Anti People Policies of Musharaf Regime

National Bank of Pakistan main branch in Kohat had started cutting money from deposits of account holders having less then 5000/rs in their bank account during Musharaf regime, it was a one sided decision of the bank administration and account holders were not informed regarding new rules of the bank prior to implementation of the new rules.

A poor widow was found weeping in the bank when she was informed by desk clerk of the bank that her four thousand rupees were forfeited by the bank, when she came to withdraw money from her bank account in National bank of Pakistan, interestingly no cuttings were done from the account holders having more then five thousand rupees in their bank account, with this new policy of Musharaf and Shaukat Aziz regime only poor were adversely effected.

According to Vice President National Bank of Pakistan Mr. Rehmat Ali Khatak, three hundred rupees cut at withdrawal of one hundred thousand rupees from account holders is also a new rule of the bank initiated during Musharaf regime, three hundred rupees go to the account of government of Pakistan, and no traces of its utilization by the government can be found the head seems to be quite mysterious.

He had further added that in NBP account holders after opening of account with 100/rs used to get profits of more then one thousand rupees on their deposited money within few months but now account holders having less then five thousand rupees in their account loose all the money to bank within few months.

Account holders of National Bank of Pakistan are demanding reversal of this anti poor policy of the bank and are also demanding return of their forfeited amounts from the bank.

Members of intelligentsia are of the view that Mr. Shaukat Aziz and Mr. Parvez Musharaf shall be made accountable for their anti people and corrupt practices, in 4.2 billion dollar US aid to Pakistan during Ronald Reagan era war against Soviets were won in Afghanistan, but more then ten billion dollars US aid is gone to the drain during Musharaf regime and no substantial progress can be seen in War against terror in the same region.

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Abdur Raziq
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