanistan

Last week President Hamid Karazai of Afghanistan had offered negotiations to his Taliban adversaries which he had defeated in 2004 Afghan presidential elections and defeated Taliban had opted for armed uprising against president Hamid Karazai regime and US lead NATO forces in Afghanistan their to fulfill their mandate approved by United Nations.
According to BBC news report Chief of British forces in Afghanistan Brigadier Smith says that war against Taliban can not be won through military means, negotiated settlement with legitimate Taliban leadership is an option to be considered to promote peace and stability in Afghanistan.
According to news reports aired in Pakistani media Taliban leader Mulla Umar had rejected the offer of president Hamid Karazai and had advised Taliban militants to keep their struggle continue till the ouster of US lead NATO forces from Afghanistan.
President Hamid Karazai being an enlightened person stress for prolonged stay of US lead NATO forces in Afghanistan and consider it a luxury for war trodden Afghanistan and is striving to rebuild physical and governmental structure of Afghanistan, on the other hand from top Taliban leaders to a common Taliban militant is convinced that US lead NATO forces are substitute if infidel Soviets in Afghanistan and shall be ousted from Afghanistan the way Soviets were dealt.
Taliban insistence of war against Karazai regime supported by US lead NATO forces is probably the outcome of Taliban electoral defeats in Afghanistan and Pakistan, with their extremely interventionist ideology which curbs all sort of individual freedoms and liberties pro Taliban religious alliance was defeated in February elections within Baluchistan and NWFP provinces of Pakistan, in Afghanistan Presidential elections Taliban leadership was also rejected by the people of Afghanistan. According to news report of Urdu service of Voice of America, Brigadier Mehmood had reportedly said that Taliban are addicted to the ruler ship syndrome, for a brief period of time they had enjoyed absolute rule in Afghanistan and after ouster from power they are restless and struggling again to establish their rule through military means.
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