Three Taliban Militants Escaped from Kohat Prison

Three local Taliban prisoners had escaped from their prison cell on Monday night from Kohat Central Jail. Muhammad Abid Ramzy son of Qabil Shah resident of Turki Ismaeel Khel FR Jawaki, was sentenced for nine years, Jamal ud Din son of Siraj ud Din resident of Jarvanda road Kohat and Zakeem Shah son of Kajal Shah resident of Summari Payan were sentenced for 25 years, due to their involvement in bomb explosion in CD shops and internet cafés. During Monday night at 3:am they came out from their prison cell # 2 had tied up the prison guard on duty near their prison cell, and from the roof top of the jail building they had escaped with help of their turban cloth used as rope to slide down from the prison wall, according to PRO Kohat police the escaped prisoners were members of extremist group Harkat ul Ansar.

According to PRO Kohat police two rockets were fired at Chikarkote area of Kohat on Tuesday morning, one rocket had hit Janis Khel grave yard and a laborer Asif working in a near by under construction building was slightly injured, another rocket was landed in a garden, rockets were fired from Shahpur hills located around Tanda Dam Kohat. PAF base is quite near to Chikar Kote probably the rockets were fired at PAF base but had missed the target.

‘Abdur Raziq son of Hshim Khan is sentenced to death on Tuesday, on charges of killing police constable Usman Afridi, his case was heard in court of Session Judge 5 Kohat,’ PRO Kohat police Mr. Fazal Naeem has said.

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Abdur Raziq
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