Increased Taliban Militants Attacks on Civilian Targets

Myth regarding popularity of Taliban was evaporated when in Afghan presidential elections of 2004 and February 2008 elections in Pakistan Taliban and pro Taliban religious political alliance were defeated thoroughly. Mass killings of educated and civilized people, closure of universities, schools and colleges, suppression of women, economic strangulation of people and extreme intervention in individual life of Afghan citizens in the name of a strange brand of Taliban Islam was witnessed during Taliban rule in Afghanistan. Never in human history such a comprehensive dictatorship was witnessed before advent of Taliban rule in Afghanistan.
Lashes were the only answer to every demand and question with Taliban, beating women in public places forcing them to confine in their homes, forcing people to do their prayers more then five times a day originally Muslims are bound to pray only five times a day, but in Taliban rule a traveler in Afghanistan had told me on little distance between Taliban check posts from Torkham to Kabul, on each check post Taliban militants had stopped his vehicle and forced him thrice to do his afternoon prayers, after doing three times his afternoon prayers the traveler became aware of Islam which Taliban were trying to promote in Afghanistan.
Another Pakistan security official after serving in Waziristan tribal area of Pakistan for a year had revealed his observation regarding Taliban dominated areas of Waziristan, closure of barber shops resulted in unbelievingly long beards and hair on heads of residents of Waziristan, instructions for suicide bombers were visible in form of wall chalking on buildings, and people in Taliban dominated areas generally having a very shabby and unislamic outlook.
Muhammad Rauf a young Afghan refugee residing in Sheen Dhand camp says, only 200 families are their in the camp, more then 1000 families were gone back to Afghanistan, and no Taliban militants are their in Sheen Dhand camp, on Wednesday during clashes between security forces men and militants in Sheen Dhand three women were killed. Muhammad Rauf had further added that no body like Taliban in Sheen Dhand camp, his own father is working as laborer in Afghanistan.
According to VOA Urdu service news reporter Taliban spokes man in Swat had denied any possibility of peace negotiations with provincial government of NWFP on a plea that federal troops do not respect the negotiated deals between provincial government and Taliban militants of Swat. Local media reports had unveiled that more then hundred schools in Swat were demolished by militants, and recently seven killed militants were found uncircumcised. Which indicates foreign involvement in present Taliban uprising in Swat.
Militants rocket attacks on civilian population are also a growing cause of hatred against Taliban in Kohat district during last month rocket attack three children were injured in Kohat, on Wednesday night around 10:pm residence of President Tehrik I Minhaj ul Quran Kohat Mr. Hafeez Bangash was hit by a rocket, only his boundary wall was damaged his family was remained secure, Minhaj ul Quran movement is lead by Professor Tahir ul Qadri. ‘Eight persons were killed in a bomb explosion in Police Lines area of Islamabad on Thursday,’ official source has said.
‘On Wednesday one dozen militants were killed in Bajure, increased militants activity in tribal areas and settled areas of NWFP is out come of their electoral defeat in February 2008 elections in which pro Taliban religious political alliance was ousted from power through ballot in NWFP and Baluchistan provinces of Pakistan,’ sources have said.

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Abdur Raziq
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