Assassination Attempt

‘Five tribes of Dara Adam Khel tribal area including Tor Chapar, Akhurwal and Bosti Khel tribes have refused to cooperate in war against terror with government security forces, political administration of Dara Adam Khel have cancelled their privileges, only Jawaki tribesmen have agreed to cooperate with government forces. In Tor Chapar and Akhurwal areas of Dara Adam Khel 37 militants were arrested on Monday during ongoing security forces operation. Five militants were also killed in Bajure tribal area in security forces operation. In Mamoon Khel area of Orakzai Agency security forces and Ali Khel tribesmen are jointly fighting against Taliban militants,’ sources have said

In a jewelry shop of billionaire gold smith of Kohat Haji Abdul Salam an assassins had opened fire on Monday, his son Abdul Hafeez and his three servants present in the shop had survived the attempt, assassin Muhammad Iqbal was arrested by Kohat police, case was registered against uncle of Hafeez, Mr.Din Muhammad and Ammanullah Janoo, reason behind assassination attempt was dispute over women and old enmity.

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Abdur Raziq
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