Hameesha Gul

On Wednesday morning when I came out from my residence, I found two Afghan refugee men and a boy chatting with my old man, a bearded refugee introduced himself with me as Hameesha Gul a butcher by profession and interested in getting the half constructed building adjacent to my house on rent.

According to Hameesha Gul, he had arrived yesterday in Kohat district of NWFP Pakistan from Jalalabad Afghanistan, along with his two sons and wife upon invitation from Mr. Dilawar an Afghan refugee currently living in mud houses of Paracha Town Kohat. He was promised by Dilawar that he will arrange residence from him in Paracha Town which originally belongs to a school master whom had left it half constructed and currently is center of insects, reptiles like snakes and wild cats.

Hameesaha Gul says that he owns a butcher shop in Jalalabad, and now he has rented one more shop near WAPDA Grid station in Kohat, what he needs is a place where he can reside and keep his cattle within the boundary walls equipped with a gate so that cattle prior to their slaughter cannot escape in the night.

Hameesha Gul Butcher had claimed that on Torkham Pak Afghan border no checking of travelers identification documents or travel documents was done when he had entered yesterday in Pakistan, he says that Jalalabad is a calm city, Konar and Kabul areas are witnessing clashes between militants and US lead NATO forces in Afghanistan.

He had further said that flour bags smuggled from secret ways on Pak Afghan border were available in abundance in shops of Jalalabad but prices of flour bags were quite high.

After this accidental interview with Hameesha Gul Butcher when I had reached near Kohat Public School while traveling towards Kohat city I had witnessed an Afghan family boarded on two vehicles loaded with their luggage heading towards Kohat Pindi road, Hameesha Gul had informed me earlier that huge influx of refugees coming from Afghanistan towards Pakistan can be seen on Torkham Pak Afghan border.

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Abdur Raziq
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